Layla’s Sissy Salon

Nathaniel needs a new look.

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    I look down at the business card I was given.  It was for Layla’s salon.

    I took a flight out to the city for a temp job, I know, odd…  But they provided full traval expenses for a two week evaluation as they decided who they were keeping.  I interviewed, got the job.  I was ecstatic, and then they told me I didn’t have the right look, but that would be fine, they had made a small deal with a local business to help the new employees find the right look for their new positions.

    I was to be personal assistant, a glorified secretary.  Fine by me.  I was well built, inteligent and over qualified for the position.  And they didn’t like the look?  Was it the goatee?  My hair was short, so I doubted they could do much for me.

    I get out of the car that the company provided, double check the address and step inside ‘Layla’s Salon’ and step up to the check-in desk Holding my appointment card.

    Little would I know, there was already an email sent to the salon ahead of me.

    To  the staff at Layla’s

    I have sent a strong prospect for a full makeover.  I have attached a picture of what I want the final product to look like, at least roughly.  I have complete faith in your discretion, and your cpability.

    I look forward to your results,




    Sitting at my desk in the back room I browse through my email and find a new request. The details include a picture of a sexy blonde secretary well endowed with an amazing set of tits.


    ”Hmmm… this should be easy enough. Now I just need to see the sissy we’re working with…” I think to myself. I tap a ruby red finger nail against my temple and envision the process necessary to achieve my goal.

    As I daydream, I hear a familiar ring as the salon door opens. One of my salon girls eagerly approaches my desk with news.

    “Miss Layla, your new client is here. Do you want one of the girls to start the makeover process?”

    I look over to my employee and raise a beautifully arched thin eyebrow.

    “That won’t be necessary darling. I’ll take care of this one myself. Prepare a batch of the special tea and please seat our guest. I’ll be right out.” I say with a devious smile.


    The receptionist guided me to a chair and went out back for a moment to let the beautician know I was here.  She was gone for several minutes and returned with a cup.  She offered to me, and I smiled and took it, “Thank you.”  I took a sip, it was oddly sweet and bitter, to opposites, but it was earthy and herbal.

    I felt tension wash away, it was a relaxing tea, I hadn’t actually expected that.  I expect that to be a line to sell product.  She spoke and I looked up at her breaking my attention from the cup I was staring at.  She wanted me to follow her, so I stood up and followed her taking another sip.  She led me to a seat, and I sat down staring at myself in the mirror as I took another seat.


    As the young man before me sits at my elegant salon chair I direct his attention to the mirror and look into his eyes through the reflection.

    “Hello love, my name is Layla and this is my salon. What is your name young man? I received an email from your work that requires you to abide by a very specific dress code.”

    I squeeze his upper arm with delicately painted ruby red fingernails and grin.

    “Has your company told you much about the dress code and what they expect? We have quite a bit of work to do today!”



    I continue to sit there taking a few sips of the tea.  I find myself a bit less nervous than I was.

    Then this woman comes in, she introduces herself as Layla.  She talks fast and loud and its hard to concentrate for some reasons, maybe its the lights, hey seem bright… I try to shake my head, “Oh, uhh.. sorry, My name is Nathaniel.”  She mentions something about a dress code for a company, “What company?”  Closing my eyes, “Sorry, yes, I guess I was awake too late last night, I’m a bit groggy…”  I take another sip of tea.

    “They didn’t say anything, just to come here and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.”


    “Ahh yes, I see.” I say with a curious grin.

    “Well, don’t you worry darling, we will get you fixed up right away for your new job!”

    Ruffling my hands through Nathaniel’s hair I think about the steps I need to take his look to the next level.

    “Wow your hair is so healthy! Do you use any product or do you just let it grow long naturally?”



    She seems very positive and very nice.  I think I like her.  She tells me not to worry and I nod my head “I won’t worry…”  I echo her words without a worry in the world.

    I feel her hands in my hair.  She tells me that its really healthy and asks me if I do anything to grow like this… “Its not that long, is it?”  Its been a couple months since my last hair cut…  “I use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, does that count?”  It seems to drain a lot out of me to focus on such a specific response.

    “Sorry,I’m just tired, I didn’t sleep enough last night…”did I already say that?


    “Yes I think you did!” I say with a smile and giggle.

    “How about you close your eyes and rest. While you do that I’ll just throw out some ideas and you tell me if that sounds good to you darling.”

    As Nathaniel relaxes I put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his crotch. I slowly begin to message a growing bump as Nathaniel fades and listens to my voice.


