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The Steel Horse Saloon

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    Funny that I would like to do all the things she just listed in compliance.  “I know you like to gamble and well how about we start slow and just dine and have a quiet drink first?”  Her arm wrapped around mine.  “Your body is filling out quickly because I prefer my women soft, curvy and a touch more voluptious than we first met. ”  A simple question “Every drink you had from when you enter my hotel honey was designed to make my dreams come true.”  Haha “Look we all know what it’s like being useless, but now you have a very nice body that even I would like to sit on my lap and have my way with.”

    I look around “Mechelle we’d like to order”  I give Char a nice soft little pat on the ass to take a seat at our table.


    After check-in it was down to the bars and maybe something to eat.  After promises of a good time, would the Casino reveal something of its mystique to me? 

    After checking through the colorful brochures, I settle on a place curiously named The Steel Horse Saloon.  

    I wander in.. it doesnt seem all that busy and my first impression is…I won’t be learning anything here.  I’m ok with that though, I’m in no hurry.. it’s my first day and I still gotta eat.

    I take a perch atop a bar stool and take a look through a bar menu.


    Mechele and the waitresses are taking care of Sir and his guest, so I settle in behind the bar.

    I smile happily when a new face arrives in the saloon and takes a seat at the bar.

    “Hello, I’m Jacqueline. Welcome to the Steel Horse Saloon. What can I get you to drink?”


    While Jacqueline attends to a new customerI return .to Sir and his friend, and get my notepad and pencil out.


    “What can I get you, Sir?”

    I add for his companion’s benefit, “I don’t think we have met. I am Mechelle – the manager here.”

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    I smile

    ”Well gambling is fun, but dinner and a quiet drink is perfect”

    I let you guide me to the table, you are clearly vey chivalrous in public, not sure you let such things bother you in private.

    As we sit, you basically tell me that since I arrived at the hotel you have been drugging me, filling my body with hormones, I assume, which have very quickly started to feminize my body.

    I blush, that probably also explains the way my emotions have been changing and how I have been feeling.

    I let out a little squeal as you pat my bottom, which immediately wiggles…..the idea of sitting on your lap strangely exciting…..and you having your way with me.

    ”Every drink….but ….how???”

    I realise I am babbling a little.

    ”You had this all planned ?”

    I look up and smile when the pretty girl introduces herself….

    ”Hi Mechelle, lovely to meet you…my name is Chad….I mean Charlotte”

    I blush

    “May I have a red wine please?”


    I wave at funky chick (cando) to come over, to our table if she likes with a wink.

    “I just love honey how you always focus on your master”  I run my hand on my dates leg.  “Fast with the drink”  I look at Mechelle with a smile.  “Menus please and are there any specials we should consider?”  I am glad Char and Mechelle have met, they’d have fun on some sofa’s in the back room possibly too.


    Smiling, I place a glass of red wine on the bar for Mechelle or one of our waitresses to serve to Charlotte.


    I see Sir wave at an attractive, cool looking girl sat at the bar, before he runs his hand up my leg, causing me to giggle and wiggle my toes…what is going on with me ??

    ”Master? That is a big term Sir ….is that what you are?”

    I smile

    “And the drink is for Dutch courage, this is all quite new”

    I sit back and wait for the menus and my drink, looking around the bar….then at Sir….master? Is that what he is….I mean I am not collared or anything…but ….


    I serve Charlotte with the red wine which Jacqueline has poured and hand Sir a menu – I have a suspicion he will like to do any ordering.

    “Here you are, Charlotte. I hope you enjoy it.”

    “Sir, our specials today are beef stroganoff and, suitable for vegans, mushroom risotto.”





    I’m in the Steel Horse Saloon.  My waitress is a cutie named Jacqueline.  This is good information, I’m in the right place for a discreet drink.

    “Hi Jacqueline.  I’m Indi.  And I’ll take a Long Island Iced Tea when you got a second.  And take one or whatever for yourself.”

    I’m not only thirsty for a drink I’m thirsty for information on THIS casino.  Who better to ask than the cute waitress!    “Jacqueline?  Can I ask you something?”   I’m still no closer to learning the truth of WHY this casino is as my UK friend Carly told me it was just right for me.  “A friend recommended this casino to me.  told me ‘it would be up my street’  or was it ‘down my street?  Or down my alley.  Or up that.  Which sounds wrong now I say it out loud.”

