The Lacy Place

Latex, Frills & Thrills: Lydia & Jessica go Naughty Shopping! [OPEN]

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    I d not known Jessica that long but we were growing on each other.  She was easy to get along with & broad minded.  These were qualities I looked for in compatible human beings but she was a little Spice & Naughty FUN too!

    Having helped her Release her Anima, we had begun to confide in each other.  She had Shared her most Secret of Secrets & hopefully I would live up to not only be a warm guide but intime a dear friend true!

    For now, we were already Sissy Sisters! ~Grin

    “So here we are Sissy Jessica, the Lacy Red Light District!  I thought I d take you here because I am more then familiar with the lay of the land & whats on offer!” ~Smile

    “I don t mean to Shock you but we have everything from Peep-Shows to Glory Holes, Sex Shops & dedicated Costume Shops, Cafes & Bars, Hookers & Punters & Dominatrix!”

    “Oh & two wayward Sissies! That’s you & me!” ~Smirk

    I stop a Man who was passing by & run my finger softly across his cheek.  I had ignited his interest so turn to position my derriere at his crotch.  Reaching back to clasp his shoulder, I slither down his body whilst we both faced forward & then back up only to let out a gentle satisfied. ~Sigh

    “Hiya Mr, isn t it wonderful to be here & SO unfettered & free?” ~Giggle


    [OOC] Hiya Lacy Gurls!  Characters are welcome to Drop In & out of this Story!  We Welcome your Interaction!  Please note, this is a Story with Sexual Content however.  Please also observe we have our own Trajectory.  I m taking Jessica out Shopping, to see some sights then back home.  Should we Hit it off when we meet, maybe you can come back home with us too! ~Wink [/OOC]


     Sissy Jessica 

    Lydia had initially invited me over to view her toys, and after spending a wonderful few hours playing, she decided it was time to take me shopping. We had left her place and walked our way over to the Lacy Place Red Light District.

    I am wearing a pink latex bodysuit, gifted to me by Lydia and her Mistress. The zipper allowing me to remove the garment is locked. The other zippers around my groin are not. I am also wearing pink PVC ballet boots, gifted to me by Lydia. They are also locked on me.

    When we arrive, Lydia lays out all that this place has to offer. “Oh wow, this place really does have everything doesn’t it?” I smile, highly interested in the costume and sex shops. I’m still much to shy to approach anyone, still getting used my new life. Lydia is much more open, and approaches a man, rubbing her tush against him. I blush as I watch her work her magic on him. I look around at all the people passing by us, going unnoticed for the most part. I turn to Lydia as she finishes flirting with the nearby male, and ask: “So where shall we shop first? I’d like to dress up first, and then maybe check out the toy store to start building my collection, hehe. What do you think?”

    [OOC] It’s nice to meet everyone. I’m Jessica, and it’s nice to potentially meet everyone! I look forward to our future play sessions! [/OOC]

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    “Sure, that sounds like a good plan!” ~Grin

    I turn to face the accosted gentleman & gently caress his growing bulge.  Slipping a hand into my top I retrieve a Card for my Cam Service & hand it to him before I blow him a parting kiss…

    “I know a neat store just near here, its not massive but does have a pretty extensive selection!  Lets go!”

    Reaching for my Sisters hand I guide it to be back on my butt cheek.  I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible roaming my Sissy Tush! ~Giggle  Re-entwine my arm with hers & sashay/mince down the street…

    “Here we are, Pussys Boutique & like the sign says Sissies welcome!” ~Smirk

    This time open the door for her to enter first…

    “So, lets go straight to the Frills & Lace section, because we re going to get you kitted out like a proper Sissy! Mistress would like that! Oooh, a nice pink dress or bodice with petticoat & garter or maybe those cute little ruffled ankle socks.!  Hey, we can get matching Nighties too, well assuming you want to spend the occasional night sharing you bed with me?” ~Pout

    “Now, let me try & find that key, hhmm…now what did I do with it?” ~Frown

     Sissy Jessica 

    Lydia returns to me, and seems to like the plan I presented. She is the sweetest, as she tries to make me more comfortable being out in public. She guides my hand back to her butt. I slide my hand under the dress and petticoat to touch her soft skin. My hand works it way inward, so my fingers are resting on her crack. She interlocks her arm with mine, and we mince to the shop she had in mind. As we walk, my fingers reach in and play with her plug, wanting to tease her a bit, and work her up until we get home.

