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Confidential Reports relating to Missy Evelyn

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    This is a log of notes and records made by private investigators on behalf of Lady Katherine, Duchess of Newbury.

    A partial record of notes taken verbatim during evaluation by Wiltshire Counselling Service.

    Part of the account given by the subject him/herself

    ” … Lots of sissies want to be a ‘plaything’ but that is not very nice, I think. I guess you would say that I was a ‘plaything’ once and I didn’t like it. I just wanted to be liked; just a little bit. But now I see I was really just a ‘plaything’.

    One day when I was in my next last semester at college, I was playing football for fun with about eight other guys. (usually they didn’t let me join in but they were short that day I guess) Well, me and another guy tackle the ball carrier and he fumbles. Suddenly he jumped up and shouted “Hey are you perv or what!” And push me away. And turn to friends and say, “No wonder I fumble, he grab my dick!” But I didn’t, he told a lie.

    Then they all get mad. One says “OK if that what you want, come here.” They march me off to a changing room and the one guy in charge, he says “So grab this.” There is a lot of laughing. And they made me .. do things. You know, give them a nice time with my hand. So that how it started. Not all of them but three of them were worst. They often took me to old barn. One would be on guard if someone comes. Other two take turns to make me .. do wicked things. Like before but while one holds me kneeling down I have to do it .. .. not with hand. But, you see, what is worse is that .. .. my goodness, it hard to tell you. They didn’t do the very bad thing but ..[words inaudible] .. I can’t tell now!”



    (Stenographer’s note: Subject breaks down and sobs for a couple of minutes.)

    Well, anyway, to continue, I will just say that I feel so bad that I think I feel better if I have a strict punishment. But I think this only in my imagination.

    Now one thing the guys did soon after; they ask me to join for beers and game of ‘Truth or Dare’. They said I was a good sport and I wanted to be in their gang so I went along. Well, when it was my turn, I couldn’t take the dare they offered so I choose to tell truth. That is how I tell them that I need punishment for bad things I have done.

    They laugh a lot at me and later they tell others. One day, on my way back to my frat house, car pulls up and guys say “Get in, we have something for you.” Two get out and bundle me in before I can run. They were not the usual three. I only recognise one. He was a scary oddball. They take me to a barn on old man Whittaker’s place, miles from anywhere. They take me inside. I am real scared now. One hold me and others take off all my clothes. When I am struggling and calling for help, the mad guy slaps me hard across my face. I gasp in shock and one of the others stuffs my shorts in my mouth and wrap tape round. I still struggle but they talk about what to do with me. One disappears for a few minutes and returns with rope. They tie me to two posts, my legs as well, spread apart. They put a flour bag over head. Then it start. I don’t know what they use but it hurt a lot and left marks for long time. They went on and on. I faint and they throw water on me. They laugh and say bad things. They make me thank them and beg for more. I make them laugh more. Then they make me do what the others made me do. And every time, they make me beg for beating.

    Then, days later, they come up to me in the lunch hall. They show me horrid photograph and make me ask if they will spank me after class. Of course, I say I am busy. They start to make announcement saying ‘look here guys’, to all others there, so I quickly ask, not say spank, but just say ‘yes please, do it’ and they all laugh and leave me. All afternoon I think they will show photo if I don’t go. So I wait for them and we go back to barn. They don’t tie me like on other days. They make me bend over and hold ankles. They hit me more but no so bad as first time. I can’t tell all. It was horrid.

    I go to tutor to say I have problem with some bullies. He sends me to counsellor and say I have personal problem and must leave but she arrange for me to go to other college for last semester.

    When I leave college, I do what I always dream of. I start to wear girlie underwear; first just around apartment, then to work. I wear floppy trousers and shirst like blouse. I grow my hair. So when I leave and move away, I can begin to live as woman. I keep to myself. So this is why being ‘plaything is not fun. But I will do anything for someone who is kind to me.

    I get job as a trainee graphic designer and have the task to design part of poster range for Lacy Place. So I have to research before I can do good job. But I find out things I can’t put on poster!! Someone there told me that England was a nice place to be trans so I go to stay with old lady as her personal assistant.

    I hope to find kind person, nice friend, maybe like me. But I’m only ordinary gurl, not glamorous. The only things I do well is art. I make appointments with a doctor about hormones. She help a lot and I see a special doctor. We talk a lot. I tell her everything. Now I am not so upset I will try to tell you. You see, those things that those guys made me do, .. you know .. I .. I .. liked it. There were other things I imagined but they never made me do that. Maybe my [inaudible word(s)] thingy is too tight.

    And I feel very bad because I like it so much I feel awful about it .. .. I hope to find nice person here to punish me just a bit whenever I am naughty. I will do wicked things to ‘pay them’ in return. But I just read that you don’t like to do such things. So you see, I think I come to wrong place. Can you tell me where I should go. I just want nice person who understand and not mock me and .. .. and maybe tie me up sometimes? And spank me a bit? Even with a cane or riding crop or strap .. .. but just with kindness, not with cruelty.

    [Tape break in transcript]

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