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New Arrival – Far From Home

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     Avani Reddy 

    My eyes slowly open and come to focus as I first hear the sound of soft, muffled banging. I see the taxi driver is knocking on the glass between us and I take out my earphones, cutting off Supertramp abruptly. He lets me know that “we’re here” and I take a quick glance outside, getting my confirmation as I spot the “Lacy Place” signage accompanying the lavish hotel before me, the sun at high-noon glaring against the glass. I give a quick nod and smile to the driver as I pass him $20 for the fare, and telling him to “keep the change” for the smooth ride and for letting me get some shut-eye. Stepping out of the cab and grabbing my luggage from the trunk (still with the label with my name on it – Ajay Reddy)  I take a moment to admire the view in front of me, still surprised that I’m actually here.

    It’s been about a year since I graduated from university and some big things have happened since then: I got lucky and found myself in TV production, moved to a new city, split from my girlfriend of four years (on good terms, mind you), and then realised I wasn’t ready to work just quite yet. To be honest, I just hadn’t felt like I’d grown enough to be an adult with a steady job and everything – I needed to visit new places, try new things. I still have to find out who I really am. I opened up to my ex and she was completely encouraging, even suggesting places to go! Her top recommendation was to see Las Vegas and to enjoy the flashy lifestyle there for a while. She was insistent that, if I did go, I check into the “Lacy Place” as she’d spent time there during her gap year and she couldn’t praise it enough. After some planning I decided on a tour of America, visiting the sights from West-to-East, bunking in hotels, hostels and with old uni friends as I burn through whatever is in my bank account, starting with Sin City itself from my ex’s recommendation. 

    Eighteen hours of flights later, starting from my hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, down to London-Orlando-Dallas and I finally arrived in Vegas itself, utterly exhausted. I barely managed to grab any sleep but at least I’m at the hotel. I can check in, grab some proper sleep and check out the night life once I’m feeling fresh. Seeing the glitzy ladies and gentlemen both around the hotel and either entering or leaving it, I can’t help but feel that I’m not in a presentable shape. My hair is still slicked back but starting to lose its shape. I would take off my plain green hoodie to try to cool down from this insane heat if it weren’t covering a white t-shirt that I can unfortunately feel is stained with sweat. Even my grey joggers and trainers are too casual for this place… There was no way that I would’ve survived the long trip without being this comfortable, though. I’ll just have to deal with it and change once I’m in my room.

    I step into the hotel, pulling my suitcase behind me with my second bag over my shoulder, a little awestruck by the incredible interior – I’ve never splashed out to stay in a place this fancy before. Several people pass before I’m snapped out of my stupor. Realising that I’m clogging up the area near the doorway, I bow my head with a fair amount of embarrassment and quickly walk over to the reception desk. With my head still down I spot the bell at the desk from the top of my vision and quickly ring it without checking if there is anyone there in the first place – a result from my exhaustion and embarrassment.


    [OOC – Hi there! I know this has been a fairly long intro post, and sorry if its too long to start off with – I just got sucked into the writing a little :P. I’ve been here a couple of days and felt like I should finally make my intro post. Really looking forward to getting properly started here! In case anyone would need it, I’ve written up my character on my profile, and I’ll be adding to it over time, fleshing it out. I have a short physical description of my character pre-transformation (ie in boy-mode) just in case it would be useful for anyone. If anyone would be able to/eager to help out with my introduction to The Lacy Place then that would be amazing! Thank you for reading and hope everyone is having a wonderful day.]


    I smile happily to the attractive young man who rings the bell. I look him up and down and then greet him cheerfully.

    “Good afternoon Sir. My name is Jacqueline. Are you checking in today?”


    As I wait at the reception desk to collect a message that has been left for me, I notice a rather dishevelled young man looking down and pulling at his hoodie as if to encourage some cooling air to circulate.  He certainly isn’t dressed for noon-day Vegas!  Being distracted, he doesn’t hear the receptionist ask if she can help.  The name on his luggage says Ajay.  I move over to his side just as the receptionist turns her attention to someone else.

    You look up, as I smile warmly at you and say, “Excuse me Ajay, you didn’t hear the receptionist?  Perhaps I can help you instead?”  You girlish face is a picture of surprise.  As you hesitate, I continue, “My, you look hot,” I begin, then blush at the ambiguity of what I have just said. “Er, er, I mean you look as if you need to change into something cooler.”  I quickly rescue myself. “Have you just arrived from the North Pole?” I laugh lightly and flick my hair from my eyes.  “There are changing facilities in the gym if you want to freshen up before you register.  I can show you where it is, if you like?”