    We soon arrive at the place she mentioned, ‘Pussy’s Boutique.’ Lydia opens the door for me this time, and my hand leaves her as I walk inside. She’s right, it isn’t huge, but there are racks everywhere filled with all sorts of items. The sections of the store are categorized left to right: Frills & Lace, ABDL, Latex, Costumes, and BDSM. The both walls of the store is dedicated to footwear of all kinds. I giggle: “Oh wow, you weren’t kidding, they have everything don’t they?”

    Lydia wants to go to the Frills & Lace section first to find me cute sissy attire to wear for our mistress. She starts listing things I should have. I nod in agreement. “Ooh, matching frilly nighties sound wonderful! And of course you’re always invited to share my bed. Do you think I could get a cute ABDL romper too?” We start making our way over to the section, and I look at all the cute frilly dresses. I start browsing the selection as Lydia digs through her purse trying to find the keys. “Ooh, I’d love to have lacy ankle socks, they’d go so well with some Mary Janes, don’t you think so? I’d love to get some nice white lacy stockings too, to go with a similar shoe like you’re wearing. I love the way the satin bows look. So adorable.” I continue to gush about the selection here, looking through the dresses in my size.



    It seemed I had brought Jessica to a Long overdue Sweet Sissy Haven & she poured out her enthuse…

    “Yeah, I love my strappy/bow shoes too, that’s why I bought them!” ~Giggle

    “Like a lot of Gurls, my legs are a Stairway to Heaven & Damn, if you keep prodding my Jewel, I might just have to make you Fuck me there!” ~Smirk

    I quietly considered the prospect before rejoining the current train of thought…

    “OK, so why don t you pick out a suitable Sissy Dress!  You keep saying you want to be Sissy Sisters so lets see!  Now I was always taught you build from the foundation up, so I was thinking this basic ensemble might put you in good stead!”

    “Sheer full cut Panties, though they let the observer see how excited you are!  A Defined & narrow cut Garter to Frame your Cock & balls & all complimentary & Pink!  MMmmm, deliciously delicate & pink!” ~Wink

    “You know, they have a wonderfully large Changing room in the back, so fill your boots!  I want my own PVT modelling Show Babes!”

    “As for the Romper, choose wisely, Nanny Dinkums wants an Enviable Sissy Baby so pick something that expresses your innate Sissyness!”



     Sissy Jessica 

    I giggle and give Lydia a playful slap on her bum and wink, “Oh, you’re so naughty. Don’t get us kicked out of here. Of course I’ll pay special attention to it when we get home.”

    I grab a bag from the front, and pull a couple cute dresses off the rack. I walk over to the selection of garters and panties and take Lydia’s advice into consideration. I grab a few different cuts and styles to try on. I grab two pairs of stockings to try as well. I grab some cute ankle socks too. I go by the shoes and grab a couple different cute pairs. Maybe I’ll get to try them on if Lydia lets me out of the boots, hehe. I also see some cute satin gloves, and grab a pair.

    I try to hide my selections from Lydia to surprise her for the private show in the back. I return to her, my bag full of items. “Ready for your private show, hun?” I offer her my arm, and lead her to the back. “So, um, are you going to let me out of this latex suit and these boots? Or do you want me to model these clothes over it?” I give her wink and a grin. I’m so excited to try this stuff on, and show it off to Lydia.


    I casually Strut & gather a range of items, predominantly for Jessica but an item or two for my own sissy self too.  Lead us into the back changing room…

    The décor was obviously aimed at its chosen clientele, though it was comfortable too.  A large mirror covers the length of one entire wall & after depositing my gathered items on a chaise lounge I retreat to the reflective partition.

