The Nursery

His Downfall begins.

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    Shannon tells me that

    “I told you that Milly , And oh yeah it may not taste the same.”

    She then slips some chicken nuggets onto my plate telling me to try them and see if they are to my liking. I try a couple but they taste disgusting ” god this food stinks. I am used to eating in only the best of restaurants this just wont do for me at all I am afraid. If I must be here then your going to have to talk with chef about a better diet for me. ”

    I take a drink from a tiny little coloured beaker. At least this time its not in a bottle or trainer cup as I feared it might be. I gulp at the liquid and manage to spill some on myself. That’s food and drink on my front now. Oh well its only a sissy dress so I don’t really care.

    Next she says lets try something else and she leads me to a room. Its full of soft toys and balls and dolls and allsorts of things. I notice there is video consul as well. In the far corner I spot a huge playpen with two sissies in it staring out at me. Shannon tells me if I am good I might be allowed to come here and maybe even play the video game. She lets me know its a playroom

    “This is the playroom if you are good you will be allowed to come here. But you must be a good Milly.”

    I clap my hands together slowly and sarcastically tell her ” oh whoppee hip hip hooray I get to play games if me a goody little man. And that’s twice you called me Milly now, who the hell is Milly pray tell? ”

    Back in the room she hands me the remote saying I can have it since I was good. But I got a feeling she is not happy with my recent outbursts.


    “Why Milly is you.  Willie is not a proper name, for a …….” I don’t finish the sentence.  As I look and see you latched on to the tv remote.  I smile a bit as I know you will not beable to watch fox news or any sports channels.

    I look at the crib and I see that there was a teddy bear and a dollie placed in there. I smile and think at least Milly will have company.  I wonder if I should get Milly a nightlight?  I chuckle to myself.

    “You will get used to your new surrounding you will be here for a long while.  Karen paid for your stay here for a very long while.  So you may even make some friends here. I think that maybe when we go back to the playroom I will put you in with some of the others.”

    Thinking of him with some of the other sissies May be fun to see. Then I notice that the dress is dirty. I leave and come back a little later.  I am carrying a nice clean dress

    “We can’t have you running around in a dirty dress.”  I go to the intercom and say, “Clanging clothes in room 2.” Not long afterwards two big burly looking nurses come in and man handle Milly pulling off the old dress and putting the new clean one on.

    “We will have to bib you the next time you eat. To keep your dress clean. ”  I say trying to think what type of bibs we should get for Milly.


    This girl is crazy telling me my name is now Milly and that Willie is not a suitable name for, but she never finishes that sentence. I see her smile at me as I clutch my remote tightly thinking she might take it back off me. I stammer as I speak ” I will not be Milly and no one can make me. Milly is a silly little girls name.”

    Shannon lets me know

    “You will get used to your new surrounding you will be here for a long while. Karen paid for your stay here for a very long while. So you may even make some friends here. I think that maybe when we go back to the playroom I will put you in with some of the others.”

    Karen has paid for me to stay here that is something until now I hadn’t heard. ” Why the hell would she do that? Does she even know what goes on here? I very much doubt she does or she wouldn’t dare pay to have me kept here. ”

    She says she is going to take me back to the playroom so I can make friends. She says since I am going to be here a very long time I should make friends. Thinking of them poor guys playing with dolls and tea sets makes me blush. Even worse what about the two in the playpen they are trapped in it till one these crazy dames lets them out.

    ” I don’t want to have any sissy baby friends Shannon thanks but no thanks. ” She disappears out of the room and I again take in my surroundings. Its then I notice the teddy bear and doll sitting in my crib. I pick up the dolly and as I do I notice that under the skirt and petticoats of its dress its wearing plastic pants and a diaper. Do they really think I am going to play with a doll or teddy? If they do then this must be crazier than I first thought.

    Shannon walks back into the room holding an even more sissy dress than the one I am wearing. I quickly set the dolly down hoping she hasn’t noticed I was holding it. She smirks at me

    “We can’t have you running around in a dirty dress.”

    Then she tells someone on the intercom ” changing needed in room two. ” Another two of the biggest nurses I have ever seen step into the room and roughly undress then redress me in the sissy dress. All the while Shannon looks on looking very pleased at how I am being treated.

    The nurses leave and she informs me

    “We will have to bib you the next time you eat. To keep your dress clean. ”

    I bluster and cough my temper again rising ” you will do no such thing Shannon. I don’t require a bib. They are only for very small children and babies. It was just an accident the last time, nothing more. ”


    “I thought you may resist so I just got the nurses to change your clothes, if you are nice I will change you myself.  If not the nurses will do it.  And yes they were ruff, because you interrupted their playtime.”  I don’t tell them they were former football players or that they were once very macho men.

    “I see you were holding your dollie , that is nice.  That may be the only thing you will be sleeping with.  Oh, and yes Karen knows what goes on here she even picked out your clothes that you are wearing. Lets see what else she picked out your food your dollie and teddy bear.  She even picked out the coloring books and the blocks you should be getting.

    A knock at the door then it opens one of the nurses that changed Milly comes in carrying a little set of blocks that have the ABC’s on themShe puts them on the little table as she does she arranges the blocks to say ‘Milly’ then with a smirk, she leaves

    “You should be nice to Inga she will be your personal nurse for your stay.  So make nice with her she may even read you a bedtime story.”  I know this isn’t the type of woman he would hit on, but Karen also hand picked her.

