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Hunting a Bunny Girl (Invite Only)

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    I entered the Men’s Club for a drink and to pick out my latest victim of feminization to torment, but surprisingly I find myself eyeing what I suspect to be a real woman for once…


    It’s rare that a woman outside my domain catches my attention.  But this blonde bunny girl that served me drinks tonight had a certain… bounce to her that I found appetizing.  I eye her hungrily from over my shoulder as she sways away from my table.  And with that last shake of her delicious meaty ass, I’ve decided on my mark for the evening.


    So after paying for my tip and pretending to leave the establishment, I slipped into the shadows.  Keeping my dark eyes on the beautiful blond.


    Following her…  Sliding through the crowd like fog in the woods.  I keep close enough to the girl to allow myself the opportunity to strike if such an opportunity reveals itself.


    “I’ve had my drink for the evening… but now I want the main course… I’m thinking rabbit tonight…”

     Nikki Wade 

    Bunny Nikki went from table to table entertaining and serving her guests. Most of the time her guests were male, and the little blonde bunny flirted shamelessly with them. The tips were great which was good because she was a working girl with bills to pay. Her apartment at the Lacy Place Apartments was very expensive.

    What was unusual was there was a woman with red hair that caught Nikki’s eye as she left. This was unusual because women didn’t usually come here unless they were arm candy for one of the men. She had sort of an aloof Gothic look and dressed in an almost steam punk fashion, but carried a sense of aristocracy.

    After a long fun and profitable shift she donned her coat and headed home. Unfortunately as a working girl she had to walk. The streets of Lacy were safe, and crime was almost unheard of so she felt really safe walking home in the dark..

    Clickety clack clickety clack her heels echoed through the streets. Going was very slow for a girl in heels especially as Nikki tended to mince everywhere she went. She felt like someone was watching her but people always watched her. She was poetry in motion.

    Bunny Nikki

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    For a moment, I start to wonder if this candy girl was indeed a sissy, considering she has yet to change out of her heels into something more comfortable.  But no, her presence radiates an aura that can only mean female…  Sissies whimper.  Women saunter.


    The blond finally leaves the club, heading in the direction of the apartments.  I disappear into the street crowd like a gemstone sinking into a river.  For a moment I glance up at the Lacy Place Hotel.  Counting the floors until my eyes reach the eighth…  A moment drifts by with me moving through the night crowd and gazing up into one window.


    But then my cravings take hold of me again, and I tear my eyes away from the building and back to the arse of my prey.  Step by step she moves closer to the apartments.  But she will never make it back tonight.  Mistress Morana doesn’t go on a hunt without being prepared.  Without taking the time to scan the habitat of her prey.  And I’ve found the perfect hole in the wall to trap my bunny.


    I start to quicken my pace  to close the distance between me and my leggy blond.  Now, I begin to see the shop I picked out earlier.  We are quickly moving closer to the front doors.  Earlier today, I picked it as the perfect arena for tonight’s entertainment.  So I disabled the cameras and alarms.  Made sure the owner wouldn’t make any unwanted visits tonight…


    And lastly I made sure to unlock the front door, which my bunny is just now passing in front of.  With my final step I’m directly behind.


    “Excuse me, Love.  But I think you dropped this…”  I say, holding up my hand, keeping it closed so as to hide what I’m holding.

     Nikki Wade 
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    • “Excuse me, Love.  But I think you dropped this…”


    Nikki was startled at first as this tall elegant woman spoke to her.

    The woman held up her hand  but Nikki checked her purse and found that it was closed.

    Did she lose one of her earrings? Nikki wondered..

    “Um thanks, My name is Nikki and I work at the club down the street. What’s yours”? Nikki asked.






    My hand remains closed as I raise it to the girl’s gaze.


    “My name is Lily…”


    Like the wings of a raven I swiftly and silently take to action.  And like the violent strike of a serpent I am on my prey before she can blink.  My hand takes her wrist.  My hand takes her waist.  Her feet leave the ground.  There is spinning.  There is darkness, and a cold breeze.  The world spins around us like the contents of a boiling cauldron.  The sound of an old wooden door cracking open and slamming shut.


    And then there is falling.  My bunny girl landing on her juicy arse in the quiet stillness inside the abandoned store.  The windows covered and the door now locked.  I stand in shimmering black stiletto boots.  My hands on my hips as I gaze down on this gorgeous piece of meat.


