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Extremely Hungover

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    My name is Jacob Brand and I’m 19 years old. (Read Profile if you want to know more).

    I’m an uptight college kid who has rich parents. I never really did treat my girlfriend right. She was always complaining how I didn’t spend time with her but I didn’t care I was too busy getting drunk at parties. At one party though I got so wasted and the last thing I remember was my girlfriend and a couple of her friends haling me away. I woke up massively hungover outside of this hotel in an alley. I groan and stand up and check my pockets only to find nothing inside. Without a phone or money and no clue where I was the only logical thing was to head inside the hotel. I shield my eyes as I walk into the massively bright lobby. I had no clue where I was but unlucky for me everyone else did.


    Walking through the lobby area on my way to work in the lounge, I notice a cute young gentleman standing in the lobby. He’s looking a bit down, so I decide to offer him a complimentary cocktail in our lounge.

    “Good afternoon Sir. My name is Jacqueline. Welcome to the Lacy Place. May I offer you a complimentary cocktail in our lounge?”

    I smile to him warmly and give him a sexy wink.


    “Who could say no to a free drink?” I smile and can’t help but admire you. Your black dress hugs your hips astoundingly. “What is this place exactly?”

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    Smiling happily, I offer my arm and we walk together toward the lounge.

    “I agree, who would turn down a free drink? Giggle. In fact, I’d love to join you.”

    “This place is the Lacy Place Casino and resort. A very special place to have fun, relax, and enjoy life.”

    We arrive at the lounge and I choose a nice table overlooking the casino floor. We can see the happy people and hear the chiming of the machines.

    “What can I bring you from the bar Sir. By they way, what’s your name? If you don’t mind my asking.”

    OOC: I was in exactly the same experience level 10 years ago. 🙂 You’re doing fine.


    Something about you makes it just so easy to talk to you. “I don’t mind at all, my name is Jacob Brand” I ponder what I want for a minute. “I figure an outstanding woman like yourself has great taste so I’ll have whatever your favorite is” I smile trying to flirt awkwardly.


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    “I’m very happy to meet you Jacob. Welcome to the Lacy Place.”

    I smile happily when my guest leaves it to me to choose the refreshments for us. I nod and walk to the bar and then return to the table with two cocktails. I place them on the table and then take a seat.

    “Here we go Jacob. I hope you like my choice. They are called a blue lagoon. Very refreshing.”

    “Is this your first trip to Las Vegas?”

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    I smile back as I accept the brightly colored drink. When you say Las Vegas my eyes go wide. How in the world did I get to Las Vegas? That must’ve been a killer party if I can’t even remember how I crossed states.

    “Yeah it is actually” I say looking around at the beautifully decorated lobby and taking a sip from the drink. The flavor attacks my tongue with flavor and I try my best not to act surprised at how good it tastes. I keep drinking while looking around. “Do you live in Vegas?” I ask trying to make small talk.

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    I take a sip of my drink and enjoy the conversation with our guest.

    “Well that’s wonderful Jacob, Las Vegas is an exciting and fun place. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself here.”

    I answer his question,

    “Yes, I live right here in the Lacy Place. Very handy for going to work, just step outside my suite. Giggle. I came here from the midwest just over ten years ago and got a job here. I love it.”

    “What do you enjoy Jacob? We have shows and entertainment, great food, a friendly all female staff, good drinks,” I hold mine up to him, “and of course world famous gambling.”


    My interests are peaked when I hear you talk about the all friendly female staff. Maybe it is just me but you sounded seductive when you included that part. I smile looking into your eyes. I finish my drink and sit it down on a nearby table. I smile at you as I begin to speak, “and do you happen to be apart of that… friendly staff.”


    I giggle at his question and answer.

    “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am part of the friendly staff Jacob. Bartender, customer services, human resources, and keeper of the secrets. At your service.”

    I wink while smiling happily.

    “Another drink?”