    Reaching back, I hoist the rear of my skirt up & press my toned, firm buttocks against the cool glass.  Reach infront between my legs & push down on my miserable caged clittie!  Now I knew the Truth, the other side of this divide was paying Peep Show folk & they always loved to spend their change watching Sissies get changed!  I d tell Jessica in the fullness of time but when we got Discount on our Shopping purchase maybe she would be more agreeable to the whole idea? ~Giggle

    “OK, Honey, please come over here & I ll unlock those cute little padlocks!  You re just about to become a Free Range Chick, Chick!” ~Smirk

    “So what are we going to Start with?  Personally I think I d like to see you in some exceptionally pretty Panties! Or maybe your excitable Cock just peeping over the waistband!” ~Grin 

     Sissy Jessica 

    Lydia leads me to the back of the store to the changing room. She deposits her items on the couch, and I watch as she presses her ass up against the large mirror. I wonder why she is doing that; was it to put on a show for me. Fuck, she’s so sexy.

    I set my bag down next to hers, and approach her. I drape my hands over her shoulders. I lean into her, and plant a kiss on her mouth. I smile, and let my forehead rest on hers: “Thank you so much for bringing me shopping. I can’t wait to show you what I want to buy.” I let her go to grab the keys to the padlocks. Once she unlocks all of them, I unzip and slide off my boots. I then have Lydia help me unzip the back of my latex catsuit. I slowly peel out of it. The space around us filling with the aroma of my musk and rubber. Once the suit is off, I stand naked before Lydia. My sissy clit hanging before, and my D-cup breasts remain perky.

    She asks me what I am going to start with. “I think some panties to start with hun. But close your eyes first, I want this to be a surprise, hehe.” Once, I see her eyes are closed, I grab a pink sheer, full cut panty. I side it up, the silky softness makes my cock hard. The head peaks up over the waistband. “Okay hun, open your eyes. What do you think?” I do a slow spin for her, adjusting the panties as needed. As I turn my back on her in the spin, she can see the white silky ruffles adorned to my butt.


    She advances, first offering a token of tenderness then gratitude for our expedition.  Well, just what was an OLDER Sissy Sister supposed to do I muse to myself, particularly when the Welfare of her junior was concerned? LOL Simply ~Shrug my Shoulders, not all needed to be said! 

    “Ok, honey, I ll keep my eyes Shut tight!  You just let me know when I can have a Sneaky Peak!” ~Giggle

    All seemed Silent to my Perception, though I sensed there was still movement.  A growing Arousal perhaps & a promised revelation.  

    “Oh WOW, my Lord Honey just look at you!  Loving the Full Cut, the Fabrics uber Sissy & those Ruffles… OMG those Ruffles on your Tush, just make me want to Spank your Arse!” ~Smirk

    “Please tell me there s a Matching Bra to go with that, because I want to see the Full Ensemble!  Frilly Sissy Butt, Frilly Full Double D Tits, your Hard Clittie erect & I KNOW… I ve got a game for us to Play!” ~Grin 



     Sissy Jessica 

    With excitement I return to my bag and dig out the matching bra. I quickly put it on. The fabric is a sheer pink with white ruffles. The silky material is electrifying against my sensitive breasts. The white, frilly ruffles cover up my pink, perky nipples. I do another twirl for Lydia on my tip toes, showing off my new underwear. I giggle, and bend over in a flirty pose for her, showing off my ass. “Still spankable hun?” I tease as I wriggle it for her.

    My clittie is hard with all this excitement and has to be tucked in the waist band. I then quickly return to my bag and grab a pair of white stockings with large pink satin bows along the top. I slide my legs into them, and the soft material covers them. I am in ecstasy as I feel like I being enveloped in a soft, silky hug. “So what game did you have in mind sweetie? You know I love games, hehe.” I bend over and run my hands along my legs, further teasing Lydia with my body. I watch myself in the full length mirror as I do so, making me even more turned on.