    She laughs, it almost feels distant to me.  She says somehing but I don’t quite get what she said, but I speak as well, almost a mumble, “How about I close my eyes and get some rest.  You can throw ideas at me..  It sounds good..

    A moment later I feel a hand rubbing my crotch, I wasn’t sure if that was my hand or not.  It was hard making out what she said, but somehow they seemed important, the words were making me horny…


    “That’s right, there you go.” I say as I softly stroke the bump forming from underneath his pants.

    “You are going to stay very relaxed for me Nathaniel. For the next two hours you are going to become very suggestable. We are going to have fun and by the end of the day you will walk out feeling refreshed, invigorated, and with a new sense of style. Almost like you’re a completely different person. That’s sounds nice doesn’t it sissy?”


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I let out a soft moan as she plays with my penis.  She says something but I hear it almost distantly.

    “I will stay relaxed for you…  for two hours..  Have fun… feel invigorated, refreshed with New style…” I groaned as she continued to play with my dick.  like I’m a completely different person.”  There was pause, I didn’t like something, part of me tensed, “I’m not a sissy…”  I said, still very calmly as I relaxed again.</p>


    “Yes, yes I understand. There is always apprehension to the term “sissy” in the beginning.” I whisper sweetly into Jessie’s ears.

    “Give it time, you’ll come around Nat…” I say with a smirk as I continue to caress the smock covered cock in front of me.

    As I guide my client through his relaxation I begin to suggest subtle ideas.

    “So darling, how would you like to feel powerful and professional in the workplace? Would you love a look that commands attention?”


    Absentmindly I nod my head, “Yeah…”  I trail off, then repeat, “I don’t like being called sissy now, but I’ll come around…”

    She asks me how I would like to look.  “Yeah.. powerful and professional…”  I say dreamily, ” I want  a look that commands attention.”  And oddly another thought came to my head without a prompt, “I want to stand out…”


    “Good, good darling. That’s very good. I think I have something perfect for you in mind. Just continue to drift off and relax. I think you’ll notice that you’re losing feeling of your lower body parts. No need to worry about that.”

    I continue to rubs my sissies bump through his smock until it becomes completely soft. The paralysis agent within the tea is beginning to do its work.

    As Nat relaxes in the chair I quickly move to a drawer located at my side. Within the drawer is a cute selection of feminine undergarments. I remove some black lacy thong panties, sexy black fishnet stockings, and a matching garter belt. I place all of the items on the counter next to me and continue to whisper into my sissies ear.

    ”Relax Nat, continue to enjoy the bliss of absolute peace in my salon. Here you are free and far away from any troubles.”

    I gently remove the pink smock from Nat’s body and I lean in to delicately unzip his pants. I unite and remove his shoes, followed by his pants, sliding each leg off ever so gently and quietly.

    Each time a piece of clothing is removed, Nat seemed to almost notice but then not care. He is totally vulnerable in his hypnotic state. I smile my devious grin and continue to execute my plan.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>She tells me I am good and I smile a bit and then she points out how I’m starting to lose feeling in my body.  It starts to feel like my body is falling asleep, like if I slept on my arm, only it was everything south of my belly button…

    I was aware of her moving around me, but she told me not to worry, enjoy the peace of the salon.  And I did feeling myself, or willing myself to sink deeper into the seat.  I felt my legs moving, but tried to stay inn my place of peace.

    I wasn’t sure, but i may have been naked from the waist down… “relaxing…” seemed to come from my lips.



    Now in a state of complete lower body paralysis, Nat was unaware as I completed my next step. I delicately slid up a pair of sexy lace panties up her virtually hairless legs. The underwear sat perfectly containing her small, flaccid cock, riding just right into her asscrack. Next I gently slid up a nice garter belt into position. I rolled a set of tights gently up each leg and clipped the straps into place.

    From the waist down, Nat already had the appearance of the perfect sissy. As the tea worked its way further up her body, the upper half would become paralyzed as well. I eagerly awaited the full body paralysis so I could finish dressing my doll.

    As I waited I continued to stroke her arm and whisper. “Nat, I think you’re going to look very pretty when we’re done today. Do you like being… pretty?”


    There was movement that I just couldn’t place, something was happening but I wasn’t sure what. The tingling was moving up my waist and slowly making the rest of me go numb.But I oculd still feel Layla rubbing my arm..

    She asked me a question about being pretty.  “I like being attractive.  I don’t think I like being called pretty, its to feminine…?”  An honest answer curled into something resembling a question as my malleable mind was ready to absorb any and everything she said.

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