    My mind races and I can’t help but get excited in the lower part of my body. I was already feeling dizzy from the first drink but there was no way I was going to admit that I was a light weight in front of a beautiful woman I’m trying to impress so I nod my head yes and watch as you go back to the bar. I watch your ass sway as you do and I smile.

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    I walk to the bar and return with two more drinks for us.

    “It’s hard to drink just one of these. Giggle. They’re yummy.”

    “Cheers!” I hold up my drink to my guest.

    “Are you a gambler Jacob? We have top dealers and the largest pay back percentages in Las Vegas. Or are you a fan of fine dining? We have a five star restaurant that will please the most discriminating palate. Or, if you are a fan of entertainment, we have an awesome line up of shows. And our show girls are very talented and very personable off stage.”

    OOC: You’re doing fine. Very well in fact.


    The lure to this place is extreme. There are so many amazing things to do. The gambling sounds like the pay off would be amazing but I don’t even know how to and I have no clue where my wallet is, all I have is the clothes on my back. The shows seem fun but I have another idea. I probably wouldn’t have been this bold if it wasn’t for the drink but I smile at you and speak.

    “Are you on the table for things to do?” I smile.


    I smile, a bit confused at his question.

    “Well, I’ll be happy to help you enjoy your stay here Jacob.”

    “One thing I can help with immediately is to give you this free invitation to play our exciting Set For Live slot machine. It’s a special promotion, available only to our guests.”

    I slide the invitation to play across the table to him.

    “There is a poster explaining the promotion, just over there.”

    I point to the poster.


    My eyes instantly go wide. I thought you were exaggerating to try to get me into gambling but that stuff is no joke. I eye over the poster forgetting about you for a second. Its such a great deal and I just got a free invitation. My heart is thumping at the possibility of winning all that stuff. I’ve always been greedy so I never liked to gamble but this opportunity is too sweet to pass up. The thought crosses my head that I’m not a guest though.

    “Do I just have to rent a room to become a guest..?”


    I smile happily and wink.

    “You look like a guest to me Jacob. Would you like to give it a try? Go ahead, open the envelope.”

    I want to tell him the truth. Warn him away. Scream at him to run. But I can’t. I hate this part of the job. But as always, I keep silent.

    I stand and offer my arm. We then walk together to the slot machine. I move the velvet ropes to allow access to the special machine.

    “Just drop the token in the slot and pull the handle Jacob.”

    I reach down and squeeze his hand.

    “I’m looking forward to the celebration.”

    I purse my ruby red lips and give him a wink.

    Thank you to Emily for the awesome image!


    My eyes go wide and my heart beats with excitement as I see the glorious machine. I smile as I hold the chip in my hand. I twirl it between my fingers imagining all the great things I could win. I slowly push the chip into the slot. I smile at you and then at the machine as it lights up.

    “Wish me good luck” I smile and cross my fingers as I pull down on the grand lever.


    I stand back and watch as the wheels spin after Jacob pulls the handle. I cross my fingers, hoping he will be one of the very few lucky ones who actually wins on this machine.

    The first wheel stops with a loud thump. Set

    We watch as the second wheel spins and then stops with a thud. For

    And the third, most important wheel continues to spin. It stops suddenly and silently. Lipstick

    “Ooops, sorry Jacob.”

    My heart sinks. Four girls suddenly appear from behind the curtain. They strip poor Jacob out of his clothing and dress him in a pink robe and a cheap wig. Taking his clothing and possessions with them, they leave him standing alone and confused.

    I feel very sad when I see what happens to him. I really hoped he would beat the odds and win. But hopefully I can make him feel better about things when we get to the orientation center. I follow behind him while he is escorted down the stairs to the lower levels of the Lacy Place.

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    It all happens to fast I don’t know what to do. I stare at the machine confused when I see my roll and even more confused when four gorgeous girls walk out. I blush a little and get excited as they strip me but I quickly get embarrassed as an outrageous wig and robe is put on me. I look at you confused but all I see is sympathy in your eyes. I want to object as the lead me down a hallway but there is no way I’m going outside in just a robe and a stupid wig.

