Arrivals: Lacy Place Lobby!

Off to a bad start

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    While showering I heard someone moving about my room. Dripping wet I dashed out of the shower but too late all of my possessions had gone. Stolen!!
    Rushing hopefully into the corridor there was no sign of the thief just a loud click as my room door closed and self locked.

    Venturing reluctantly to Reception I was told they would not give me access to the room until I showed some ID to prove I was resident.

    Still wet with only a small towel to conceal myself I stand there open mouthed with no idea what to do.

    I just stood there in a panic have expecting them to take the Hotel towel off of me too.


    As if by magic I had now become a ‘persona non grata’
    Confined to a towel my options were very limited so picking up a large broadsheet I retired to a corner and opened it up in front of me and discretely observed what was going on.

     Miss Luzette 

    I see an apparently naked man covered somewhat in a towel, cowering in a loveseat in the corner of the lobby. So I amble over and sit on the other cushion staring out into the same area you are and say: “I’m Bimbo; come here often?”



    Hiding behind my newspaper I hear someone sit next to me and ask if ‘I come here often’
    I’m not sure if its someone trying to pick me up for ‘business’ or someone trying to use humour to open a conversation.

    Wriggling to keep the towel over my manhood and hide my nakedness behind the newspaper I peer round it to see a young woman with legs, curves, heavily made up wearing little more than I am and looks as if she will live up to her name of Bimbo. Although she has all the things I love women to have in my fantasies I try not to make eye contact with her and look down which wasn’t a good idea because all I could see was her spiked heels next to my naked foot which filled my head with images of them getting stood on. While I think it should be compulsory for all women to wear 6″inch spiked heels I don’t think being next to someone who is barefooted should be allowed.

    No doubt my face is now bright red as I try to explain to her

    I’m afraid I got locked outside my room and I’m having trouble getting back into it


    Shuffling my feet I add

    I absolutely adore your shoes but until I get a pair of my own to protect my feet do you think you could keep your heels away from my bare feet

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     Miss Luzette 


    I giggle with a musical tinkle when you come alive at least a bit:

    “I’m afraid I got locked outside my room and I’m having trouble getting back into it. I absolutely adore your shoes but until I get a pair of my own to protect my feet do you think you could keep your heels away from my bare feet.”

    I immediately bend over with my head near my feet, the air movement causing my perfume to waft in your face. Then I sit up, tuck my legs under and turn to face you until my knees are pressing against your right thigh and my creamy lips are at your eye level.

    That’s when I dangle my somewhat sweaty heels in front of you before dropping them in your lap:


    I fiddle with your hair as I cheerfully say: “Well it’s nice that you speak English and are not in any medical emergency. I’m also glad that your only problem is being locked out. That happens more than you think around here you know but usually it’s the busty girl that gets locked out with only a sheet  by prank-playing guys.”
    “Oh and officially my name is Belinda Inez Mary Baxter, my nickname is Bimbo; I’ve gotten used to it. I’m a talent scout from L.A.; Lacy Place is just one of my customers. Go on hold and feel and even sniff my shoes if you like; it’s a one-time opportunity for most guys.” ~hee ~hee
    “They cost like $500 at the mall downstairs but I get them at a discount. The cool thing about them is that the straps can loosen up a lot to accommodate a wide variety of foot sizes, maybe even including yours.”
    “I could let you try them on if you like but only if you maybe let me add some of my, you know, creamy lipstick! ~giggle ~giggle Then again I could just call Greta the Chief Maid and tell her where she can retrieve her long lost bedsheet.” ~hee ~hee

    I blow in your ear and run my finger along your lower lip as I check the sheet for any erection action.

    OOC: Can you let me know who Bimbo is looking at?

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    To my relief the Bimbo takes off her spiked heels and drops them into my lap leaving no danger of getting my feet impaled on them.
    As she presses in very close to me and introduce herself I first feel very uncomfortable but then I start to relax, I’m guessing there is some sort of relaxative in her perfume. I don’t really think her name came from an abbreviation of her full name it seems to fit her personality too well. Perhaps they are joking with her just as they joke the mcp in my surname stands for ‘Male Chauvinist Pig’ instead of an old name from the ancient kingdom of Narnia.

    Holding onto a towel, newspaper and now her heels I’m powerless to prevent her from making physical contact and fiddling with my hair which sends an uncontrollable tingle down my spine, hopefully its effect won’t show under the towel.

    I laugh at her joke about busty girls getting locked out of their rooms as she tells me what her work is.

    As you can see I’m neither a girl nor do I have a 48DD bust although I have been to loads of parties where we have done that to the girls, its great fun. But if you are scouting for someone to play a Hero or Macho Man I’m sure I can clear my diary.

    I glance at her sideways rolling my eyes at her suggestion I try on her shoes

    I think I’ll pass on your offer to try on your shoes mainly for two reasons. Firstly I’m a man and us men don’t wear high heels even ones that look good on women. Secondly if men did wear high heels they wouldn’t choose flimsy decorative ones that offer no protection to the foot. Us men are sensible and practical and would choose something in leather which is strong, durable and gives protection we would most likely choose something like thigh length boots to protect the legs perhaps with long opera gloves to protect the hands and arms with something equally practical for the torso. A bit like the outfit that girl going into the bar is wearing.