    “I will let you rest for a bit.  Then I will be back later to check on you.”  I don’t tell him that this is his alone time to see what he does. He will be monitored, by the very well hidden cameras.


    Thankfully she doesn’t mention the bib again which I am very grateful about. She does pick up though about my complaint about the nurses being very rough and heavy handed when they changed my dress

    “I thought you may resist so I just got the nurses to change your clothes, if you are nice I will change you myself. If not the nurses will do it. And yes they were ruff, because you interrupted their playtime.”

    ” I can dress myself you know Shannon I don’t need help or anyone else to do it. But if I must be dressed by another then could you do it? You know one of them had the nerve to put her hand inside my underwear. She said it was to check if I had wet myself when it was obvious to any idiot I hadn’t of course. ”

    Shannon giggles

    “I see you were holding your dollie , that is nice. That may be the only thing you will be sleeping with. Oh, and yes Karen knows what goes on here she even picked out your clothes that you are wearing. Lets see what else she picked out your food your dollie and teddy bear. She even picked out the coloring books and the blocks you should be getting.

    Blushing like a schoolgirl caught with her hand in the cookie jar I bluster ” I wasn’t holding the doll I was I mean I was only looking. I just wondered why it and the teddy bear were here that’s all.

    So my wife chose these sissy outfits she had no right to. Wait till I see her she will regret shaming me like this. ”

    What I don’t say is that at home I always picked out Karen’s outfits. I always made sure they were short, skimpy and sexy. I even told her that since I was paying for it that all her lingerie must be approved by me. She hated that I made the decisions but never complained to much.

    Of course Shannon could know nothing of any of that as it was private between me and my wife. Getting back to my rant I go on ” she knows how I am very particular about my food. That food I ate earlier was nothing better than slops. I wouldn’t feed pigs with it. I must insist that Karen is informed right away to improve my menu. And I am an adult I don’t require toys to play with. Just give me the daily papers to read and some sport to watch and I will be happy. ”

    And so far as only having a doll and teddy to sleep with I think not. I bet there must be more than one young filly here even with my reduced manhood that I will be able to coax into my crib.

    While I am deep in my daydreams a knock comes at the door and the burly nurse appears. My god she brought a set of baby building blocks just like Shannon said. She sets them on my table spelling out the name Milly. She looks me up and down with a huge smirk on her face and without saying a word leaves.

    Is there no end to my shame? I bet Karen is sitting right now in my house laughing her ass of at what she has done to me. My thoughts are interrupted by Shannon

    “You should be nice to Inga she will be your personal nurse for your stay. So make nice with her she may even read you a bedtime story.”

    I chuckle ” you are kidding me right? Me be nice to that brute never. She maybe a piece of skirt but she doesn’t float my boat lady. I don’t want a bedtime story Shannon I maybe reduced in height and weight ect but I am not a three year old. ”

    She tells me she will let me rest for a bit but she will be back to check on me later. Once she is gone I scan the room looking for a way to escape. I know going out the room door is not an option to many people about.

    There is a window but it is so high up that I could never reach it standing. I pull out the small chair from the table and climb up on it. I stretch up as far as I can. I feel the hem of my dress and petticoats ride up until I know my frilly panties must be on view but since I am alone I don’t care.

    I make one last attempt to reach the window ledge but its useless I cant make it. This time as I stretch a little spurt of pee escapes into my panties. Thankfully its not much and since there plastic lined it holds it in.

    I jump of my chair and run over to the potty. Since I am on my own I try to stand to pee but with the petticoats and ruffles its impossible and I am forced to sit.

    Once I am finished I shake my little dickie and wipe the inside of my panties hoping nobody especially Shannon notices or smells it on me. I am proud of how I cleaned them and am sure its not going to be discovered. I am worried though that I never felt the urge coming over me to go to the loo. That has never happened to me before. At least not since I was a child.

    I decide to watch some tv and switch it on. The first show that pops up is Teletubbies so I switch over to the next channel trying to find some sport or at least the news channel so I can find out what’s happening in the world.

    The next channel is just as bad another toddler show this time its Dora the explorer. And so it goes on Peppa Pig, Sesame Street then Barney again. I give up and put it back to Dora the Explorer being the best of a bad bunch.

    I walk over to the table and look at the bricks my loving wife got for me the witch. I build a little wall with them and set the doll on it. Then I knock the wall down and watch the dolly fall off onto the table. Then I just sit and watch Dora waiting on whatever happens next. I know that I am very dry and could murder a beer.


    I see that he built a wall and put dollie on it then knocked it down.  I write some notes in the file.  I see the teddy bear how ever remains in the crib. I arrange to have more stuffed animals sent to the room.  His personal nurse will like this, I smile a bit.  I also see that he try to get to the window, even if he did it is barred from the outside.  I wonder why he did not pull the table over and place a chair on top.

    The cart rolling down the hall with a wobbling wheel that makes a squeak every so often. Pushing the cart is Inga.  Milly’s personal nurse.  Her stride is one that is not feminine more masculine. He heels ‘Clomp Clomp’ sound .  Then finally getting to her destination. The door springs open as she opens it.

    In goes the cart and Inga, closing the door behind her. She begins to place the stuffed animals about the room. A big pink elephant , a purple octopus, and a giraffe are but a few.  She goes to the crib and strips the covers off replacing them with nice clean ones.  The pillow  cases are change leaving nice lacy pink satin ones.

