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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Steph performs a quick curtsy as the new and stunningly pretty Alina walks in.

    Apparently Steph, Michy, and Alina are all looking for work.

    Miss Phoenix speaks and Steph listens intently, knowing how important it is to get a proper job here.

    Alina and Michy both then reply as proper girls do.

    Steph forgets for a moment what to do.

    He finally regains his senses and looks up at Miss Phoenix.

    “Yes Miss, Im a great secretary. It would be my pleasure to serve whoever you wish me to pleasure.” He blushes as he isn’t yet completely comfortable with this whole new “life as a feminized sex toy”
    Steph then remembers to give a deep curtsy as he has just addressed a Dominant.


    The pretty girl next to me obviously is also looking for a job as she offers her service as a secretary. I smile at her to show her that I am not feeling any form of competition between us, as I myself have no clue at all about the job of a secretary and in the end we all depend on what the dominant part in this conversation wants.


    Having gotten settled in at the renovated and freshly painted Lacy Place, I make my way to visit with my friend Miss Phoenix at her Hellfire Club. It seems she is busy interviewing possible employees and entertaining guests, so I make my way to the bar and sit down with a smile.

     Miss Phoenix 

    Looking at Alina I smile. “Oh one thing you should lead with is you name.” Saying to the girls. “So one strike right?” I motion to Alexa. “You lucky Mary informed me you where coming so I knew your name before you entered the place.” Not telling the other girls I know there names as well because of my security. “I caught your name I think Staff or was it Steph.”

    Then I see a friend come in I wave over Jacqueline. ”Jacqueline please join me.” I know Michy will be in ear shot to hear the girls responses as will Jean.”I hope you don’t mind Jacqueline sitting in on our talk.”

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Steph listens as the beautiful woman begins to speak.


    Miss Pheonix reminds them that they should lead with their names.

    ”Im so dumb. Oh my god. She has got no idea who I am!” Steph gasps to herself. Her face reddens.

    When the woman finally addresses Steph, she makes a quick joke about her name and that she is unsure if it was Staff or Steph!


    sSteph just about died.


    “”Miss, my name is Steph….Stephanie.” She manages to spurt out awkwardly and a little too loudly. She waits a moment, and then remembers to perform a curtsy.





     Miss Phoenix 

    I smile at least Steph is paying attention. “If you don’t introduce yourself how will I know who you are.”

    “jenny peach tea for me.”


    Smiling happily, I join Miss Phoenix at her table. I signal for a waitress and motion for a drink. Then wait to see what happens. I wink to my friend and wave to the girls.

     Jenny Dear 

    I hear Miss Phoenix call my name and excuse myself from Alexa as she decides what to have.

    I hurry over to table #1, the one reserved for Miss Phoenix and her guests, “On Peach Tea for you Miss Phoenix.” I turn to her guest,” How about you… OMG..Jacqueline? I haven’t seen you for a couple years. I don’t know if you remember me..You were so good to me and gave me an opportunity as a waitress. I’m a little rusty at it…but hopefully I can be a credit to the training I received from you.”

    Naughty, flirtatious girl that loves to make new friends and still hasn't found any limits.

     Miss Phoenix 

    I smile as jenny remembers my preferred drink.” Good memory hon.” I look to Jacqueline to order her drink.

    The the other girls are the table Alexi, Stephanie and Alina can order if they want. But they are kinda on a job interview. ITs kinda informal but you never know.


    Miss Phoenix finally replies, but her words sting despite the smile she wears . “Oh one thing you should lead with is you name.”

    She has that part absolutely right and I cringe at my blunder. That was utterly stupid, I should know better, even after only a few days at the school. I am just glad for my tan, because I know that otherwise they would see me turn crimson by now. Miss Phoenix simply seems to be amused as she announces “So one strike right?” to the girl next to her.

    I don’t even want to know what that “strike” means, but I am desperate to not get a second, so once more I curtsy and sincerely apologize:

    “Please pardon my blunder, Miss Phoenix, the excitement of a possible job opportunity in this club has overwhelmed me. My name is Alina, I am still relatively new here at The Lacy Place. I have been learning at the maid school for a few days, but there have been some issues there lately, which prevented me from staying there and learning more. Of course I will accept any disciplinary acts you might deem appropriate for my short comings should you still consider me for a position.”