    I bite my tongue and hold in the laughter at her suggestion I go shoe shopping with her.

    I’m not exactly dressed to go shopping and if I was I would go and buy man clothes not shoes or even the sensible practical outfit I just saw on that girl, I’m not planning on going to any fancy dress parties I’m here on business and need a business suit.

    If you really want to be helpful you could go to reception and sort out my room key and get me back into my room where I can phone for some new clothes or order them online.

    Trying to get her onto my side and help I try to humour her

    I’ll even let you order me one of those sensible practical outfits for the Christmas Fancy Dress Party.

    Perhaps this offer wasn’t such a good idea she seems to have become excited by it blowing into my ear and running her finger along my lip suggesting adding lipstick to it making me squirm.

    Please will you go to reception and sort something out for me. My name is Lewis Imamcp although it may be under the name Louise because my wife made the booking.


     Miss Luzette 

    As I listen to your rant, I take my shoes, bend over and tighten them up again. Then sitting up again I tap on my phone as I respond:

    “Thanks for getting that issue resolved. So you’re an asshole guy being dickish and even bragging about humiliating women for fun. What’s more interesting given your attitude is that you have a wife. Maybe you had a wife sure but currently having one; that’s odd. Then it hits me: Of course the lovely Louise sent you here; she probably got you into your present situation in the first place somehow.  Good for her!”
    “Oh and as to that hot number in leather that you admired so much just now. Her name is Elvira but it was George when he walked in here a couple of months ago. Or maybe he was wearing a sheet; I was out of town then.
    “But I’m not here to argue sugar-plum, I’m just Id’ing outlier guests for the resort. So that’s what I’m gonna do.”


    I stand up, and spray your hair and sheet with the house cologne: “That’s the Lacy Place’s Turd Marker: Now all staff will know who they’re dealing with and they’ll be swarming around you soon just like flies to shit. Have a nice day!”

    I stand back and look around to see who’s coming before I leave.


    I’m guessing I upset her by not trying her shoes on, women are such strange creatures. I don’t understand what she meant saying my wife got me into this predicament or Elvira being called George.

    As she starts to spray something over my I automatically hold up my hands to protect myself. A big mistake as everything I had falls to the ground leaving me fully exposed to all.

    I need to get back to my room, things are getting out of hand now.

    PLEASE don’t go I need help. If it helps and you insist I’ll even let you put your heels on me to show my appreciation.

     Miss Luzette 

    I chuckle as you whine as your sheet drops clear so I take a few pictures of your nakedness and tease you: “Sorry “Sorry Louise I don’t do ‘dick-otomies’. Maybe I should go fetch Elvira; she could at least counsel you.” ~hee ~hee


    At this point a 6’ maid in flats appears, rolling a wheel barrow of sorts in front of her. She takes the sheet and tosses it in your face as she responds with an Australian accent: “Nice to see you again Bimbo. So this is trash in the lobby that needs cleaning up, huh? No worries; I got it from here Belinda.”

    She points to the handcart and stares at you: “Hello there Sport; my name is Nikita. Would you be kind enough to put your fat arse on the cushion or would you need some Aussie-style assistance mate?”

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    It was all very confusing with the bimbo angry at me and then of her maid friends turning up with a strange cushioned cart.
    In true crude and rude Aussie style the maid invited me to cover up and sit myself in her cart. I guess they haven’t invented the wheel chair yet.

    I stand smiling at the maid calling herself Nikita as it dawns on me what is going on. By creating a commotion it creates a reason to have me escorted out of the Reception; and being a maid she will have pass keys to the rooms and she is going to slip me back into my room.

    Wrapping the little towel round me like a micro mini and newspaper in front of me again I smile and say to Nikita

    This is a brilliant Plan


     Miss Luzette 


    I chortle a bit and cuff your ankles to my carrier arms when you say as I roll you through the lobby:

    This is a brilliant Plan

    “I’m glad you’re enjoying it Sport. When Bimbo texted me, she said that you saw Elvira. She’s quite the hooker these days; a great earner so I’ve heard. Belinda also said that she told you her name was George a little less than a year ago if I remember.”
    “Fact is I came here a bit more than two years ago with my mates as a merchant seaman out of Perth. As it turns out I became the first transformation that Miss Luzette, the kahuna around here, performed.”
    “Because of that she let me keep my old name and didn’t give me a ‘Sheila’ name like poor George got. I’m also not a maid but her very able Assistant in a pleasant disguise. I guess what I’m sayin’ is that this is not so much a brilliant plan as just another day in girl-world.”

    I roll you past some uniformed guards who nod at me as we pass and stop you in the middle of a locker room.


    The warm, humid air here is in contrast to the cool dryness of the lobby as I unlock your ankle cuffs and unceremoniously but painlessly dump you on to the floor. Then I roll the carrier into a corner before tapping on my device.

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    There a lot of strange customs here, perhaps I shouldn’t question things too quickly. When I finally got into the ‘wheelchair’ my ankles were shackled to the shafts which was quite alarming. Still not sure if it was to make the security officers think I had been taken into custody and that’s why the said nothing as I was taken out of the lobby. Or, was it an Aussie version of a seatbelt like the ‘seatbelts’ her ancestors wore on their trip to Botany Bay, someday the Aussies will catch up and use more modern ‘seatbelts’. Anyways, the shackles are off now.