     Avani Reddy 

    My head is still spinning with the chaos of the journey and the heat is starting to fog up my mind as I’m practically stuck in a world of my own. I hear a voice but my zoning-out leaves it muffled. Very quickly after the first voice, a second one is heard and this time I hear my own name being said to me and so I snap out of stupor and turn to see a feminine figure looking right at me, smiling. Just before I’m about to apologise and ask if she could repeat what she just said, she says that I “look hot” and that must’ve short-circuited something in my brain for a split-second as a look of surprised leaps onto my face, eyebrows raised and I instinctively begin a nervous laughter.


    She clarifies herself and my body eases up a bit, following her drift. I nod almost desperately as I agree that I need to change, feeling my t-shirt cling to me. The way she flicks her hair from her eyes is almost mesmerising but I beat the feeling down as I can’t let myself zone out for a third time without even checking in here.


    “I actually just got here from Scotland, which honestly isn’t all that different from the North Pole if you think about it.” I laugh nervously, rubbing my neck. “I guess there’s no point in trying to hide that this heat is killing me. It was freezing back in Edinburgh and this is a hole new level of hot. I really need to change out of this gear. I’d really appreciate it if you could show me to the gym, thank you so much.” I give the most appreciative smile that I can, given that I feel like I could faint at any moment with all of my clothes and bags weighing me down.


    I quickly stammer out as I realise my mistake, “I-I’m very sorry, I didn’t catch your name. And, uh, how did you know mine?”


    Your slim figure before me suddenly stammers and looks distressed. It seems to me that your journey and the heat have taken their toll on your delicate condition. You appear unsteady on your feet. Are you going to faint? Your lips look a little blue. The concern I feel overcomes my usual shyness and I am spurred into action. I take your bags from you and put them down.

    “Come here and sit down,” I say in a kindly way, but not accepting any resistance “The gym can wait. In fact you should get to your room without delay.” I take you supportively by the elbow and lead you to the nearest seat. As I sit beside you I call to a porter.

    “Here, porter, I say, porter. Yes, you, we need your assistance … Immediately!” When the porter arrives I continue with a tone of authority, “Go to reception and provisionally register my friend here and collect the keys for .. for .. him. I hesitate, because, although you have the haircut of a young man, you are wearing a rather androgenous outfit. Also the delicacy of your mannerisms; your rather pretty features; your general bearing, are certainly more suggestive of a young woman. I even wonder if you are incognito. Mmm how mysterious! I almost said ’her’. That would have been a bit awkward. I continue,

    “Er, Mr Reddy is unwell. He will sign in later, just bring me the keys and take his luggage up. I turn to you and look into your lovely dark eyes. Do I detect a look of gratitude? Or are you annoyed because I am interfering! “You need to get into a cool bath as soon as possible. Come, let me help you to the elevator.”

    I take your arm as before and you seem willing to accompany me so we set off, slowly, across the lobby. “I once went to Edinburgh, to the festival. A friend of mine was performing in a fringe production. I went along to give her some moral support.” I chat to keep your attention, still worried that you might pass out. “Oh and my name is Aveline, the old French name for Evelyn. And as to your name, why its there on your luggage,” I giggle teasingly. “You don’t suspect me of stalking you do you? I giggle again and you seem to try to smile. “Oh,” I continue. I want to keep your attention in case you are slipping into unconsciousness. “By the way, your luggage ticket says ‘Ajay Reddy” but on the other side, it says ‘Avani. Did you borrow it from your sister?” I chuckle mischievously. But I’m not sure if you are hearing me. The porter meets us at the elevator and gives me your keycard. “The bags are over there, where we were sitting” I say, pointing them out. And turn my attention back you as I feel you wobble again. Thankfully, the elevator doors open and in we go.

     Avani Reddy 

    As I talk to the woman in front of me, my dizziness only seems to build. Soon enough it feels like the world is starting spin. I can only assume that my state is rather obvious as she makes it clear that I should sit down. I open my mouth in polite protest but she has already taken my arm and guiding me before I can get any words out. Once I’m set down, I look to her as she calls the porter. Her take-charge attitude is very impressive.

    She tells the porter to register me into the hotel’s system, to fetch my keys for her, and to take my bags to her room. The spinning in my head continues but it does nothing to lessen the embarrassment that I’m feeling right now. I’ve been in this place for a few minutes and I’m already being cared for by someone. I’m never going to live this down.

