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Extremely Hungover

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    I stare shocked at how feminine my hands look. I blink a couple times to make sure this is real.

    It just now clicks to me at what you said. When it happened to you… wait does that mean.. no way.. I stare shocked at the thought that you might be a man. If they could make someone look like you I need to get out of here as soon as I can. My cheeks are flustered and I try to remain calm.

    “W-wait so are you a… man?”


    I giggle and wink.

    “Yes, I was. Actually in some ways, I still am. Giggle.”

    “Let’s do something fun.”

    I pick up the spray bottle from the cart.

    “I’m going to mist your throat with this chemical Jacob, it will tighten your vocal cords slightly, giving you a softer and more feminine voice. And don’t worry, it is temporary. It wears off in a couple weeks. Then it needs to be reapplied.”

    “Open wide.”

    When he opens his mouth I gently mist the back of his throat with the mint flavored spray.

    “There, all finished. Give it a try, say something.”


    I am extremely hesistant when I hear you talk about a mist that changes my vocal cords but I feel relief when you say its not permanent. I don’t even really believe it will work which is why I open my mouth. The stings my throat a little but overall I don’t really feel different.

    “I don’t thi….” My eyes go wide as I hear myself speak, is that really me? I try again to make sure I’m not hearing things.

    “…it worked” I stare at you but all I see is a smile and giggle. It relaxes me a little but I am still extremely embarrassed.


    I grin and giggle when Jacob speaks with his new voice.

    “You sound great Jacob. You have a perfect feminine and sexy voice.”

    “Now that you are becoming more and more feminine, I think you need a feminine name. Do you have any favorite girls names you might like to use while you’re here? Jacob is not going to fit the girl you’re becoming.”

    “Next I’m going to apply this Astringent to your face and neck. It will eliminate the need to shave, and you won’t have any more five o’clock shadows. This is my favorite. I always hated shaving but itchy beards were even worse.”

    I gently massage the soothing liquid into his skin while he thinks about names.


    Your touch feels amazing and your soothing personality is what is keeping me sane through this whole process. Coming up with a girly name sounds pointless and embarrassing but I don’t want to let you down. As I’m thinking one pops into my head and I realize how deep in I am and how there isn’t any turning back.



    “Jessica is a wonderful name. It’s perfect for you. Great choice.”

    “Next I’d like you to think about breasts Jessica. One of the most feminine traits is breasts. Do you like large breasts, small breasts, or in between breasts?”

    “We use special high tech breast forms here. No ugly falsies or stuffed bras. These are just awesome. They will match your skin color and texture perfectly. They weigh the same as real breasts and look exactly like real breasts.”

    I show her a package of the breast forms. I let her hold them and see them up close.

    “As you can see and feel, these are very realistic. They’re applied with a special adhesive, which will not come off without using a special solvent.”

    “There will be no visible seams or lines and they’ll look and feel exactly as they would if they were your own natural breasts.”

    “And the very best part is, you’ll feel sensations through them just as if they were your own. Heat, cold, touch, everything. They are made with special internal “nerves” which, with the special adhesive, will transmit the sensations through them, to your own nerve endings.”

    “Now you just have to decide on the cup size. A cups are small, petite breasts. B cups are a little larger but still small and cute. C cups are average and preferred by many. D cups are large breasts, which turn men’s heads.”

    “What do you think? What size would you prefer?”


    My eyes go wide at the thought of having breasts. On one hand its extremely embarrassing but on the other I don’t have a choice. I can’t bare the thought of choosing so I speak up.

    “You can choose.. whatever you think looks best” I blush hoping I don’t regret that decision.


    OOC: Sorry for the short responses I just don’t know what to say during this transformation scene lol.


    OOC: Perfectly understandable. LOL

    “I think the C cups will be perfect for you Jessica.”

    I look through the large selection and find a package of C cup breast forms which perfectly match her skin color and texture.

    I recline the chair, open her robe, and place the forms on her chest. I arrange and re-arrange them until I have them perfectly aligned with her body. I then make small marks on her chest.

    “Now I’m going to apply this adhesive to the forms and place them on your chest. It’ll feel a little strange for a few moments while the adhesive sets.”

    I carefully place the breasts on her chest using the marks, and very carefully work the edges down so no seams or lines are visible.

    When I finish, she has beautiful and sexy breasts. I pinch the nipples gently to make sure the nerve connections have been made, and to demonstrate what I described about the sensations.


    I yelp which sounds way more like a moan than I meant it to, and what makes it worse is that it sounded completely girl. My cheeks flush red from embarrassment as I sit there with my new breasts. I sit there amazed that they look just like real boobs. It just now clicks in my mind that I’m stuck at this place until they remove these. The embarrassment rushes to my face as I blush even more.


    I wink and smile to Jessica as she feels the sensations of her new breasts and blushes bright red. They are amazing.

    “I don’t understand it completely Jessica, it has something to do with the internal construction of the breast forms and the glue making contact with your own nerve endings. They’re very special. And you’ll find they will be the same temperature as your body and will also feel heat and cold.”

    “Now we need to think about a hairdo. Do you have any preferences for style and color? I’ll weave extensions into your own hair. This will look very natural and be easy to care for.”

    I sit behind her and begin weaving the hair extensions into her hair while we talk. Deeper and deeper we go into the rabbit hole.


    I’m distracted by my boobs and blush realizing you asked me a question. I ask you again and watch as you giggle and repeat yourself. I’m already embarrassed enough and don’t want to be embarrassed further.

