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Sissy class

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    “NO, I do not like wearing woman clothes. It was those crazy men that strip me and put my into this dress. They also glued this wig on me and brought me here. I don’t even have any underwear on I want a pair of boxer shorts.”


    I do not like this there are too many women here and I see at least two of them are in charge.


    ” Really well you do look so very cute in that dress- they must have realized that you are closet queen and needed to come out in public. I can make use of you, I moving to England and will be needing a large household staff to take care of the mansion, you can be one of my maids.  ”


    OOc I will be taking all my girls too serve at my new home. I think having all of you serve as sissy English maids make things more interesting. Going to start a new thread, hope you girls will join me. Running out of ideas for this one. I will keep this one for a while longer home

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    “What???? No way, I am not going to be a maid. Maids have to wear panties, nylons held up, short sexy maid outfit, and high heels. I am a man name Tim so go to England and I will leave here. It is bad enough I am in this dress.”

    I argue back but it is exactly what my parents wants. Turn into a complete sissy and serve women and sometimes even submit to men that she chooses.


    OOC: Sounds like fun.

     slave stacey 

    My banana split arrives and I eat it while the new girl moans about having to wear a maid’s uniform. I mean, just look at my school uniform. I’d swap it for a maid’s modest costume any day. Speaking of my school uniform, I’m still worried about how I must pay for this ice-cream when I don’t have any money…


    “Girls you are going to love England, my placed tucked away in the country side,  we have so much time to play in private”


    Following my sister’s advice, I have walked to the Manor House to see if the new owner lady has any job for me.  I haven’t earned any money since that horrid woman I was the companion for found out about my secret and fired me.   I had to come stay with my sister as she is my only relative.  And she is getting a bit sick of me ‘cramping her style’.  I know she would like her privacy back so she is hoping the new owner here could use a personal attendant. The side gate leads to a very secluded part of the house where the old servant’s quarters used to be.  There is a private-looking door, half open.  I knock and wait.  Nothing.  But I hear the sound of voices from somewhere inside.  I step nervously inside and jump in surprise!  But it is only my refection in a long dusty mirror in the back porch.  I think I look quite presentable in my Summer skirt and plain blouse under my best sweater.  Couldn’t find tights so I am wearing some old stockings held up with a suspender belt.  I haven’t any suitable panties so I have taped  down my little girly bit so ‘she’ doesn’t stick out suddenly if I the new lady is ..  ..  Mmm Better not think about naughty things!

    By now I have crept along the bottom corridor and hear a stern voice quite clearly now.  Now the clack of heeled shoes coming along the stone floor leading to this part of the house.  Suddenly I panic.  But before I can retreat, a stunning lady appears at the far end of the dim corridor.  She is coming my way. I see she is looking quite annoyed.  I freeze.  I am standing in the shadow of the back stairs.  I wonder if I have time to scamper up to the servant’s old bedrooms before she reaches me.  I am half way up when I hear a voice that freezes my blood.


    OOC that’s fine that you are here. This will be Our very own Manor for now. Asking the other girls not to join in here.

    I am being used to being part of the British Nobility, Dutchess of Newberry indeed. Going on paid off. Well, I am the Mistress of the Manor but I do need a domestic servant, a Dutchess simple doesn’t mop floors. So very quiet, wait I hear something- getting feeling that I am not alone. I pick up a stun gun and go in search of the trespasser.


    O there’s someone hiding, looking to make a break for it.  “Don’t make a Move or I will Shoot. COME OVER HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!”

    I get a good look- oh it’s a girl, a rather cute girl. “Well, what are you doing here?”

    She just might be the answer to my servant problem, do need a maid.




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