    After being literally tipped onto the floor I find myself once again trying to rearrange the towel as a micro-mini skirt covering my lower parts and a more and more tattered newspaper covering the rest of my body. As I do the maid Nikita starts teasing me about the person they said was called Elvira which isn’t going to work on me.


    Somehow I don’t think Elvira was called George nor is she a man. Just because I said she had chosen clothes and materials that are practical and hardwearing like as man’s choice of what to wear it doesn’t mean that she is a man, just means she has good taste. Just like your little satin maid outfit tells me you are a girl, a man would have chosen a dress of a more suitable, practical material same as Elvira’s choices. And add to that although a man could add padding to his top to make curves like a woman, or to look like Elvira add lots and lots and lots of padding, there is the problem that Elvira didn’t have bulges where men do and women don’t I look down at my little towel micro-mini skirt which has no chance of covering and smoothing out my ‘bulges’.

    Having called her bluff she admits she isn’t really a man turned into a maid, obvious by her non-manly choice of an impractical uniform, she tells me she is really an Assistant to the Bimbo which must mean she is just an Assistant Talent Scout.

    I continue to call her bluff about Elvira before starting think ahead for my present predicament.

    And if Elvira was a man why on earth would he dress as a woman? Is there a Fancy Dress Party on in one of the rooms tonight?

    I start laughing as I have another ‘thought’ to undermine Nikkita’s claims.

    Or perhaps the clothes have been locked, glued or even skin-grafted onto him so he can’t take them off.

    Laughing very loudly before becoming sensible again.

    Thank you for getting me out of the Lobby it’s a little less embarrassing here. But how am I going to get back into my room. Do you have a Plan or any thoughts on it. Perhaps we could tell people we were filming me as the Incredible Hulk who lost all my clothes when I got angry in one of the scenes.


     Miss Luzette 


    I look at you incredulously as you rant at me. Knowing that we’re being videoed through the one-way mirror keeps me somewhat calm but you stop jabbering, I shrug my shoulders and act. I clamp my strong right hand around your neck and my strong left hand around your nuts and lift you easily over my head.

    Then I shake your body coverings off of you before presenting your face to the mirror: “You heard him with Bimbo and now me boss; is the plan the same Miss Luzette? I believe that the organic garbage dumpster behind the all-day cafeteria gets picked up in a couple of hours. He could be compost before sundown, just saying.”

    I lay you face up on the counter and unkink my arms a bit before pressing my right hand against your throat while examining your testicles with the fingers of my left hand: “There is a tradition among powerful women in India and parts of the Middle East to gift pairs of bronzed testicles to each other as earrings. I’ve never seen it myself but ….”

    My boss bursts into the room just as thin chains drop from the ceiling. She gives me a cheek to cheek air kiss before barking out: “Ankle cuffs Nikita, string him upside down so we can dangle him with his ‘brain’ at our eye level while he can savor the aroma of real power through his nostrils.”
    “I am Miss Luzette, the manager of this area and you my Lewis are in deep shit or as my Nikita has suggested, will be part of someone else’s deep shit by morning, oui. Oh and Nikita, I will bring some maids to assist you especially in measuring the ‘sausage and beans’ for repurposing. You always do come up with the good solutions ma cherie.”

    I walk off a bit and get on my phone as Nikita strings you naked from the ceiling.

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    On mentioning a Plan the Assistant Talent Scout looks at me blankly before going crazy choking me with one hand as her other grabs my manhood and squeezes my nuts so hard the searing pain brings tears to my eyes, I try to cry out but can’t because my windpipe and vocal chords are clamped tight by her other arm.

    Dazed and naked once again, my face is pushed up against a mirror while she utters something about the Plan still being the same. Still grasped by my throat, this time in a position like a baby on a changing table, I say to her I have no idea what Plan she is talking about.

    Then it dawns on me as she threatens to kill me and put me the compost bin and poking at my now very tender nuts threatening to do unthinkable things to them. She is one of those Feminists and every time I point out how much better men are at doing things, even women things, in a much more sensible and practical way because we stop to think things through intelligently she goes mad. They seem to think Females are Superior and/or Dominant to men by being the ‘Mistress of the House’ instead of the natural order of ‘Master of the House’ I’ve no time for that Femdom nonsense as they call it.

    One of her friends enters and seems to be telling her off for something, I can’t make it out over my gasps to regain my breath, but it was something to do with her dangling me in the air. Obviously someone else wasn’t happy she had done that. While they talk I grab another towel and cover my private parts once more.

    While finding a way to secure the towel on me I’m caught unaware as I felt something cold on my ankles a couple of clicking sounds rapidly followed by a whirring of an electric motor like a rabbit caught in headlights I watch a rapid motion as if its in slow motion. My legs are pulled up into the air on chains and then my body is dragged after them, with top of my head just brushing the floor my face is looking at a pair of spiked heels. I’m beginning to take a dislike to high heels, while they are the best thing for women I don’t like this view of them or them being in my face. I can’t help wonder if I had tried on the Bimbo’s heels when she suggested it if things would have been different would she have helped me get into my room and I wouldn’t be here now; I may have looked more stupid in them but then I wouldn’t be in this mess I’m in now.