    ‘There you go sissy’, she growls.   Then picks up Milly and places him in the crib.  After checking to make sure he is ‘dry’.  Locking the crib. ‘You stay in here until the floor dries.’, She growl again. Then tiding up the room and puts dollie back in the crib along with the tv remote.  Then the door is opened and the cart is pushed out and the cleaning cart is pushed in and the place is mopped dusted and the walls wiped down. Looking the place over making sure it is spotless, she smiles at Milly.

    ‘Inga be back later to let you out, sissy.’


    I am watching this boring kids programme when I hear a trundling noise coming along the hall. I guess it will be Shannon but am surprised when it turns out to be the big heavy nurse called Inga.

    She steps into the room pulling the cart behind her. It stuffed full of all kinds of soft toys. The kind you give to babies so they don’t hurt themselves. I think they call them stuffies.

    I watch as she places them all round the room. I know that Shannon keeps calling this room my nursery but with every toy Inga lays out it becomes more like one.

    Next she strips the crib of its sheets and pillow cases and replaces them with all pink lacy ones. I just cant believe that Karen is behind all this. Why is she humiliating me like this.

    After the crib is made up she puts some stuffies in it like pink elephant and a little pink pony. ” There you go sissy ” she says to me before lifting me up and plonking me inside the crib.

    Before locking it she puts her hand inside my panties to check there dry. Thank goodness she doesn’t seem to notice I wet a little earlier. I tell her ” get your hands out of drawers bitch ” she just laughs at squeezes my tiny dick.

    Inga warns me ” you stay there till the floor dries. ” She then drops my dolly and remote back into the crib. I look up at here pleading please help me escape PLEASE. ” She simply laughs saying

    ‘Inga be back later to let you out, sissy.’

    I shout at her as she leaves ” stop calling me a sissy, I am not a sissy. ” But as I look round my surroundings I can see I am becoming more and more of a sissy toddler.

    I am so parched now I would love a drink. Also I am getting hungry again. Picking up the stuffed pink elephant I joke with it ” its nice to meet you little Miss Pinkie.. ” I play a little with the horse knowing at least I am on my own and wont look babyish to anyone.


    I catch the little play with the pink elephant and Milly.  This may make a good tid bit to put on the tape that is to be sent to Karen.

    I get up and after making notes on my observations of Milly.  I get up and take a few papers then make my way to room 2.  I open the door up and see that the place was cleaned.  I can really smell the disinfectant and am almost blown away from the wave as I enter.

    I stand there looking at Milly in the crib. “I see Inga was here. She must like you, I only told her to bring you a few of the stuffed animals not this many. ” Pulling out a post card I start over to the crib.

    “Karen wanted me to give this to you. ” It reads:

    ‘Having a really fun time in rio, to bad your in the nursery having fun with Inga. I need to get back to having fun , there are a lot of hung guys down here. They do like to go down to.’

    I stand back and wait for the reaction.


    After what seems like hours but really I have no idea these days of time as there isn’t a clock in my room to tell time with Shannon reappears.

    She enters the room and I can see by her face the smell of disinfectant is really getting up her nose which makes me laugh. Its funny to me because it seems to annoy her. She says

    “I see Inga was here. She must like you, I only told her to bring you a few of the stuffed animals not this many. ”

    I look indigent ” she could have save herself the bother. I don’t want baby toys so you may as well take them all away again. ” She stands looking down on me in the crib ” well don’t just stand there let me out. I have been locked in here for hours. I demand you let me out at once. ”

    She walks over to the crib I think to let me out but instead she gets out a coloured postcard. She tells me Karen asked me to give you this. And with that she starts to read the card to me

    ‘Having a really fun time in rio, to bad your in the nursery having fun with Inga. I need to get back to having fun , there are a lot of hung guys down here. They do like to go down to.’

    I cant believe my ears my meek and mild wife has the cheek to send a card like that to me. I bounce up on my knees as its hard to stand totally upright. I start throwing the stuffed toys about in my cage. ” That total bitch the dammed cow, how dare she use my money to go on her jollies. How god dammed dare she. And sleeping around she is nothing more than a tart. The bitch never went down on me she always refused saying she didn’t like it. Cow, bitch I will kill her you see if I don’t. “


    I am not surprised by the out burst, but I was in fact expecting it . I simply stand there and when he is done with his rant.  I say.

    “Are you done? It seems that Karen was wanting to have fun , fun that you never had with her. But you still helped her do such. With that big life insurance policy and the money that you had hidden from her.”

    I stand there and watch the little red faced sissy.

    “Don’t fret I will send Inga back in here and she will read you a nice story. I bet she will enjoy that.”  I think that I might drop some more bad news on him.

    “By the way Karen does like to pleasure big cocks. She pleasured me for almost two hours when she was here last.”  I think that may confuse the little guy, why I look like a female, but I didn’t always look like this.  With that I take a seat waiting for him to put two and two together.


    Shannon just stands smiling as I rant and rave

    “Are you done? It seems that Karen was wanting to have fun , fun that you never had with her. But you still helped her do such. With that big life insurance policy and the money that you had hidden from her.”

    Red faced at being shamed and worse cuckolded by my bitch wife ” no I am not done. Karen best enjoy her fun whilst she can because believe me lady I am going to make that bitch pay and pay big time. The money she says was hidden has nothing to do with her. Its mine and she had no right to take it from me ” I pout.

