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The Panty Raid everyone welcome

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    I bring out more night time lingerie for Michelle at her request. Frilly and silky.

    “You all look fantastic girls.”

    “I like all your choices girls. I enjoy something similar to number 8 for watching TV and lounging around my apartment. After a long day, I love to be comfortable.”

    “Now, another fun item, it’s summer, and the pool out back is a popular place for the girls to hang out and have fun with with each other. I know you’ll enjoy spending time there like I do. So you’ll need a selection of swim suits.”










    summer ?????\


    I guess 21 or 22 hides my true self better than something skimpy

    giggling and I just love those pink and lavender frilly girlie girl nighties you brought out for me


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     Tiffany Knightly 

    Swim wear? Hmm. I usually don’t swim to to often but I guess now is a good time to start. I go over and choose 5,6,17,18,20,21. If I’m choosing some clothing I might as well have variety. I try on number twenty after I remove my undergarments. I take a look in the Mirror after I assure everything is tucked perfectly. Wow it looks good. I remove the swimsuit and put on my lingerie even replacing my stockings and garters. “So, what is next on the agenda Ms.Jacqueline? Any more training?” I ask her.


    “I love swimming girls. As well as lounging in the sun. The pool is just out back. Inside the privacy fence. Someday I’ll show you around and introduce you to the girls there.”

    “You’ll look wonderful in any of these. I love your choices. I think you should take them all. They are free after all.”

    “Finally, let’s take a look at purses and make up kits girls. You’re going to need those when you go out and about.”


    purses and makeup cases???????
    how does one even carrier one about?????

    I never thought of having to do that

    they all seem so bulky and heavy


    I smile and nod to Michelle.

    “They can be heavy and a pain to carry around Michelle. The weight depends on how much you stuff into them. Number 12 is what I carry. Number 11 is also light and a smaller size.”


    yes Ma’am something light then I guess I need somewhere to carry my wallet and money these clothes do not seen to have pockets…. blushing


    I giggle.

    “You’re right Michelle. Most women’s clothing have no pockets or the pockets are just for show and not for carrying things. It’s one of the maddening things about being a girl. Boys can stuff most of what they need into pockets and not worry about lugging around purses or forgetting them somewhere.”


    yes that is not right

    I think us girls should have pockets

    and so far I am enjoying all this

    head bowed blushing

    wondering why I just said that

     Tiffany Knightly 

    Wow! She really thought of everything! I peruse the handbags and choose number 2. I then retake my seat.


    “Well girls, unless there is something else you would like to see, I think that completes the shopping trip.”

    “I’ve enjoyed myself, I hope all of you have too.”

    I start to laugh,

    “I just had a funny thought. Now when you wish to go on a panty raid, you can just look through each other’s dresser drawers.”



    very funny




    feeling a little silly that I went on this panty raid in the first place

    and you are right now I have enough panties for a raid


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