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Off to a bad start

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     Miss Luzette 

    I go over to your gas apparatus and make some adjustments before turning to face you: “I appreciated your vocalizations up until now as they allowed me to calibrate your tonality much better. I am now just giving you oxygen to keep you alert and my equipment functioning.”
    “I think you sound sweet enough as a hot girl would for example if you were on the phone. If you like, one of my girls can play back your latest comments so that you can hear the feminine timbre yourself.”
    “I will be happy to continue to add gas if you insist but in my professional opinion your voice would continue to rise into the ‘bimbo’ range. As to the duration of your voice change, there are many variables but six to ten weeks is the average with additional durations only needing a throat spray, understood?”
    “I guess what I am saying is that while I have no idea of your future, these changes are meant to be long lasting and would require competently trained personnel to reverse. If you like I can have my girls add a sedating gas if what I say creates anxiety. That was certainly not my intent.”

    I go back to my seat and with a laser outline on your chest to assist us, my girls and I press home your new breasts. You feel the pinch of dozens of tiny barbed hooks on the underside of each ‘breast’ which help affix it to your chest and transmit some sensation to your skin especially from the nipples.

    Once the breasts are in place, We secure them further to your chest with strips of surgical tape before we all rise and set up our next task. Then I offhandedly add: “Out of idle curiosity since cosmetics applications are not my responsibility, what rules were you referring to? Any beauty salon including the one downstairs here can paint your face with glamorous makeup but no licensing authority I’m familiar with regulates what I’m doing here.”

    I shrug my shoulders and forget I’ve even asked the question as I check my tablet.

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    Well if you say so; I can’t really hear my own voice properly, or sing because I’m tone deaf.

    She starts to tell me that the makeover will be long lasting and needing maintenance rather than it being undone because it will be so difficult to undo. Does she really think this lot will be on longer than it takes for me to get back to my room.

    So how long do you think I’m going to wear your additions? Or perhaps you are going to send your minions down to that weird novelity shop at the end of the street and get me a set of the lock on underwear I saw in their window to prevent me removing them.

    You could even lock things and send the key to my room for my futurer wife to have.

    (And if she isn’t there I’ll pick them up myself.)


    I scream as she attaches the big wibbly wobbly breast forms, with their little hooks that cause simulated feeling as they move.

    I can’t quite see what they are doing but I certainly know what it feels like.


    To my relief she secures them in position and the painful sensations ebb as they stop moving.

    Despite her apparent disinterest I respond to her question about cosmetics.

    It has been an unwritten Social Rule for centuries that real men don’t need or wear any makeup; their appearance is perfection and it shouldn’t he hidden or covered over, unlike the female of the species who have to try and improve or better their rivals to get noticed. I as you saw am a Real man so there will be no makeup. Laughing I add

    Or do you know a real surgeon!?

    Still strapped down there is little I can do but lie back and wonder what is coming next.


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     Miss Luzette 

    I respond to your ramblings with grunts and other noncommittal sounds as my girls roll a contraption over to your head and begin to attach it to your scalp with you seeing it all through your monitor:

    “OK, my last official task is to give you some long wavy hair go go with your semi-permanent feminization. How it works is that tiny plastic pieces attach to your own hair until they reach a computer determined length. They the whole shebang gets dyed a single color. The plastic goes down to your scalp so you really can’t even cut it for a couple of months.”
    “That said, I can make it straight, wavy or curly and can color it in a wide variety of hues. I got an extra supply of bubble-gum pink so if you choose not to choose, I’m gonna get rid of that stuff. Let me know before I flip the switch sissy; sorry did I say that?”

    As I start programming the machine and my girls break out the dye packets, a familiar face looms over your head:

    “I see she’s coming along great doc but the head is still in full dick mode. It’s not either of our problems Doc O. and the managers still have the toss off the roof, bury in the desert option. But that’s not why I dropped by:
    “Good news of a sort for you dick-head. We got an opening for you with our custodial staff. If you’re a good girl you can start off cleaning employee lounges and other back office areas.”
    “If however you remain as you are now, we always have openings as an IMRA, an Involuntary Men’s Room Attendant. The uniform is the same, that of a female maid, only you’ll be on your knees a lot more.”
    “Oh and one last thing before I step back and let the doc work: You gotta pick a sweet girl name to go with your new you. Non response results in you being called ‘Vagina’. Anyway, it’s up to you; I already got my commission, thank you very much.”

