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Laura's new Job.

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    “First off you can attend to my massive erection.”  I put on my robe allowing Laura access to it.  Then I check my phone to see any updates on the new girl.  Then after I see the updates I lean back and let Laura continue her task.

     Laura Luv 

    I bring her the robe she requests and already know this has been a trying day and wish to pleasure her..

    Smiles as she wants her cock attended to…Mmmmmm

    Fall to my knees knowing Miss is bigger and sweeter than the Sultan….

    Wrap my lips around her and starts to slide down her shaft.


    I look down at you while you are pleasuring my cock.  I smile and say. “I should have made your last name , ‘Lovescock.’ ”  Then I go back to checking the progress of the new girl.

    After a while I get a notice. that I will have to come down in the morning.  So what to do till then?  My body changed to meet the sultan’s desires.  I really don’t want to go out.

    “Laura go up stairs and prepare my bed.”  I say as I cover up myself.  Then after a few things down stairs. I make my way up stairs to my bedroom.  I see Laura bending over preparing my bed.  My overly active member starts to harden and poke out my robe.  Soon I am mounting Laura before she can finish preparing my bed.

     Laura Luv 

    I hope I have proven my loyalty  to Mistress , seducing and trapping the sultans cousin and sucking the sultans cock..

    Now eagerly sucking Miss’s cock I am so happy..even mentionns changing my name to Lovescock….hmmm…

    Sends me upstairs to prepare her bed ….gets busy wanting it perfect for Miss.

    OOhhhhh , feel Miss grab my hips ……..Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhh….and slide into me…squeal with delight , starting to think Miss will like me..


    As I take you from behind I see you don’t even put up any fight in fact you are very docile almost like you want it.  As I pump you for a while I ask you. “What’s your name?” As I continue to pump you from behind.  Waiting for your reply I slap your ass making it jiggle.  I smile wen you finally say it.

     Laura Luv 

    OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, feels so good as I grab my ankles and let Miss take my cunt…Mmmmmm…..

    Want to show just how loyal I am  as she pounds my cunt …oh my gosh , I love her cock….

    . “What’s your name?

    I do love her cock ,  but for everyone to know would be so humiliating…feel her cock slide deeper….

    Finally whimper…Lovecock



    I smile and slap her ass again.  Then I begin to really pound her until I pull out and stroke myself to orgasm all over her back side.

    Then I lay on the bed .  “So Miss Lovescock, what are you going todo now?”

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