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The Sissy Shop " Shopping Trip For Mike "

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    The Sissy Shop.  Owned By Miss Hana Saiko.

    Just once I would love to dress those fools who set these shops up for us.

    -looks around-   – makes scoffing sounds –

    “Oh my look what’s standing at my threshold!”

    Well if he is to be my first customer , I almost feel sorry for him, being pissed off the way my shop was arranged. Its like what amateurs! Well he is looking pretty confused I will just keep straightening my racks while he comes in or doesn’t. I have no time to waste watching the likes of him.


    for some reason I find myself in front of this store

    The Sissy Shop

    why do I want to go in

    as I look at the store windows all I  see are the most frilliest girliest things

    silk and stain

    ribbons and bows

    ruffles and so so many types of petticoats

    confused I find myself walking in and then looking at the racks with all these things on them




    Watching the guy ever so close. Normally a guy looking like this walks in then starts trash talking my shop. If men weren’t so over bearing in my country with all their demands. Its very possible I wouldn’t enjoy this part of the job so much. After all this is the time where I can demean them the most.  -quietly chuckling-  Who am I kidding I still would. I don’t want him to know I am the owner of this shop. I will play the part of a humbled employee. -politely waves to the guy- “Hi there I am Hana. Just let me know if I can help you.” Not wanting to act overly anxious to get him in one of my many dresses that I have on display. I like it so much better when they ask for to help them. The helpless poor guys.  I continue to straighten items up the mess that was left for me. 


    I offer up a little polite  quaint smile towards  the gentleman while he stammers out an excuse for why he is here.

    Oh really? Your girl friend’s birthday you say?  offering yet another little grin to try to not seem overly obvious towards him. Looking out side of my front window I take notice of the passing people watching him moving the clothes about. 
    That’s very nice of you to look for a Sweet Lolita Dress for her they are most popular.  Quite elegant.

    I hate to throw a hard ball at him already, still I must seem somewhat attentive to his needs

    Do you know her size by chance?

    Hopefully he will reply somewhat close to his size maybe a hint smaller.


    as I stammer about and use the excuse of a birthday present for my girl friend

    I do not notice that I am standing in front of and touching a sweet Lolita type dress that little girls would wear


    as I feel myself getting hard as you ask me her size

    OOOOOOOOOOOO blushing

    “size well I do not know she is about the same height as me as you can see I am on the small size

    but she is thinner and smaller than me”

    blushing… now really just wanting to run


    Oh Ok, about your size but maybe some smaller. Pausing while I look him over . Then I stop moving dresses around that I have been reorganizing.  Continuing to size him up.

    With just looking at you and trying to visualize her being somewhat smaller. I would say possibly a 2 now for your height, it is true you are not overly tall and your weight you are super skinny.  mm  lets seePausing with a breath my eye’s looking him up and down.

    I might suggest you start with a 4. 



    as you look at me questioningly as I say

    about my size many little smaller

    you then say 2 but lets start with a 4



    “ok what do you have to show me”

    as I feel my heart skip a beat and feel I have fooled you into believe sit is really for my girlfriend

    I do not even have a girl friend at the moment… I have stepped out of the way of the bullet so to speak

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