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Laura's new Job.

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    “This is my bedroom.  You will show up everyday to make my bed and tidy up. ”   I then go and take a seat on the bed.

    “Now do you want to see some of your other duties?”

     Laura Luv 

    I had only been without Mistress for a few minutes ,  but I miss her so….starting to think this new life was  my fate…

    Wiggle my way down the hallway to the Mistress’s bedroom…knock annd enter and can not believe such a big room…

    “This is my bedroom.  You will show up everyday to make my bed and tidy up. ”

    “Mistress it will be an honor to tidy behind you…”  … then notice how stunning she looks on the bed , makes me wet just looking at her.

    Mentions other duties..think I willdo most anything to live with her….”Of course Mistress ,anything for your pleasure.”



    I get up and slide the clothes off of me .  So that I am now naked in front of you. “You will have to get used to seeing me naked, You can handle that can’t you?”  I say as I sit on the bed again.

    “You will also have to help me take care of my morning wood. I assume you can do this?”  I know she has seen it before, but now I can watch her reaction to my 16 inch erection.

     Laura Luv 

    Slides off the bed and removes her clothes …gives me a smirk… “You will have to get used to seeing me naked, You can handle that can’t you?”

    Can not believe her body , her tits so big and firm , then see her cock , still soft but looks like a ten iinch log…

    Shit I will behorny all the time… , but answer…..”yes Miss ,but you are so sexy…”

    Then mentions her morning wood as she strokes herself till she is rock hard……..”Miss I am here for your pleasure .”

    as I lick my lips.

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    I move and now am laying on the bed with my full erection standing like a flag pole. I look over to Laura. “What are you going to do when you come in here in the morning and find me like this?”

     Laura Luv 

    Oh my , have never seen a  cock so big , feel my new pussy dripping as Miss smirks at mme…

    Laura. “What are you going to do when you come in here in the morning and find me like this?”

    Miss , I would kiss annd lick and suck your cock till you cum in my mouth.

    Shiver thinking how much my jaws would ache.



    “Well what are yo waiting for it is erect and I tire of stroking myself. It does have to cum in order for it to go back down.” I lay there and wait for her to grab it and take care of it.

     Laura Luv 

    I see such a mischievous smile on her face as she slowly strokes her monster.

    Tells me it will stay hard till she cums…raises an eyebrow as my audition begins,

    Crawl onto the bed and use both hands to hod her cock…MMMMMmmmmm

    Start to kiss and lick around her shaft..then open wide and try to take her head…


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    As you grab my member and caress it and stroke it.  Then I start to cum.  I tell you to,” milk it , get every last drop out of it.”

    Then I start to moan as the flood gates open and I start to squirt every where.  I I get some in your hair and all over the bed.  I squirt a lot this time, as you milk my member.

    Once I am finished I get up and look at the bed. “You need to change that bedding now. ”   I go about getting up my now limp member swinging with every step I take to go to the bathroom to shower.

     Laura Luv 

    Amazed at how big she is , I want to stay here so I get busy taking as much cock into my mouth…

    Wow , get a spurt into my mouth…Mmmmmmm …. then the flood gates open…

    Spurt after spurts as I try to swallow load after load…..MMMmmmmm….OMG pulls from my mouth and finishes on my face and hair , her sweet cum everywhere.

    Smiles as she  stands , her cock now soft but still a good ten inches….orders me to  change the bedding as she showers…

    Lick her cum off me as I change the sheets , here her in the shower and find some towels to drry her when she finishes….waatch as she washes her amazing  tits.


    I am in the shower washing myself then when I finish I get out and dry myself with the towels you give me.

    “Sometimes I do need help washing my back. Can you handle that?”  I ask her with a smile.  I may not have to worry about her mounting me since she doesn’t have her member anymore. I smile at the thought.

     Laura Luv 

    She is a vision to behold as she showers….can not believe that I am now her girl…

    Leaves the shower and starts to dry off…“Sometimes I do need help washing my back. Can you handle that?”

    Look at her rear…MMMMmmmmm…

    Miss if you wish I could wash you in the shower.



    “Well normally I would go to now, but today I will stay and show you what your duties will be. I will get dressed though. ”  A short time later I do I fact get dressed.

    I am just finishing up dressing when I have to ‘adjust’ my cleavage.  “Now come with me. I will show you what needs to be done. Starting in the kitchen.”

     Laura Luv 

    I wait there naked as Miss gets dressed , but in reality she leaves little to the imagination…claims she will show me my duties today…..still getting familiar with my body…. my tits so small compared to Misses.

      “Now come with me. I will show you what needs to be done. Starting in the kitchen.”

    Start to follow her looking at her curvy rear.



    I lead you down stairs to the kitchen.  “You will need to clean this and do the dishes. Then look in the cupboards and frig to see what is in there. You will also need to keep these stocked, so you will have to go to the store to get more things to keep them stocked. I will go to the living room and recline on the sofa while you do this. Also don’t forget to make sure the floor is clean to.”

    I go to the living room while she gets busy in the kitchen.

     Laura Luv 

    I follow her obediently like a little pet till we reach the kitchen.

    Look around at the dishes and the clutter….not real bad but will take some time to make spot less.

