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Evelyn's first shopping experience [Invite Only]

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    I watch you intently, as you undress.   Picking up the walkie talkie from the table I request Sissy Jessica’s attention.

    She answers with a “Hope can I be of assistance Mistress”.

    Keeping my gaze on you, I talk into the device.  “Sissy, I have a task for you.   Do you have a notepad and pen to hand?”

    Moments later she replies in the affirmative.

    “Please fetch me the following items”, I say.

    “Firstly I want you to go to the sex store across the concourse and purchase a butt plug with a cow tail attachment.  Nothing too large.  Slim to medium.  I also noticed they sell collars.  Enquire as to whether they sell ones with a cowbell attached.  Locking obviously”

    “Yes Mistress” comes the reply.

    “Secondly, there is a fancy dress or novelty store at the other end of the mall.  Please purchase some cow ears on a headband”.

    “Yes Mistress“, she replies dutifully

    “Thirdly, when you return to the store, I noticed that you had several animal print clothes for sale.  Do you have anything in cow print”

    “Yes Mistress, we have dresses, shoes, even stockings I think”.  From the tone in her voice she is clearly smiling as it dawns on her what is happening.

    “Try and find a short dress Sissy.  Short enough that the butt plug tail hangs below it. Slutty heels too.

    “Yes Mistress”.

    “Lastly I need you to fetch me one of  your blank plastic store security tags.  A yellow one.  I’ll send you an image of the ones I mean via the PDA.   Like this….”

    “Something I can use with an ear-piercing gun and the silver studs we have here”.

    “Yes Mistress”, comes the reply.  “Is that all?”

    “Yes Sissy” I reply, and place the walkie talkie down again – continuing to watch you struggle to undress.

    Eventually, you are naked and walk on all fours to the middle of the room where I had previously pointed.

    “Very good Bessie”, I say, patting your head.  “Now let me inspect my prize cow”.

    I begin circling you and sigh when I reach your rear.  “Oh sister, sister.  This won’t do at all.   Leaving a sissies buttocks looking so red and non-symmetrical.  What did I teach you about uniformity.”

    Without warning I bring the cane down on your left buttock hard.

    “THAT was for being too slow when I asked you to moo”

    I bring it down hard again with a snap.

    “THAT was for not mooing loud enough when I asked you to”

    You hear the wooshing of the cane hitting thin air.

    “And the NEXT 10 will be for the look you give me when I asked you to follow an instruction.  You will count them out with moos.   You may begin…”

    I flex my cane, awaiting your first moo

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    As I was undressing, I was aware of you on the walkie-talkie.  Between the concentration to undress without standing, and the distance from you, I didn’t catch what was said. I am only conscious of your intense gaze, which adds to my nerves.

    Your firm tone greets me as I arrive on the carpet, “Very good Bessie”, I feel you pat my head. “Now let me inspect my prize cow”.

    You walk round me. When you are behind me I hear a sigh followed by a low tone as you seem to speak to yourself, “Oh sister, sister. This won’t do at all. Leaving a sissies buttocks looking so red and non-symmetrical. What did I teach you about uniformity?”

    From nowhere, I feel a sharp flash across my bottom. Its sting echoes for moments after. I almost cry out, in surprise, not pain.

    I hear your voice as if in the distance. Before I process what you say, I hear a sharp ‘crack’ and feel a tingle of pleasure in my nipples, as if they are gently nibbled.

    This time I hear you explain that I didn’t moo loudly enough, just as I hear a swish sound in my ears. I tense my buttocks but for nothing. Just a swoosh.

    Now my bottom has the feeling that it is under a low grill.  A heat that assures me of discomfort to come, should I have to sit.

    And now it seems that I am to be chastised for my sullen stare. I am to count out ten for you. When I am ready, I make the moo with closed lips, starting high and dropping an octave just like lowing cattle,

    “Mo-oo” and then the burst of a lash across my eager bottom. I wait to relish its crescendo and as it subsides, I continue,

    “Mo-oo, Mo-oo” to request the second.

    They follow closely, ‘crack, smack”. I feel a bead of perspiration on my brow. I wait again to enjoy the full benefit. I will not waste a single pang.

    “Mo-oo, Mo-oo, Mo-oo” I beg.

    I close my eyes to see the sparks light up the darkness as you serve my third course. My mouth falls open in sweet dizziness, I gasp as the searing pain reaches new heights. I wait for it to subside. But before it passes from me, I seek its renewal,

    “Mo-oo, Mo-oo, Mo-oo, Moo-oo” I speak the words now, with open mouth.

