Arrivals: Lacy Place Lobby!

Tim arrives to his surprise.

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    Tim walks in the lobby a little out of sorts, his wife caught him wearing her panties and after she cooled off threw his underwear away and bought him crotchless panties and makes him wear them his little penis fits through the slot making quite the display. He is glad he has on the jeans she gave him even if they are really tight girls jeans. As long as I don’t bend over the top of my panties won’t show.

    All the receptionists seem busy and this place is very fancy Tim wonders why his wife sent him here and not some shady motel while she cooled off.





    I was Poised Strategically on the Grand Piano in the Lobby.  Good job too as I see a Stray Lamb Shuffle in oblivious to his Surroundings.  That was one Young Calf we would have to Brand & set for better Pastures. LOL

    “Sir, Sir, can I help? My Names Lydia Young & I happen to Work here.  Have you got a Reservation or would you like me to see whats available?” ~Pout

    “Name perhaps & if you could tell me how far you ve had to travel to be with us today, I ll see if you qualify for our Pamper Package Upgrade!” ~Grin

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    I um I don’t know I fell asleep on the way here and I am a bit groggy where is here? I am holding a reservation  conformation my wife printed out for me.  Pamper upgrade? What’s that blushing.


    Can someone help move this along?

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