    Before long she’s telling me that I need to have a cold bath and that she’ll help me to the elevator. For a second I think to protest but that thought quickly dies down. She’s honestly just concerned for me and I really do feel like I need the help. On our way to the elevator I listen to her as she talks, focusing on her voice. I mumble out an,  “Oh really? That’s great.”  when she mentions that she had been to Edinburgh before. She also mentions that her name is Aveline and I let out a quiet laugh when she tells me how she knows my name… It seems rather obvious now, yet another thing to feel embarrassed over. She brings up the name ‘Avani’ and my cheeks turn a little redder on my already red face.  “It’s my flatmate’s actually. I didn’t own one so she let me borrow it…”

    We make it to the elevator and, as the door closes, I gently slip my arm out of Aveline’s hold. This heat is getting crazy and I’m torturing myself over a sweaty t-shirt – I’m being ridiculous. With what clarity I have left, I grab a hold of the bottom of my hoodie and pull it over my head. It gets stuck on my head for a moment which requires a quick, comedic tug before I’m freed. I’d rather face the embarrassment of Aveline and the porter seeing the soaked through t-shirt on my not-very muscular body over potentially passing out. The hoodie feels like It came out of an oven and I hold it in my hands while I let the air hit my freed body.

    I still feel fairly unsteady on my feet but, while leaning on the wall of the elevator, I turn to Aveline and give a meek smile.  “You really didn’t have to do that, but thank you so much. I really owe you for the, Aveline.”

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    I notice your awkwardness when I mention ‘Avani’.  My instinct tells me that there is more to this ‘Avani’ than meets the eye.  A lover perhaps?  Why else the embarrassment?  Mmm.  But my attention is taken by the arrival of the elevator.  I hold the doors while the porter brings in the luggage.  I help you in and you seem to shrug me off.  Do you think that I am coming on to you?  Wow, so touchy!  But no, I understand.  You are desperate to get out of your so unflattering hoodie.  And what a revelation!  Your sweat soaked T-shirt clings to your slight, almost pretty frame!  Like a wet t-shirt competition .. You have ..  .. well I’m lost for words.  Have you a little bust?  Whatever, is the case, your nipples are making their presence felt.  Or is that the sudden exposure to the chilly air-conditioning after their hot-house confinement?  Yes, that must be it.  I am almost ashamed at my sinful thoughts! But still, I can’t take my eyes off them.

    By the time we arrive at the door, you are looking a little better.  The porter opens the door, gives me the keycard and waits for a tip.  I oblige and he is gone.  The door closes.  We are alone.  I feel a strange and completely unexpected state of tension in the air.  We look into each other’s eyes.  You wobble again and begin to speak but I cut you off.  “I was just about to take my leave”, I lied, “but you still don’t look 100%.  I take your arm again, “Here, let me just help you to the bathroom and I’ll be off.” I steer us through the smart furniture to the bathroom.  All these suites are the same layout.  So I know my way about easily.  You sit looking lost on the edge of the bath.

    I kneel at your feet and take off your shoes. “Are those tights you are wearing?” I wonder in amazement.  I stand, find you a set of towels, start to run the taps.  I adjust the mixer until I am happy with the temperature.  “Not too cold,” I explain, “we don’t want you suffering a cold shock do we?”.  I notice your hands as you wipe one across your pale and now clammy, rather than sweaty, forehead.  They are slender and elegant with such neatly manicured nails.  Just a shade longer that I would expect from a guy.  There is something here that I do not know.  And do you even know? Mmm.  As I reach the door, I turn and say, “I was going to leave but I think I’ll just sit in on the balcony for 5 minutes, until I know you are OK.”  Is that fine with you?  Then I’ll leave you.”

    I hope you will ask me to stay, I am intrigued and love a mystery.

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     Avani Reddy 

    After taking my hoodie off and enjoying the cool air against my body I glance to my side and spot Aveline looking straight at me, well, at my torso specifically. Was it inappropriate for me to take off my top? Maybe I shouldn’t have exposed my soaked T-shirt. I’ve never been one to show off my body, and I tense up a little at the thought of it getting attention at this moment.

    As we make it to the my suite, the Porter makes it known that he’s waiting for a tip. I go to reach for my wallet in my back pocket but Aveline instead tips him with her own money. She really didn’t need to do that, why is she going to all this effort for me? Soon enough we’re left alone as the porter takes his leave. Silence hangs in the air and I turn to look at her, feeling a little lost in her eyes. I’m enjoying this moment of silence between us but I don’t know if Aveline feels the same so I try to break the tension by telling her that I’ll pay her back for the porter’s tip, except she stops me before the second word leaves my mouth. I can’t help but show disappointment, followed by relief, on my face when she says that she was going to leave but is going to stick around for a little longer. I take her arm gladly, coming to enjoy the company by now, and we go to the bathroom.

    As we’re walking, I’m taking in my surroundings, absolutely amazed. The suite looked pretty good when I was booking it but seeing it in person is on a whole different level! Even the bathroom looks like a palace compared to my flat back home! Once we’re in the bathroom, I take a seat on the edge of the bath and Aveline quickly kneels in front of me and takes a hold of my foot. I have the sudden urge to jerk away but I don’t act on it. All that I do is let out a meek,  “It’s ok, I can do that myself…”  but, by that point, it’s too late. Once again, I notice Aveline looking at me, but this time at my socks. Sure, they’re a little thing but I didn’t think they were that weird… I curl my toes and flex my legs a little once she moves away.