    As the fourth blow brings a skyburst of fireworks to my closed eyes, I do not realise that I dribble spittle from my gaping mouth. I gasp and ‘Moo’, again and again, on and on now. I lose count.

    I am in an ecstatic daze. I hear nothing, I only see flashes and feel the scorching heat on my cheeks. I have no troubles, I remember no guilt, I forget all my wrong-doing.

    Gradually, I hear a voice in the far distance, coming closer, and closer. What does it say? “ Moo-oo, Moo-oo .. “ on and on. It is my cracked whisper. There is no other sound. No crack of whipping cane; nothing but my croaking Moos. I stop to find my eyes blurred with tears, saliva hanging from my lips, almost to the floor,  sweat dripping from my hanging, quivering nipples.

    “Was that ten Mistress?” I feebly ask between panting breaths. Was that ten?”



    I stop, rotating my shoulder a little and flexing my wrist.  Your bottom is practically glowing, and both cheeks are a bright red.

    Slowly I walk around to your front, there a line of drool drips from your bottom lip and your eyes are watery.

    I crouch down and sigh.  “Bessie, Bessie, Bessie.   What did I tell you about talking unless I gave you permission.  Are my instructions not that clear?”    I gently lift up your chin with my cane and sigh.

    “G cup breasts it is then..” I say, walking to the table and picking up my PDA before typing something in and putting it back down.

    “Now I’m going to have to start all over again…”

    I woosh my cane in the air.

    “Count them out Bessie……”


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    My breaths come in pulses, through my nose. I clear my throat and lick my lips. “I am my Mistress Sadie’s cow, I am my Mistress Sadie’s cow ” I say in my head. I purse my lips.

    I start again, with a throb from deep in my chest. It swells into my mouth. I open my lips to let it free, with an undulation so like a ‘Bessie’. “Mo-oo”. It has barely left my mouth and I hear the little whistle that signals my relief. The whistle ends with a crack as it raises a tiny but swelling ridge of pink soon to blossom into scarlet. This is high, where my panties hide my bottom cleavage.

    My nose sucks air noisily into my lungs as I surf the pain.

    Again, I start a bovine lowing, twice now. And I clench my cheeks to welcome your new welt. This time, a fraction lower. “Oh Mistress Greta, you are so good.” I say in my spinning head.

    My three lowing ‘Moos’ vibrate through my throat. My head is hanging low and I see, in my mind’s eye, the sweat glisten on my heaving breasts. I see the flaming lines glow in lines so close they seem to be one. But you, my mistress Greta are so skilled. Each stroke a fraction below the last.

    I struggle to make my ‘Moos’ separate from one long mournful gasp into four distinct sighs. But you hear them, my Mistress. Another curve of crimson swells from my singing cheeks. I feel you near the down turn of my bottom.

    I open my eyes to check my balance as my legs begin to wobble. I urge myself upward to greet you as five lowing moos find their way down my nose.

    And a fifth stern kiss screams into my flesh, atop my thighs, this latest one.

    This time I must keep count, I must not ask again. Six, I am sure. You return to the top of my rose red swelling rump. You are so clever; rationing my joy.

    “Is it seven? No eight, no seven.” I must not get it wrong. “Yes, here it is the seventh, creeping back downwards.

    I gasp from my open mouth and Moo my eight. The singing swish alerts me yet again. Oh the bitter sweet blooming of my cherry cavern!

    I am gasping heavily now, a long stream of cow-like dribble hangs from my sweating mouth and down my nose.  Do I lose count?  I make nine moos to plead my case. Yes here the twirling swish that brings its florid present. A gasp that is almost a moan escapes my cow-mouth, hanging open, reaching down.

    My knees tremble and give way. I drop onto my knees but curve my back to raise my bottom one last time. Ten guttural, half-choked moos. I rejoice to do your bidding. As you send the last blushing kiss and plant it on my cheeks, I gasp and drop my head to the carpet for support.


    I watch you for a moment, nodding in satisfaction.

    “Again, not difficult to follow instructions is it hmm?”   I walk back over to the chair and sit, placing my cane back on the table.

    “You may talk again”, I say flatly, picking up my PDA and flicking through it.  “Do not move from that spot”


    There is a knock on the door.

    “Come in I say”, standing as Sissy Jessica walks through it.