    “…But you can call me Mistress Morana.”

     Nikki Wade 

    “My name is Lily…


    Believe it or not this kind of thing happens to Nikki a lot. So after landing on her ass her fluffy tail broke the fall. She picked herself off the floor  she took off her jacket and shaking her head of cobwebs and patting her hair in place..

    but you can call me Mistress Morana”.

    “What are your intentions, Mistress Morana”?, Nikki asked.

    The tiny blonde knew she had been captured, literally picked off the streets. It was actually kinda flattering. Nikki looked over at Mistress Morana. She was absolutely the most magnificent woman Nikki had ever seen. The blonde felt an instant attraction to her..

    Bunny Nikki

    Bunny Nikki




    If there was any doubt that Nikki was a real woman before, it has been completely confirmed now.  As the girl dusts herself off and fixes her hair, she exudes the aroma of dignity that no sissy can muster.


    I step around the cute bunny as I speak.


    “You know my intentions, Love.  A mincing pet like you can’t just stroll across the path of a Goddess and not expect to be her next meal…”


    As I step from behind the girl, I blow my breath across the back of her neck.  Then I step in front of her.  Almost close enough for our bodies to touch.  I look down at my tiny pet.  Deep into her eyes.  A moment between us with only the muffled murmur of the universe so far away.


    I close my eyes and inhale the scent of her.  Her skin.  Her perfume.  Her hair.  The subtle remaining cigar smoke from the pompous men at the club.  When I open my eyes again, I place my hands on Nikki’s hips.  No force in the world could break my grip on this bunny, but the softness in my grasp wouldn’t suggest such a thing.


    “You want to be mine tonight.”

     Nikki Wade 

    “You know my intentions, Love. A mincing pet like you can’t just scroll across the path of a Goddess and not expect to be her next meal”.

    She is very fast and exceptionally strong much stronger than a woman would be. Nikki looked up at Mistress Morana and asked, “You’re not entirely human are you, Mistress”?

    She had a definite predatory look about her, but she was inhumanely beautiful.

    Nikki was pretty for a human girl, some might sat sexy even. Mistress Morana was on an entirely different plane of beauty.

    “You want to be mine tonight”.  She stated.

    “I want to be yours forever!” Nikki said meekly.

    Nikki reached up and embraced her, gently and tenderly. She wasn’t strong enough to break any hold this magnificent creature had on her even if she wanted too.

    Bunny Nikki




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    For a moment I softly deny her lips.  Letting her know she doesn’t get what she wants until I allow it.  Then I stare deep into her eyes.  Our lips meet.  My firm grip on her hips lifts her up and closer to me.  Out bodies so close.  Warmth and chill together.


    One of my hands slides back to her ass.  My fingers sliding beneath her bunny uniform to squeeze her cheeks.  My fingers gripping her toned meat.  Tenderizing that beautiful ass.


    “The only choice I give you tonight, is to choose if this will be a nightmare of dream by tomorrow.  Be mine and you will not regret it.”


    “You’re doing great so far, pet.  Prove to me that you want to be mine.”

     Nikki Wade 

    What is she? I wonder. She is preternaturally strong but her flesh is warm to the touch.

    She gives me a choice, but we both know I’ve already chosen.

    “I choose to be with you Mistress Morana”.with that Nikki bit into her wrist tearing a chunk out and then putting her wrist up to Mistress Morana’s mouth..

    “Please consume me, Mistress”.

    Bunny Nikki



    I take her wrist, and bring my tongue across her fingers.  Waiting to let the thin line of crimson stream down her arm.  My hand on her ass continues to hold her.  The tips of my fingers sliding under neath her to tease the bottom of her panties.


    Then I lower my head to the crook of my pet’s arm.  To where the divine drink has run to.  My tongue drags along her skin, taking her blood as I travel up her arm.  Finally reaching her wrist, my lips clasp to her marked flesh.  I begin to rub deep circles into Nikki’s panties.  And I gently drink from her.


    My dark eyes keep Nikki’s gaze.  My cool demeanor never falters, even as the sanguine taste ignites the fire inside me.  The white flame that dances where once a soul would be.  It’s such a rich and intense sensation.  Like falling from the sky.  Like the first breath after nearly drowning in the sea.  It feels like a pressure all over my body, like being buried under a mountain.  And it is as gentle as floating down stream.


    The breath of life is nothing compared to the drink of death.