    Looking up at her ” will you open this crib and let me out. I want, no I demand to be let out to stretch my legs I have been locked in here for ages now. ”

    Yet again she makes me feel like a toddler by saying

    “Don’t fret I will send Inga back in here and she will read you a nice story. I bet she will enjoy that.”

    ” No no no I don’t want to be read god dammed fairy stories by some big butch dyke. I can read for myself lady. ” My face is burning red as my humiliation just grows and grows.

    She takes a seat and what she says next almost blows my mind.

    “By the way Karen does like to pleasure big cocks. She pleasured me for almost two hours when she was here last.”

    I blink hard ” you are you telling me your a Dude? And Karen and you have a thing going? Is this why your helping her with this shit of making me some kind of sissy? This is crazy just bloody crazy. Just let me out of this crib now you asshole, right now ” I start shaking the crib bars trying my best to break them but its not working.

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    “Now really , do men have boobs like this?”

    “But I do have a bigger member then you ever did.”  I say as I look on at the ranting little sissy locked up in the crib.  Shaking the bars it kind of reminds me of a monkey.

    “Now are you done with your little  temper tantrum?  Or do I have to wait longer? I can wait all day if I need to.”  I sit there after covering myself back up.

    “I do have another post card for you to read. Only if you calm down.”


    I stop shaking the bars as she opens her blouse to let me the view the biggest boobs I have ever seen. My god I aint ever seen tits this size in my life before. I giggle ” wow you could breastfeed a village with them tits lady ” I hope that my statement humiliates her like her and Karen are doing to me.

    My blush comes back when she tells me

    “But I do have a bigger member then you ever did.”

    I know I was never huge in the trouser department but I got by ” none of the bitches I bedded ever complained when I was drilling them ” I boast.

    After listening to me she calmly asks

    “Now are you done with your little temper tantrum? Or do I have to wait longer? I can wait all day if I need to.” “I do have another post card for you to read. Only if you calm down.”

    I am interested what is in the card so I take a couple of deep breathes ” yes okay I am calmer please read it to me please. ” I continue to blush as I try to behave like she expects me to ” do you think I might have a drink Shannon dear? I am quite parched. A beer would be nice ” I hint at her but not expecting to be allowed beer.

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    I am just glad he didn’t ask to suck on my tis. But the food and the drinks will all taste different for him. The process left him tasting food for the first time.  I do wonder what would happen if he did eat some food he did like?

    I take another post card. I begin to read what it says:

    Hun I am having such a blast with all these real men.  They know how to treat a woman. So many men so little time.  But I will be back to check on you,  I hope you like Inga, she seems like a good fit for you.  I know she is not your typical girl that you ran around with behind my back with, but I am sure you will grow to like her.  But if you have your cards right i’m sure you can have some fun time with another sissy, only I wonder will you be the bottom? (lol) I have to go find another man.


    I get ready for the crib shaking I even manage to put the post card in the crib so he may read it later.

    “So she knew about you running around with other women?”  I say hoping it was women?


    She doesn’t give me my beer or any other drink instead she fishes out another post card from her pocket. She begin to read it and seems to relish every insult and put down of me Karen has written.

    Firstly Karen tells me

    Hun I am having such a blast with all these real men. They know how to treat a woman. So many men so little time.

    I wince and let out a loud moan. It annoys me and hurts my manly pride that she doesn’t consider me a ! real man !.

    ” Fucking bitch ” I scream ” I am a real man. ” I can feel tears welling up in my eyes but I try to hold them back, I don’t want to sob like a little girl in front of Shannon. I know she would enjoy it if I cried. And I have sneaky suspicion she is reporting everything back to Karen.

    The postcard goes on to say that Karen will be back to check on me. Sniffling I tell Shannon ” she better not come to close to me if she does come back here to check on me. If she does and I get my hands on her the over the knee spankings which she got from me in the past will seem very tame compared to how I intend to deal with her for treating me this way. I intend to whup her ass good. ”

    Next she tells me she hopes I am enjoying Inga adding she knows that Inga is not the type of girl I usually go for. But she is sure I will grow to like her. Now she is just mocking me. Karen knows there is no way I would ever in the past have even spoken to someone like Inga. Glaring through the bars of my crib I tell Shannon ” you tell Karen from me to go to hell. There is no way I am ever going to enjoy Inga being round me. She looks and walks like a freak and she disrespected me earlier by not once but twice calling me a Sissy. How dare she speak to me like that Shannon, doesn’t she realise who I am? And once I am out of here what I could have done to her. ”

    I without realising it now am hugging the little pink horse stuffie close to my chest as the insults from my former wife keep coming as Shannon reads on

    But if you have your cards right i’m sure you can have some fun time with another sissy, only I wonder will you be the bottom? (lol) I have to go find another man.


    What is she talking about I have never been with another man or sissy and I have no intention of every being with one. ” Listen here lady from the poor excuses for men I have seen here I think their sexual days must be past. They seem to get their kicks from wetting their nappies ( diapers ) or sucking their thumbs.

    And I have no intention of being a top or a bottom with any sissies you can tell that cow from me I said so. I don’t fuck dudes and they aint getting my ass either. ” My temper is rising as the insults about me just continue. And one last blow Karen deals me is that off to find yet another man.

    I begin to whimper and sob ” cow you fucking cow. I hope you catch something you whore ” I scream knowing it makes no difference as she cannot hear me.