    The new arrival introduces herself as ‘Miss Luzette’ so my guess was right they are a bunch of those Femdoms she uses a title in her name. Obviously putting me in the compost doesn’t mean killing me, although I’ve no idea what it does mean, because she is going to have maids measure my ‘sausage and beans’ which I’m going to guess is Aussie Rhyming Slang for something like ‘suit and shoes’

    This would mean that being hung upside down (something Aussies know about is being upside down) Its their way of measuring someone’s inside leg measurement for trousers; turn the customer upside down!

    Angry at the way I’m being treated I try to reach out and grab the Assistant’s ankle while croaking through my bruised voice box

    You caught me off guard. Want to try that again when I’m ready for you.


     Miss Luzette 

    I laugh out loud when you call out as Nikita hoists you up to the proper level:
    “You caught me off guard. Want to try that again when I’m ready for you.” ~hee ~hee “Mais non monsieur: I was an officer in the French infantry not long ago: We do not believe in the fair fight nor in the best two out of three contests. I respect a male’s testosterone levels which is what I am here to curb at the moment.”


    As my girls arrive and help carefully raise you up to face/balls and nose/cunt levels I reminisce: “I grew up as the farmgirl in Chartres France. I only bring this up because one of my chores, due to my arm strength even as a girl, was to geld the bullocks not needed for stud. I’ve never lost that passion. Now to work, yes?”

    My girls pin the hems of their skirts up to reveal that they are sans culottes. They then carefully shave your balls with a curry based lather which causes your manhood to burn a bit and puff up considerably. Then they drip cool wax over your junk.

    While the wax hardens, all four of them proceed to rip off your leg hair with wax and cloth strips, giggling as your not breath hits their aromatic twats. As they subsequently rub soothing aloe on your denuded legs, I sit next to your face and fix my lipstick in front of you:

    “I hope by now monsieur you recognize that our Bimbo is merely a contract professional while Nikita here is my dedicated, once male Assistant and that your future, it is resting gently but perilously in the labial folds of the women around you.”
    “I have also found that the wearing of lipstick is the easiest and most dramatic indication that the man has accepted at least that sex roles need not be binary, to use the current term. If I allow you to stand would you generously accept my offer to proudly wear my shade for me?”

    I tap my wet paste on your upturned nostrils to add to your aromatic smorgasbord as the testicle cast hardens and is carefully removed.

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    Yes its starting to become clearer now, I’ve upset a bunch of Femdom women by pointing out to them how poor their choices are when it comes to dressing in a sensible realistic and practical way. I think for now I better not say any more on that subject. Perhaps time for a tactical move and try an apology in the Madam’s native language.

    Je m’excuse si je dis quelque chose que tu ne trouves pas correct.

    I can’t get to see what the girls are up to, every time I try a clean shaven pussy gets in the way and I just have a face full of cunt. From what I can see and feel I’m guessing that in revenge they shaving and depilating my lower half which hurts like hell but I refuse to let them know that. Whatever they have put on my cock and balls stings even more, I can feel them enflamed and tension in the skin, I’m guessing making them larger makes it easier to do a bikini waxing. The word


    slips out when I get distracted for a moment by the one who seems to be in charge or Head Bitch of the Femdon Covent. She sits with her face next to mine rambling on about embracing my feminine side more while thickening the layer of makeup that covers her real face,

    yes makeup can enhance features but I never understood why so much is needed wouldn’t temporary tattooing be simpler. I have to laugh at group of Goths I heard of who once got permanent tattoo makeup done, not very sensible.

    She suggests that if I allow her to apply lipstick to me she will in return allow me to stand. The answer is simple

    NO you have got to be joking. I’m sure it’s obvious in this position and state of dress that I’m a MAN, having my reproduction organs on the outside of the body is a big clue; women have theirs on the inside, called a w.o.m.b. I don’t have a womb and until I have one I have no desire to wear makeup so ask me again when I have grown a womb and become capable of childbirth which will be when Hell freezes over.

    However letting me stand and get me back to my room would be a good Plan if you do it now I might be persuaded or grateful enough to say nothing to the authorities about this assault.

    One thing that was said by the crazy Assistant about giving gilded balls as earrings may explain the wax. They are making a mould of my manhood to cast copies as fertility symbols; I hope their ears are strong enough to take the size and weight.

     Miss Luzette 

    I listen to your rant and sigh: “As recorded in the ladies pool deck shower room on the date and time indicated; Miss Luzette Duvalier officiating.” I click off my device and gesture to my Assistant:

    “My Nikita: As you have heard, this testosterone-addled creature has decided to live and die as the binary male: In some ways I salute his decision. Bring the trolley over; he needs transport and the conveyance you used to bring him here is inappropriate at the moment, oui.”
    I understand and applaud your decision monsieur and I am sure that the final resolution of your fate will be satisfying and mostly painless especially if you are a religious person. In fact as a practicing Catholic I … oh here comes the trolley now; careful with him ladies.”

    Nikita rolls over a baggage trolley and with some fits and starts, we get you hanging with your heels spread from the top knot. Then we drape a red, mesh netting over the entire device so that no one can see inside but you can see well enough and breathe easily.

