Shannon’s Penthouse

Laura's new Job.

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    I awaken some time later in my bed. it feel s huge.  Then Buffy and Laura come in and Laura seems different. They lay down on each side of me. Buffy smiles as she sees me looking Laura over.

    ‘Don’t worry I made Laura her correct size again.  I had to so we could drag sissy Shannon up here.  Yes you are still sissy Shannon.  I have to have as much fun while you are like this that I can.’   She smiles and I feel her hand reach down and stroke my tiny erection.  Then she stops and tells Laura to do it.  I soon start to squirt .

    ‘Now what do yo tell Miss Laura, sissy Shannon?”  I look at her. I think I better go along with this. “Thank you miss Laura” I manage to say still in shock.

    ‘Don’t worry you only have a few more days before the stuff wears off and you return to normal.’

     Laura Luv 

    I  carry Shhannon to bed for Miss buffy and do clean her up a bit as she is passed out , I lick the cum from her neck ,tits and her tiny clitty..

    We lay on each  side of Shannon , then am asked tostroke her till she cums in my hand her little clitty still potent..

    Then smile as Miss Buffy insists….‘Now what do yo tell Miss Laura, sissy Shannon?”

    Giggle as she thanks me calling meMiss , take my cum covered hand to her face…Lick it clean sissy.



    I lick the hand with out question. then as I lay there I do think Laura is having a good time with this. When Buffy’s voice  booms out taring me out of my thoughts.

    ‘Laura what do you think we should do with sissy Shannon?’

     Laura Luv 

    I want to laugh as Shannon licks the cum from my hand …what a slut enjoying her cum…

    Then hear Buffy…‘Laura what do you think we should do with sissy Shannon?’

    now laugh and look at Shannon…Well Miss since she loves cum we shoud put her talents to work and make us some money , maybe take her to the glory hole.



    ‘Not that I need the money, but that may be fun to do.  We also need to make sure we get it recorded.  Then there is the fact that you are still a maid here, so you will need to act like one outside this penthouse. I do like your idea, but first we need to get sissy Shannon some slutty clothes. So we take her shopping then to the glory holes.’

    Buffy smiles and then looks at me. Then she looks at Laura. Then she says.

    ‘Outside the penthouse we will have to come up with another name for Miss Shannon, we must refer to her as sissy Shannon, we may have to give her bigger breasts, so people don’t recognize her.  She is already shorter and she does look different, but lets not take any chances, who knows what they would do to you if they found out the truth.’

    Buffy starts to get up off the bed and gets the breast enlargement cream and gives it to Laura.

    ‘You want to do the honors?’

     Laura Luv 

    Oh Buffy likes the idea , but we must plan this carefully…first , I need to be a maid outside the penthouse and Shannon will be sissy Shannon with bigger tits…giggle…

    We also decide to shop for slutty clothes…foe our Sissy….Buffy hands me the breast enlargement creamand lets me do the honors…

    Take a big scoop of cream and start on  her breasts..MMMMmmmmm , they feel so good .


    I watch as Miss Laura takes a big scoop of the cream and begins rubbing it in to my breasts as I can feel the cream working I have a strange reaction and start squirting.  After I stop I still remain erect.  Buffy laughs at the squirting.  Then scoops the cum up and makes me lick it off her hand.

    ‘That is how you deal with that Laura.’  Buffy tells her.  Then buffy takes and puts a collar on me with a leash.

    The two get ready putting on clothes and soon are ready.  They lead me to the elevator and we ride down to a lower floor were the shops are located.  I am lead into one and soon with some make-up and hair styled I don’t look like I did.

    ‘Laura hold sissy Shannon’s leash for a bit.’ Buffy tells Laura as the two walk.

    Then the two lead me to the glory holes.  I am lead to a mattress and my leash tied to the wall and they watch as the first cock is shoved through and I service it.  Knowing at this point I can’t fight as I am to far into it.

     Laura Luv 

    I start to feel so different as I rub her  tits with the cream , my submissive tenancies returning.See Miss Shannon squirt and am ready to lick it up  when Buffy has Shannon eat it…

    Watch as Shannon is colard and leashed and we go shopping …. wow when we are done , I can not believe how dominant Shannon is…

    Smirks when she looks me inthe eye , think she knows she can have me when she her enter the glory hole.

    As the first cock enters she sucks it like a pornstar.



    In between cocks I look at Laura and smile.  Then I start the next one.  I here Buffy over there counting. I think she is at 9 now.  But finally the cocks are gone from the wall.  “No more.” I say as I sit down. Buffy then comes over and leashes me up and we start to go.  She then stops and hands the leash to Laura.

    ‘Laura take the leash on the walk.’  Then we begin again.  We heads back to my penthouse.  Buffy goes in first then us after closing the door.  She take my leash from Laura.  She leads us both to the sofa.  Once we sit on the sofa.

