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A full service day for Mr. Coxx

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    Another quiet day the salon. I sit at my desk and read through emails to the salon account. I notice one with a subject in all caps and in bold.


    I raise an eyebrow in curiosity as I open the email.

    “The company is sending Mr. Coxx to Layla’s Salon at approximately 2PM tomorrow for a full service alpha treatment session. I expect you sissies to be on your best behavior and fully compliant with Mr.Coxx’s demands.

    ”Hmm…” I think to myself.

    “Mr. Coxx sounds like a juicy name.”

    I smile and my mouth waters as I anticipate his arrival to my salon soon. I look at the send date of the email.

    “Oh, that was yesterday…”

    I glance at the clock hanging towards the center wall.

    ”Oh my, he should be here any minute now.”

    I reach into my purse and grab my make-up kit to touch up my face. I look into my compact mirror and I’m happy to see my sweet slutty face staring back.

    A small bump forms underneath my latex skirt as I wonder about the days future activities. Just as my daydream begins I hear the salon door open and a familiar jingle of a bell in the distance. He must be here.

     John Coxx 

    I arrive at Layla’s Salon for my appointment.

    Salon’s aren’t just for ladies, men need them to, especially actors like myself.

    It doesn’t hurt that the sissies that work here are horny and eager to please.

    “Hello, I’m looking for Layla”

    I look around and ring the bell.


    Hearing the bell I instinctually rise to my feet. I am eagerly to please my special client so I quickly leave my office and enter the salon lobby where the client is waiting.

    I arrive and admire the alpha standing in front of me. Physically fit, with muscles bulging and tight clothing, I take a moment too long to admire the masculine figure standing in front of me. I’ve worked on sissies for so long that is almost forgotten what a king looked like.

    “Hello sir, my name is Layla and this is my salon. I’m so very happy to meet you.”

    I extend my hand to his and give a curtsy while kissing how large fingers with my dainty ruby red lips.

    “We have a full service salon here that specializes in creating sissies to serve alpha men like you. For our regular clients we specialize in full service rooms where sissies are available to serve at your every whim. The company has asked that I pay special attention to you so I’ve taken it upon myself to see that you are treated with utmost professionalism and courtesy while you’re here. Please follow me and we will begin right away master.”

    I flash a flirty wink and a grin towards Mr. Coxx and excitedly walk to a long hallway. We pass along many of the sissy feminization rooms and arrive at a sweet located deep in the back of the salon.

    ”As head stylist here at the salon I also have the pleasure of living here. This is my personal room where I conduct my more intimate feminizations and service my alpha clients.”

    I open the large ornate door and reveal an expansive room with lush pink walls and gushingly feminine decor.

    “Please make yourself at home Mr. Coxx. I am fully at your service and ready to please you anyway I can.”

    I motion for my client to relax at the edge of my large pink fluffy bed and I assume a position on my knees at his feet. With lingering eyes I stare at the floor ready for his commands.

     John Coxx 

    I don’t have to wait, your there straight away and greet me with a curtsy and a kiss.

    “Aren’t you just a pretty thing”

    I eye you up and down already wondering what’s inside your panties.

    “Lead the way Sugar”

    You lead me into the back private room while telling me about the place.

    I wonder how many new sissies are here being femmed at this very moment.

    The back room turns out to be your bedroom.

    It’s so pink and girly I can’t help but laugh.

    “It’s not what I was expecting”

    I sit on the bed and look at you kneeling before me.

    “Is this what you want?”

    I unzip my pants.

    “I suppose you can have your tip first”

    I laugh.


    My eyes widen as Mr. Coxx unzips his pants. Out falls a large veiny cock growing harder by the second. I gently approach his member and begin to softly stroke it with my red fingernails. I look up at Mr. Coxx with a smirk on his face, ready for me to begin.

    Without further interruption I lean forward I begin to delicately kiss the tip of his cock with my sensual red lips. I taste precum dripping slightly from the head of his meat and my mouth waters for more.

    As I continue to gently stroke and kiss his member I feel his cock grow larger and larger.

    “It’s been so long since I’ve been dominated by an alpha.” I think to myself.

    “I hope he wants to ride my boipussy tonight.”

     John Coxx 

    You quickly begin to suck and stroke my cock.

    Fully hard its impressive both in length and girth.

    Your lips are so soft and feminine and you soon have me moaning.

    “Take it all the way in”

    I begin to thrust into your mouth so you’ll choke on it.

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    My eyes widen as Mr.Coxx begins to thrust at increasing force. My mouth only salivates more and becomes a nice wet fuckhole for Mr.Coxx. As he continues to ride my throat I can’t help but smile through my eyes. I love the feeling of a hard, warm cock sliding in my throat and I can’t wait to receive my delicious reward at the end.

    I choke ever so slightly as the tip rises all the way into the back of my throat. I enjoy feeling my throat naturally close and tighten around his member. I begin to fondle his balls as he continues to throat fuck me.

     John Coxx 

    Your cock sucking skills are so impressive.

    You have me moaning and groaning with desire.

    “That’s it baby”

    I pull out and slap you with my cock, spreading saliva and pre-cum on your cheeks.

    “Now suck my balls” 


    I gently allow the cock to slide out of my right mouth and I look up to Mr.Coxx. With a playful wink I say “Yes, Master.” And I begin to fondle his balls.

    I lean forward and softly take each testicle into my mouth as a gently sick and lick.

    My clitty continues to grow harder as I bask in the feelings of ultimate submission. I love the feeling of his hot rod rubbing against my face as I continue to play which each ball.

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