    “Bon, we are ready then. Take him to the front desk Nikita where Carol should have prepared the sign indicating that you are carrying a stage prop, an animatronic mannequin or some such in case this piece of shit draws flies. See already how I am losing concern for even his soul.”
    “In the meantime I will be making all of the arrangement with Doctor O’Bannon, Nooky, Miss Melissa of course as well as the clean-up crew; we can’t forget them. Managing, it can be so hard at times, oui?  Adieu monsieur, adieu.”

    With the netting tied down Nikita solemnly rolls you out of the shower room and into the somewhat busy, air-conditioned lobby.

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    Things seem to be a lot calmer now although I can’t be sure if it’s because the Covent has had revenge by shaving my legs and manhood or whether the crazy Lady has accepted my apology. Either way its looking good, I even hear her say to Nikita that I was going to be 100% male till the day I die.

    The conversation changes to how to move me about again and even names so of her gang. I wouldn’t have thought it would take so many people to get me back into my room or even someone with professional standing like the Doctor O’Bannon I heard her mention, I’m sure a maid with a pass key could do it by herself or the room cleaning crew she mentioned. Whatever, I’m pleased to be on my way back to my room now.

    The method of transport leaves a lot to be desired, this time hung upside down on a luggage trolley, who cares a long as it works although I’m sure they are taking a few liberties at my expense as the tug and pull me onto the trolley. Best to humour them I think.

    Concealed by mesh netting and nothing to do as I begin the journey back to my room my mind starts to wander as my face is guided along a path liked with spiked heels. What if crazy Lady had put lipstick on me and my girlfriend and future wife had turned up at the hotel. Lipstick on a collar would be hard to explain, being naked and wearing lipstick would be impossible to explain. Likewise being under the mesh I imagine would be like wearing a bridal veil, there is no way I could say on our wedding day that I know what it’s like wearing a bridal veil, no way could I explain it.

    I think they also went past Elvira to annoy me. I still say it’s a practical and sensible outfit she is wearing. However on close-up I decide I don’t like her boots, they are lace up and would take too long to fasten and make less time to go out clubbing, ones with a zip or just simple pull-on boots would be more practical. A smile crosses my face as I have a thought. Forget thigh high boots – crotch high boots would be much much better, with every step or movement the top of the boot would rub the clit and keep the woman stimulated and moist.

    Once again it takes a man to come up with a brilliant sensible and practical to keep a woman on boil and ready. I think I will be getting my wife a nice pair of crotch high boots for her wedding gift and perhaps adding a nice clutch bag for tissues to wipe the drips off her boots too.

    I’m starting to feel cold without a towel or even a newspaper to keep me warm, I hope this isn’t going to take much longer.

     Miss Luzette 

    As you glide idly by legs of all sorts, you are suddenly turned into the dark and distinctive atmosphere of a bar.


    You see Nikita’s legs walk away and for a minute you are left alone. Then there is a pair of dark-skinned legs in front of you, followed by a brief rustle of the netting and before you know it a somewhat familiar Black girl is facing you, once you reconcile your upside-down-ness:

    In a very sexy, Beyoncé like voice, she says: “Hi there sugar: My old friend Nikita says you know about me, about us really. She also said that you sorta know what Miss Luzette and the others with the aroma of power between their legs have in store for you. Do you really, doll?”

    She pops open her compact and touches up her lipstick before continuing: “It’s true I was a guy before and so was Nikita but we still have our junk you know, only it’s hidden and shit. I guess she’s saying that you’d rather they toss you off the 24th floor of this fucking building than put a little Revlon on your lips. Is that right?”

    Suddenly the trolley begins moving with Elvira hanging on to your arm for balance: “ Geezuz I gotta go soon or I’ll puke on this thing. You gotta understand they do this as a business: Nikita thinks someone named Louise paid your ticket but she ain’t sure. It’s supposed to be humiliating shithead but that don’t  …”

    She suddenly drops out of the trolley and onto the floor of the lobby. While the crowd laughs uproariously at the whore’s predicament, you roll off unmolested for the moment.


    I don’t think it’s an accident that the trolley stops right next to Elvira just as I’m thinking about the heels she is wearing. I had thought that they were 7 or possible 8 inch spikes on closer look they must be at least 9 inch of gleaming spike heel tapering down to a very fine point. What a superb and brilliant choice, makes her stand out and tall from the silly girls in low heels, she will get noticed and go far in this world making perfect choices like that.

    To my horror she climbs in under the cover and seems to know about me. Joining in on the joke claiming she was or is a man just hiding his manhood and dressing up. While that would explain her absolutely fantastic choices in fashion there are other clues to whether someone is male or female. I can’t see if she has an Adam’s apple because of my position and I think she is wearing a choker collar, her breasts must be at least a 48DD and are no doubt enhanced but many women do that. And there is no way that a guy could hide his manhood under a micro-mini like she was wearing. If she had been wearing crotch high boots their tops would meet the hem of her skirt and could conceal nothing.

    Also like I said to the Crazy Lady there are other physical differences between men and woman such as women have wombs and can give birth, so they have a different bone structure with a wider pelvis and hips, they even have an extra rib to support large breasts since they don’t have broad shoulders and as well as not having an Adam’s Apple their jaw and cheek bones have a softer outline. So if I could examine Elvira properly it would be easy to tell is she was a guy pretending, appearance could be changed but unlikely that the internal body structure would be changed which is difficult and very costly to do.

