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    With the phone in one and taking the pink lotion with the other, the robe drops open, revealing my large breasts and the completely bare patch of my pubic mound. I immediately blush. Then in a haughty tone of superiority.


    “Oh….um….Is this all I need for these severe burns. Surely there must be something more you can do for me?


    Holding the pink bottle in my hand, as I pocket the phone in the robe from the employees swimming pool. I pull the robe closed and take a step back toward the door of the clinic. Then stop and turn back.


    “Oh….one more thing. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but I was taking a bath earlier and somehow I lost my pubic hair….. It’s quite embarrassing, being as smooth as a little girl down there……Is there anything that can be done to fix it?”




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    I look at your mound.  “Well your in style.  There is a lot of bald mounds around here.  I wouldn’t worry to much about it.  You must have used the wrong bottle.  Maybe you grabbed the Nare instead of what you intended.  I’m sure it will grow back sometime. ”

    With these small cases of sunburns or the head aches.  It kind of makes me feel like a cruise ship doctor.  I was supposed to be here for the major cases. Bigger breasts body sculpting.  I return to my desk.

    “If there is anything else? I will resume my work.”


    Thinks about the body soap that she used in the bath earlier.


    “Clearly Dr., you do not understand the seriousness of the situation. I have a very important client to meet with tomorrow and cannot have such a severe sunburn causing distractions while I am trying to concentrate on the business at hand. And this disaster down here…”

    Opens her robe to display her puffy lower lips and the bare pubic mound brightly outlined by her sunburn.

    “Will be causing me to constantly think about how bare it is. There has to be something you can do to help me concentrate on the things a woman like me should be concentrating on.”


    I stop and look at her.  when she responds the way she does.  Such the attitude. I wonder how she would react when she wakes up with a tiny erection?  This thought causes me to smile.  I am in the medical clinic after all. Well for me to do that I must obtain a D.N.A. sample.

    “Well there is something I may be able to do, but I must give you an examination. So if you would sit on the exam table I can get started.”


    Sighs as she climbs up onto the exam table taking her seat.

    “Finally, someone is actually taking this seriously. Its bad enough that women get so little respect in the business world. Having to fight every step all the way to a position of prominence. You would think another woman would at least take you seriously when your in a desperate situation.”



    I begin by gathering some instruments to begin the exam.  I make sure to get the D.N.A. sample needed to give her a tiny erection.  But it will also clear up her skin, so I guess that will be a plus, just that having a tiny erection may be a side effect, oh well.  As I continue the examination I ask her.

    “So what business are you in?’  I go over to the computer and program the necessary changes into it and soon a serum is made up. As I continue the small talk, pun intended.


    Sitting on the table casually, robe partially open. With my nerves slightly on edge as I calm myself down, now that things are going to be taken care of.

    “Oh yes, I am a lawyer from a highly competitive firm out of San Francisco. I’m up for a promotion, along with several other lawyers. Its kind of a competition to see who has the right sort of temperament and ability to get the job done. And if things go well, I could be up for a partnership in a few years. Some of the lawyers won’t make the cut and could end up losing there jobs at the firm.”

    Fidgets as I wait for the treatment.


    I look over and see the serum is done and is already in a syringe.  As I finish up my examination. She feels a little prick.

    “That should do it.  Your skin will be like this for the rest of the day. Don’t be surprised if you start to eat a lot today that is a sign the treatment is working, but by tomorrow it should be cleared up ,and you may even come out of this with a tan.”  I tell her, but the side effects I don’t mention to her is the tiny erection she will have in the morning, and her bigger bottom.  Then there is the increase in her bust.  But her skin will be very cleared up.

    “I’m sure if you don’t get your partnership, you will land another good job.”  I smile at her.




    Flinches when she gets the shot, but tries not to show it.


    “Thank you Dr.? I am looking forward to making sure that I don’t have to deal with my skin peeling while I am in conference tomorrow.  And believe me, I have worked far too hard to let this opportunity get past me. Its not everyday that a woman like me gets into a firm and has the chance to make partner within just a few years.”


    Grabs the robe and wraps herself up in it, then pads toward the door.


    “Just one more thing, will this do anything about the pubic hair problem or do I need to look for some other sort of remedy while I wait for it to grow back?”



    “Your pubic hair will just have to grow back on it’s own.  It won’t take to long.  But as some of the treatment that I have given you , you will eat a lot today so don’t be alarmed. If you have any questions or comments you can always comeback and check with me.”  I smile and the go about putting my things back in their proper places. I see your still here.

    “You may also feel a bit sleepy so I think you will need to go and rest, your body will do most of the healing so it will need the fuel and the energy to do so.  “

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