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    OOC: Sorry about the delay, but I get Hobnobs in the US from Kroger (International Section) and HEB in Texas, so they are here now 🙂


    OOC: Cool Kathy thanks.

    On the private post, I didn’t see anyway to designate who can see it. Thank you Mechelle for responding. Evelyn, I guess that explains that the private does work to block others from seeing a post but I don’t know how to allow a specific person to see it. Interesting. And welcome to the clubhouse.

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    “Do you get many British foods over here, Kathy? I don’t think you knew her, but I remember Krissie and I used to reminisce about black pudding.”

    OOC. I am jumping from OOC to In Character posts and back again, but you would be very welcome to enter the Clubhouse in character, Evelyn.<!–more–>

     Mistress Kitana 

    OCC yeah private keeps it private then you can’t read it it comes with the privacy


    I bimbo Skye lick my lips shake my breasts


    And twirl my hair and suck on a lollipop drooling a little bit

    I, Mistress Kitana, am proudly owned by Goddess Sasha and together we proudly co-own my wife, fluffy mittens kitten.


    OOC: You can get a lot now Michelle, a lot of grocery stores have small ‘International’ sections although I’m not sure how Cajun (Louisiana) food is classed as International, maybe it’s because it’s just ‘not Texas”?

    There are also some specialty stores selling British, European and Indian foods, but black-pudding and haggis I’ve not seen, I believe there are some import restrictions on them, but I seem to remember that Haggis could now be imported but I’m not sure. The closest here would be Boudin from Louisiana, and then there is Amazon 🙂

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    OOC Well, Texas was an independent republic in the past, so you could say everything else is foreign!

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    While I am waiting for Amy to pick out a song I decide to join in on the interesting conversation. “I have been known to dip my cookies in milk, and even coffee. I don’t really drink coffee though. But I heard that it can help you get used to the taste. Unfortunately, while trying to drink a regular 8 ounce cup I dipped so many cookies I gave myself a stomach ache. Tea on the other hand. I could never do that. It makes my tea taste like water, but that’s what happens when you mix sweet iced tea with sweets like cookies, candies, and cakes. Something about sugar mixes better when the tea is hot I suppose.”

    Not here for the sex, but for the friendships.

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    I listen to Kiaday explain her cookie dipping and then giggle when she mentions over doing it and ending up with a stomach ache. I’ve done something similar more than once.

    “Mechelle, do Brits dip crumpets into their tea? Or just nibble them along with the tea?”

    “I’ve never dipped anything into tea. I’ve never thought about it.”


    “I may not be the best person to ask, Jacqueline, as I don’t like tea, but I don’t think so. Crumpets are usually buttered and that doesn’t go with being dipped or dunked in hot drinks.”


    omg omg I waitress Donna understand why dipping cokkies in those drinks have negative aafect

    I, Mistress Andrea Tiffany, am proudly owned by Goddess Sasha.


    “Oh, good point Mechelle.”

    I smile happily.

    “Why is that Donna? What do you know?”


    “I am not sure what Donna knows, but, I have to say, despite all this conversation about dippong cookies, I never actually dip my biscuits in drinks.

    There, I have admitted it!”


    I bring out a sandwich tray 

    and put on knights in white satin and lead kaiday to the dance floor.


    OOC: the cause of my frequent illness was discovered.  I had my gallbladder removed.  I’m ok now.

    I am not looking for sex! so Don't ask!


    Amy plays one of my favorite songs and brings out a tray of yummy sandwiches.

    “Thank you Amy. These look delicious.” I say as I take one.

    OOC: I’m very happy to hear the problem was found and corrected Sis. I hope you recover quickly.


    I also take one of Amy’s sandwiches to nibble.


    Ooc Likewise. As Jacqueline said, it is good that it was found, and I hope you make a quick and full recovery.


    I smile as Amy and I head out to the floor for another dance.

    OOC: I’m glad you are okay. I remember when mine was removed it wasn’t very pleasant.

    Not here for the sex, but for the friendships.


    omg omg amy your sandwiches smell so delicious 


    OCC it’s good that your ok now

    Amy that’s great ..I hope you get recovery

    I, Mistress Andrea Tiffany, am proudly owned by Goddess Sasha.

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