    “I got everything you asked for Mistress” she says,  placing several bags on the table

    “Good girl”, I reply.  Turning you to I add “Sissy Jessica CAN follow instructions unlike you”

    “Is that all Mistress?” Jessica asks.

    I think for a moment as if pondering something. “Sissy, when was the last time I let you cum?”

    “42 days, and 15 hours ago Mistress”,  Jessica replies without hesitation.

    I reach into the sex shop bag and pull out the bottle of lube and the cow tail butt plug, placing it on the table.

    “Remove your top and skirt Sissy Jessica.  You may keep your heels on”.

    Jessica smiles and complies immediately, wiggling out of her pencil skirt and lifting her top over her head.  It is at that point you notice she is not wearing a chastity device.

    “You see”, I say turning to you.  “Sissy Jessica is very well trained.  She will not become aroused or make disgusting messes all over the place unless I give her permission.  Isn’t that true sissy?”   I gently cup her in my hands and start stroking her.

    Sissy Jessica nods, as I show you. “See.  Still soft” I add.

    Gently I stimulate her and watch her eyes close.  “You may become hard Sissy” – and in front of your eyes she begins to stiffen to a delicate 4 inches in my hand.

    “Good girl”, I say, picking up the cow buttplug and lube, handing it to her.

    “You may cum in her but be gentle.  When your sissy juices are in her, I want you to plug her nice and tight so they stay in her.  Do you understand?”

    Sissy Jessica nods.

    I walk over to you with my PDA and crouch down.

    “Now Evelyn,  MY sissy is going to fuck you.  She hasn’t cum for 42 days – so you are going to make it enjoyable for her.  I want to hear lots of moaning and encouragement.  Lots of begging and telling her well she’s doing.   I want to see you pushing back on her and enjoying yourself.”

    I pause.

    “As an incentive….”   I lean in and whisper something into your ear <OOC Sent to PM>

    I step back smiling.

    “So if that’s what you want, then I’d crawl over to her, kiss her pretty toes that I know you so desperately want to kiss, and start begging”.






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    Through the red mist of pain that swamps my thoughts, I hear your voice telling me that I may speak again, and that I am to stay exactly as I am. I am quite content. I kneel, so my bottom is lower than it was for the reward that you gave me for speaking out of turn. As the red mist turns pink, my thoughts turn back to what seems to be happening. I try to take stock but the euphoria of my lovely caning is a serious distraction.

    I am to be made into a Mummy figure for Mistress Sadie. I large breasted, lactating ‘milk cow’ for her. She is to be given into my care so that she will not be any further trouble to her sister. Well, that seems to be an end to my fantasy of having heavy rings driven through my nipples so that I can be led about by them; fastened to the wall, the bed, the ceiling .. whatever.

    My reverie is disturbed by a knocking at the door.

    At your command, someone enters. I do not move to look but I see the lovely FM shoes. It is the attractive assistant from the store. She says that she has everything that was ordered and seems about to leave when I hear you, my immediate Mistress, ask,

    “Sissy, when was the last time I let you cum?”

    A sweet voice answers immediately and precisely, “42 days, and 15 hours ago Mistress”.

    I hear you instruct Jessica to undress. Out of the corner of my eye, I see she is not caged. “Such a delicate little clitty you have,” I note in my head.

    You turn to me and see me looking. I expect a slap for disobedience but you address me almost warmly, saying “You see, Sissy Jessica is very well trained. She will not become aroused or make disgusting messes all over the place unless I give her permission.” I watch enviously as you gather her soft clitty and stroke it. My sissy-clitty swells but not Jessica’s. “How does she do that?” I wonder in amazement.

    Then, as I hear you say, “You may become hard Sissy” and I watch as Jessica’s little ‘girlie’ almost immediately becomes rigid in your hand. Now I see for th first time what you have unpacked. You hand a dressing up tail and a tube of some kind to Jessica and say, “You may cum in her but be gentle. When your sissy juices are in her, I want you to plug her nice and tight so they stay in her. Do you understand?” I hear but do not believe my ears. Mistress, you are giving my cherry to Jessica?

    I am still trying to come to terms with your orders, when you come close and crouch down to show me the screen of your tablet.

    If I had any doubt about what you had just said to Jessica, you speak softly into my ear,, “Now Evelyn, my sissy is going to fuck you. She hasn’t cum for 42 days 15 hours – so you are going to make it enjoyable for her. I want to hear lots of moaning and encouragement. Lots of begging and telling her well she’s doing. I want to see you pushing back on her and enjoying yourself.”