    She steps back out of view as I take her place: “Hair length will be mid back, do you have a preference for color or is bubblegum fine? As to your job options I just have a bit of professional advice. I get IMRA Vaginas in here all the time suffering from anal rips and lesions. The treatment is easy if smelly for my part but quite painful and embarrassing for the patient”
    “OK the clock is ticking: I’m gonna have to switch on the machine in a sec.”
    I step away and towards the hair machine console.

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    I’m familiar with the method of hair extension, its used as a cover up for baldness, I doubt her claims of it being so long lasting. However I do respond to her question.

    Well since my beloved loves running her fingers through my hair commenting how tall dark and handsome I am I guess it will have to be long black wavy hair. Make it waist or better still thigh length to give her a little extra to run her fingers through. And the black will contrast and compliment that nice bright underwear I mentioned.

    I can’t help having thoughts that if she doesn’t stop the process once it gets to my thighs I could end up looking like Cousin It!

    The Crazy Woman who hates men returns, perhaps to see if I have lip gloss on now. She lets slip that the Plan involves dressing me as a Maid, and not a Bridesmaid either, bringing an image into my head of an Elvira turning up for work and changing into her Maid working clothes.

    It all makes me wonder if Louise’s Plan is to have me serving drinks dressed as a maid at her Hen Party which she is hosting tomorrow. Yes it makes sense now she is playing a Double-Prank for my Stag Night as ‘Elvira’ and her Hen Night Party as a serving maid.

    She starts insisting I choose a name. If I’m getting a choice then I think I’ll pick something to tease Louise and use Louise too, or should that be Louise Two.


    I would have thought that my darling Louise would have picked a name when she set up this little Prank but since she apparently hasn’t then isn’t it true that a creator creates things in her own image. So looks like I have to be a Louise.


    I lie back with a huge smile at my wit and my powers of deduction about what the Prank is that Louise has set up.

     Miss Luzette 

    I wait for Doc. O. to turn on the hair machine and leave the operating room before I return and look you over: “Louise is a pretty name; I’ll make a note of it. I never knew a clueless ‘Louise’ before, you’ll be my first. I see they got you all ‘cunted’ up with the panty thing too. It looks nice but no active lubrication or smell of course.”
    “The tits are almost first rate too; offset ‘D’ cups if I’m not mistaken. That means that they’re weighted to swing and bob when you walk. It’s quite the show when the new girl tries to walk in 4” heels.”
    Then I dangle a bottle of nail polish in front of you:

    “Luzette asked if I could give you a bit of a makeover to speed things along so with the help of the Romanian Monochrome Quartet here I’ll be happy to oblige.” I reach into my makeup bag and hand out four bottles to the girls. Soon the pungent aroma fills the room as all of your nails begin to feel the cool wetness of nail varnish.

    I then open a makeup kit and standing at your right side, give you a very unsubtle coat of face paint:

    “This is only standard L’Oréal makeup which you can remove as easily as any girl. Don’t try wiping your face with a wet towel though or it’ll smear and make you look like a clown; make that more of a clown. ” ~hee ~hee

    I suddenly hear the hair machine switch off so I blow you a kiss and retire to sit at the edge of the room, waiting for the Doc. to dismiss me.


    I think Crazy Woman is enjoying teasing me about what I’m being made over to look like which as far as I can tell is going to be like Elvira for my Stag Party and when I get to my Bride-to-be’s Hen Night Party I’ve to change clothes and work as a serving Maid for the party. What a combination, looks like it will be an interesting next two days. Well if she is going to tease and laugh at me I’m going to play the same mind games with her. The stuff that has been used to create my “cunt” and “tits” is starting to feel tighter and firmer so I’m guessing that whatever they are made off is starting to set now which isn’t a good sign for me because once its ‘hardened’ it will take longer in the bath to soak off. Time to start teasing her back

    Only tiny low 4” heels !! You are still thinking like a girl not a practical sensible man. Just think how much better they would swing with 7” heels, plus being higher as a Maid it would give a better overview to spot where to serve drinks in a room not having to look through the crowd when you can see over it.

    I give her a cheesy smile and continue.

    And on the subject of Maid’s footwear how often have you heard a Maid complain or sore legs while working in heels. To the superior male thinking the solution is high boots giving support to the leg muscles.

    I try to put on a straight and sincere face.

    So if you are planning to put me into heels for this Prank I must insist they are a minimum of 7” heels I simple refuse to wear less or co-operate with anything less.

