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    Pushing the intercom button I was immediately greeted with the cheery voice of my P.A. Amanda. “Yes Mr Madison?”

    “You’ve just sent the hotel reservation through for my conference next week. Wasn’t the Hilton available?” I ask.

    “Unfortunately not.”, she replied. “I called around and looked online but everywhere seems full. It seems there is a Pharma conference and an Insurance fair in town”.

    I sigh heavily, but sensing my disappointment, she chipped in with, “well your wife suggested this one Mr Madison?”

    “My wife?“, I replied quizically.

    “Uh huh. When she bought your lunch over on Tuesday. We were chatting and she recommended it. She said she’d heard great things about it. She was quite insistant”

    The voice of Sarah, one of the secretaries came over the intercom.

    “Oh yes Mr Madison. Only well heeled clientelle stay there”.

    Did I just hear sniggering coming from the other girls in the office.

    “Oh yes“, Amanda said, “you’ll be definitely be one of the well heeled clients Mr Madison”.

    The sniggering continued.

    “Am I missing something funny?“, I replied – somewhat annoyed.

    There was a deadly silence. “Not at all”, Amanda said sweetly. “I’m sure you will have a good stay – and of course your wife will be taking care of things while you’re gone. Everything will run smooth and silky.”

    I heard the intercom click as the line dropped as sniggers started from beyond the partitioning wall to the office.

    I shook my head and thought nothing more…

    A Week Later:

    I was miserable. The plane was delayed, there was no car to meet me, and the taxi driver was probably the rudest individual I’d ever met. On top of that, the airline carrier had lost my luggage. Luckily, a call to my wife had resolved some of the issues. She told me she would call ahead to the hotel and speak to the conceirge ahead of my visit.

    “Honestly sweetie,” she said trying to placate me, “It’s a really great hotel. They have a casino, spa, resort stores… everything. They’ll have you feeling like a new person in no time.  The conference will be great.  Think of the new business.”

    Pushing my way through the doors into the foyer, I was stunned at it’s opulence. I was expecting some kind of flea pit motel but this CERTAINLY wasn’t it. Beautiful women and equally handsome men were sitting on leather sofas off to one side laughing and joking, porters were coming and going, and the lobby seemed to be abuzz. Perhaps this could be better than the Hilton…

    I checked myself in one of the mirrored pillars, and straightened my brown, and slightly tousled hair.  With my slight 5ft 8in frame and piercing blue eyes, I wasn’t exactly the epitome of macho – but at 24, with my dot com company recently floated on the stock market I was going places.

    Fussing with my suit, I slowly but confidently walked towards the immense reception desk and was immediately greeted with a smile by the young woman behind it.

    “Hey there. My name’s Steve Madison. I have a room booked here for tonight.”

     Miss Luzette 


    I see a lone, young man walking towards my station so I freshen up my lipstick, remove the top button of my blouse and rub some perfumed oil between my breasts as you arrive:

    “Hey there. My name’s Steve Madison. I have a room booked here for tonight.” I giggle playfully and lick my glossy lips as I look you over:

    “Hi there yourself: Steve. ~giggle Welcome to the Lacy Place resort and casino where feminine beauty is celebrated in all its forms. I’m Carol the receptionist as you can see from the nameplate in front of me.”
    “I’ll also need to see photo IDs, forms of payment as well as the name and relationship of the person who booked your reservation, ‘kay? Is this the first time in Las Vegas sir? Were you here for business, pleasure or both? I ask that because we have an experienced concierge who can help you get the most out of your experience here in this desert oasis.”

    I begin typing into my terminal while checking your reactions from the corner of my eye.

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