    I was just about to tell her that she was 1000% right that I will never allow any makeup of any kind be put on me, even if I did know how to put it on, when she let something slip. She said that Louise my girlfriend and bride to be next week had arranged to have me humiliated – This is all some sort of Stag Night prank arranged by my darling Louise who knows how much of a true man I am.

    The trolley starts moving again and Elvira slips back out from under the cover. Now I know what is happening, all a big prank organized by Louise, at least I’ll be back in my room soon and it will all be over and done with.

    Looking back I see Elvira rolling about on the floor, obviously some jealous girl tripped her up because she is in a class above them.


     Miss Luzette 


    As I roll you over to the Front Desk for the signage and official Oks, I say: “I had a mike to record any conversation you had with our Elvira but all I heard was from her. I thought I’d give you an extra chance but now you’re just task number 6 for the day. No worries; your trolley ride won’t be much longer sport.”

    After my stop at the Front Desk it’s down to the elevator bank and up a bunch of floors. Another quick roll down a corridor where I enter an alcohol-smelling room where I can finally remove the netting and let you see where you are:


    I single-handedly disconnect you from the trolley and up-end you so that you can finally stand on your feet, albeit with ankle cuffs and a spreader bar for the moment. As your blood is draining from your brain back to normal levels, you see a flurry of black in feminine form as Goth girls surround you and remove your impediments.


    “It’s nice to see you monochrome ladies once again. I believe the good doctor is expecting us but for what I’m not sure.” They ignore me of course and proceed to lift and place you on the treatment table as I take a seat out of the way.


    Without knowing it Nikita lets me know why I’m being recorded, it’s for Louise’s amusement to let her know how well her prank is working. I’m tempted to call their bluff and let them know I know what is going on. Instead I decide to turn the prank back on them, I know she will confer with Elvira later to see if what I say is true but for now it’s time to start paying them back by making them wonder if I’ve blown Elvira’s cover story of being a man dressed up as a woman.

    Oh how sad, I guess the microphone was facing the wrong way. I was telling her how real men like me would never wear any makeup, only real women do, and was telling her there are ways to tell if someone is a real woman or a guy pretending to be one. I even pointed out to her where she slipped up in her outfit and told her how a man would perfect the outfit by changing her thigh high boots for crotch high boots. Little things like that make the difference and show how perfect male choices contrast with less practical female choices.

    I give her a huge smile like the proverbial Cheshire Cat sure that she realises that I know Elvira is a woman, her mistake was the proof.

    Pushed into a room with odd disinfectant type smells I guess we are in the Cleaners Department now. So my guess is I’ll be taken up the back service elevator to my room.

    Nikita assists me off the luggage trolley hook and helps me to my feet. The blood rushes out of my head leaving me feel fait so I lean against a counter as some pretty black and white girls free my ankles. Still light headed it begins to feel like a dream because of the black and white figures. People dream in black and white not colour perhaps because without colour images are less harsh to look at. Whatever the reason the pretty girls are a sight for sore eyes, no bright red lipstick or sky blue eye shadow dazzling me.

    My circulation and vision start to recover so I say to the girls

    Thank you Ladies, now which way is it to the service elevators?


     Miss Luzette 

    I walk inside my operatory just in time to hear you snark: “Thank you Ladies, now which way is it to the service elevators?”

    “All in good time Lewis all in good time. I am Doctor Rebecca O’Bannon and these are my Carpathian Assistants: They have received Certificates of Excellence in dealing with both live and dead bodies so you are in good hands either way.”

    As the Goths strap your wrists, neck and waist to the procedures table with tough, Velcro straps, I gently place a surgical gas mask over your face:

    “Try to relax as best you can Lewis: I am a Medical Doctor, board-certified in Romania and you are my patient. There is only oxygen flowing through the tube at the moment and the mask will allow you to speak freely. Use that ability with discretion.”
    “My first task will be to soften up that arrogant tone of voice by introducing a complementary gas which will slowly tighten your vocal cords resulting in your speech becoming progressively high higher in pitch, need I say like a girl’s speech. How high the pitch of course depends on both my trained hands and on your annoying dickishness. Let us begin.”

    I make some adjustments behind your head before returning to focus on your very exposed genitals.


    Regaining my balance I stand ready to go.

    Without warning in a burst of black and white activity I’m pushed back onto a table splayed out and strapped down very tightly and can see nothing because a bright light is shining in my eyes.

    A new voice introduces herself as a medical Doctor. The prank continues as I croak

    I’m not ill

    This is not strictly true as my voice demonstrated, my vocal cords are still sore and bruised from the headlock Nikita put on me, she squeezed a little too tight and crushed them a little so I won’t be able to say much regardless of her request not to talk a lot.

    Placing a mask on me she tells how she is going to add a special gas to give me a higher pitched more girly voice. It’s an old trick we played at College parties breathing in the Helium from balloons which altered the gas around the vocal cords changing the pitch of the sound; it didn’t tighten the cords as people claim.
    I laugh to myself about the brilliant Prank Louise has set up to get me naked running through corridors, then add lipstick and girly voice knowing as a real man I’ll feel a right ****

    Next she starts poking at my Private Parts again. I’ve seen the film so I know what’s coming will involve something like a daffodil and photography hence the good lighting. For a moment I panic as I have a thought. Louise is a romantic I hope she hasn’t asked for roses instead of daffodils they have thorns which could hurt my precious parts.

