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    I enter Layla’s Salon out of morbid curiousity. I wonder what I would look like if I had a makeover. Would my friends recognize me or would I just be a guy with makeup on? With a couple hours to spare I Am hoping I can get a quicky makeover, snap a shot for facebook and wash it off and return home.

     sissyfit boi 
    This Salon specializes for the cross-dressing hobbist to take to the next level. Almost immediately the nails are mancured and polished a glossy color. Ricki, who should have resisted, kinda like all the girls fessing all over him. First the eyeliner and then the false eye lashes, mascara’d like crazy. They painted his cheekbones to a nice pre-orgasmic blush so he could look just like a pretty girl. In fact they actually thought he look better this way and they all agree with he should be turned into a fullfleging member of the opposite sex.

    Suddenly, Ricki realizes he can’t “un-crossdress” himself anymore.
    The girls are beside themself with laughter and says it serves him right pretending to be a “GIRL” and now he has beCUM one. Silly boy, thinking this was just a game not realizing how serious these girls really are as they booked his appointments for the next couple weeks ahead each time to make him more and more Female looking.


    As I get over the shock of what was just done to me, I look at my newly red glossy painted nails. As I rub the tips of the ultra smooth surface of my nails they are completely dry already. They look so unreal to believe it is actually my own nails.

    The women around me are smiling and giving me that look of encouragement. As if to visually say, “You look beautiful”. I then grab the hand held mirror to view that new face that they spent the last two hours working to make me look so feminime.
    These women are right, I appear to have a models face. Unbelievable! I get a huge hard on as I stare at that beautiful blonde in the mirror. I hope the other women looking don’t see the rise in my Levies. I shake it off. I reach for my camera phone to take that selfie and ask for someone to take the picture of my painted face. The lady with the cutest smile comes over and takes two quick shots of me. After she takes my picture she whispers in my ear “ Wait until you get to experience the next phase. You think you look pretty now, just wait.”

    Ok, reality check time as it’s time to wash my face off and remove this nail polish as my two-hours are up. They begin booking me for additional appointments for things like bikini waxes and breast implants. Tell me I am just dreaming at this point.

     sissyfit boi 
    The subject to his beauty makeover poses for his selfie as a painted porno *STAR* with his peroxided dyed, platnuim blonde hairdo and Marilyn Monroe whore red lipstick, The shocker is the highly durable enamel nail polish offer no hope of ever being removed as well as the rest of his makeup.
    ”Are you READY for this!?!”

    After all their pictures, finally he says.
    ”OK, you girls had your fun. Now turn me back!”
    But they want to take his cross-dressing hobby to the next level and it was ageed that his breasts work should be made the “undetachable” kind now in case the surgical glue comes undone and they fall of. This is what the latest crossdressers are wearing nowadays, they tell him, breasts implants. Of course newly created “girls” don’t get the realistic breasts instead they sport the Fake Hollywood kind as if they are some Doll-like porno Stars.

    ”What have you did to me?”
    He cries but to his surprise in a high pitched lil’ girl’s voice.


    Toady I am changed into womanhood much farthur. My voice is now a high pitched squeal and I sound like a soprano singer. There is no one I could intelligently explain that I am a man with this voice. It would sound made up. I have huge breasts that are quite heavy and stand out like two large melons and I have to lean back to walk erect. Speaking of erect, I am quite horny over the this whole makeover. When I look down toward the floor I can only see cleavage. What is to become of me next?

     sissyfit boi 
    The once male gentleman who entered Layla’s Sissy Salon tries to escape but he can’t find his male clothes anywhere. Handed the iconic white cocktail dress worn on “The Seven Year Itch” movie he has no choice but to put it on, along with a pair of daunting high heel pumps that made him teeter lie a shameless hussie as he stepped to the blowing grate under the front door.

    Of course he worn…
    Will this day never end? How many times must he be humiliated this way as the bypassers laugh and giggle at his embarassment? The girls stop their newly made porno Star and plan to have “her” perform in their own X-rated Adult movie.
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