Shannon’s Penthouse

  • I stop you from playing to much with my limp member.

    “Let me get to the bed first so I can sit and enjoy it.”  Once I finish drying off, I shake my member around making it dance in front of you while I towel off, teasing you. Then I move to the bed where I can sit.  I lean back on my bed and allow you access to my member.  It is not long be…[Read more]

  • Having changed out of the short heels into the longer 5 inch heels as I went about cleaning. I enter the shower area with fresh towels and seeing your naked cock, makes mine tent in my panties and it shows through my uniform. I immediately drop to my knees and towel your balls dry and then your cock, which I bring to my lips and kiss, I then begin…[Read more]

  • I sit there watching you for a while before I adjourn to my bed chambers.  I then proceed to get ready for a shower.  I call to you to come and bring me some fresh towels.

    When you arrive I am standing there naked my member hanging down to my knees. It swings about as I step out of the shower along with my breasts bouncing with each step I take.

  • <p dir=”ltr”>blushes</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Thank You Mistress</p>
    I stand up and pull my panties back up covering my now limp penis, there was something very self satisfied about the way Mistress was looking at my limp penis, as if my penis being limp was its ideal state. I put the badge on my maid uniform, and I begin cleaning Mistress’ p…[Read more]

  • “Very good.”  I say I did this to test her to see if she would do as I say.  Pleased with the results I lean back and look at her.

    “You may get your clothes on and go get me a drink. ” Once you return with my drink.  I look at you.

    “You are my maid now, so you will clean my place and keep it really clean.  I will be coming and going you will kee…[Read more]

  • Yes Mistress

    I lift up my dress, and pull my panties down to my knees, I take my penis which has grown to an impressive sissy length of 5 inches in my hand and I slowly start stroking it. I try to prolong the show for Mistress, however if I had any stamina I probably wouldn’t be standing in short heels and a french maid uniform masturbating at…[Read more]

  • I look at you standing in front of me.  “I think you need to do something. Start stroking yourself. Show me how much you like what I have done.  Now keep in mind any mess you make you will have to clean up after all.”

    I sit there and begin to watch my show.

  • I put things away moving relatively well now in the short heels. Thankful that I was with Mistress when we passed security despite Mistress’ assurances they still creep me out and I’m afraid of them.

    I enter the living room and stand in front of Mistress once I’ve finished with my chores in the kitchen.

  • Once we leave the shoe place I take you to the local grocery store were I show you a few things that I like. “You will be coming by here to pick things up for my place.   I expect things to be restocked every week.”

    Then after I pick a few things out I will have delivered this time. I make you sign for the things to show you how todo this when I…[Read more]

  • yes Mistress

    *humiliated as i lumber back to Mistress in the low heels, my panties are so wet there is a wet spot on the front of my brand new maids uniform*

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Shannon's PenthouseLaura's new Job. in the forum Shannon's Penthouse 1 month ago

    While Laura does such a good job of cleaning my member I cum again on her face.  Then after that we both drift off to sleep.  Then when we wake up later the next morning I tell her to get my breakfast and then take a shower.  Still overly active member bouncing as I walk I wear something that will cover it.

    Then I see to it that Laura is dr…[Read more]

  • Her cock is so bi , but I want to show her  what a loyal horny slut I am..Admit my name is Lovecock…

    OMG , admitting it must have thrilled Miss as she rams deep into me , hear her pant and moan..

    Oh feel  her pull out  and cum all over my back and ass ,showing her dominance..

    Miss lays on the bed smiling , her cock still hard. “So Miss Loves…[Read more]

  • I smile and slap her ass again.  Then I begin to really pound her until I pull out and stroke myself to orgasm all over her back side.

    Then I lay on the bed .  “So Miss Lovescock, what are you going todo now?”

  • OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, feels so good as I grab my ankles and let Miss take my cunt…Mmmmmm…..

    Want to show just how loyal I am  as she pounds my cunt …oh my gosh , I love her cock….

    . “What’s your name?

    I do love her cock ,  but for everyone to know would be so humiliating…feel her cock slide deeper….

    Finally whimper…Lovecock


  • As I take you from behind I see you don’t even put up any fight in fact you are very docile almost like you want it.  As I pump you for a while I ask you. “What’s your name?” As I continue to pump you from behind.  Waiting for your reply I slap your ass making it jiggle.  I smile wen you finally say it.

  • I hope I have proven my loyalty  to Mistress , seducing and trapping the sultans cousin and sucking the sultans cock..

    Now eagerly sucking Miss’s cock I am so happy..even mentionns changing my name to Lovescock….hmmm…

    Sends me upstairs to prepare her bed ….gets busy wanting it perfect for Miss.


    OOhhhhh , feel Miss grab my hips…[Read more]

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