    Shannon posts the card through the bars of my crib saying

    “So she knew about you running around with other women?”

    Sobbing I agree ” she knew when she married me I liked to chase the skirts. I don’t know why it bothered her so much she was well looked after. I just like the dames Shannon and they seem to like me. ”

    Pressing my face against the crib bars and absent mindedly pressing the pink horse still against my chest I plead ” please may I come out? I need to take a leak and if I don’t soon I am going to piss myself. And you wouldn’t want that would you? I don’t think Inga would either ” I smirk with satisfaction.


    Unkown to him I push a button on my phone. Shortly Inga comes in opens up the crib and carries him to the potty chair. Milly’s face buried in her bosoms.   She opens up the bottoms and sits Milly on the potty chair. ‘Pe sissy.’ Is all she says. She stands there watching Milly, until finished. ‘Good sissy’ , she then picks up Milly with face stuffed in her bosoms, comes back to the crib.  Inga leaves only to come back with a bottle. She pulls Milly on her lap and places the bottle in Milly’s mouth. ‘Drink’, Inga tells Milly.  I sit there watching and knowing this is to good to pass up, I take out my phone a snap a couple of pictures.  I do it so that Milly doesn’t see me do it. I think this should be a good report to send to Karen. After the bottle is empty, Inga places a towel over her shoulder and then Milly over her shoulder and Inga begins to burp Milly.  I take another shot of this to to send off to Karen.

    And burp Milly does, I snicker at this. Then Inga places Milly in the crib, ‘rest now sissy,’ then closing the crib Inga leaves the room.  I am sitting there watching this so I decide to leave the room also.


    My demand for release from the crib are met by the arrival of Inga once again into the room. She arrives from nowhere opens the crib and before giving me the chance to walk hoists me into her arms.

    My face is buried in amongst her huge soft tits and as I mumble and almost cry ” put me down, put me down you stupid bloody oaf. “But even through my complaints it takes all my will power and strength not to start to suckle on her teats.

    I know its wrong because I am not thinking of it as sexy but rather I think of suckling as a way to get food. AS Inga rather unceremoniously pulls my baby panties down she plops me onto the potty saying ” pee sissy. ”

    I am only glad Karen is not here to witness my embarrassment as I immediately start to piss in the potty. As I piss I can hear in my imagination all the things Karen might say if only she could see me now. Her talking to me like a three year old and using sugary baby talk on me. It gives me shivers all over just thinking about it.

    As my pissing comes slowly to an end Inga pick me up and wipes my dick with tissue praising as she does so. She again hoists me into her bosom, I complain ” how dare you treat me this way and stop calling me a bloody sissy. I am not a sissy this is all a misunderstanding Inga.”

    She plops me back sitting in the crib and then leaves the room briefly before returning carrying a big babies bottle of milk and a sparkling white towel. She sits and then hoists me into her lap. She runs the nipple of the bottle over my lips and as I attempt to talk she stops me by stuffing the teat in my mouth.

    Inga baby talks me as I suckle on the bottle. Every now and then I hear Shannon giggle as I suck hard on the warm sweet liquid. Again I thank god that bitch Karen cant see what I have become.

    Once the bottle is finished and she pulls the nipple from my mouth I find I am still trying to suckle on fresh air. As much as I have been shamed by all that has happened to me so far nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

    Inga pick up the white crisp towel she brought in earlier and places it over her shoulder. Then she takes me in her arms places me facing over her shoulder and begins patting my back. My face is burning red with embarrassment whilst as she pats my back she whispers in my ear ” come along sissy lets get all those windy woos up for Inga. ”

    She pats my back for a minute or maybe two when without warning I let out a huge belch. Inga praises me ” good girl what a clever sissy you are for Inga. ” I am to ashamed at this moment even to argue with her.

    I hear Shannon snigger as Inga puts me back in the crib and lock it once again. I bet Shannon is lapping up how I reacted to being winded. She always seems to enjoy my shame and downfall.

    Inga tells me ” rest now sissy. ” And both her and Shannon leave the room. I fight the urge to sleep but no matter how much I try my eyelids begin to feel heavy and I drift off to sleep.

    In my dream I am sitting in the living room of my house. I am sat in a playpen surrounded by toys while my wife and the maids go about there daily life’s. Nobody pays any attention to me until Karen walks over telling me that since I have been such a good sissy she is taking me to the park to feed the quack quacks.

    She lifts me out of the playpen and straps me into a stroller I beg her not to do this. I get myself so worked up in my begging that as she open the house door I am shouting at the top of my voice ” no please no don’t take me out like this. Once out the door I again shout ” NO. ”

    I wake in a cold sweat and shaking. I thank god it wasn’t real only a nightmare.


    I go into the nursery and open up the crib.  I see that the little one is awaken by the noise.

    ” I think you should some more food. I arranged a special buffet for you today.”  I Clamp the child leash on and get Milly ready for our walk to the cafeteria.  Then out the door w strool.

    Upon arriving to out destination you can see that there is food set out.  Not like the typical , but it is in a buffet style and it is food Milly mostly liked before being brought here, and then there is the typical food that Milly will get here.  I have to show Milly that her taste buds were changed when the sissy was brought here.  The foods that Milly liked before will taste awful.  The food that will now be in her diet from now on will be the ones she likes.