    The Little black and white gnomes help her paint and colour me in like a colouring book, although I struggle and pull against the straps holding me down I can’t get free or prevent them doing it. So I might as well annoy them verbally.

    I told you that I would not wear makeup of any kind unless by some mysterious miracle I became a full functioning Female. You know I’ll just wipe it off as soon as my hands are freed.

    I start teasing them about the Stem Cell technology where inside a chrysalis the body cells reform as Stem Cells and then according to the Hormones present these Stem Cells reform into whatever the Hormones control such as wings on a Butterfly which started as a wingless caterpillar.

    So does your applying make up to me mean that your Horse Doctor has been lying to me. Are these body form tits and cunt hardening into a chrysalis and have they been soaked it Stem Cell regeneration chemicals. What next? Does she inject me with Female Hormones and then in a couple of months when these body forms fall off they reveal the real thing underneath grown out of the regenerated Stem Cells as directed by the Female Hormones!?

    Putting on an expressionless face turning to a you wouldn’t face I say to her

    Please tell me that’s not true and if I feel between my legs it won’t start to become wet.

    I suddenly stop talking when a horrible thought comes to me, probably caused by hallucinations resulting from excessive nail varnish bottles being opened at once. What if this is actually what they are doing to me. The micro-second of panic is over just as quickly as it came. There is no way Louise would have organized something like that!!

    I try to look around to see in there are any syringes set out to reassure myself that there isn’t a second part to the process involving Female Hormone injections. I can’t see any in the part of the room visible to me. So to be sure I’m safe I simply ask

    Will there be any injections, I can’t see any syringes yet, you were told I hate and faint at the sight of needles weren’t you?

    Waiting for a reply and still trying to see if I can see any in the mirror above I get sight of what they have done to me. I’m made up with strong overdone make up like they would wear on a stage or film set putting me in mind of a Heroine from a 20s or 30s classic Damsel in distress Movie. A bit like a coloured version of the old black and white classics with Lilian Gish who I bet the Goth rats would love. The hair machine is still grinding away so who knows what it will churn out a hairdo like Cher or Crystal Gayle.

     Miss Luzette 

    When I’m notified that the hair machine is done, I come into the operatory to hear your sweet-sounding but still obnoxious rant:

    “…just think how much better they would swing with 7” heels … To the superior male thinking …. I told you that I would not wear makeup … I feel between my legs it won’t start to become wet….”

    So before I come into your view I open my phone app to your panty and press a button. You start to become horny with your face reddening and your cunny area tingling. Then I switch buttons and it feels like ants are crawling inside your cunt and finally I press a button that sends an electric shock that causes your pelvis to jerk painfully for a second.

    The other half dozen girls in the room begin to giggle knowingly as I appear waving my phone: “I’m almost done sugar plum so I thought I’d show you what tool all the Lacy Managers have in their kit. I’m sure there’s more options but that’s all that I’m privy to.”

    My girls pull the hair machine off which causes your long, wet, black hair to drop towards the floor. I wrap my hand around a hank of it and tug and then smile that none of it came off in my hand.

    As my girls rip the 16 strips of tape off your jiggling tits, I smirk at your painful reaction. When I pinch your nipples and hear two yips, I beam that at least some sensation is getting through.

    “Ease her up girls and towel-dry her hair. You’re looking and sounding sweet as candy, Louise; I think we came through well. Now don’t worry your silly little head: Everyone at the resort will know that you’re not a girl but just a simpering sissy boy, although the ‘simpering’ part still needs lots of work.” ~hee ~hee

    My girls slip 3” pumps on you and hold you by the elbows for balance while the others clap and cheer: “Walk her around until she gets the hang of it while I check the amplitude of the tit swing. Also feel free to swat this mouthy maid’s arse if she gets dickish; those days are over for good I’m pleased to say.”

    The girls sing and tease as you are walked while I stay professional.

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    Still strapped down I can’t reach where I’m starting to itch, which just makes the feeling worse wriggling trying to reach I realise it’s not an itch by the Crazy Woman playing with some sort of remote control to give me electrical stimulation. Trying not to give her the satisfaction of watching me squirm I ignore it as much as possible. Seems I’m now the focus of amusement for the little black and white gnomes as they remove the contraption from my head. I can feel the weight of the wet ‘hair’ as it falls free. I can’t see how long it actually is, I’m guessing it’s at least waist length but is that its final length or will it shrink as it dries out or increase as its combed through adding another foot in length. Knowing my future wife’s sense of humour and her love of running her fingers through my hair I’ve a feeling it will be the latter and lengthen even more as its combed through. Giving her a cold stare

    Well at least my ass will be warm, and once you get me those boots my legs will be warm too and since they will overlap that will cover most of me until I get into my room and get my clothes back. Tell me how long will it actually be once its dried and combed?