    She ignites my passion, affording me a generous view of her newly acquired Assets! ~Smirk

    “Oh Yeah, Severely Spankable!  Naughty Sissie s get Spanked that’s the Rule!” ~Giggle

    “I m only Sorry your first Spanking isn t from Mistress but only lowly me, yet we can turn your Tush a lovely shade of red!” ~Grin

    I twist & Twirl & Turn my hair around a finger, looking the Façade of innocence.  Then I totter to be behind her whilst she was still gripping her ankles & lifting the front of my skirt dry hump that Fuckable Arse!

    “I Know you don t like Guys but Mistress is SO going to want to Tap that Inviting Sissy Arse of yours with her Strap-on!  Think about it, it ll be the same Strap-on she fucks me with!  In a round about way, we ll ALL be together!”

    “Right  I ll be back in a Jiffy, why don t you get yourself Nice & Hard for our Fun Game?”

    I go & have a quick word with my Friend who was the Store Clerk & she promptly offers me the device I need.  Re-entering I mount it on the wall…



    “Suck on THAT Sissy Bitch! Show us what a Cum-Slut you Actually are!”

     Sissy Jessica 

    I bite my lower lip when Lydia tells me naughty sissies get spanked, and feel some precum form on my tip. I Lydia further: “You know I’m a naughty sissy, hehe.”

    I frown a little, when Lydia says that I have settling for lowly her, instead of Mistress for my first spanking. “Oh, don’t sell yourself short hun, you’re still higher ranking among our Mistress’s sissies. I’m excited to see what you can do, hehe.”

    When Lydia comes behind me and dry humps my ass, I moan a little. I feel her plastic coated clittie press against my ass. After she tells me that Mistress would want to fuck me with her rubber toy, I respond: “You know I’ve been giving it some thought as of late. If Mistress would let you out of your cage, I’d like for you fuck me, hehe.”

    When Lydia leaves for the front of the store, go back and dig into my bag, finding a pair of pink Mary Janes with a plastic bow on the toe. I slide my feet into them, and buckle them on. I wait for her return as I rub my clittie through the sheer panty. I watch myself do it, and get even more turned on.

    My eyes widen as I see what she brings back with her. I eagerly approach the mounted cock. I slide the tip between my glossy pink lips. I take it in my mouth, and I back out when it approaches my gag reflex. I lick the shaft of the cock, and then start stroking it with my hand. I continue to blow the cock, putting on a show for Lydia until my jaw starts to ache. I finally pull back, audibly sucking on it as I do.

    “How was that? Or do you think you can show me how to be better?” I wink at Lydia. I wonder what the game was though, hehe.



    I gently rub my encased Sissy Stick along the Valley of her Arse…

    “Oh you Would, Would you?” ~Giggle

    “So, do you want to be my Bitch-Boi Boi-Toy?” ~Grin

    I Spank her Tush… & then again!

    “So, the games quite a simple one!  Basically who Comes First!  You ll be Sucking the wall mounted Cock, because every good Sissy needs to learn.  I ll be Bouncing up & down on the Fuck Chair, Stroking Your Cock but don t underestimate your Toy, its Smart!  You know, like we have Smart TVs these days, its programmed to Cum when its Sucked just right!”

    “I hope you re a Fan oif Baileys, because it has a Reservoir which you can put anything in!  I thought if you got more drunk whilst learning, you might be more inclined to Suck more!” ~Smirk

    I remove my skirt, apply a little lube & sink down on the Pink Fuck Stick!   OOOOOhhh!

    “Oh My Lord, that’s SO Cunting Good!” ~Blush


     Sissy Jessica 

    While I’m still bent over, Lydia asks me if I want to be her bitch-boi boi-toy. I bite my lower lip, blushing and reply with a lusty: “Oh babe, nothing would make me happier, hehe.” She spanks me, and I give a little squeal. I return to standing right after.

    After returning with the toy and sticking it to the wall, Lydia explains the game to me, and I have a couple questions before we begin. With a slightly devious grin: “Is the winner the one who comes first? What does the winner get, and what happens to the loser?”

    Lydia also tells me that the cock that I will be sucking is filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream. I excitedly proclaim: “I love Bailey’s! I hope I do a good job to get my treat, hehe.”