    A lesser Sister would be driven momentarily mad by the divine drink.  And my poor Nikki would be ravaged by a truly wild animal.   But there is nothing lesser about myself.  I am the Sanguine Queen.  I am the Goddess of the divine drink.


    Once I finish my taste, I softly kiss Nikki’s wrist.  And then I pull her head in so I can dive my tongue into her mouth.

     Nikki Wade 

    Blood is the essence of what you are, and Nikki wanted to give everything she was to this wonderful creature. surely this act was proof that Nikki wanted to be hers. There was no more intimate act than the surenduring of one’s own Vitae. Nikki hoped to always remain a fine dessert for her, and she hoped to be able to satiate at least some of Mistress Morana’s appetites.

    Her touch is surprisingly gentle and almost reverent, Nikki knew this creature was not to be trifled with and yet Nikki didn’t fear her only feared disappointing her. Even as she fondles me, She caresses me like a lover . I let her feed off me, and as a result let her feed off my desire for her.

    She didn’t drain me, and yet her face was the picture of divine rapture. I started to breathe a little harder, I was having what amounted to an orgasm yet the orgasmic feeling felt separate from me as she held my gaze. I could see a white flame in her eyes and I realized that we were sharing my soul. A part of me broke off and went into her, yet I was in no way diminished.

    Once she seems to have her fill of me she devours me in a kiss. I respond as passionately as I’m able too.

    “What are you”?

    Bunny Nikki


    We part lips and I release my grip on my pet.  I step deeper into the dark shop.  Leading Nikki along with a single delicate finger under her chin.  In the sweet silence she asks me the question again.  The question so many ask.


    “Some say I am a sorceress.  Some claim I am a vampire.  Others say I am a demon taken human form…”


    We continue to step further into the store.  The diminishing sounds of the outside world are slowly replaced by a deep resonant hum.  Distant at first, but slowly creeping closer.  But no matter how loud the dark ocean becomes, it never overwhelms my voice.  It never becomes distracting.


    “There are few who can see far enough into the shadows to know the full truth, however…  Am I simply a woman with desires and goals, just like you?  Am I an evil spirit that has lived countless lives across ages of the earth?”


    From somewhere up above, but out of sight, dim red lights start to glow.  With each step we take more glowing colours appear.  Some red, some purple.  I lead my pet into the dancing lights.


    “Am I a mortal with eternal life?  An immortal with a death sentence?  The truth is vastly complicated.  Think of it like the antithesis of the life-granting world-illuminating sun.  I am the Dark Sun that drowns all it pervades in shadow.”


    I stop and face my little bunny.  We are standing it was seems to be an endless void of darkness.  Soft lights of red and purple float around us.  Some are drifting orbs that seem to sway in a breeze that is not there.  Some are feint beams of light that seem to draw endlessly in both directions.


    “I tell you this, my pet.  You can be certain I am your Mistress.  You can know I am a Queen.  And you can bet your life I am a monster.”


    I softly drag my sharp nails under my pet’s ears and to her chin.


    The deep hum is like mother Gaia exhaling in deep slumber.  The world beyond Nikki and I sleeps in ignorant bliss.  As far as she can be sure, tt seems only our eyes remain untouched by the world of dreams…



    …although the darkness makes it difficult for her to see.

     Nikki Wade 

    “Some say I am a Sorceress, some claim I am a Vampire, Others say I am a demon taken human form”. Mistress Morana said.

    Nikki listened checking off possibilities. She didn’t think Mistress Morana was a demon, because demons couldn’t love. And if she was a vampire, she was the warmest vampire she ever felt. Nikki had no doubt that Mistress Morana was a superior being. Perhaps she was a Maiar, She did have a streak of the divine, Nikki could feel it. she was sensitive to such things.

    Nikki is led by a finger, but that finger was stronger than any leash could ever be.

    “I don’t think you are evil, but more a reflection of or an incarnation of the Night”.

    The endless void of darkness that we seem ensconced in isn’t as dark as total blackness. This is what it would be like if you were in space, it was actually beautiful once my eyes adjusted..

    “Why did you bring me here Mistress Morana”?, Nikki asked. All I could really see clearly was the white flame that was her eyes.

    “I tell you this my pet, You can be certain I am your Mistress. You can know I am a Queen, and you can bet your life I am a monster”.

    Nikki looked at her wrist it was completely healed.

    “You may be a monster, but I adore you” Nikki said with a kiss.

    Bunny Nikki


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