    I’m embarrassed as I walk through the hallway seeing people look at me. Normally I’d be outrageous but maybe there was something in the drink? I push all my worried thoughts to the back of my mind and just assume this is a prank and I won something big.

    “So what did I win?”


    When we arrive in the orientation center I walk up to Jacob after the girls leave. I feel terrible about what has happened. I can’t help but to smile when he asks me what he has won.

    “The booby prize.”

    “Jacob, as you know, you made a bet on the Set For Life slot machine and lost the bet. Now you are in debt to the Casino for $5000. Every effort was made to collect the money but was not successful. It seems the only alternative is for you to work here at The Lacy Place for a short time until the debt is paid.”

    I recite the standard line, knowing full well he has been unfairly tricked into this.

    “I’m here to help you become an acceptable employee. And hopefully, to be your friend.”

    “Please follow me.”

    I lead our new employee into one of the transformation rooms and I close and lock the door behind us. I offer him a chair and I sit with him.

    “Now the only small detail we face, is, the Lacy Place hires only females. So I am going to help transform you into a very pretty girl so you can work here to pay the debt. Not a guy in a dress, but a pretty girl. Nothing will be permanent of course. Once your debt is paid, you will easily return to being a man and walk away.”

    I sit back to see how he reacts to this news.


    My eyes go wide and my head spins at all of what just happened. I don’t even know what to think. This has to be a joke right? but as you lock the door behind us I have a feeling it isn’t. My tempter begins to grow.

    “You offered me a free token and said nothing about a debt!!”

    I’m completely confused on the pretty girl thing and my heart fills with dread. I look around at the weird machines fear in my eyes. I have to get out of here as soon as I can.

    “You can’t hold me here against my will let me out!”


    “I’m really sorry you didn’t read the fine print on the invitation to gamble Jacob. You see, the invitation, including the token was free. But it was an invitation to place a bet. A five thousand dollar bet. And unfortunately, placing a bet you cannot cover is a very serious violation of the law in Las Vegas. In the past people who did that were found dead out in the dessert. Now it just means a lengthy prison term. Much longer than the short time it will take you to pay off the five grand.”

    I then look him straight in the eye and tell the entire truth with one line.

    “You’ve been tricked, and I’m truly sorry.”

    I feel terrible about what I’ve done. As many times as I’ve done this, I’ll never get used to doing it.

    “But this is really not so bad. Look at it like an adventure. No one who knows you will ever know. And you’ll be working surrounded by lovely and sexy girls.”

    “First I’d like you to take a nice warm, relaxing shower. The shower is just over there.”

    “Inside the shower you’ll find a pink container and a blue container. Lather your entire body below the chin with the contents of the pink container, a body wash. Be sure to put it on thick and don’t miss any places. After your skin begins to tingle and feels nice and warm, turn on the water to rinse off. Then use the contents of the blue container, a perfumed shampoo, on your hair.”

    “When you finish, dry off with the nice fluffy towel, put your robe back on, come out, and we’ll talk more. And never mind about that hideous wig. I can do much better than that.” I wink.

    “So that you’re not alarmed, the pink body wash will remove all your body hair. Leaving you smooth and soft, like a girl. But don’t worry, it will grow back.”

    I’m supposed to trick new guys into removing their body hair, but I hate doing that. So I take a chance and just tell the truth.


    I’m beyond angry at the situation I’m in but I’m not in a place to argue. I listen closely as you explain everything and the process sounds humiliating. I’d always had sort of a feminine body and the only thing keeping me looking masculine was my hair. My heart races at the though of going to prison for a long time and I’m unsure if the desert was  threat or not so I just quickly do as you say and hop in the shower.

    I climb into the shower and turn on the water. The warm spray is actually soothing after being hungover. I relish in the shower before finally turning to the body wash. I grab the pink bottle and slather it all over my body. I begin doubting it does what you said it did but I feel a tingling and watch as all my hair floats down the drain.