    “As least girly as possible” I spit out but my new voice dips a little so all you hear is ‘As girly as possible’. I hear you giggling and playing with my hair. I always loved when people played with my hair, its so soothing. I lay my head back on the chair and close my eyes as you fiddle with my hair.


    Jessica requests something as least girly as possible. And that’s not a problem at all.

    “I think you’ll look very nice with a nice stylish hairdo of what you already have. With your features I think straight with loose curls and a cute bob, boy look, will be very attractive.”

    I finish what I’m doing, and then carefully style her hair in a short, stylish manner.

    “You’re going to love this Jessica.”

    It looks very nice. And changes her appearance to a slightly feminine look.

    I hand her a mirror so she can see what I have done.


    I gasp as I see myself. I hadn’t realized but my hairdo was the only thing keeping me looking somewhat like a man. Sure this isn’t that girly but I look just like a girl. I get a little excited down below and I blush as I hand you back the mirror. I pray that this is almost over as I smile at you.


    “Next I must shape your eye brows Jessica. I’ll shape them into thin feminine arches. That will change the entire appearance of your face and make you ready for make up.”

    I take an ice cube and rub it back and forth over her brows. This numbs her eye brows slightly and softens the follicles. Then I use a tweezers to pluck the unwanted hairs until I have the perfect look.

    “There, finished. I hope it didn’t sting to much. It’s only this first time which is difficult, because there are so many hairs to be removed. Maintaining them will be much less of a problem and with much less stinging.”


    I try my best to stay still as you pluck my eyebrows. They sting like nothing I’ve ever felt before. When your finished I sigh in relief but then blush like crazy as I see my feminine eyebrows. If I saw me in person I would definitely find them hot which is concerning.


    I move the makeup case to within reach and prepare for the next step.

    “One of the most feminizing things we can do is to apply makeup Jessica. Make up is the base of looking female.”

    “When you remove your old makeup, use a cold cream. That gives you a new canvas on which to paint. And it restores the skin and keeps it moist.”

    I hand her the mirror again so she can watch what I do. The best way to learn to apply makeup is to watch someone do it.

    I pick up the foundation powder and apply it to her face.

    “I use a slightly yellow based foundation. The yellow makes our white skin look more natural in doors. The foundation should match the color of your neck to look natural.”

    “Next we use a little powder. The powder sets the make up and prevents streaking.”

    I hold up a tube of concealer.

    “This is called a concealer. It matches the color of your skin and it’s only used if you must hide an imperfection or blemish on your skin. You don’t need any now.”

    “This is called blush. You can see why. It is a pink or red color and puts a natural blush onto your face. Brush it on very lightly and keep it only on your cheek bone. Never closer to your nose than the center of your eye. If you over do it and get yourself to blushed, just use powder to tone it down.”

    I apply the blush with the brush so she can see how I apply it.

    “Next we’ll work on your eyes.”


    I was already blushing the moment I lost the casino game but now I guess its permanent. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be listening to someone give me a makeup tutorial but here I am. But the odd thing is that I’m beginning to enjoy it! I try to deny the thought and push it away but with each stroke of your makeup brush touching my skin I get more and more excited.


    I sense, slowly, Jessica relaxing. And perhaps starting to enjoy this.

    “This is a lot to learn in a short time Jessica. But actually it’s very easy once you’ve done it a few times. In the mean time, you’ll find many warm and friendly girls here who will be happy to help you with make up and anything else you need help with. The girl who lived in the room next to mine helped me every morning until I got the hang of it.”

    “Now for the eyes. First the eye shadow. Tilt your head back slightly, now I’ll apply the eye shadow to the crease of the eyelid. Like that.”

    “Next we apply mascara to your lashes. Like this. Use a little less on the lower lash. You want to call attention to the upper. Long thick lashes are sexy.”

    “And now I’ll apply the eye liner with this eyeliner pencil. This is a little tricky, but with practice you’ll be fine. Just draw a little line next to your eye lashes. Like that. Very pretty.”

    “Now we use a eye brow pencil to darken your eyebrows slightly. Apply the pencil like this. And then use the brush to soften the lines and spread the color.”

    “And finally, I’ll apply your lipstick. And then a lip gloss over the lipstick.”

    I stand back and smile a bright warm smile.

    “You look great. You look like a girl.”


    It is undeniable that I look like a girl. The only think I might be able to argue would be my bulge but you can’t see that. I glance in the mirror and blush. Its complete. I look just like a girl.


    “Come with me Jessica, I want to introduce you to someone.”

    I help her out of the chair and we walk to the large full length mirror. Together we look into the mirror.

    “Jacob, I would like to introduce you to Jessica.”

    I step back and watch as she becomes acquainted with the lovely and sexy girl she has become. I smile at how pretty and how feminine she is.

    I then instruct her on some fine points of living at The Lacy Place.

    “We have managers here at The Lacy Place. They wish to be treated with respect. They are dominant females. Most of them are very wonderful women, and we all enjoy treating them nicely.”

    “You’ll know a Manager by her name tag. It will say Miss or Ms followed by her name. We curtsy to our Managers. Do you know how to curtsy? Watch me.”

    I place one foot behind the other, grasp the sides of my dress, and lift the dress while bending my knee and bobbing down and then rising back up.

    “Now you try it.”

    I watch as she practices her curtsies.

    “We address our managers with their title and name. For instance, good afternoon Miss Anne. Or, you called for me Ms Kensington?”

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