    ‘That was so fun I really do enjoy my visits.  You seem to open up my dome side Shannon and your new maid is also fun, you better watch her or she may end up being my maid one day.’

    “Oh if you need to borrow her you can.”  I say as I seem to be coming around again. I: am not sure how long I have been like this, but I seem to have been in a fog.

    “I will have the subjects delivered to you and then you will begin the process I do hope you record it I do love seeing them change. ‘  Buffy sneakers.  We sit there a little more and chat.

     Laura Luv 

    I am now feeling bad about suggesting the glory hole for Miss Shannon , but admit she sucks cock like a true pro…

    With the last cock I am given Shannon’s leash and Miss Buffy leads us back…keep looking at my sexy Miss behind me and tease her with my sexy ass..

    Thankfully the visit is almost  over as Miss no longer has that dazed over look , maybe she will not remember what she was made to do.

    The Miss’s continue to chat about business ,as this horny slutty sub is ready to serve….Excuse me ladies would you likesomething to drink ?



    ‘Yes Laura why don’t you get us a glass of whine. ‘   Then we continue to chat.  When Laura returns she gives us our drinks.  Then I say to Laura.

    “Laura sissy Shannon needs a blow job.”  I smile as it won’t take to long and the fact it is still 2 inches.

    I open my legs and continue to chat with Buffy. Buffy giggles and watches as we chat.

    ‘Your products are really impressive.  The fact that they do just as you say is well worth the money you have to pay for them’.

    She waits till Laura is done.

    ‘Wouldn’t you agree Laura?’

     Laura Luv 

    I hand both Miss’s their wine , as I am ordered to  give Shannon a blow job….

    They talk and giggle as I take the two inches in my mouth…MMMmmmm, they  talkabout products as Shannon is quick to cum ,, so much for a  little cock…..notice her cock has grown to three inches…Wouldn’t you agree Laura…

    Lookup and nod my head as my mouth is full.


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    We soon conclude our visit.  As Buffy leaves Laura shows her out like a proper maid should do.  I go up to my bedroom.  When you finally come up there you find me standing in front of the mirror looking at my tiny member.

    “Just go a head and make the bed it still is a mess from last night.”   I tell you as I keep looking at my tiny member.

     Laura Luv 

    I see Miss Buffy out , then it is upstairs to check on Miss Shannon.Look at her in her sexy outfit as she inspects her tiny cock…

    Wants me to make the bed ,  guess she can not fuck me with such a little wiener…giggles….do whisper in her ear….I think your cock is bigger since I blew you.


    I look at you.  “Not really, but any way a day or two and I it will be back to its normal size. While we are talking about normal size your bigger breasts I think we should keep them that size. You may even beable to use them when my member returns to normal size. I do know I would like that, they could even stand to be bigger.”

    I smile then go over and left them up.  I poke you with my tiny member as I do.

    “Oh it will return to its normal size soon .  ”  I smile again.

    “But this is a normal sales pitch party so you may have to get used to it.  And yes some customers like to see my massive member shrunken down to this size. so you may see it like this a few times.  But you may also have size MM cups breasts to.  It is all part of a sales pitch to sell my custom changes”

     Laura Luv 

    Hmmm , I know her cock is slightly bigger , maybe now 3 inches , but she claims no.

    Just wanted more of her thick cum.Claims she will be back to normal soon…talks of mytits and sales pitches and creams…..mentions bigger tits up to  MM….Omg….

    Any more changes to my cock ?


    I sit down and use my finger and thumb and stroke my self.  “This feels so strange.  You want to come over and help.  It is almost to small to really stroke right and with these tits I really can’t see what I am doing.”  I sit there doing the best I can for not being able to see what I am doing.

    I sit and watch you and stroke even more , but it feels so strange to me I stop and wait for you.

     Laura Luv 

    Miss Shhannon is firmly back in control of me as I watch her stroke her cock..Can tell she is having a time ofitnot getting any satisfaction…asks formy help…

    Start to stroke her , but it ishard to get a god grip , maybe sucking her will help…

    Isuck , then stroke , over and over again , might be my imagination , but she seems bigger….

    Stop stroking and take all her cock into me.


    I instantly squirt into Laura’s mouth.  Not being able to control my member is getting really bothersome, but I think Laura is liking it.  I soon fall back on the bed on my back.  I must look strange laying on my back.

    How I must look with my tits protruding off my chest as I lay there.   Then I remember something I had gotten some time ago.

    “Laura get that package in my closet. Marked big.” I lay there until she gets the package for me.  Once she does I get up and open it then put those clothes on with Laura’s help.

    “What do yo think Laura.”  I say to her as I notice my tiny erection poking against the spandex.