    I watch as Lydia sinks onto the pink fuck chair. I then get into position. I face the smart rubber toy, and bend over slightly to rest the tip on my pink glossy lips. I spread my legs slightly apart so that Lydia has easy access to my cunt and sissy clittie.

    I begin the game by sliding the tip into my mouth. I use the flat of my tongue to rub the shaft as I suck the wall mounted toy. I slowly start bobbing my head trying to take more of the toy in my mouth. I use my hands to stroke the parts of the cock that aren’t in my mouth. I gently twist my head as I pull out, with my hand following. I go back in for more, trying to get the cock to spurt it delicious treat for me. I moan with pleasure as Lydia plays with me.


    She quizzes the rules but soon gets down to some devoted Faux Cock Worship!  The way she Splayed her legs & was Sucking on that Toy affirmed my view she would make a Glorious Sissy.  I turn & Cock a Cheeky ~Wink at the mirror & the assembled Voyeurs that were gathered behind…

    I begin to rise & lower myself over that Hard Stiffy & gather my caged bits only to let them dangle hopelessly once again. 

    “Well, hows about this: The Winner is the First to make the other Sissy Come, so if I make you Come First, I m the Winner!  If you make your Plastic Friend on the Wall come First, then you Win & if I Come, well that’s just a bonus & I ll have to buy this chair!” ~Giggle

    Determined not to be outdone, I slowly begin to tempt & tease her clittie.  Caress her balls softly then begin to work on her shaft.  Pull back her canopy & slowly begin to milk her.  Reach to her jewelled plug & remove it…

    “MMMmm, look at your Puckered little Sissy Cunt!  Its so puckered & oh, did it just Wink at me!” ~Smirk  “That’s going to see a lot of Action from now on!  You re going to learn to Spread your Legs for Mistress & ALL her guests!  I d feel like I was Remiss, a dereliction in Duty if I didn t encourage you to become an Anal Queen!”

    Slide First one finger, followed shortly by another.  Swirl around before beginning a short shallow fucking motion.

    “Does that feel good Jess?  Can you imagine my Cocklette in there?  Hhhmm?  Can you imagine my little titties pancaking on your back as I thrust deep inside your Boi-Pussy!  We ll have to train you, soon you ll make Cummies just by being Fucked!” ~Giggle

    Already, my time on the chair had stirred me to hardness.  My miserable locked member ached in its confinement…

     Sissy Jessica 

    Lydia explains the how the winner is decided, and I moan with the cock in my mouth to signal I understand what is at stake. I taste the Bailey’s as it leaks out on the cock, but no such spurting yet. I feel Lydia caress my clittie and jewels which makes my knees wobble a little. I try to focus on the cock, but Lydia’s expert hands know where to touch, and with the perfect amount of pressure.

    I groan into the toy when she removes my jeweled plug. My mind is racing, I can’t believe I’m actually doing all this. I continue to suck on the cock, but only little bits of cream is coming out. Lydia starts to fuck my sissy cunt with her fingers. I continue moan and groan into faux cock, as she works me from both sides. She asks if I like it. I effing love this. I can only muster a ‘mhm’ into the toy. I slow down my work as the pleasure overwhelms me. I pant as I work. I feel I am approaching the edge… Oh god, I’m going to lose this race.

    I continue to suck and work the cock, albeit much slower now. The pressure inside is building to release. I cry out, my mouth filled with the cock as I go over the edge. My body bucks as I cum. Spurts of my cream shoots out of me, splashing against the wall. A second later, the toy cock shoots its prize into my mouth. I drink up all the Bailey’s I can. It’s more than I expected, and it starts dribbling down my mouth. Droplets run down my chin, and splash on the floor.

    I give one final suck and drink up my dessert. I pull the cock out, as Lydia’s hands leave my body. I turn around, my chin covered with the drink. “*pant pant* I think you won. It looks like I have a lot to learn from you, hehe.” I beckon you with my finger to rise so I can give you a prize. I am giving an impish smile. When you rise, I plant another kiss on your gorgeous lips, and slide my tongue into your mouth so you can taste the Bailey’s. “So what did you win sis?”