    Move on quickly Indi…. I lean over the bar a little, closer to Jacqueline and lower my voice.

    “But anyway, forget the street and my alley…  I’m just wondering… is their anything, you know  … anything special about this casino?”   I’m winking or possibly bouncing my eyebrows or maybe doing both at the same time here…  it might look weird.  Sorry, I can’t hold back my inquisitivity.  thats a real word by the way. inquisitivity.”

    Relax and stop talking.


    Hmmm.  Cando was not interested.  Maybe in another life.

    I look back to the lightning fast service here.  The smiles and warmth are great.

    I can barely remember what my pussy cat devil is talking about:  “Call me master”  I put my hand on her head.  I have no idea what she wanted me to confirm what she already knew.

    “Oh Char, would you mind if I just call you pussy cat?”  I think the topic was names.

    I was going to throw the menus and take the specials, but “Mechelle love, I’ll have the beef”  I whisper in pussy cats ear “You want to drink some milk don’t you honey?”  I run my hand through her long hair “Oh sweet heart we are going to have a lovely dinner date aren’t we?”


    Hmmm. Cando was not interested. Maybe in another life.

    I look back to the lightning fast service here. The smiles and warmth are great.

    I can barely remember what my pussy cat devil is talking about: “Call me master” I put my hand on her head. I have no idea what she wanted me to confirm what she already knew.

    “Oh Char, would you mind if I just call you pussy cat?” I think the topic was names.

    I was going to throw the menus and take the specials, but “Mechelle love, I’ll have the beef” I whisper in pussy cats ear “You want to drink some milk don’t you honey?” I run my hand through her long hair “Oh sweet heart we are going to have a lovely dinner date aren’t we?”

    “Oh Michelle can I get an extra bowl thanks”



    Sir just smiles, both at Mechelle, who is serving us to a very high level indeed…no wonder he likes coming here and at me, seemingly amused by my question.

    Therefore his assertion that I call him Master is casual, like it’s exactly what I should be doing and to even suggest otherwise is a waste of energy. I blush at the notion, especially when he places his hand on my head.

    ”Of course Master, I should not have asked such a silly question.”

    My face gets redder as he tells me he is simply going to refer to me as pussy cat…an affectionate nickname maybe.

    “Yes Master, pussy cat is fine”

    I smile at Mechelle, wondering what she makes of the discussion and the names, but guess that she is far to professional to question anything and has probably seen everything here.

    Master orders his steak, but before I can speak begins to run his fingers through my hair, whispering in my ear that I want to drink some milk….before saying we are going to have a lovely dinner date.

    ”Of course Master, we will have a lovely evening, I know you have been working so hard at the hotel, so a night off will do you good….”

    I sip my wine.

    ”Errmmm and milk would be nice, I guess ???”

    My eyes widen when he requests a bowl…..what is that for??? I dread to think….


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    “Stroganoff looks lovely,” I can almost smell it.  I could eat a cow.

    I smile at pussy cat when she asks about her bowl “you’ll have all you need, after the meal we can have a dance honey”


    I smile to our new guest.

    “Hello Indi, I’m very happy to meet you. A long island iced tea, coming up. And I’ll be happy to join you, thank you.”

    I fix the drinks and place them on the bar. I sip mine while listening to his questions.

    “Yes, there is something special about this casino. Several things actually, but perhaps what your friend was referring to is our reputation for allowing our guests to be anything, and anyone they wish. We cater to fantasies and desires. We bend the line between what is real, what is apparent, and what is possible.”

    I smile and suppress a giggle at my evasive, yet accurate answer.

    “And, as you may have noticed, we feature an all feminine staff here at the Lacy Place. Panties for all I like to say.”

    “What are your desires Indi?”

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    “panties for all!  Amen to that haha.  And thanks for the drink… Delish”

    Panties for all? I like a guy in panties as much as the next girl.  Ok, maybe a little more than the next girl but still… This place is intriguing.

