Layla’s Sissy Salon

  • I feel my crotch. Its smooth. My dick … its gone. No. Its there, hidden underneath my skin. Its under the ski. Of my scrotum, my sack? My balls are gone. What did she do?

    “How can i go around like this? This is horrible. What. What else did bvb you do?”

    I look at my hands as i go into shock again.
    “SISSY WHORE!. No. Get that off. I…[Read more]

  • “Oh that delicious cum! A snack that never gets old!” I think to myself. Gently messaging the tip of her clitty with my tongue I enjoy a fabulous explosion of creamy goodness. I look up to see Jessie moaning in absolute pleasure and I’m so excited for what’s to come. I swallow her delectable seed and wipe a small trail of cum outside my lip ont…[Read more]

  • My gaze is transfixed to Layla as she approaches, licking her glossy, ruby lips. She maintains eye contact as she slowly walks up to me. My heart beats rapidly, not sure what to make of the situation. She tells me that she is going to show me what true obedience looks like. When she arrives to me, she spreads my legs apart, and stares at my…[Read more]

  • “Ok darling! Coming right up!” I say excitedly as a motion towards the steaming tea pot. I pour tea into two delicate little cups on a table in the back of the salon room. As I finish pouring tea into Toms cup, I quietly sneak a small dose of pink powder into his tea. As I turn and move back to the salon chair I grin knowing what I have in sto…[Read more]

  • Seeing my obedient sissy following my every command brings great excitement for what’s to come. My clitty twitches at the magnificent specimen tin front of me and my mouth begins to water. The sight of Jessie’s delicious cock is too much for me to bare. I approach slowly staring into Jessie’s eyes.

    “I’m going to show you what true obedience…[Read more]

  • “Oh do you like it darling? No one will ever take you seriously as a man now! And that’s not even the half of it. Let’s look into the rest of your enhancements!”

    I motion towards my sissy’s delicate hands. Imprinted underneath each fingernail was delightedly feminine text that spelled the words “SISSY WHORE.”

    ”One letter for each finger you litt…[Read more]

  • “Would love a cup of tea, just a dash of milk and no sugar thanks,”


    Free haircut and a free cup of tea, just another perk to an alrrady good day.

    “So what do you want to know, hobbies, favourite colour, guilty pleasures?”
    He asks jokingly. Hell thos is a lot more fun and hands on than a standard trip to the barbers.


  • The once male gentleman who entered Layla’s Sissy Salon tries to escape but he can’t find his male clothes anywhere. Handed the iconic white cocktail dress worn on “The Seven Year Itch” movie he has no choice but to put it on, along with a pair of daunting high heel pumps that made him teeter lie a shameless hussie as he stepped to the blowing…

    [Read more]

  • Ricki replied to the topic Group logo of Layla’s Sissy SalonChrissy the new Sissy in the forum Layla’s Sissy Salon 1 week ago

    Toady I am changed into womanhood much farthur. My voice is now a high pitched squeal and I sound like a soprano singer. There is no one I could intelligently explain that I am a man with this voice. It would sound made up. I have huge breasts that are quite heavy and stand out like two large melons and I have to lean back to walk erect. Speaking…[Read more]

  • Sissy Jessica replied to the topic Group logo of Layla’s Sissy SalonJim's new look in the forum Layla’s Sissy Salon 1 week ago

    Layla removes the pink smock as well as loosens the leather restraints. She has me follow her to a room in the back of the salon. She leads me into a pink room with a bed in the center surrounded by several dressers and an elaborate vanity. Layla commands me to go to the bed and remove my clothes.

    I take off my shirt, revealing a hairless, but…[Read more]

  • Michy replied to the topic Group logo of Layla’s Sissy SalonChange me back! in the forum Layla’s Sissy Salon 1 week, 1 day ago

    I listen to Layla as i start to come to.
    “What did you do?”
    A month has passed and now she wants to show off the new me. Her soft hands caress me causing me to moan and stiffen? Something is not right as i look down.

    “As you may notice I decided to remove another piece of your manhood. That should eliminate any of those silly ideas about b…[Read more]

  • As I get over the shock of what was just done to me, I look at my newly red glossy painted nails. As I rub the tips of the ultra smooth surface of my nails they are completely dry already. They look so unreal to believe it is actually my own nails.

    The women around me are smiling and giving me that look of encouragement. As if to visually say,…[Read more]

  • I watch Foxys eyes relax and I see her smile as she drifts into feminine bliss. I admire her expression and can’t wait to have some fun with her when she awakens. I busily get to work on affixing my special device to sissy Foxy. The smooth flesh colored technological device easily attaches to Foxys clitty and secures into place. I use several t…[Read more]

  • Layla replied to the topic Group logo of Layla’s Sissy SalonJim's new look in the forum Layla’s Sissy Salon 1 week, 1 day ago

    “Good darling, for this next step I want you to follow me. Remember, the more you give in to this process, the more pleasurable the experience. Many of my clients will never go to a different salon ever again! I’m the most unique hairdresser out there!”


    I reach down and loosen the tough leather straps. I motion for my sissy to follow me to a…[Read more]

  • “Well darling, would you like some tea? I’d like to just ask you a few more questions and get to know you! Many of my clients enjoy my delicious tea and it helps them relax. What do you say? I have a fresh pot ready to go!”

  • Layla replied to the topic Group logo of Layla’s Sissy SalonChange me back! in the forum Layla’s Sissy Salon 1 week, 1 day ago

    “Well for starters I think I’ll take you on a tour of your new body features sweetie.”

    I caress my sissys smooth chin and move my hand along her soft skin.

    ”If you thought you turned heads before with your look, just wait till they see you now! You were out for quite sometime! Almost a month I believe. Plenty of time for your incisions to heal…[Read more]

  • Peaking through the door I admire my sissy having fun with her master. As she writhes and moans in pleasure I find myself stirring. I close my eyes and remember the last time my master visited. Oh how I’d love to be in Michelle’s place right about now. I continue to watch the master and slave as he interviews her. Michelle, dripping with lust loo…[Read more]

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