     Laura Luv 

    I suck Miss off again and get another big load of cum , but must have tired out Miss as she lays on the bed…

    Just looking at her makes my pussy wet…then think  her cock is bigger , can not wait for her to be back to normal.

    Asks me to get a package for her ,then help her put them on , get so excited feeling her sexy body…then poses as she asks me what I think…

    Hmmm , rub her tiny cock thru the spandex …..Think your still excited.


    “Yes about that.  I am going to give you and order and you will follow it do you understand?”  I sit one the bed and look p at her.  To help get me over this faster I need you to rub my tiny member through the spandex, every time you see me today.  Except if I am on any business calls Other then that make me cum make me shoot this sissy jizz out of me. Do I make myself clear. ”   What a strange order but I have to get all the sissy cum out of me then my body can start to recover faster.  At least I hope so.  Soon from her rubbing I start to squirt my sissy cum in my spandex.  I didn’t have a chance to pull them down.  Oh well this should only last a day, I hope.

    I get up and start to do something around the place I normally have to do.  I wonder how Laura will fulfill her order I gave her?

     Laura Luv 

    Miss gives me a strange order as she wants me to rub her cock today every time I see her…then I hear why which makes perfect sense..

    make me cum make me shoot this sissy jizz out of me

    Rub her little cock and soon see a big wet spot…OMG , wonders if I should lick her clean…Surprised as she goes about her business …. moves to the kitchen and I follow her , want to get all the sissy cum out so she will feel better.

    Kneel and rub her sticky spandex.




    The day goes on as every time I run in Laura she makes my thing squirt.   She I think may have fun doing this.  Soon my spandex is so filled with cum I manage to get up to my bed room.  I then make it to the shower.  Once out of the shower I climb in bed and sleep for the night.

    The next day I awaken and look my self over.  “Laura “, I say “Laura come here.”  I say again.  When I see Laura come in I am on my back my member holding the covers up like a circus tent.

    “Laura come check to make sure everything is like it was. ”  I say as I lay there.

    O.O.C. lost the first post some how so I had to rewrite it,

     Laura Luv 

    I want miss to get her grove and big coock back as quick as she can …Spend the day making her squirt till the small wet spot is all over her  spandex and she smells like cum..

    Help her shower and to bed as she must have squirted 15 times or more.Sleep thru the night and head to the kitchen to make Miss coffee when she shouts for me….

    Run up the steps then down the hallway into her room thinking something is wrong.

    OMG , see the sheets lifted like a tent …smile knowing her cock is back….“Laura come check to make sure everything is like it was.

    Look at the lovely site and lick my lips…Miss , your cock is back ,  may even be bigger , should we see if it works ?



    “Yes you should I surly can’t walk around with it fully erect all day.”  I take it and rub it against your face to get you to suck on it.

    Once we finish that I get up and shower then open my closet and my clothes fit once again.  I put something on and then walk to my study were I spend some time in video conference .  After that I sit in the chair and begin stroking myself again.  when I finish id some more things and send an email.

    I go to the living room and lay on the sofa for a bit.

     Laura Luv 

    I tell Miss the good news ,that her cock is back and maybe better than ever…

    Wants her morning suck off which I gladly oblige.giggles…oh her sweet cream spurts into my mouth to start the day.

    Stay busy in the house as Miss is busy , shower , make the beds, and plan for lunch…..

    Notice Miss relaxing on the couch…Miss is there any thing I can do for you ?


    “Yes just give me a nice hand job.  Since I am at full size again. ”  It don’t take much to get me hard.  As I Lay there feeling her almost tiny hands on my huge member.  Or that is what it feels like anyway.

    I lay there then after she finished.

    “Laura go get a strap on, not the big one but the middle size one.”

     Laura Luv 

    Oh ,  I smile as she wants a hand job…start to jerk her warm meat as it grows quickly in my hand…..MMmmmm

    See it grow to full length as she starts to moan.See she is ready to cum and dare not let any cum be wasted , open wide and take her load…

    Lick my lips and swallow as Miss begins to soften.“Laura go get a strap on, not the big one but the middle size one.”

    Jump up and smile thinks Miss wants to be fucked.



    I see Laura bring back the strap on and she has a rather big smile on her face.

    “Yes I have to get ready for another client.  So you will put that on and lube it up really good before you have fun.  ”  I say as I get into position leaning on the sofa edge.  I watch Laura get things ready.   Once every thing is ready.  I can Feel Laura get in place.

     Laura Luv 

    I see a big smile on Miss’s face as I return with the strap on ,claims she has a client to get ready for …OMG , she does want me to fuck her…

    Strap it on and decide to let Miss lube it..rub it over her lips as she kisses then swallows….Mmmmmm..

    Bend her over the sofa and moove behind her rubbing her ass…..push closer…hee hee… she is ready.

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