    But for someone trying to be observant I sucked.  The guy at the table who waved before.  I didn’t respond.  Did he think I was a waitress?  Looking down at my outfit… Balloon like tailored pants and a stretch lycra print tee… No I didn’t look like a waitress.  I didn’t know him and he was with another sexy girl so what gives?

    I do that thing where I sip my Long Island but watch him over the top of my glass.  I’m good at multi tasking but not good enough to drink and talk at the same time.  So I pause and ask Jacqueline…

    “That’s quite.. the description… Guess I can find out for real what this casino does but… Who is that guy over there?  Not staff I guess… Cos he’s male but… Hmmm”

    ((Sry for missing the acknowledgment earlier!))

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    Hmmm I lick my lips as Master orders his meal, stroganoff, just the mention of it sounds delicious….however, I have no idea if I will be getting a meal, perhaps just milk… a bowl. The idea makes me shiver, so humiliating….yet I have a feeling if he orders me to, then I will comply.

    I smile at his next words.

    ”Yes Master, a dance sounds lovely…though I am not that good”

    I giggle, i am very likely to tread on his toes and in these heels that could be dangerous.

    I look up and notice the cool girl looking out way, she doesn’t look like she works here…must be a guest.


    Explaining as I go that “Your beef stroganoff will be ready soon, Sir. It just takes a few minutes,” I place a bowl in front of Charlotte, on the table.

    “Will it be milk or anything else in the bowl, Sir?”

    This might seem unusual, but we are used to unusual requests here in the Steel Horse.



    I smile happily,

    “I’m happy you like the drink Indi. And girl to girl, I’ll be happy to explain the Lacy Place for you. It’s a very interesting place, based on a very interesting concept.”

    I follow her eyes to Sir as she inquires about him.

    “Sir is one of our VIP Lacy Place guests. He’s very involved with the ins and outs of this place, if you get my meaning. Giggle. He’s a dominate persona who is quite involved with the ladies of Lacy. And he’s always on the lookout for more submissive girls to interact with. I’ll be happy to introduce you if you like.”

    “Now, as for the hidden secrets of The Lacy Place, it’s simple, we transform males into pretty girls. And pretty staff members. Some willingly, to indulge their fantasies and desires, and others by unfairly deceiving them into indentured servitude. Hence the all feminine staff. Not all things here are as they seem at first look.”

    “This place holds a special niche here in Las Vegas. And in the world. Many of our guests, clients, and patrons enjoy what we offer. And many of the feminized males come to love it, and their new lives so much, they stay. We stay, I should say.”

    I wink, smile, and take another sip of my drink.

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    “Shhh Pussy cat”  I put index finger to Char’s lips.  “Mechelle, she is watching her figure, so milk is all she drinks”.

    I can’t help have the feeling that I am being talked about the funky chick.

    “Stay Pussy cat”  kind of stupid saying that to a cat.  Not a dog.  I stand up and walk over to the new one.  (cando)  Never met before.   I approach and stand in front of her.

    “Hi”  I stop.  silence just looking at her from different head angles.  Who does this look like?  Dam I know who it is but she looks different.  Courtney?  Mackenzie? Vero? surely not Petra. I sigh.

    “My name is Sir Rodney and you would be incredibly welcome at my table miss.”  I look over at Pussy cat.   Unless it is Tiffy with a new hair cut.

    I shrug my shoulders, shake my head and head to my seat, taking looks back as I return.


    Master puts his finger to my lips, telling me to be quiet….oh my god….I really should be shouting at him, telling him how humiliating and condescending this is….but I just nod and remain quiet, blushing as he informs Mechelle I am only to have milk as I am watching my figure…a figure which it seems is being altered by him with loads of hormones or something.


    I watch as he stands, telling me….well ordering me to stay, before he strolls confidently over to the girl taking to Jacqueline at the bar….I try to listen to the conversation but can’t really hear, wait for him to return.


    Raising my eyebrows a little, I get a carton of milk and pour it into the bowl in front of Charlotte.

    8 explain, “We do get the odd cat in here – real cats, I mean – such as Jacqueline” kitten, so we always have some milk and a bowl ready for them when they visit to play with my bird or whatever.

