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Beauty and the Geek: Gia goes on a Date

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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    After our stretching we begin the Cardio Dance portion of the workout and as Tracy moves the both of us mirror her move for move and I smiled seeing him do the same thing and have fun.


    “OK let’s get started on the next step in the process….”  Tracy tells us as we get on it



     Laura Luv 

    Not the most Macho workout , but my partners are the best…

    Must say it is a good cardio I keep up with Val getting into it….

    Then Tracy lays on her back and opens her legs for the next exercise…..OMG …what a view.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “OK you two. One more set and we’ll be done for the day.” Tracy tells us as we go to the final set

    As we do I make sure to keep an eye on Lane and make sure that he is doing good and see that he’s great at keeping up with the pace and the exercises with me and Tracy Making me feel like I found my training partner.

    “OK, here we go!” She says

     Laura Luv 

    Thank goodness I am in god shape as the workout is challenging , sure would not want the girls to think I am a wimp…

    One more set of exercises  and we will be finished for the day…Can not help but look at Val’s tight body.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    After finishing up the final workout Tracy says

    “alright you did great both of you I’ll be totally looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow for another workout like this and especially you Lane. I think you have a great potential and work ethic and are a great fit for your partner in Valerie who’s been looking for someone who can keep up with her and you’re proving to be up to the task of that which is great!!” she said smiling happily


    ” she’s absolutely right Lane about everything she said it’s tough to find a good workout partner to keep up with me and Tracy but you’re probably already aware of the fact aren’t you and if not well now you are! ” I tell him smiling so proud of him


    “C’mon Hon let’s go change and see Gia who should be waiting to hear from you and take you up to administration.”

     Laura Luv 

    Val and I  work thru the last exercise and we are complimented by Tracy , seems she was impressed  with me….wants us back tomorrow….

    Wow I think how lucky can I be with my workout girls.Ten Tracy gives me more insight… I think you have a great potential and work ethic and are a great fit for your partner in Valerie who’s been looking for someone who can keep up with her and you’re proving to be up to the task of that which is great!!

    My partner …my exercise partner …I am guessing , but do find Val friendly and very attractive …. Time to get ready to registar as we jog back to our dorm , let her lead and take in the scenery….Wow


     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Seeing Val and Lane make it back to the Sorority house after Val took him to exercise with her I take over.


    “Hey hey you two are looking good!” I tell them. Then ask “Lane, you ready to go cause the admission office is open now and I let her know that we are going to be there in a few minutes if you’re ready to go? We’ll start you on the road to taking on the challenge which I just have a feeling you won’t have any problem crushing but good!” I say with a confident smile.

     Laura Luv 

    Jogging back , I think this may be quite an education , really enjoyed the morning run and workout….

    Arrive back at the sorority and the lovely Gia is  waiting.Tells us we are looking good….and yes , really feel good as I smile at both girls….

    Lane, you ready to go cause the admission office is open now and I let her know that we are going to be there in a few minutes if you’re ready to go?

    Still feel  the sweat pouring off me…May I take a quickshower and change , it will only be 5 minutes.


     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “go ahead sweetie I’ll wait for you” I say as while he goes in Val and I talked about the class schedule he’s going to be put through. No questions asked he’s gonna be put through the ringer hard but I have confidence he can take it and the girls he are going to be merciless in trying to tempt him with their sexiness as he’s going to be around them a lot no matter the class so he’s got to have the willpower to resist their charms and keep them from getting him in Trouble here otherwise he’s going to find himself ending up as one of the girls courtesy of the college court. He knows you and I and all the girls here in our sorority are on his side but as soon as he starts class here he’s pretty much going to be on his own in a jungle full of some of the sexiest, most Feminine, Feminist Predators to exist with a ton of sexiness and charm and all kinds of feminine tricks and traps to spare who only want to use’em to get him in Trouble and leave him to be another victim so we can’t let it happen.

    Val agrees wholeheartedly and decides to see what she can do to get him in as many of her classes on her own schedule as she can while we wait and I go to work on doing the same thing. and in a quick meeting with the rest of the girls the entire consensus is in one hundred percent sure agreement we need to protect him as much as possible.

     Laura Luv 

    Irun up to the room and strip and shower , then remember this is Val’s room also….

    Luckily she does not come up annd am ready in five minutes or so…..

    Make my way down to my best friends Val and Gia….I am ready to go , hope I was not too long.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “Not at all sweetie let’s go!” I say as we make it to the main office and to the admission office where Ms Isis is awaiting us.

    “Hello darling…we have been expecting you”…she says as she taps on her computer and locates his file and sees that he is our sorority pick for this year’s challenge.


    “Okay sweetheart here’s the lowdown…Gia has explained the situation with the challenge and what goes on here and that to date no boy we put up to it has survived so we’ll see what you’re made of


    Your classes are going to be as follows for the freshman year.

    1.liberal arts for ladies

    This class basically entails literature by women for women and about women.

    2. Theatre Arts 101

    Better hope your acting skills are sharp for this class as you will need them in spades


    3.women’s physical fitness

    Yoga, pilates, cardio, dance and many others will be the focus of the class which also includes ballet


    4.women’s history 101

    Here’s a class where you’re going to learn quite a lot of things about women in history and women’s role in it over time and participate in debates and speeches and other projects.

    and last but not least are three classes which I expect you will find interesting


    5.womens health science 101

    Basically teaching you the anatomy of the female body and everything in it and the different health issues that happen most commonly only to women but can happen to both genders and which ones are specifically women related and how to treat them


    6.women’s sexual education

    Here’s the class that is most popular as it teaches about the female reproductive system and different sex techniques and ways to achieve pleasure through Sex and will of course teach you safe sex for women


    7. Women fetish education (Dominant Side)

    From femdom to humiliation and everything in between you will learn about and experience different female Domination Techniques and fetishes for women who are in control as Mistresses and how they keep the men in their lives on a leash… usually a short one!


    and that’s it sweetie your schedule for this year is complete and I wish you the best of luck in your challenge to get from Freshman to Graduate and be the first to complete it.


    with that we leave and just in time as the first classes are now underway and I lead him to the Liberal Arts building and to the 101 class and sure enough Anne “the ace” Murphy is waiting for him with a seat next to her as class begins and I leave for my first class myself.

     Laura Luv 

    Time for my schedule as Gia and I walk hand in hand to the admission office and meet Ms.Isis.

    Am shocked as no boy has made the challenge..look to Gia surprised…as Miss gives me my schedule.

    1.liberal arts for ladies2. Theatre Arts 1013.women’s physical fitness4.women’s history 1015.womens health science 1016.women’s sexual education7. Women fetish education (Dominant Side)

    OMG ,all these classes  are for women , not the free education I was expecting.

    With my schedule Gia takes me to my first class , I say nothing as I am in total shock.

    Enter and a sexy girl pats a seat wanting me to sit with her.


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