    I then take the blue bottle and wash my hair. It actually smells pretty nice. I turn off the water and stare at my body for a bit. I can’t believe this is happening. I grab the pink robe and put it back on and walk out of the bathroom.


    I watch while Jacob walks to the shower. It’s to early to discuss with him the one single fact that keeps me participating in this deception. And that is, how happy the girls become and how much they love the Lacy Place once they’re settled in.

    If I could sit them down and explain everything to them, and have them actually believe me, they would volunteer for this and I wouldn’t have to trick them. Maybe someday things will be different. Our method of recruitment is wrong, I wish I could change it to something more honest.

    I sit and day dream about these things until I’m brought back to reality when I see him come from the shower. I see he’s soft and smooth. All his body hair has been removed and his skin is soft and glowing. As he comes near I look at his features, he’ll be very easy to feminize and make pretty, I think to myself.

    “Have a seat in this comfortable chair Jacob, and we’ll get started. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Part of my job here is to trick people with the game. But that is the extent of my dishonesty. From here on I will never lie to you or be dishonest with you.”

    I smile warmly to him and point to the make over chair.


    I blush as I walk over to the chair and sit down. I feel exposed as I feel the cool breeze flowing under the robe. You weren’t lying when you said the chair was comfortable. I almost want to fall asleep. Despite being in this situation I actually don’t have many questions. I just keep waiting for my chance to escape. I do have one question though.

    “When will my debt be repaid?”


    “It depends on how much you work, which job you take, and how much of your wages and tips you put on the debt. Some girls like it so much here they don’t even bother to pay it. Others find a rich client who will pay it for them.”

    “I guess a month or two.”

    I smile warmly to him.

    “I’m going to start by giving you a manicure and a pedicure Jacob. Have you ever experienced these? I think you’ll enjoy them.”

    I place his hands and feet in bowls of warm soapy water to soften them in preparation for the relaxing procedures.

    “Take a look at this chart Sweetie, and choose a nail color which appeals to you.”


    I blush furiously as you talk to me and treat me like a girl at a salon. I am beyond frustrated that Its going to take two months but I’m confident in my ability escape. I blush as you say that I might like it and I want to disagree but the warm water does feel good. I let them soak and look at the chart. I watch as you watch me and I am overly embarassed.

    “Here I’ll just pick at random” I say closing my eyes and waving my hand over the sheet. I press my index finger down on the chart and blush as I see that I picked rose.


    I watch Jacob closely, gauging his reactions to things I say. It’s obvious he is not happy, and who can blame him?

    I smile happily when I see Jacob chooses the rose nail polish and I hold up my own hand to show I am wearing the same color.

    “I like that color too Jacob, I use it often. It’s very pretty.”

    I take his feet from the soapy water and dry them. Then I use an abrasive stone to remove any rough places and calluses. I push back and trim the cuticles and then rub oil into his feet to soften them and make them more feminine.

    I then shape his toe nails and apply two coats of the pretty polish. I hold one foot up for him to see.

    “You have very pretty feet. They’ll look nice in open toe high heel shoes.”


    The pedicure hurts a little and I’m embarrassed by that but once you’re done my feet feel so much better. I blush as you call them feminine but you aren’t wrong now that I look at them. The thought of wearing heels gets me excited but I try my best to hide the fact that it does.

    “Thanks for being umm… nice about this” I genuinely say. This is horrible but I guess you were just doing your job.


    I nod.

    “I understand Jacob. I felt just as you do when it happened to me.”

    I roll my little cart up to his hands and pull them from the bowls of water. I dry them and again use the abrasive stone to smooth them and remove the calluses. I rub oil into his hands and then adjust and trim the cuticles.

    “I’m going to apply half inch nail extensions to your fingers Jacob. They’ll look feminine and sexy, but won’t interfere with the use of your fingers.”

    I apply the acrylic nail extensions with adhesive and then shape them perfectly. I then coat them with two coats of the pretty polish along with a clear coat.

    “Very nice, you have sexy hands. Long pretty fingers.”

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