    “Go ahead and take some food just try it and tell me what you think. ”  As I sit there watching her.


    That was one scary nightmare I think to myself and I pick up a little stuffed dog in my crib and hug it to calm myself down. I am so deep in thought I don’t here Shannon re enter my room.

    She unlocks my crib telling me as she clips my humiliating walking leash back on me

    ” I think you should some more food. I arranged a special buffet for you today.”

    I am glad to hear I am going to get some food but not looking forward to being seen by others in my baby dress and leash. She walks me back to the cafeteria again and on arrival she leads me over to a huge buffet. On it there is pizza, chicken, steaks and mashed and baked potatoes. Pork chops that smell wonderful my mouth begins to drool just smelling all the wonderful aromas in the room.

    Shannon tells me

    “Go ahead and take some food just try it and tell me what you think. ”

    There is also some sort of mush which is in trays and is not nice looking at all. I decide not to touch any of the various trays of different coloured mush. I quickly grab a plate and load it with pizza and chicken legs. I grab some French fries and also some fried onions.

    I quickly stuff some of the pizza in my mouth as it hits my taste buds it tastes vile I mean just awful. Quickly spitting it out I take a huge bite from the fried chicken leg it tastes even worse than the pizza. And again I spit it out some the bits grease and chicken landing on the front of my dress.

    I don’t understand this at all I love chicken. I especially love all types of pizza so this doesn’t make any sense to me.

    These are all foods I love I don’t understand why I hate the way they taste today. Not wanting to sample any of the horrible looking mush but feeling so hungry I am forced to I scoop a bit into a bowl.

    Slowly I lift the plastic spoon provided up to my mouth. I swallow some of the goop expecting to hate it. I am surprised how wonderful it tastes. Far better than any pizza or steak or chicken I have ever had in my life.

    Turning to face Shannon with my mouth full of baby mush I refill my bowl telling her ” I hated everything I normally would love to eat. I don’t know what you call this ” I say as swallow another spoon full ” but it tastes delicious.


    Some of the other staff members come in.  I nod to them like I say have at the food. One staff member puts her finger to her lips and looks at little Milly.

    Then I see all sorts of hands reaching for food and all the ‘grown’ up food is gone, I mange to get a slice of pizza.  I take a bite and mange to say,” this is good pizza, I can’t understand why you don’t like it?”  As I soon finish it. I notice that Milly is eating the mush, or what ever you call it.

    “That is your third bowl full,  also have another surprise for you.”

    We move to another table were there is an ice cold beer sitting there. “Go ahead taste it.”  Then some other drinks are brought some are ‘grown up’ drinks and some are not.  If things work out how I figured, Milly will be repulsed by the alcohol drinks and like some of the juices and milk.  I think that the beer may taste like the very first time you had a drink , very bad.

    Then Inga walks in. She looks down at Milly. ‘Sissy made a messy’. Then puts a bib on you. She stands there watching you .  Waiting for the time you are finished with your drinks.  You don’t see the pretty little sissy dress hanging on the wall.

    Once you are finish Inga strikes. Picking you up and on a changing table changes your clothes.  ‘Now sissy clean.’  She smiles at you this time. and pinches your cheek.  ‘Sissy going to need a bath soon.’  She wipes your face off much like a mother would. Before placing you back next to me, with your bib on.



    A lot of people whom I haven’t noticed till now all start eating the food. They all seem to be enjoying it which seems strange to me as I thought it was vile. Shannon takes a bite out of a slice of pizza and tells me

    ,” this is good pizza, I can’t understand why you don’t like it?”

    ” I cant understand it either Shannon it doesn’t make sense to me. I love everything on the table but they make sick when I try to eat any of it. Yet this stuff tastes great ” I tell her holding up my bowl.

    Shannon smirks telling me that’s your third bowl goop you know Milly. I didn’t realise I had eaten that much of it, but it just tastes so good.

    Shannon guides me on my leash to a different table. This one has all sorts of drinks on it beer, whisky, vodka but also milk, juice there is even something called Gripe Water for babies.

    Shannon encourages me to

    “Go ahead taste it.”

    I don’t need to be told twice I grab a bottle of beer and open it. This is something I have been waiting for since I got here. I take a good hard swig of the bottle but as soon as it hits the back of my throat I feel physical sick. I begin to retch and the beer comes back out of my mouth and down my front.

    I don’t know what’s happening to me I have loved the taste of beer all my adult life. I decide to try a whisky next but the same thing happens and it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.

    To get rid of the foul taste I pick up one of the baby bottles of milk and blushing as everyone watches me I drink from it. The sweet milk tastes great comforting even. Next I try the juice and it also tastes great even out of sucky bottle.

    Whilst I have been trying the drinks Inga has arrived in the room. Man she looks hot in that outfit I never thought she could look that good not ever. I feel my little prick try not very successfully to get hard in my frilly panties.

    She makes my face go red again as she baby talks me in front of all these strangers

    ‘Sissy made a messy’.

    She walks behind me and before I can say a word she ties a babies bib around my neck. I hear people tittering and making comments like ” oh how cute. What a pretty bibby for baby sissy. ”

    I look down to see a Hello Kitty bib as I continue to suck on my bottle. Pulling it out of my mouth I exclaim !! I don’t need a bib Inga take it off me Please. !!