    Aveline fetches me some towels and starts to run me a bath. I give her a smile as she lets me know that it won’t be too cold. She walks towards the door and looks back at me, telling me that she’ll stay out on the balcony for 5 minutes before leaving, once she knows that I’ll be alright. Before she steps out of the bathroom I lean forward and take a hold of her hand, looking up into her bright eyes and give her another smile, though a more desperate one this time.  “W-Wait, please… You’re more than welcome to stay for a while. You didn’t have to do any of that for me back there, but I’m really thankful that you did. If you don’t have any other plans, feel free to make yourself at home! I’d really like to pay you back. I can order up a bottle of wine… or something like that… and I’ll pay you back for tipping the porter.”  I turn around, turning off the running water once it gets to the right height, where just my head will be above the water, before quickly looking back to Aveline, a little embarrassed.  “Oh, but of course, don’t feel pressure to stay or anything if you don’t want to.”

    With that being said I start to take my clothes off, removing my T-shirt and letting it drop to the floor. Still feeling self-conscious though, I wait for Aveline to leave the bathroom before I remove everything else.


    <p dir=”ltr”>”Don’t think about it.  My pleasure to be a help.  You look a lot better already.” I say offering my most captivating smile.</p>
    There is a slightly awkard moment as I stand looking into your eyes, trying to read them.  Nothing. Perhaps later when you are relaxed.  “I’ll be just on the balcony.  Call if you need me.  I’ll go as soon as I’m sure you are OK.  Best leave the door ajar so I can hear if you call”.  I leave the door as I said and leave you.

    I casually walk over and open the balcony window but move your luggage away so I can see more of you if you have to come for anything. …

     Avani Reddy 

    Aveline’s smile has this enchanting effect, the moment it appears on her face, it feels like I can’t draw my attention away from her. Her sincerity and even her own natural beauty put me at risk of falling into a stupor over her.

    she seems to spot the awkward silence that falls on the room, likely brought on by me getting lost in her smile. I have to blink several times and shake my head before I feel my awareness of my surroundings returning to me. She lets me know that she’ll be on the balcony and that I can call her if I need anything. I give her a quick nod, agreeing to leave my door open. Once she leaves, I strip the rest of my clothes off and hop into the bath. The moment I’m fully in place in the bath, a loud sigh of satisfaction leaves my lips. I’ve always loved water. I would live my life in it if I could.

    I just lay in the water for what seems like an eternity. In reality, probably twenty minutes st most pass by, but times seemed to slow for me. I was relishing the cool feeling of the water, enjoying feeling the filth wash off of me, even submerging myself occasionally. Without even realising it, I’ve spent a fair amount of my time in the bath humming and mumbling lyrics to Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer and You’ll be in My Heart. Having heard them on repeat on the flights over here, they still haven’t left my head.

    all good things must come to an end, however, and once the water begins to feel too cold, I step out and start to dry myself off, scrubbing myself down with one of the towels. Grabbing another dry one, I leave the bathroom but stop in my tracks when I spot Aveline on the balcony. Taking a few moments to admire her, the kind soul who’s already done so much for me, before moving to my luggage to grab a fresh change of clothes. Noticing that my bags are not where I last left them, I approach the balcony and call out to Aveline, still with the towel wrapped around my waist, leaving my more slender torso on view.

    “Um… Aveline? You wouldn’t happen to know where my bags are? I kinda… need a change of clothes…” *chuckle*

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    It is calming sitting here, listening to the distant birdsong, on the shady side of the balcony.  Occasionally I hear you splash. I try to puzzle out exactly what it is that striked me as unusual about you.  By the time I have reached the best conclusion that I can, I hear much more splashing and figure that you are getting out.  A few moments later you emerge, smiling cheekily and asking about your bags.  I point to them, behind the balcony shutter, and smile back.  I take a good hard look at you in your towel.  Is that a slight blush I see decorate your cheek?  Mmm. Yes, I think so.

    “Before you dress again, come sit here on the sunny side of the balcony and dry off ‘en plein air’.  Its much nicer.”  I use my best ‘firm but kindly’ tone of voice as I  point to the other chair, conveniently facing mine.  I have decided to be open about your petite and rather feminine appearance.  I am nothing, if not opinionated and assertive, in a gentle but direct way.  I think that you are a sweet girl on the inside, seeking desperately to be ‘found out’.  I think you are in a new place and just ready to be challenged.

    Well, if I’m mistaken, no harm done.  If not, who knows?  You could be a very attractive addition to my seraglio!

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