    Once more I curtsy, while from the corner of my eye I see my friend Jacqueline approaching on Miss Phoenix’ signal. As I raise I send Jacqueline a shy smile, she has always been a good friend, her nickname “big sis” is truly deserved and greet her friendly

    “Hello, Jacqueline, nice to see you. I hope you are doing fine?”

    I hold back on hugging, after all, I am sort of in a job interview, so hugging seems inappropriate.

    Miss Phoenix gets her drink (Peach Tea) from one of the waitresses who knows Jacqueline too (who doesn’t?) and greets her enthusiastically. My own mouth is dry, because I am still nervous, but I wouldn’t dare to order anything without expressive allowance from Miss Phoenix, especially not after fumbling once already.

     Miss Phoenix 

    I smile as I watch Alina trying to save herself she is cute though.”Oh a drop out. What are you talking about something made you drop out?” Will need more information as I figure out if you will fit into the club.”

    “I will discipline you when I get to it Alina.” Looking at Jenny. “ Bring an extra water. If Alina pleases me I might let her drink something.”


    I smile happily to Jenny when she asks for my order and compliments me on giving her the opportunity to work as a waitress. She is so sweet.

    “Of course I remember you Jenny. You are a very good waitress. I highly recommend you.” I smile to Miss Phoenix. “I’d like a vodka and seven up please Jenny, with a twist of lime.”

    I then smile with another friend greets me.

    “Hello Alina. It’s so nice to see you too. I’m doing fine and I hope you are too.” I look again to Miss Phoenix and say, “I highly recommend Alina too.”

    I then sit back to watch the interviews.

     Miss Phoenix 

    “Jenny hasa job.Trying to figure out where Alina will fit in right hon?”

    Looking around at tables that are full


    Of course Miss Phoenix pounces at my remark regarding the school like a cat which found a little mouse: “Oh a drop out. What are you talking about something made you drop out?”

    Trying to stay calm I explain:

    “Well, the school started with three main teachers, then two of them got into a fight, which made one leave, the other taught only very irregularly and the last one had to travel abroad for quite a bit, so us girls were pretty much left alone in the end. Then with the restructuring of The Lacy Place I figured that now might be the proper time to move on, as I still don’t know, if the school ever reopens. I don’t want to make them appear in a bad light, Miss Phoenix, please, it was just very chaotic and unstructured in the end.”

    I hope she is satisfied with this explanation of mine, I truly don’t want to say anything bad about the school, the teachers were trying their best, but of course I also want to be honest to her.

    While she ponders over my reply almost negligently she comments about possible disciplinary actions regarding the aforementioned “strike one”: “I will discipline you when I get to it Alina.”

    I swallow and wet my lips nervously, this Miss is definitely no-nonsense, but I sort of like that. A firm rein can help to stay on the right path… also  deep down I have to admit that I get aroused by corporal punishment, which of course is humiliating, thus heightening the effect, so obviously I want to avoid it – so complicated!

    At least she might also let me have something to drink too, as she orders her waitress “Bring an extra water. If Alina pleases me I might let her drink something.”

    I would very much appreciate being able to wet my lips and clear my dry throat, although my friend Jacqueline eases my tension as after replying to my greetings she says “I highly recommend Alina too.”

    I shoot her a thankful glance and a radiant smile, big sis is always there to help!

    Miss Phoenix at least generally seems not totally opposed to give me a chance, she just hasn’t decided yet, in which position. With me being an “unfinished piece” I can’t complain about that, so I decide to stay quiet for now, no use bringing in the usual “just give me a chance and I will show you”-speech with this lady, she is above such platitudes, I am sure.


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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie sits patiently. Her back straight, shoulders  back, hands across her lap, chastity slowly humming. He legs crossed, trying to dull the arousal.


    She watches as several girls come and go. All the while, Stephanie keeps on eye on Miss Pheonix. Wondering what is the best way to get her approval.

    When a break occurs in the conversation, Stephanie speaks, a little too softly,

    “”Miss Pheonix, Stephanie here, I won an award for best curtseys. And softest kisses. Just so you can add that to my secretarial resume.”

