The Nursery

Breaking into the Nursery

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     Sissy Jessica 

    I (Jim) am up and coming investigative journalist, who heard a rumor of unwilling men being turned into women. Thinking it will be my big break, I look to write a story exposing the huge company for what they do. Being as busy as I am, I had little time for family and friends. Not wanting a colleague to steal the story from me, I sneak my way through the giant lobby of The Corporation at the end of the workday before security starts their shift. I managed to steal an ID card from one of the employees on my way in, and I have to use it now before it is deactivated.

    I enter the elevator, and decide to start in the basement and work my way up the building. When the doors open, I am greeted with a long lit, pink hallway with several doors and branching paths. I slowly make my way down the hallway, not sensing that anyone else is around, or seeing any security cameras. I pass by a large window, and peer inside. I see large incubation pods, and I grab a camera from my satchel to take a few pictures. I then continue down the hallway. The doors along the way are all locked. As I approach the end of the hallway, there is one door cracked open. The light is off.

    I enter the door, and turn on a light. I am in what appears a giant nursery with a crib, feeding chair, changing table, and cabinet full of supplies. I start taking pictures of everything. I find a closet on the opposite side of the room, and start looking through it. It is filled with all sorts of little girlish clothes. I am too distracted by my findings.

     Chloe X 

    I have been tracking the movement of the uninvited guest. OH Rude of him to sneak in. Well, he’ll pay for that. Good, he went into the nursery, I do love making men into baby girls.  I Think that petticoat punish is the best way to deal with this one. I put my nanny uniform and head down to the nursery.


     Sissy Jessica 

    I continue my investigation, taking as many pictures of the items in the nursery as my camera can hold. Once I am satisfied, I go to leave the room.

     Chloe X 

    I tiptoe into the nursery o uninvited guest taking photos. I go over and tap on the shoulder. “Hello, there what are you up to honey. This is private property.”

    I push him up against the wall and take his camera.

     Sissy Jessica 

    Oh shit! How could I be caught? I thought I was so careful. I am taken aback as this mystery woman pushes me against the wall and takes my camera. I struggle against her, trying to escape her grasp, but she is stronger than she appears. “Who the hell are you? Give me back my camera!” I lash out, clawing trying to get it back.

     Sissy Jessica 

    Shortly after being caught by this woman in a nanny uniform, four more women in tight security uniforms show up and rip off all my clothes, leaving me naked and afraid. I struggle, but am helpless against the four guards. I shout: “Hey Let Me Go! I have rights, you know!” Two of the women hold my arms behind my back, and a third snaps pink fluffy handcuffs on my wrists. The nanny slaps me across the face saying: “Trespassing on private property is a major crime here dude. Ladies take him to the detention center.” 

    I continue to struggle against the guards, but it is no use. They lead me away from the room, down the dimly lit hallway and then down another until we reach a different locked room. They push me inside, and it is empty except for a lone chair in the center. The expertly push me into the chair and two of them hold me down, while the other two tie me down to it with nylon rope. My arms, legs, and neck are tied to the back of the chair, leaving my cock on display front and center. Once I am tied down, one of the guards clamps something to my cock, squeezing it tightly. It is very painful, and it shows on my face. Shortly after the guards leave, the nanny walks in holding my keys and wallet. I look at her quite pissed: “So what are you going to do to me now? Why don’t you just let me go, and I won’t press charges of assault? We can call this even, and you’ll never see me again.”

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     Chloe X 

    I stroke his chest “Well you won’t be seen looking like a man.  You are going to be reborn” giggle“As a Tranny girl.  we are going to get rid of that muscular body of yours. we are Make you over–  you are going to be oh so slender. Modern science is wonderful By the time we are finished you will be a   very pretty tranny girl. I trying to decide if you should allow those nasty male parts. You going to be treated like a baby girl for a time. ” 

    I pick up a syringe and inject the serum into his balls.  His male parts are going to shrink down- not bulge in her diaper. He is Going to have a very very feminine as the nanobot in the serum remake his body.

    OOC Finally settle in, ope you till want to play.

     Sissy Jessica 

    I watch in horror as this “nanny” picks up a syringe and needle, drawing contents from a vial. I pull against my bonds and struggle as she kneels before me. Without saying another word, she cups my balls, and then plunges the needle into it my sack. I groan loudly as I feel the contents fill me. She removes the syringe and turns to throw it away.

    My balls ache terribly for the next several minutes. My head spins, and I nearly black out from the pain. I feel like something is happening down there. Something is changing. I focus on my breathing, it’s the only way I maintain consciousness. While I am sitting there, the nanobots in the serum start working. They start shrinking my boy bits. I then feel somewhat feverish, as the nanobots spread to the rest of my body enacting other changes. The change will occur over the next few days. By the end of the week, I will be that tranny girl the nanny mentioned before.

    One of the potential side effects of the serum is incontinence. When the aching in my balls start to subside, the feeling with replaced with a warm and wet feeling. I incidentally start wetting myself. Urine streams out of my cock, and forms a puddle under my chair.

    [OOC: Welcome back! I still would like to play with you, as long as you’re still interested. I did start another thread in the group, but will play that in parallel. Hope to hear back from you soon!]

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