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     Sissy Jessica 

    I blush when Layla asks me if I had worn lipstick before. With an embarrassed expression, I reply “Once. A group a girls in middle school tackled me to the ground and applied a pretty pink color to my lips.”

    Layla then leans forward to give me a passionate kiss. I reciprocate her affections, my tongue swirling in her mouth dancing on hers. She breaks the kiss and shows my the color she is about to apply. I continue to pucker for her as she applies the color to my lips. I feel the slick, smooth color coat my lips. They feel fuller, and wet.

    Layla rises again, and her passion drips from her member. I bring my head between her legs and start sucking on her sissy clitty again. I drink her in, as I work her shaft. My tongue flicks against the head and I use my hand to stroke too. I work her slowly and deliberately to give her a big ‘O’. I show my dedication to her as I continue to pleasure her, making her clitty hard and wet. I continue my assault on her until she can’t take anymore.


    I eagerly engage Jessie once again with my rock hard clitty. Digging my fingernails into her new blonde hair I feel my clit edged closer and closer. I look down to my sissy lover and watch as she engages me in full eye contact. Her ruby red lips looks pristine as they motion back and forth across my hard member. I can see small traces of lipstick being left behind on my clitty and she continues to suck and roll her tongue along my shaft.

    I look back into the eyes of my lover and grin my oh so devious grin. I know I’m close and can’t wait to surprise her with another treat. Without warning my clitty bursts with euphoria coating the slutty throat of my lover. My clitty pumps several thick ropes into the Jessie’s mouth and I stare into her eyes while holding her head firm around my clit. I can tell she enjoys the taste of every delicious drop of cum. My plan is working and there’s no coming back from this now.

    After one final pump I kissed my grip and begin to pull my clitty away from her mouth. A nice long rope of cum extends from the tip of my clit to the inside of Jessie’s mouth and as I continue to pull out it drops and lies on her chin.

     Sissy Jessica 

    Hot jets of Layla’s cum spurt into my welcoming mouth. I swallow her load, but as she pulls out, a thick rope of cum extends between her tip and my lips. It breaks apart and lands on my chin. I carefully wipe it with my forefinger and extend it up to Layla for suck. Innocently I say: “Thank you Miss Layla for the treat.”

    As I remain kneeling, I realized that she has pulled something out of me that I never realized was there. Was I really a sissy? Did I enjoy sucking on her? I loved the feeling of the red, glossy lipstick on my lips, and kinda liked the hairstyle she had just given me. I wanted to go in further. “Miss Layla, what is next for my transformation?”


    My eyes widen in excitement as my sissy apprentice offers a cum filled finger for me to suck. I grin and open my mouth for another taste of that delicious cream.


    “Mmmm….” I savor the remaining sample as I lick Jessie’s finger from top to bottom.

    ”You’ve come so far in a very short time Jessie. I must admit, I’m quite impressed. Gurls like us are usually reluctant to the process at first but you have exceeded expectations. You remind me of myself when I was a bit younger. Eager to serve!”


    I stare into my sissys eyes yet again and again and observe the sparkle within them.

    “You really do enjoy every second of this. Tell me, when did you know you were a sissy? At some point in life you must have heard your calling. You just weren’t sure about it until now.”

     Sissy Jessica 

    I sit and think back for a period when I realized what this was. I look up at Layla and reply: “I think I first fantasized about dressing like a girl when I was 5 or 6. These feelings grew with me, but I suppressed them until now. I guess I’ve always been a sissy, but been too afraid to enact on it. Thank you for showing me the way.”


    “Of course my love, it’s what I do. I bring out the girls inside all of us that have wanted out for so long.”

    I lean forward and embrace Jessie in a passionate kiss.

    “Come now darling, we have much more to do.” I raise to my feet and motion for Jessie to follow me over to the vanity table.

    “Take a seat in front of the mirror. Let’s fix that lipstick and then work on those eyes baby.”

     Sissy Jessica 

    I kiss Layla back, all too willingly. My tongue dances on hers as we kiss. She gently breaks, telling me there is more to be done. I rise up and follow her to the vanity. I sit on the stool and see myself in the mirror. There’s a faint cum stain on my chin, which makes me smile. I am Layla’s sissy now.

    I watch Layla as she fixes my lippy, and mentions that she is going to do my eyes. My clitty stiffens again, and starts to leak. The feeling of being transformed by make up is a magical thing. Something I had only dreamed of. Something I had enjoyed when I was in the high school play. I beam a large smile: “I’m ready for the next part of my make over Layla.”


    I finish touching up Jessie’s lips and notice the faint stain of cum on her chin.

    ”Well we can’t have this ruining your makeup. I like how you wear it like a badge of honor, but I think it has to go.”

    I lean forward and lick the dried cream from her chin with a smile and a giggle.

    “Well, without further ado, let’s talk about those beautiful eyes. Do you have a favorite color that you’d like to try? I’m a big fan of dark, sultry eyes. Something to lure lovers in like a sexy little slut!”

     Sissy Jessica 

    I give a soft moan as Layla licks the dried cream on my chin. Her wet, warm tongue feeling heavenly against my sensitive skin. She asks me if I have a color in mind for my eyes. I smile back at her, “What about a dark reddish purple? Wouldn’t it go well with my brilliant blue eyes?” Layla makes me feel special as she tends to me. Her hands are soft and warm. Her smile, brilliant, and it makes me melt.


    “Ahh yes, I do love a sensual deep purple. Good choice sissy.” I say to Jessie as she stares at me with adoring eyes.

    I open the vanity drawer and remove a large pallets with various colors and shades.

    ”Close your eyes darling and try to be very still.”

    I remove a small brush from inside the palette and begin to brush it lightly against a powerful, deep shade of purple.

    “This shade will give you the appearance of “fuck me eyes” for sure.” I say with a giggle.

     Sissy Jessica 

    I close my eyes for Layla as she applies a particularly dark shade of purple. I try to remain still as she paints my eyes. I love the feeling on the brush on my eyes. I place my hand on her latex skirt to help balance myself, or is what I told myself. I moan a little as the strokes of her brush paint my eyes. I feel my clitty swell more as I touch the warm rubber of her skirt and as the brush swishes over my eyes.


    I apply the greasy eyeshadow to each lid and Jessie begins to appear sweet and sultry. I place the eyeshadow brush down and grab a thin black tube of eyeliner.

    “Keep your face very Still darling. I’m going to line these eyes and show you what powerful eyes look like and the power they can have over a cock..

    I begin to trace each each with a thick line ending in a delicate wing. Her eyes appear ultra femme now awaiting the final step.

    “Now we shall use my favorite makeup, mascara. It was my first ever trip into femininity when I was young. I found a tube of my mothers purple mascara and next thing I knew I was a cum-addicted slut. Funny how that works huh?” I say with a cheeky wink.


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