Layla’s Sissy Salon

From Leo to Lucy Lipstick

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    Leo was down on his luck and feeling a bit sad. He was wandering in the streets, thinking of what to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. He was average built and not very special in any way. That bothered him sometimes. Somehow he wishes to stand out a little more and do something that was against his timid mindset.

    His blank stare was interupted by a store that caught his eye…. “Layla’s Sissy Salon”. That sounded interesting. He had experimented with an ex girlfriend that put lipstick on him. But the big reaction it got from his freaked her out a little bit, and him too frankly. But since he is unencumbered for a while now, maybe it’s something to explore.

    The doorbells jingled as he went in…


    The doorbell jingles as a person walks in. I look over a greet my customer as they walk inside!

    ”Hello darling! Welcome to Layla’s! What’s your name and how may I help you today?”

    I say all of this as I am sizing up my next victim. Average build, low muscle content and virtually hairless except for his shaggy hairstyle I smile thinking of all the possibilities.



    “uh, hello Miss. My name is Leo.” I answer sheepily. “I’ve had some bad times behind me and I really want to turn my life around. Normally I’m pretty timid and shy but I would like to see how it would be to be somewhat more extravagant and outspoken.”

    I look around and see a somewhat normal salon. Perhaps I don’t see the details that would suggest otherwise. Layla looks like someone nice. I should follow my instincts and trust her.

    “I really don’t know how this works.” I continue “I would say I would put it in your hands but that goes a bit without saying” I chuckle. Humor is not my strong suit. “I just want to go as far as I can from my normal grey life. Can you help me with that?”

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