    Speaking into the light to where I think this Dr Rebecca is I suggest

    Just gift wrap things in a Bow there is no need to add Roses.


     Miss Luzette 

    I have my girls turn off the bright light and instead turn on a ceiling monitor so that you can see your entire body from that perspective. I am briefly confused however by your last remark:”Just gift wrap things in a Bow there is no need to add Roses.”

    “Oh I’m sorry; were you suggesting castration? That’s certainly an option but I would still need approval from Melandren, the payer unless you have available funds for transfer. Nikita, could you check with your boss on that please?

    You see my Goth girls slide a blue, boy-cut panty on you, maneuvering your penis into a special sleeve inside it. “In the meantime I’ll convert Prince Charming into Princess Sweetness in a simpler, non-surgical manner.”

    Suddenly the panties tighten around your form and begin changing colors from the darkest human skin tone to the lightest until the color exactly matches your own. For the moment you look like a sexless mannequin.

    Then the aching discomfort of a painful menstrual cycle begins as the panty pushes your testicles back inside your body and twists your penis until your pee hole points straight down. The restraints hold you firm as the pain subsides and you see a virginal slit displayed where your manhood once hung:

    “That wasn’t too bad now was it? I need you to say a few words just to check on your voice transformation. Frequently it takes 15-30 minutes to reach the sweet spot so to speak but then it should last for a month or so, plus or minus.”

    I touch your forehead and smile professionally at you: I am only a doctor after all just doing her job.

    • This reply was modified 2 weeks, 5 days ago by  Miss Luzette.

    The bright lights go off suddenly and while trying to refocus my eyes I realise why the Goth girls as assistants. In bright light black and white are so much easier to see.

    My eyes focus on a ceiling mounted screen showing a woman poking at someone’s balls and asking if there are funds for castration.

    The screen and what is coming from the speakers I quickly realise is of me; once again my torment is being recorded for Louise no doubt to keep in our Wedding Album of an unforgettable Stag Party albeit arranged by her.

    Once again they have slipped up. She is a medical Doctor not a surgical Surgeon so there is no way she would be licenced to do such nasty evil thing even on genuine medical grounds. I guess Melandren is the company that Louise hired to carry out the Prank.

    My turn to play games on them by calling their bluff.
    Nikita won’t need to check the funding, it’s not being done by the Public Health Service, it will be a fully funded contract by someone with so much money that they have done all the usual things and are now only satisfied with extremely unusual.

    Thinking of how wealthy Louise is I have a thought – how to get back to my room and end the Prank.

    If it’s funding you want then yes I have plenty on my credit card, I could buy this hotel. Take me to my room where my credit cards are and you can have as much funding as you need, perhaps even spend the next 10yrs studying to become a surgeon.

    The Black & White Girls go to work again slipping special panties on me which cause me to squirm in pain as they metamorph into a female form. I try not to laugh; it’s such a brilliant party trick.

    For years doctors tried to find a way to repair the body after injury and have developed things like 3D printing of hard tissue. However, their experiments involving resetting soft tissue and reformatting it into a new form, like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, weren’t a great success but they did develop a type of polymer that could be moulded into the right shape for prosthetics. It is used mostly in covering up hair loss, comb it when it’s in liquid form and the strands join on and form ‘hair’

    Looks like I’m wearing a pair of prosthetic ‘girlie panties’. What a brilliant Prank.

    I shout at her THAT HURT in a high pitched voice which I think had more to do with being in pain than the effect of her gas.

    I add

    Oh what a shame nothing left for you to castrate


     Miss Luzette 

    “If it’s funding you want then yes I have plenty on my credit card … perhaps even spend the next 10yrs studying to become a surgeon … Oh what a shame nothing left for you to castrate”


    I listen to you impassively as I check for other supplies and instruments nearby but out of your monitor sight: “Your voice is coming along just fine sir, please keep talking thank you. And no, it’s not funding per se I was asking about but authorization. Melandren is up there with Coca Cola, Apple Computers and the Columbian drug cartels with regard to cash flow.”
    “I am concerned or make that intrigued by your positive interest in your own clinical castration. Oh and I wouldn’t get hung up on all that accreditation and licensing stuff. I only have a license in Romania and that’s probably lapsed.”
    “Don’t worry I’ve been castrating animals since I was a little girl helping out my uncle who was apprenticed to a veterinarian. He was part of the Romanian Wildlife Conservancy paid to control the wolf, wildcat and boar populations in the Carpathian forests. Primates like you are a lot easier to control; that’s for sure.” ~giggle! ~giggle

    I return and take a seat next to your chest while my Assistant rolls over a trolley containing a pair of large jiggling, breasts:

    As my other girls flitter around, I call out over my shoulder: “Nikita: Could you let Luzette know about Number 7’s positive interest in neutering? The cost of one of those panties compared to a used scalpel has got to be enormous. Also tell her I’m fine either way and everything is still on schedule; thanks hun.”

    My girls then wipe your chest area down with alcohol as I make sure all is in readiness.