    The glue has apparently set on the huge heavy dangling things attached to my chest, it stings as the securing tapes come off

    ooouch !!!!! why didn’t you soak the sticky tape off ??

    Feels like thee is also some sort of electrical stimulation built into these which amuses the Crazy One as she tests them out causing me to twitch.

    Before they release me and stand me up a pair of 3” heels are put onto my feet. She says she wants to watch my ‘tits’ swing and again I’m not going to give her the satisfaction. I know I can’t make a run for the door, the heels would slow me down and if they see me slipping them off I’m sure they will all grab me at once. So I walk a few steps very slowly and carefully so as not to swing the tits then wedging myself into a corner I stand still refusing to move more.

    What did I tell you? There will be no co-operation unless I get 7” heeled crotch high boots. You can see I can walk in these baby shoes so let’s have the real ones.

    What I don’t tell her is that although walking in them wasn’t too difficult my leg muscles and tendons are now very sore from walking with my feet in an unusual angled position. My plan is actually simple, although I think they would make the best and proper choice I’m thinking that they wound be readily available and by the time they found some and my size the Parties will be over and it will be too late. Meantime not having them gives me an excuse to not co-operate.

    Tell you what. My wife to be will be arriving in the Hotel shortly to get ready for her Hen Party, why not call her and check with her what she wants done, after all she is the one paying for this Prank. I’m sure she will tell you I know what women really like and have an excellent fashion sense. And, she will certainly tell you I should get everything I want and become the perfect ‘woman and maid’, for the Parties, all be it without makeup since I still don’t have a womb and inside female bits.

    Grabbing some paper towels from the table next to me I start wiping off the makeup.

     Miss Luzette 

    I walk into the doctor’s procedure room and curtsey to her as I see you beginning to wipe off your makeup with some tissues. I approach you and in my sweet, professional voice say:

    “Hello there Louise: I am Evelyn, chief maid and trainer here and you are now my charge, yes. Girls, please release our Louise; she claims to be quite adept at mincing around in 3” heels. She probably had plenty of practice in a former life as a man, yes. So would you like some assistance in removing your makeup dear?”

    I haul back with my left hand and slap you hard across your right cheek but not sufficient to topple you over. That I reserve for my right hand which strikes you across your left cheek and accompanied by a well-timed trip, sends you sprawling on the floor.

    ~SLAP! ~SLAP!

    Again you hear the laughter of girls but with a new chorus added as you turn your face up:


    “You’re not in the loving hands of Doctor O’Bannon any more Sweet Pea. You belong to me now and you’re gonna work or die trying. Now just to get things even straighter, if you dare to touch eith me or one of my girls, the shock I’ll give to your faux cunt will cause you crap which will become your alternative makeup.”
    “Let him stay there for a while ladies: Mouthy dicks take a lot more time to process information than we vaginally endowed. If I may Doctor O’Bannon, I would like to be alone with future shit-face for a while. I assure you it will not be long.”

    I curtsey again as the others silently leave the room

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    A very smartly dressed Maid enters the room causing everyone to fall silent as she approaches. Before I know what has happened I’m seeing stars lying at her feet getting annoyed at the giggles surrounding me.

    Damned hair is everywhere as I try to sit up, under my elbows and I seem to be sitting on it too now so it must be a ‘Crystal Gayle Look’ after all. I cry out without thinking

    How long is this ‘hair’ going to be once the chemical reactions stop ?? Should I get used to tucking it into the top of a pair of crotch boots ?

    Time for me to draw a few red lines.

    First of all – MAID – you might get away with treating your staff like that because they are probably illegal immigrants and too afraid to complain. Well I’m a customer not staff and I will complain. Second as a real MAN I never hit women even upstart Maids.

    And let’s get a few other points straight. Since I have rumbled and worked out this is a Prank paid for probably by my wife to be, or certainly one of my friends why can’t you lot just tell me what you want done and who knows I may even co-operate and help you do it.