    You deliberately pause for me to take in what you say, then continue, “As an incentive, I will personally see to it that you become a pretty girl for my sister”. As you do so, I see on your tablet screen a woman with very large breasts, in fact, the biggest I have ever seen.

    I stare, open mouthed as you explain, “So if that’s what you want, then crawl over to her, kiss her pretty toes and start begging”.

    My heart is beating wildly in my chest. I so yearn for the likes of a sweet little stiff sissy-clitty to take what I offer, here on all fours. And afterwards, to be sealed up with 42 days of ac-cum-ulated sissy nectar inside me. And I long to serve my Mistress Sadie. What magnificent milk churns you offer me. How I relish being ‘Bessie’. Put a ring in my nose and lead me around the mall. Ohh my, what a thought. And, all under the forceful Mistress Greta.

    But what is holding me back? Surely, I am powerless; locked in, naked, outnumbered; against an agent of the Corporation. I must submit. But what right now of my true Mistress? Yes, she is being nurtured in a diaper, locked in pretty mitts .. but she will be hating it all. Why? Because she is 100% the domme. The domme in her is more poweful than her little kink. She only enjoys her kink from the top. And right now she is most assuredly not the ‘top’.

    My throat is dry. I steel myself. If Greta is to have her way, then it will be. But not as she imagines.

    I lift my head. I rock back on my heels and stand. I turn defiantly towards you.

    “I cannot comply Mistress.” I say with all the purpose that I can muster. “I have a duty first to serve my Mistress Sadie. We came here today to buy clothes for me and to amuse ourselves playing a game that she had planned. I insist that we are released.”

    As I speak , keeping you in my gaze, I track towards my clothes, where I left them. When I feel my boots touch my foot, I bend, pick up my dress and deftly draw my arms through the hem and up through the arms. It falls into place. I pick up my boots. I abandon my diaper, cover and bra.

    “Open the door, Sissy Jessica, I must return to my Mistress without further delay.” I say with steely intent. I walk, with throbbing temples, pounding pulse, blazing buttocks and determined stride towards you both, in the direction of the door.


    I watch you passively as you have your tantrum – Jessica not knowing what to do, stands behind me slightly scared.

    “Very admirable”, I say flatly, but you will find the door is locked and you have nowhere else to go.  “I was hoping to do this the easy way, and Sissy Jessica is going to be so disappointed”.

    I sigh heavily, reaching inside the top of my jacket and produce a small black cylindrical case, which I place on the table and open.

    “So disappointing”, I repeat, retrieving the syringe inside. “But, I always like to be prepared”.

    Gesturing grandly with my hand, “What is that saying – something about the house always wins.  Well so does Melandren – and I personally NEVER lose”.   I walk around the table slowly towards you watching you struggle with the door.

    “You could have taken the easy way.  Some fun with Sissy Jessica, a pretty outfit, a collar, comfortable travel and nice food on the way to The Corporation but… you do this.”

    I take a couple of steps forward

    “I had a nice room ready for you, good medical care.  I was going to be nice to you for the sake of my sister.”

    A couple more steps

    “..and this is how you treat me”.  I sigh.   “Perhaps you’re not right for my sister after all”.

    I am literally within feet of you now.

    “Aah it’s no bother. I’ll find her another sissy.  At least The Corporation with have another brainless cock sucking bimbo to keep the execs happy when they have their orgy parties.  What is it they say up there…aah yes ‘every hole’s a goal’…”  I smile sadistically, flipping the cap off the syringe and squirting a little of the liquid out of the end.

    “Any final words?”  I pause for a split second.  “No – good”.

    I make a feint – as if aiming for your neck, but as you move I swiftly change direction and stab the needle into your buttock, pushing the plunger home.

    “Night night”, I say with a laugh, knowing how fast the sedative works.  I watch you for a few seconds – awaiting the inevitable.

    I turn to Jessica as I hear the sound of you slumping the floor.  “Call Dr Mullholland, and prepare transportation to Melandren”

     Mistress Sadie 


    Nurse 1:   “I had a call from Miss Leimbach 15 mins ago.  They’re transporting Evelyn now. There was some kind of trouble apparently, but she didn’t go into specifics”

    Nurse 2:  “Oh dear. Did she give instructions as to her sister?”

    Nurse 1: [Shaking her head]  “She’s coming here personally with some kind of package from Melandren”

    Nurse 2: What kind of package?

    Nurse 1:  Medicine or something I think.  Oh speak of the devil…

    They watch as Greta approaches and walks past them straight to the crib where I’m laying.