    Stephanie smiles, a little proud of herself for speaking out in her own favor.

     Miss Phoenix 

    “You know Jacqueline’s recommendations are usually good. But I don’t hire everyone based on what she says. I have been very aggressive in hiring people before.” I look around. “As you see I might provoke loyalty in my collared girls and girls looking to get collared. But it seems some of the employees” I hold up my finger as in to say the current employees I have retained are very loyal.

    “I hope you get my point. I want qualified people but I am willing to train some of my staff if they prove themselves.”

    Then I hear Stephanie speak up. “Oh interesting one place that I need staff is here at the club. In the front, vip rooms as well other areas I might not have opened yet at Hellfire Industries.”


    I smile and nod when Miss Phoenix makes it clear to the girls that she doesn’t hire based on my recommendations. And of course I completely agree with that. She’s a sharp business woman and club owner who knows what she wants.

    I smile to Stephanie when she speaks.


    Miss Phoenix makes it very clear that she won’t hire anybody simply because of Jacqueline’s recommendation and I understand that completely. A recommendation might sometimes be a door-opener, one must walk through that door alone.

    She expresses her emphasis on loyalty in her girls and I nod to that. Finally she says “I hope you get my point. I want qualified people but I am willing to train some of my staff if they prove themselves.”

    “I understand, Miss Phoenix. If you were giving me a chance you would want to be certain that the effort you would have to spend on me would be worth it and that I wouldn’t just leave shortly after you have brought me up to a point where I could be a valuable asset to the club. I can only tell you that I consider myself a very loyal person, I stayed with the school when many of the other girls left out of loyalty towards Miss Anna even though the school was struggling. I can assure you that I would not leave your service after you had taken me in, if you would give me the chance.”

    She spoke about collars too, but this is something I have no experience with, although I find the idea itself strangely fascinating, scary but arousing, so for now I leave it at that.

     Miss Phoenix 

    I sit and listen to what Alina is saying. Making some notes. “I like that you understand Alina. I am glad loyalty is one of your qualities.”

    Nods “I know Miss Anna a little she bought someone at an auction I was having.”

    Thinking I might have to find some teachers.


    Miss Phoenix seems to like my attitude regarding loyalty and I relax a little bit, maybe I will get a chance from her. She comments that she knows Miss Anna and I nod, adding

    “She was a stern teacher with clear principles, but also caring for us girls. To me, that was how it should be: clear orders, boundaries and discipline, but also care and support where needed. Sadly she had to travel so much that in the end it all went downhill. I don’t even think that the school has reopened by now.”

    It makes me a bit sad to think about this, but one door closes and another may open. Maybe the one to the Hellfire Club…

     Miss Phoenix 

    I nod as listen. I have only interacted with Miss Anna a few times. She was at the auction I was having.

    “Carrying about your girls is important. There are times that people around here treat girls as property. But respecting your girls breeds loyalty right?”

    Looking around the place. “What role do you see yourself in here? Also you know some girls might be taken to a private room.”

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie dutifully listens as the conversation winds it way through the several people.

    Her comment is eventually responded to by Miss Phoenix. “Oh interesting one place that I need staff is here at the club. In the front, vip rooms as well other areas I might not have opened yet at Hellfire Industries.”


    Stephanie nods as she speaks.

    “I can definitely work in a VIP room, Miss. Or at the front. I have the skills to do both.” She says quickly.

    “I worked as a personal assistant, before my…transformation. And I’ve been taken to a few VIP rooms by customers here at Lacy before.”


    I listen as Miss Phoenix explains her attitude towards her girls finishing with “But respecting your girls breeds loyalty right?”

    I can only nod vigorously, at least for me that is true. A Mistress respecting me even if I am her employee/sub/slave earns my respect, loyalty and gratitude, so I am with her there.

    Then she looks around the club and asks a hard question for me to answer “What role do you see yourself in here? Also you know some girls might be taken to a private room.”

    Stephanie replies with confidence and I suddenly feel inadequate next to her.