    She doesn’t answer me instead seeing I have finished up my bottle of juice she picks me up and carries me to a waiting table. My face burns as I realise its a diaper changing table she has put me on. She proceeds to change me out of my messy dress and again checks my panties are dry by putting her hand inside them. I start to argue with her but she threatens to get me a pink pacifier if I don’t quieten down. I don’t want to lose face in front of all these people so I answer her back ” you just try it. ”

    She changes my clothes placing me in yet another baby typed dress. She pinches my cheeks like I have seen people do with kids mostly mothers in my experience and whilst wiping my face clean with the bib tells me

    ‘Sissy going to need a bath soon.’

    Looking up at her from the changing table I growl ” I am more than able to bath myself Inga. I don’t need the hired help to assist me okay? ”

    Baby Bib

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    Once you seated and had some time to regain your composure.  “I see you are full so come along I need to take you back to your room.  ”  I get up and take your leash controller and we begin back to your room.  We walk into your room There is a rocking chair beside your crib.  I smile as it was just placed there.

    “I think that should satisfy your want or need for food and drink now?”  Proving to him that the food will not taste as good as he remembered.

    I know that Karen wanted him to not be able to have any of his old life , including the food he liked.  Karen apparently didn’t like the same things as he did and this is a way to show him what she had to endure at his hands by him ordering for her and her not liking what he picked. Him picking out the clothes and making decisions for her, now all that would be made for him. He would now know how it feels.

    Then a knock at the door and Inga appears.  ‘Sissy’s bath time.’  I lean back and watch Inga come in and pick up the sissy and leave out the door carrying him off the bathing place. I follow to see how this goes.


    Once I sort of calm down Shannon speaks up

    “I see you are full so come along I need to take you back to your room. ”

    She leads me back to my room on my leash. On my way back we see other men in exactly the same position as I now find myself. Once in the room the first thing I notice is that since we have been away a rocking chair has been delivered.

    Shannon passes a comment

    “I think that should satisfy your want or need for food and drink now?”

    Yes I am full Shannon but I just wish it didn’t look so like baby food. And I don’t know why I cant stand the taste of alcohol. I like to have a drink but it tasted disgusting. I hope that was just a one off and next time I have a beer it tastes just like it should I tell her.

    There’s a knock on the door and Inga enters. This cant be good news as Inga always babies me when she appears. Ignoring me she informs Shannon ” sissy’s bath time ” and with that she scoops me into her arms and we head back out of the room.

    As she carries me I plead ” put me down Inga this is humiliating I can walk you know. ” She sniggers and bounces me in her arms like I was a fussy child. She then takes me into a bathroom followed by Shannon.

    There is a bath sitting with water already in it. It also has bubbles in the bath and a few pink rubber ducks. Inga puts me down and tests the water with her elbow just like a mother tests a babies bath.

    Turning to me she says ” right come along little sissy lets get you washed and smelling pretty. You want to smell like little flowers don’t you? ”

    She starts to remove my clothes. She does it slowly enjoying baby talking me as she takes every item off. Once I am naked she coaxes me to get in the tub. Blushing I beg her ” please Inga haven’t you shamed me enough now? Wont you at least bath myself? ”

    She simply lifts me into the bubble bath and begins to wash me with a sponge. As she is washing me she encourages me to play with the pink ducks ” play with your duckies sissy, look here they come ” she pushes two of them towards me making quacking noises. ” Can you make that noise sissy? Come on lets hear you, quack quack, quack quack. ”

    I refuse to play along ” no Inga I don’t think so. I don’t want to. ” She shrugs her shoulders and looks over at Shannon and smiles. She tells me to shut my eyes because she is about to wash my hair.

    I cannot begin to try and put into words how embarrassing this whole thing is. Once my hair is washed she lifts me out of the bath and swaddles me in a huge white crisp bath towel and carries me back to my room.

    Once myself and Inga and Shannon are in the room Inga briskly dries me off. She has me standing naked in the centre of the room when she asks Shannon ” should I dress sissy in normal little girls frilly knickers? Or her training frilly knickers before putting her dress on? ”


    I look at Milly with her little pleading eyes. “Just put the normal panties on her.”   I smile, because I basically hold her fate in the palm of my hand. I hope the sissy is starting to see that.  I take a seat as Inga dresses the little sissy.  My I think Inga is having fun with the little sissy dressing and feeding. I see the other nurses don’t really do anything innless they are told.  I hope the reality of his situation is starting to sink in. The sissy can’t go with out my say so.

    Once Inga is done she puts Milly on her lap and begins to read a fairy tale outloud to Milly.  I hear a comment that Inga will duct tape Milly’s mouth shut if she keeps interrupting.  Then begins again with the reading out loud.

    While this is going on I leave and go back to office and look over a few things. When I get a call. It is from Karen and she tells me that she will be back for a visit.


    Thankfully Shannon agrees to let me wear normal panties even if there little girls ones and sickly frilly. Looking over I thank her ” thanks Shannon and just so you know Inga I might be reduced in size and forced to use a potty but I certainly don’t need training knickers. I might have to put up with you dressing me but you aren’t my nanny. I certainly don’t need one lady. ”

    Inga puts on my frilly panties and a girly vest and petticoat followed by another sissy dress. How many of these bloody dresses did Karen buy for me I wonder. Shannon just watches on looking smug. I guess she looks smug because at least for now she is in charge of my every movement. The way I dress what I eat what I drink even when I sleep or take a piss. A shiver runs down my spine thinking about it.