    Enjoy your milk, anyway”


    I blush as Mechelle pours the milk into the bowl, referring to me as a cat …what is going on??

    I push the bowl aside and stand …..such a dismissive and piss take attitude is more than I can be arsed to put up with.

    I shake my head and head for the door


    Like fuck.  I run after my girl “Darling”  grabbing her waist and picking her up in my arms.  I give her a cute expression.  “honey, what’s wrong? ”  I’d hate to have another failed student on my teaching credentials.

    I give her a kiss on the cheek.  “Dissension doesn’t suit you”

    Maybe she would like a spoon or a straw?  Is that it?  “Suck it up a little darling.”  I look at the rest of our reverllers and just am dissapointed that I didn’t see this coming.  I really thought I finally found my “pussy cat, why not just do your make up or look through a brochure of pretty clothes you’d like your master to buy for you tomorrow down the mall?  I am sure Jacqueline or Mechelle or anyone would love to take you shopping on my credit card.”



    Mechelle serves Charlotte as instructed by Sir but Charlotte seems to take offense and heads for the door. I shrug my shoulders and return my attention to Indi.

    “Things can get interesting around here. Exciting too. Giggle.”

    I sip my drink and wait for her reaction to what I’ve revealed.

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     Mistress Kitana 

    I bimbo skye twirl my blonde hair and wiggle my hips I bimbo skye pour myself a pink panther with whipped cream and cherries I chew on the stems of the cherries making a moving tiny carousel

    I bimbo skye eat my sandwich munching and crunching

    Yum yum this sweet giggle

    I, Mistress Kitana, am proudly owned by Goddess Sasha and together we proudly co-own my wife, fluffy mittens kitten.


    I wanted to find out any information on the casino I could and yeah I did ask Jacqueline.  Her first answer left me intrigued, wanting more.  The second time she answered I had to picked up off the floor!

    “Saaaaaay what???”

    I heard it right.  It was so…so easily and casually explained.  Guys caught up in the casino get pantied, femmed and put to work!  Wows… It was a beautiful ‘jaw meets floor’ moment.

    Jacqueline had also given the lowdown on the Guy who waved and the girl with him.  they looked like they had a bowl on the table and… a waitress was filling it with milk!  Wow…is she one of the femmed? And now the plaything of this guy, this Sir as Jacqueline told me, and playing as his kitty kat?

    A classic Jaw meet flo-   No.  not required, its still there from before.

    And now what?  The Sir is ONLY coming over? I quickly grab my drink and slide around fully on my barstool so I can face him directly.  Ok.  All is normal.  He’s looking at me, still looking.  Looking some more, and… finally he speaks.  Sir Rodney.

    “Nice to meet ya… I’m Indi.  yeah..I know I heard all the jokes.  My surname ISN’T Jones.  It’s Von Eikenboom.  Indi Von Eikenboom.  Quite a mouthful huh?   anyway, I never met a Sir before are you a knight?  And did you legit ask me to join you at the (roundish) table? I ..I no, yes… Sure I can join you if you’re not busy with … “  The cat.  I wanted to say his cat but … I’m still processing!  “I’ll be right over”

    Before I finish processing, the Sir is making his way back to the table as the kitty decides to bolt!  Only Sir is quick too and they talk it out…

    Jacqueline giggles and tells me things can get pretty interesting around here.

    My eyes go a wild delivering an emphatic “Mmmhhmmm.. and that is the mother of all Mmhhmm.. not just a little nodding one!  wows…”



    Von boom bomm has to wait.  holding the cat, and yes my free hand does the knight thing for her if she looks over.

    Not Stewart.  Not a pilot under the table.  “Charlotte if you don’t like milk it’s fine honey”  I look at my date.  She can go with nothing really.


    I giggle when Indi asks Sir if he is a knight. A shining armor type.

    I settle in and sip my drink. Smiling to my friend Skye when she helps herself to another cocktail.

     Mistress Kitana 

    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>I bimbo skye smile back to my friend Jacqueline as I have another drink slurp slurpsuck suck sip sip sip sip</p>


    I, Mistress Kitana, am proudly owned by Goddess Sasha and together we proudly co-own my wife, fluffy mittens kitten.

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