    • This reply was modified 2 weeks, 5 days ago by  Miss Luzette.

    I doubt that Big Business like that would even acknowledge a request like that for a Party Prank so I guess you are out of luck, no fun for you today.

    So too am I by the sound of it, my plan to trick her to taking me to my room backfired and now she actually believes I want castrated! Guess I’ll just have to make the most of teasing and confusing her instead. Surprisingly she admits she is not a proper Doctor of anything, at most she played zoos with a lapsed Assistant Horse Doctor.

    Laughing, I say to her

    Well I guess it would take a Horse Doctor to handle a Stud Stallion like me.

    While she gives instruction to Nikita I watch two little black & whites push in a trolley with two very large jelly breasts wobbling away like an earthquake

    Are we going to have custard with those deserts? And Nikita remind Luzette that no makeup until I’ve reached puberty and ready to give birth to my children.

    Lying back and laughing to myself the girls start to wipe down my chest confirming my guess that no Stag Party Prank is complete without a pair of false boobies. Looks like they plan to glue them onto me. I point out to them

    There are two problems with those, or should I say each of them has two problems.

    First, their size; if you had them could you fasten your dress over them

    Second, the weight of them would tear the glue apart rip the skin off your chest

    I know the glue could stick to them and the skin, I once glued my fingers together with superglue and had to soak them in very hot water for an hour to release the glue. So I’m not worried if they glue them onto me, it’s a good Prank and a good soak in a hot tub will get them off, and probably the girlie pussy shaped panties too.

    I will concede one thing Mrs House Doctor, the gas whatever it is and ignoring the side effect on the pitch of my voice has eased the pain caused by Nikita crushing my voice box earlier.


     Miss Luzette 

    We all start to giggle at your now high-pitched, testosterone rants: “I doubt that Big Business like that would even acknowledge a request like that for a Party Prank so I guess you are out of luck, no fun for you today.”

    “I guess sweetie but then again, you’re here aren’t you. ~hee ~hee And you’re right that you may be a victim of a party prank; I’m not privy to my patients’ final resolution. Some are sent to Bangkok brothels and others end up working here like Nikita but most I’m assuming are returned to their sponsors for their amusement or revenge. It’s not my concern thank god.”

    “Well I guess it would take a Horse Doctor to handle a Stud Stallion like me.” I shrug my shoulders: “I’m actually a medical doctor who learned neutering while working on smaller wild animals and not horses.”
    “But to your point, your genitals are adequate, mid-range specimens: There’s remarkably little variance in humans or really within species. Gorillas have tiny testicles while tiny bonobos in the primate family have huge ones; it depends on mating practices.”

    I laugh when you then refer to the prosthetics and their uses: “Those are very good observations sir: I’m impressed at your keen interest in the subject. To be clear you will present as a female human of the same age as you are now and these changes are only semi-permanent.”
    “You will not have any girl organs inside when we are through so that not only can’t you get pregnant but you also cannot lubricate therefore not exude the smell. That’s the important difference that reflects the power here. If you get too rambunctious for example, someone will stick your nose inside a real girl’s labia folds and make you smell her.”
    “With your inability to ejaculate due to the Special Panty, your blue balls will create ironically a menstrual cramp of increasing intensity until you finally comply to their demands, willingly or not. We do this all the time sweetie.” ~hee ~hee
    “As to prosthetic breast adhesion issues kind sir, let the doctor do her work and you’ll see how unwarranted your concerns are. We’ve never had unsatisfied customers but understand that patients do not count as our customers.” ~giggle

    My girls glove me and hover around your chest area while you can see what’s happening from the overhead camera.

    • This reply was modified 2 weeks, 2 days ago by  Miss Luzette.

    The Horse Doctor starts to explain that she has been hired to do a makeover and boast about how good she is at doing it saying some of her work can last for years and says that some can travel the world doing Cosplay.

    I think you will find that it’s my wife-to-be who has arranged this as some sort of ‘Stag Night Prank’ and by next week I’ll be back to my usual appearance as a Groom standing next to my Bride on out Wedding Day not an Elvira style Flower girl.

    What I might do is next year throw a Fancy Dress Anniversary Party and hire you to turn my wife into Elvira and I can go as Alexander the ancient Greek who conquered the known World.

    I ignore her comments about my manhood and threats of making the attachments become uncomfortable if I doing co-operate with the makeover and point out

    As you rightly say prosthetics don’t make a female just an illusion of one. But remember the Rules that only real functioning females wear makeup so that means you don’t get to add makeup to your work here, I’m still a man and men don’t do makeup.

    I know that I’m safe from painting my face, nails etc. by insisting I get a functional womb and female parts first, somehow I don’t see a Horse Doctor doing a womb transplant etc. It will be interesting to see how she is going to cover up the other male-female differences. I wonder if my future wife is arranging a surprize party in my room and tats why they are keeping me out of it as long as possible.

    So tell me what have you been hired to dress me up as for the surprize stag party, party entertainment like Elvira, or perhaps a Flower girl or Bridesmaid which might make it easier for you. Covering my legs with a nice long dress would hide my manly legs.

    The camera and monitor go back on so I guess I’m not getting released and the next part of the Prank, the boobies, is going ahead even although I’ve spoiled the surprize by letting them know I know what’s going on.


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