    Once Inga has me dressed like a little girl she sits me on her lap. I struggle but she has a firm grip of me. She tells me ” I am going to read you the story of the Ugly Duckling little sissy. ”

    I complain ” I don’t want to hear no kids story Inga. Anyway I have read it before. Inga looks at me crossly ” you will sit still like a good baby and listen to your story or I will tape your mouth shut, do you hear me sissy? ”

    I nod my head and hang it in shame. First she threatens me with a pacifier for complaining now she wants to tape my mouth shut. I decide its best to just listen to her story. Inga clears her throat and begins to read to me.

    I notice Shannon slipping out from the room and I wonder where she is going and when she will be back. Shannon is always nicer to me than Inga but still treats me like a sissy none the less.


    I go back after Inga has finished reading the book and I see that he is tucked away in the crib once again.  It must be nap time I think to myself as I don’t see Inga around. I pull up a chair and sit there for a bit while the little one is sleeping.

    With the news that Karen is coming to see how her little sissy is doing is to good to just not tell him.  But there are a few things I should explain. as to what is in store for him.

    I sit there and use my phone to send texts telling the others what todo with some of the other sissies that are here.


    Inga enjoys reading the story to me and showing me all the pictures. Its like she honestly sees me as some kind of toddler which is most embarrassing for me. For instance if the picture is of a duck she calls it a quack quack. Or if its a dog then its a bow wow. As if that isn’t bad enough she tries to get me to make the sounds to. Of course I refuse to saying ” really Inga dearie I don’t think so ” in my most patronising voice.

    Once she has finished the story she bounces me on her knee and from her pocket pulls out yet another bottle of milk. Grinning she says ” come on now sissy drink up your baba then its nappy time for you. ”

    She stuffs the teat in my mouth and I am forced to suck to get air. I suckle on the bottle till its done. Then she winds me again over her shoulder till I let a huge burp ” clever sissy that was a big burpy wasn’t it ” she says.

    Then she places me in my crib and tucks me in. She places the teddy bear in my arms then pulls up the rail. She watches me looking down on me. My eyelids get heavy and I start to drift off again. There has got to be something in that formula I tell myself as I never used to nap so much as I do now.

    I have no idea how long I have been asleep but when I wake I am still cuddling the teddy bear tight against my chest. It is then I notice Shannon sitting there on the rocking chair. Blushing I hide the bear under the covers hoping she hasn’t noticed it ” hi Shannon, I never heard you enter the room dear. Have you been here long ” I ask her trying to be as non sissy and grown up as I can under the circumstances?


    I pull down the crib side.  And place the teddy bear in his lap.  “No need to be shy, sleeping with your teddy.”

    I see that he was hugging the teddy bear and he even talked to it, before.  I smile this is going to plan, but I wont say nothing.

    “You better use the potty chair.  I wouldn’t want you to have an accident, now would we?”  I then look at him .

    “Karen is going to comeback and see her little man.”


    Shannon pulls down the side of my crib and places the teddy on my lap saying

    “No need to be shy, sleeping with your teddy.”

    As normal I feel my face burn red with shame ” I didn’t sleep with it. Inga must have slipped it in beside me as I slept ” I lie but its only a small lie I tell myself.

    She watches me sitting with Mr Bear in my lap she instructs me by saying

    “You better use the potty chair. I wouldn’t want you to have an accident, now would we?”

    Looking at her I reply ” no I wouldn’t want to have an accident Shannon. But then again I am potty trained and have been for sometime so I don’t think it will occur anytime soon dear ” I giggle at my own statement.

    I walk over to the potty and hike up my dress and petticoat. I pull my panties down to my ankles and sit on the potty. No matter how many times I have to use this potty it never becomes any less embarrassing. Its then I notice I am still holding the teddy bear and totally embarrassed I toss it down on the floor.

    Just as I start to piss with the sound of my pee hitting the plastic Shannon makes an announcement which I really wasn’t expecting

    “Karen is going to comeback and see her little man.”

    Oh my god Karen is coming back. I hope she doesn’t see me in this babies nursery. Hopefully they will let me speak to her in an office somewhere. I thank my lucky stars she wont see me sitting on this potty when she gets here.

    ” Shannon maybe she has changed her mind about shaming and punishing me. Maybe she is going to take me home to sort things out. Away from this madness, I have learned my lesson honest. Shannon you could put a good word in on my behalf. Would you do that Shannon? Please I am begging you please help me. “

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    When he done tinkling. I put the child leash on him again. I get things ready to take another walk, this time is different. I pick up the teddy and place it back in the crib.

    “Are you ready for another walk?”  I ask him.  I open the door and this time we go a different direction, we walk down a few long hallways . Then we walk outside to go into another building. This one is much like a fancy hotel may be layed out, with fancy looking doors. We come across a sissy maid, one who much taller then Milly, pushing a cleaning cart. She sees me and immediately curtsies to me. She smiles at Milly.   Then we finally come to a door with a number on it  #581.  I open it and we stand there looking.

    “This is Karen’s suite. It is a nice one nice and roomy. Would you agree? She wanted it big enough to entertain guests. Just how much money did you hide from Karen?”  I ask because this place is not cheap.

    We enter closing the door behind me.  Inside is the normal things one would have a sofa chairs tv, and some other things wet bar fancy dinning table. That is only the first floor.  I walk over to the sofa. I take a seat.  I pat the space next to me, as to say sit.

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