    Clearing my dry throat I try to reply with honesty:

    “As I explained I don’t have such an impressive skill set as Stephanie yet, but I am normally a fast learner and can adapt to most situations. I am relatively confident that I could work as a waitress, maybe also your assistant, depending on your needs, I am good with mathematics as I used to study in that area in my… previous life. Regarding service in private rooms: I am relatively new to this life style and do not have much experience in the sexual area at all – in both lives that is…”

    I blush at this admission, I am still only a little bit away from being a virgin, but I don’t want to tell her THAT in detail, so I continue fast:

    “I have to tell you though that I would personally have severe issues to accompany pure male guests in such rooms, I am truly sorry, but it just freaks me out.”

    I hang my head ashamed, but I prefer to be open and honest over trying to deceive a woman like Miss Phoenix.

     Miss Phoenix 

    I smile and look at Stephanie. “So what do you think happens in a Vip room?” Thinking personal assistant interesting. I point to the glassed of water. “If you need to drink feel free to.”

    Nods as Alina gets it.”People do pay more for girls that are virgins.” I nod as I listen. “You take the people into the VIP room that you are comfortable with. This place is supposed to be safe for everyone.”


    Miss Phoenix is so kind to offer us a water and gratefully I nod at her, grab one of the glasses and take a few sips, careful not to seem greedy. She has asked Stephanie what she thinks that is happening in the VIP rooms, and I am glad that it’s not my term to reply, as I already blush again when she mentions better payment for virgins. Well, I am not technically 100 % since that night with Suzette and her fiancee…

    Anyway she explains that I don’t have to be afraid to have to take somebody into those VIP rooms that I don’t feel comfortable with finishing with the sentence “This place is supposed to be safe for everyone.”

    I smile as I hear this, I had heard rumors about other clubs where the guests had all the rights and the girls none, but this is obviously different.

    “Well, in that case I would truly be open to whatever position you would have need of me, Miss Phoenix, although I know I still have a lot to learn.”

    After I have finished the sentence I realize that this could be interpreted in quite a different way than it was intended as and it’s blushing time again – I am so glad for my dark tan, at least I don’t look like a tomato…

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Miss Phoenix responds to Stephanie, “So what do you think happens in a Vip room?” She then points to the glassed of water. “If you need to drink feel free to.”


    Stephanie reaches for the water, and quenches her parched lips.


    She listens as Alina and Miss Phoenix speak.

    If I don’t get this job, Molly(my sponsor) is going to kill me. I really need to start earning money to send back to her.

    “Miss Phoenix,” Stephanie says when Alina finishes, “A VIP room girl, will perform whatever tasks, or roles, are necessary for the happiness of the VIP guests.” She says with a smile. “It’s very similar to what a personal assistant does, really. The personal assistant simply does whatever she can, to the best of her ability, to make her Client happy. Oh, and also, I don’t have an aversion to serving men, if that is what is required.”

    I used to, but that was quickly shocked out of me by this damn chastity belt. Damn it.



     Miss Phoenix 

    “Oh Alina you must be careful of your words. Or you might be doing things you might not want to. “

    Thinking I have hired Alexa. Can use her in the corporate building if needed. “Alina if one of my managers shows up we can put you somewhere to see where you fit.”

    Looking over at Stephanie. “Well I could use a few more girls. As you see Jenny must have went to the closet to work on somethings. I want girls that are active.” Looks to where Michy and Jenny are.

    “Jacqueline do you see either Jenny or Michy? Oh I remember Michy is on a job for me at the moment.”

    Wondering what other questions I can ask.


    I smile to Miss Phoenix.

    “I haven’t seen Jenny in a while Miss. Perhaps she walked to the ladies room?”

     Jenny Dear 

    I return to table#1 with Jacqueline’s Vodka-7, “I’m so sorry, I had them put in a twist of lemon instead of lime. I got halfway back and realized my mistake. I had them upgrade the label for the inconvenience.”

    I look apologetically from Lady to the next, clutching my tray in front of me, like some kind of shield against recrimination.

    Naughty, flirtatious girl that loves to make new friends and still hasn't found any limits.


    I smile warmly to Jenny when she returns and explains the slight problem with the drink.

    “No problem Jenny. The usual twist with a Vodka and Sweet is a lemon. Well done on catching it before serving.”

    I take a sip of the cocktail and nod.

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