    I turn and smile as I see her, a look of surprise on my face.

    “Hey baby girl”, she says with a big grin, reaching down to stroke my cheek.  “Fancy seeing you here”.

    “How? I mean?  What are you doing here?” I reply.  “Where’s Evelyn?”

    “Ssh..”, she says softly, “You don’t need to worry about that now.  Evelyn is ok.  I promise”.

    I look visibly relieved.  “I’ve got to see her”, I reply.

    Greta turns to the nurse.  “Unlock her mittens please” – then back to me.  “All in good time little sis.   YOU need a little break and a little rest.. especially after your escapades 3 weeks ago”.

    I pout and say nothing as a nurse comes to remove my mittens.

    “Trust me.  Everything will be fine. ” Greta says, “Evelyn will be fine, but fuck me she is a little shithead”.

    I laugh  “but a kinda cute shithead”

    Greta makes a disapproving sound.  “You’re going to have to break her.  She has no discipline.  She also tops from the bottom.  You can’t have that.  She tried it with me.  I had to walk away from her.”

    I sigh a little “but….”

    “but nothing…”, Greta replies.  “When she gets back I….”

    I cut her off and sit upright “what do you mean WHEN SHE GETS BACK.  Sis??”

    “I’m taking her to Melandren”, says Greta flatly.  “I’m making her ‘better’ for you”

    “Don’t you fucking DARE turn her into a bimbo” I say angrily.  “I will NEVER forgive you”.

    Greta holds her hands up innocently  “I have no intention of doing so.  Just trust me ok!”

    I narrow my eyes.  “I mean it, I will NEVER forgive you”

    Greta keeps her hands up “I promise!”

    “So what ARE you doing to her?” I ask.

    “Top Secret”, she replies, gently booping my nose.  “You ask too many questions.  Secret Corporation Stuff”.

    I sigh heavily and make a pouty face.

    Greta laughs.  “‘atta girl. Now.  You are going to stay here til I get back.”

    “But I can’t.  I have ‘things’ to do”, I reply stubbornly.

    “Nope.  You’re gonna be here living your best life for a couple of weeks.  Call it a vacation and a gift from me”

    I look at her inquisitively as she pulls something from her jacket – “What do you mean a gift”.

    “Toys from Melandren”, she grins.  “I may have ‘acquired’ something from their nursery”

    I look suspicious “What do you mean ‘something’?” I ask

    “Well.  SOMETHING we use on the sissy babies”, she holds up a small cylindrical silver device with what looks like a trigger attached to it.

    “What the hell is that?” I ask

    “Do you trust me?” Greta asks, brushing hair away from my neck

    “Yes of course……why?” I reply

    Before she answers, she pushes the device to my neck and pulls the “trigger” – there is a hiss and a cold feeling in my neck.

    “What did you do?” I ask – obviously horrified.

    “Giving you your best life”, she replies with a smile.

    “But what was….baa aaa ooooh”.  I hold my hands up to my mouth.

    “Ssh”, she says, stroking my head.  “Don’t be scared.  That’s just your speech processing having a little rest….”

    “Aaaa oooo eee baeeeee”

    Greta giggles as I suddenly clutch my diaper.  “And there goes your bladder control sweetie”


    She watches as my head begins to loll.  My hands suddenly feeling very relaxed – a feeling which spreads to my arms, legs and feet.

    “Just let it happen sweetie.  Just becoming a perfect baby girl.”  She begins to lower me back into a lying position in the crib. “I’ll be back for you soon I promise”

    Some form of reflex in my mouth kicks in as I gently start sucking on my pacifier.

    “Good girl”, she says, picking up a fluffy stuffed bunny and putting it into my arms – which I instinctively draw towards me.

    I watch helplessly as the nice lady raises the crib.   She has a pretty face.

    Ooh she’s putting my the thing on above me that makes the nice noises and the things that go round and round.  Shes watching me. She’s so big. I feel so tired….eyes so heavy.

    Greta turns to the nurses, who look somewhat shocked at what she’s done.    “Treat her like a very big 3 month old baby and you won’t go wrong.  The dose I’ve given her is enough to last up to 3 weeks but I will return before then with the counter agent.   Any problems, here is my card with my cellphone number on it”.

    Nurse 1:  Can I ask a question though.  She’s not a sissy though.  We looked.  Why is she here?

    Greta turns on her heel and walks away.  “Because she is my sister – that’s why”.




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