    I continue to watch with some satisfaction as Jessie gets more then a little acquainted with that wall mounted Cock!  It seemed she was an adept learner & able to lose herself in the moment which she does.  She moans loudly, even with that cock crammed in her mouth & spurts all over her inner thighs & floor.  I thrust a few last times with my fingers until the last of her has come to pass…

    “Just a moment babes, just a few short moments, I m almost there myself!” ~Blush

    I cup & caress my little bitch-tits as I drive my Sissy Fuck-Hole back onto that inflated Cock…


    I came & came hard!  My little Clittie fought desperately in its cage as it ejaculated in a three foot arc across the floor…

    “MMMmm, sorry honey, I really needed that!” ~Giggle

    I rise as instructed & whilst I swirl my tongue with hers, tasting her & the Baileys, I gently rub our sloppy coated cocklettes together…

    “Oh, we re so dirty right now!  What a Sissy mess we have made!” ~Smirk

    I sink to my knee s & begin licking her shaft & balls clean…

    “You Know, Mistress, she will train you to Come just by Penetration!  That’s right, no touching only being fucked!  I can do it, it only took me three weeks to learn but it will come in your own good time!” ~Grin  Getting the Cum quite literally Fucked right out of you was the best way!

    “OK, so back to Shopping, whats next on the Agenda?  So, we still need matching Nighties so we can Cuddle at night, you still need a Knicker Drawers worth of underwear, a Nice Ceremonial Sissy Dress & oh, you said you wanted to buy a Romper!” ~Pout


     Sissy Jessica 

    I moan, and show Lydia my appreciation for the fun game as we kiss passionately and grind against each other. Despite cumming, my clitty remains hard as it rubs against her cage. Lydia gently breaks the kiss, and kneels down to clean me up. I gently grasp her head, and lean into it. I close my eyes, and moan as she licks me all over. She looks up at me as she tells me that her Mistress will train me to cum by penetration like her. When she is satisfied with the results of my cleaning she rises as I help her back to her feet.

    With an impish grin I say: “You did such a good job cleaning me, I feel I should return the favor.” I kneel down, my hands running down her stomach and legs. I start licking her caged cocklette and balls lapping up our sissy cream. I want her to be as clean as she made me. I’m such a slut for her. I suck and lick all over her undercarriage, hoping to make her moan more. I reach up and play with her tits as I do. Once satisfied, I rise back up, and lick my lips seductively: “There all nice and clean, sissy.”

    She brings up what shopping we have left. “Yes, we need to pick out matching nighties or lingerie. I did grab a sissy dress for initiation, let me put it on in a second. I will need more panties for my knicker drawer. I only grabbed this pair of sheer panties to start. Once we knock those out, I’ll look for a romper in the ABDL aisle.”

    I return to my bag and pull out the sissy dress and petticoat. I slide on the petticoat, and tie it up. I then slide on the dress and model it for Lydia.

    Mary-Anne Baby DressMary-Anne Baby Dress

    “So do you like it? Do you think Mistress will approve? Let’s go look for those nighties and panties!”


    She returns the favour, licking & slurping on my Cum Covered Useless caged Clittie!  I Wriggle & Shiver & Moan softly!   HHHUUURRR!!!

    “Oh Babes, Thankyou for that!  I d SO Love it if you Ate out my Sissy Cunt one day!” ~Blush  I look down after having confessed that… Afterall, she hadn t sought my satisfaction in nearly anything!

    “Yes, lets go look at Nighties!  I think I might have seen a suitable pair, just look!”

    I lead her [as always] to a pair of matching nighties…

    “What do you think? Think we can Cuddle & Snuggle & Fuck on that?” ~Grin

    “I Love your Chosen Dress BTW, you look Sissy Fucking Gorgeous!  Yeah, I know Mistress would approve because the more Pansier we look, the wetter she gets!” ~Smirk

    “Do you think I look like  Panty-Waist?” ~Pout

     Sissy Jessica 

    I lick my lips clean as she confesses what she’d love for me to do to her. I blush too when I confess: “To be honest, I’d love to pleasure you by eating out your sissy cunt. I’d love it if you sat on my face while I did it.” 