    Wants the dishes ,counters and floor cleaned and organize the cupboards and frig , tells me one of my duties will be to keep things full…as  I prepare to  start , Miss reclines in the living room…

    First things first clean the clutted and organize and inventory the cupboard and frig. seems kinda strange naked , but also kinky…

    Do the dishes and finish  cleaning mopping  the floor last……Make my way to Miss….Miss everything is complete now except for a trip to the store , but I need to know your favorite foods.


    I smile and giggle,” didn’t you want to get your uniform dirty?” As I see that she is still naked. “Why don’t you put your uniform on. ”  I sit there and wait.  When she arrives back. “Now I think I will send you to go get some of the things to restock my kitchen, just remember the stores I pointed out to you, I will sit here and watch a movie, you will be back before the movie ends. You have two hours to complete your task. You may go now.”  I sit back and push play on the movie.

     Laura Luv 

    I hurry and do my chores and can not wait to be with Mistress…

    Walk into the living room as Miiss relaxes….smirks at me naked and wants me in uniform ….oh dear…

    Put on my skimpy uniform…

    “Now I think I will send you to go get some of the things to restock my kitchen, just remember the stores I pointed out to you,

    My mouth flies open stunned…..But Mistress , I am practically naked.


    I smile , “well i’m sure you will get a lot of looks as you go out. Just don’t forget your ID badge or you will have to blow the guard to get back here.”  I smile as I lean back and get comfy.

    “You could put a coat on while you run to the store.”   I lay there and push start to play my movie.

     Laura Luv 

    Looks at me and smiles , knowing that my uniform covers very little…laughhs that I will get lots of looks….

    Starts to soften a bit reminding me to take my ID badge…and allows me a coat….

    Curtsy as I thank Miss , take the coat , which covers just below my waist … at least my tits are covered..and if I stand straight my ass will not show…

    As Miss starts her movie , I scamper out the door , use the stairwell to avoid many guests seeing me and take the alleyways to the first store.


    I lay there watching my movie and think I hope they tell her that she can phone in the order next time. But she has to go out by herself once to see how things work. She may even like the slutty always horny clerks there.  If she don’t tell them who she is shopping for it will take her a very long time to get back here with all the sex she will have. Before getting out of there with her supplies. But if she does it right she will have time to check out the other stores to.

    I smile at the thought of what she may have gotten herself into.

     Laura Luv 

    My time is limited as Miss wants me back to her suite before her movie is over….

    Start to pick up all the groceries as I notice I am being followed…seems these clerks are a horny bbunch , several walking by pinching my ass…….

    Finally make my way to checkout….and they try to stop me from checking out…yet when I tell them I need to return to Miss Shannon ,they stop harassing me ..take my groceries and run next door for just a few items….

    Look at my watch  and am making good time , return to my building when security stops me.

    Asks for my ID , as Ismile and reach in my coat pocket ,but it is gone…..see the smirk ..There is only one way to return to Miss Shannon… cum with me.


    I sit there then I lay down to watch the movie.  Before long I have my member out as it got hard for no reason.  So my maid not here I begin to stroke myself.

     Laura Luv 

    The guard takes me into the  security room as I remember Miss telling mme without ID , I must blow the guard…Hmmmm..

    Now that the guard is a female , guess I will be eating pussy….

    The guard grins at me , then orders me to my knees…lick my lips wanting pussy when OMG….

    She pulls out an 8 inch cock and orders me to get to work.


    I sit up and start to stroke myself and then I finally cum all over my coffee table I start to clean it, but think the maid will get it.  So I lay back down, I’m sore I will be hard once more.

     Laura Luv 

    I am sure by now Miss is expecting me , but I bet one of the horny clerks took my ID…

    Shocked when I see the cock , I get to work …must say she has a nice big tasty cock , but nothing like Miss Shannon…     Suck her cock as she moans until she fills my mouth with cum… even has me lick her clean before she lets me go…

    Smiles at me….I will see you again soon my little bitch .

    OMG , hurry along with my supplies up to Miss’s suite….hurry in and set the  groceries into the kitchen…

    Take off my coat and curtsy….So sorry  to be late Miss , someone stole my pass.


    “That is why you wear it around your neck. ”  I sit back and look at the tv.

    “After you put the groceries away clean up the cum on the table. Since you took your time and wasn’t here to do your duties.”   I lean back on the sofa and finish watching my movie.  Then I just scan the channels to see what is on, since I normally don’t get a chance to do this due to my work schedule.

    I wait for her to get in the living room .

     Laura Luv 

    I know I am late ,  but Miss scolds me just a bit , no real punishment..whew…

    Then starts to order me…..” put the groceries away clean up the cum on the table. Since you took your time and wasn’t here to do your duties.”

    Curtsys , Yes Mistress…

    Restock the cupboards then grab a sponge and some towels for the creamy mess on the table.

    Strut into the living room…


    I watch as she cleans up the cum with a sponge.  “Next time you are late you will lick up the cum with your tongue. ”  I say as she is busy.

    “Now go to the kitchen and fix me a snack. I think something like a sandwich, for now.”  As I sit back and scan the channels.  “Ham and cheese and something to drink like a soda there should be some in the frig.”

     Laura Luv 

    Hmmm , mayhave gotten away with one as I clean Misses cum up with a sponge…. really believed I would be liicking it off…

    Now wants her maid to make her a snack….Put together a ham and cheese sandwich with pickles and chips on the side , add a soda and return with a tray.

    Give Miss a curtsy and sets her plate down….notice her cock semi hard….Miss do you need  anything else now ?

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