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Laura's new Job.

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    “Yes you should, but first you should go get one of the my big condoms for me.  I can at least stop my dribbling from getting all over.”

    I settle in to my chair.  My erection makes it impossible to cross my legs.

     Laura Luv 

    I find an excuse to lick Miss’s cock , do not want the sultan to see her dribbling….

    Wants a condom , so I find the super sized , grin hope it is big enough.

    Miss gets comfortable in the chair , her cock like a flagpole as I hand her the condom.


    She hands me my condom.  I look at her and hand it back. “You put it on me.”  I peer between my breasts and see that I am very erect and that there is small stream starting to drip down.

    “I made people look like this for punishment now that I am like this I think it is a good punishment, but the sultan likes to have me look like this.  So while you are off seducing the cousin I will have to masturbate for the sultan’s pleasure. Almost seems unfair.”

     Laura Luv 

    Miss wants me to put the condom on her , notice some  more pre cum ,so I quickly lick it off….giggle..

    tells me how she would punish others with such a big cock , then protests when I get to seduce the cousin…Hmmm…

    Wonder if the cousin has any idea what is about to happen.


    I must look like a futa.  One of those cartoonish characters.

    With the condom on nd my big erection.  I should see something.

    “So after this is done you will have to take care of me in this state .  That includes changing the condom.  I hope you are up for that?”

     Laura Luv 

    I love my Miss so much , would do anything to please her…slide the condom on her huge member , wondering if I could take her cock.

    Smiles at me makes me so horny….“So after this is done you will have to take care of me in this state .  That includes changing the condom.  I hope you are up for that?”

    Miss of course I will ,,so how much is the sultan paying you to trap his cousin..



    “All you need to know is that it is in the millions, and another million for me to be like this while he is here.  He is also buying some product to enhance his harem. ”  I smile  and stroke myself being a horny like this I have to have some fun.

    “It does cost a bit to stay here.  ”  As I stroke some more.

    Then the phone rings and I pick it up .  After a bit I turn to you.

    “Are you ready to go down to the front desk and pick up your mark?”

     Laura Luv 

    When I hear the price Miss will get I am thrilled , bet she will kep me as her slut if I pull this off…

    Oh , cannot take my eyes off her cock when she gets a call…..tells me my mark is downstairs….

    Hmmm , want to dress sexy so I can trap him easily…


    I sit there and send off after your mark.  I have a lap top and can see your movements through the security cameras through out the hotel.  I stroke myself as I watch you.

    Then after a while the sultan comes in to watch both the cameras and me.   Soon he has me bent over and is pumping away as we both watch your progress.

     Laura Luv 

    I make my way thru the halls swaying my hips as I take the elevator to the lobby…there I see the sultans cousin.

    Make my way to him making sure he sees my cleavage..Hi hun , I am Laura , have been sent by the sultan to keep you entertained while here.Would you like a drink in the lounge or get settled first.


    ‘After that trip lets get a drink. Please lead the way.’  After he checks in and sees to his luggage gets taken to his room.   He doesn’t hide his eyes gazes as he watches your ass sway as you lead him to the lounge.

    Once you arrive at the lounge he takes a seat and doesn’t bother to see to it you are seated.

    ‘So what kind of place is this?  I heard it was a resort a place to relax.”

     Laura Luv 

    Decides he wants a drink in the lounge first… hmmm , may need to get him drunk here then drug him upstairs..

    Leadhimto the lounge ready to seduce him , sure he  is watching my ass and tits..he slides into a booth with me right behind him…‘So what kind of place is this?  I heard it was a resort a place to relax.”

    Reach over and start to caress his  chest..giggle a bit…It is a resort that caters to thier guests needs , so sexy what should I call you and how may I serve you.

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    ‘You can call me Max.  We can continue this up stairs.  It may be more private.  ‘  He takes his finger and runs it down your thigh.  Then across your breasts.  Then smiles at you .

     Laura Luv 

    Hmmm , he is falling for my seductive ways as I mention we go up stairs..he is quick to agree…

    Starts to feel my body up as he smiles…Sure Max , lead the way as I push my tit to his fingers…

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