    Lydia leads me to the nighties, and pulls out a matching pair. She asks for my assessment. I smile with a large grin, “I think these are perfect for a night of Cuddling, Snuggling, and Fucking.” I run my hands over the fabric. I lean into Lydia and kiss her gently. My hand reaches under her dress and cups her restrained balls. I gently massage them, and whisper in her ear. “How about I show my gratitude for everything you have done for me tonight when we get home? We can try on our new bedwear and play some more. Of course afterwards, I’ll just hold you tight to me.” I retreat back a little and giggle.

    Lydia compliments me on my dress selection. I reply with a little giggle: “Thanks hun. I picked it out knowing it would please Mistress, but I also hoped it would please you too.” I look down, and blush. I sought Lydia’s approval. She has become the person I have grown closest to in the short time we’ve known each other, and I was hoping to get closer.

    Lydia drops the nighties to her side and asks me if I think she looks like a panty-waist. My expression softens, and I smile warmly: “Of course you do hun! You’re very cute. I love everything about you. The way you look, the way you look after me, your wild spirit, and how much fun you are.” I hold Lydia’s hip in my right hand, and my left hand plays with a strand of her hair. My left hand moves down to her face, and I caress her cheek. “Let me pick out a few pairs of panties and get that romper. Then we’ll check out.”

    I go over to the nearby shelves to grab a few different pairs of panties. I grab different shades of pink satin with various ruffles and bows and lace on them. I grab a couple pairs of plain red satin panties too. I put them all in my bag, and then walk over to the adult baby section of the store. I look through the selection and find a cute pink PVC romper that comes with mittens, booties, and a bonnet.

    PVC Adult Baby Romper

    I bring it back over to Lydia. “What do you think? Should I get it?” I bat my eyelashes at her, and give her an impish smile.


    I can t but help ~Squeal as she concedes to my request.  She cups my caged balls & whispers softly as I whimper back soft nothings…

    “MMMmm.. HHHuuurrr… Oh…  well babes, I m going to smother you with my Sissy Box! Get me Nice & Slippery & Wet & maybe we l see if you can get a fist in?” ~Smirk

    She confirms my status & goes to choose more Knickers & her chosen Romper, before asking for my opinion.

    “Well, it seems like a full set but won t you need some Diapers aswell?  It s kind of unchartered territory for me but I imagine there s a lot of extra room under that romper!  You ll need a full padded Nappy to fill it out surely?” ~Pout

    I pick outa Pink Corset in my size with ruffled trim & a Pack of multi-buy assorted thongs, whilst i wait for her to finish selecting her Femme Articles.  Proceed to check-out & the Gurl Clerk packs our items into bags.  I simply ~Wink & lean over to kiss the clerk firmly on the cheek & she bids us a good day!  I wonder if Jessie would wonder why we didn`t even have to pay???


    [OOC]  OK, so can t seem to get Linkage to work like I used to.  Lets do it the Old School way:  Miss Kathys Group> Sissy Jessica & Lydia Spend the Night together[/url]



     Sissy Jessica 

    I had never tried fisting before. If it was something that Lydia wanted from me, I would try to appease her desires. Besides, she’s the one who has brought me out to buy clothes tonight. She has done so much for me in such a short period of time, it is time I repaid the favor.

    I get Lydia’s opinion about the romper. She asks if I need diapers too. I am a little shocked she even brings it up. I grin with a reply: “I didn’t even think you’d bring up diapers. I think I will get a pack or two.” On the shelves above the rompers are packs of disposable diapers lined up. I reach up and grab two packs of pink princess diapers and set them in my bag.

    Image result for rearz princess pink

    I go back to the changing area to grab my belongings and pack them in my bag. I check for everything, and am happy with my new wardrobe. I return to Lydia at the front of the store. We go to check out, and Lydia only kisses the clerk on the cheek and walks out the door with the clerk wishing us to have a good day. I follow her out wondering what just happened. We head back to my new home with bags of exciting new outfits, and I wonder what the rest of the night holds for us.

    [OOC] My last post here (for now). I will see you over at the other thread! [/OOC]


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