Arrivals: Lacy Place Lobby!

Sissy Meagan willingly goes to the lacy place

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    The day has finaly come. A week ago i received a letter from the Sissy Lovers Sissy Academy instructing me to present myself fully dressed up to the Lacey Place today. Ive spent all week preparing myself and packing up all my girly things that i will need. I went out and had all my body hair removed by waxing as well went shopping for a new outfit and bought myself a cute new white summer mini dress which i am now wearing. I also bought a really cute pair of 5 inch tall white high heels as well as matching white lace bra and thong panties. Ive put on my c cup size “stick on” breastforms as well as my favourite blonde wig. Ive done my makeup the best i can but its still very average at best. I’m wearing bright pink lipstick that matches my nails. I spray a bit more perfume on before taking one last look at myself in the mirror. I grab my bags and walk out to my car and and put them in the trunk. As i lean over my trunk putting my bags in i realize just how short my dress is because it rides up and reveals part of my bottom. I debate on changing into a dress thats not as short, check the time and realize im running late. I decide not to and make a mental note to try not bend over to much. I jump in my car and drive to the Lacey Place. Some time later i arrive and I drive through the massive carpark trying to find a spot to park. Eventually i just head to the back of the carpark and park there. I get out and notice its a little windy. I grab my bags and start making the long walk to the main building. After a few rows i get this strange but somewhat nice feeling. I cant seem to think why i have this strange feeling. After walking a few more rows of cars i realize why. Its my first time being dressed in public and outdoors in an open area. Ive only ever dressed in the privacy of my home. I become really self concious about myself. I stop for minute or two. I feel the wind in places ive never felt it before. I look down and watch as the wind gently lifts up my dress a little bit here and there. I feel my boobs jiggle ever so slightly as i stand there. The sensations are overpowering. I want to feel these sensations all the time! I keep going. Determined to become a gorgeous sissy girl i once again start walking towards the corporation building my high heels clicking away, dress fluttering in the wind and my boobs jiggling with every step. Im almost there and im starting to regret wearing high heels because my feet are starting to hurt. But its worth it with how feminine they make my legs look so i keep on. I arrive at the entrance. I hesitate for a second before walking in. Straight away i see the receptionist. She is a overwhelmingly gorgeous blonde lady. Straight away i feel greatly intimidated by her beauty as well as deeply self concious and shy. I freeze in my tracks. She sees me and calls out to me. I don’t/cant reply. She gets out of her seat and walks towards me. I can only watch on as she walks towards me. I cant move or talk her beauty is so amazing as well as so scary. She gets within an arms length from me…




    I am rather surprised when I see our newest guest arrive. There is no need to convince her or to trick her into transforming from a male to a pretty girl. She has arrived that way. And she is very cute too.

    “Hello, my name is Jacqueline. Welcome to the Lacy Place Hotel and Casino.”


    Hi, nice to meet you. Im meagen. Im here to to learn all about how to be the best sissy possible i shyly reply.


    “I’m very happy to meat you Meagan.”

    I smile warmly and nod at what she says.

    “You’ve come to the right place for that.”

    “Let’s go visit our lounge. We can enjoy a drink or two and sit together and talk. You can explain your desires further, and I can explain what we offer to girls such as yourself.”

    I take her hand and we walk together to the lounge. I choose a nice table, overlooking the casino where we can see the happy people and hear the chiming of the machines. And where we can relax and have a friendly discussion.

    “What would you like to drink Meagan?”


    I blush and smile back at her.

    Ok, sounds wonderful, lets go grab a drink, im not much of a drinker but i’ll have whatever you are having”

    I let her take my hand and follow her lead. We sit down at a table and i proceed to tell her why i am here.

    “Umm, long story short i wish to become the trophy wife of a rich man. I want to learn how to attract such a man and how to satisfy his every need and desire. Everything from keeping his house clean, to cooking him dinner, what i should wear for him and how to make sure im looking my best at all times as well as to learn how to give him massages when he come home from work sore and tired. Also i want to learn how best to satisfy him sexually.

    at this point i blush and go quiet


    “I’ll choose something yummy for us.”

    I walk to the bar where I place my order and then return to the table with the drinks.

    “Here we are Meagan. One of the most popular cocktails in the Lacy Place. A Sex on the Beach.”

    I listen to her goals and nod my head with a smile.

    “That is certainly a worthy goal. And it sounds like what our corporation specializes in. Perhaps you might apply for the courses and instruction they offer.”

    “But for now, let’s enjoy our drink and have a chat.”

    OOC: I’ll send a PM


    Oh my, sounds yummy!

    I take a sip. 

    Wow, it does taste yummy! How have i never had this cocktail before? Its amazing!

    I take another sip.

    Ok. How would i go about the signing up for these courses? I’ve already done the “how to apply lipstick” and “how to curtsy” courses online before coming here. Those were all the courses i could see online. What other courses do you have?


    I smile happily to my guest.

    “It’s a very popular drink here at the Lacy Place. Introduced quite some time ago by my friend Stephanie. It is very tasty.”

    “You would need to apply for acceptance into the corporation. The training is done inside once you are inducted into the group.”

    OOC: I’m not sure what is there now. But on the old site there was a very active group of girls with various classes, and other threads. Check out the topics listed under the Role Playing menu item.

    Role Playing

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