    Starting with the bit about dressing me up in drag for my Stag Party – FINE, GOOD I’ve no problem with that it will be good for a laugh; lots of Stag nights involve prancing about with a pair of fake boobies, high heels too are not a problem wobbling about because of them or having too much to drink makes no difference. I think it’s more or less decided I will have an ‘Elvira’ look so what, good go for it get me that outfit and I’ll put it on then have a laugh playing at being a stripper/hooker at my on Stag Night Party. Bring it on its going to make a great Stag Party.

    As to the me being a Maid part. I’m assuming that the plan is to have me turn up dressed as one at my Bride to be Hen Night Party and play at being a Maid to a bunch of girls. That too will be a great laugh for them. So have a little black dress and white apron ready for me to change into when I slip the ‘Elvira’ dress/top/skirt or whatever off.

    Now I know what the dressing up is for I have no problem with it, I’ll go along with it. Hell for the fun of it I’ll even let you slap some more of that body form gunge from the shorts onto my hips to give me decent hips to match the fake boobies. What more do you want, just send out for the two outfits.

    Sitting up a little more I use my toes to flick the high heeled shoes off my feet. However I’m going to stick to insisting it is 7” spike heeled crotch high boots or nothing not just for fashion reasons but because they will keep my legs hidden, warm and support my leg muscles as well as help scan a room as a maid and now apparently stop my hair tickling the back of my legs.

    How long is it actually going to be when the chemicals cure will they shrink and shorten you could start by telling me that.

    So send for a pair of boots like that, one pair will do both the ‘Elvira’ and ‘Maid’ looks. Don’t worry your pretty little head about if I can or can’t walk in them, it’s not your problem, if I can’t walk in them you can laugh and say you told me so holding me to wearing them. Staggering at a Stag Night Party is expected who cares the reason and by the hen Night Party I’ll be used to them anyway. I’ll even sign a consent form for them and the outfits if you want.

    As for makeup. That is still a NO. Everyone keeps pointing out that although I’m partly made over as a woman but I’m not one. That is the very reason I won’t wear it, I’m NOT a woman. I know there has been experiments in Hormone Stem Cell Reconfiguration, but as far as I know it’s still experimental so even if it was available for high speed transformation, I still don’t know if I would agree to it, what would be the point since it would only need undone in a couple of days’ time. Also like a tattoo its easy done but very very difficult to undo. I don’t think its practical for 2 or 3 days. NO makeup, I’ll just wash it off.

    I think that has put her straight on things, I’m quite happy to go along with the dressing up for both the Parties. I should escape all high heels because if I refuse to wear anything but 7” heels by the time they locate a pair it will be too late. Nor do I see them trying or even getting me to agree to the Stem Cell treatment so I should be safe from makeup too.

    Try talking to me about what you are doing and I’ll cooperate playing dress up for the Parties. Do you want me to sign consent forms for the outfits? Why not phone my bride to be and she can decide or give me a phone and I’ll call her.

    Now to business, I take it as a Maid you are here to give me a few tips on how to play maid at my girlfriends Hen Party


     Miss Luzette 

    I am a bit surprised but only a bit when the first words out of this prostrate dickhead is: “First of all – MAID – you might get away with treating your staff like that because they are probably illegal immigrants and too afraid to complain.”

    I zone out of what you say after that and wave off my irate girls with a ‘he’s not worth it’ motion as I tap on my phone. Surprisingly perhaps to you, the taps do not relate to panty, pain options but to a voice call that requires me to step away from your prattle and out of the room in order to be heard and think.

    You do have an audience however by the tme you conclude. The good doctor and Nikita arrive and whisper to each other, pointing at different parts of your body on occasion. Then I return to stand in front of you.

    I am reading my phone with one hand while holding my purse in the other. Then I nod to myself, open the purse, deposit the phone inside and pull out a chrome-plated pistol before handing my purse off.


    “You’ll excuse me I’m sure for my inadequacies with this device. Miss Luzette handed it to me just now, she’s outside you know, and gave me the basics of its use you see. She is agreed that you are probably beyond use to us which may mean a return of your sponsor’s deposit; that is not our concern at the moment however, is it.”
    “Doctor O’Bannon is here for medical advice and Nikita for being an official witness and videographer. Frankly this is the first time I’ve been called on for this task so I am understandably a bit nervous.”

    I click the LASER beam sight which jiggles a dot frantically over our body. Then my girl shows me the phone as I read the next bulleted procedure, although I miss the irony. Alrighty then: Will you behave like the sweet girl we’ve spent so much money trying to create or do you wish Doctor O. to advise me on the location of the first target?”

    I look around and giggle nervously before reading on the checklist what happens after BANG!

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