Arrivals: Lacy Place Lobby!

A newbie has arrived!

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    Entering the main lobby, I am taken away by the bright pink hues and fancy decor. There are several other men and women here. They all seem to be busy conversing with each other. I see several other sissy girls wearing pretty pink lace dresses and cute makeup. Immediately, I feel very at home. I’m also wearing similar clothing. My pretty pink dress barely covers my plump sissy butt. My heals are tall and proud. Off in the distance, I see a reception desk with a beautiful woman twirling her hair through her fingers. I approach the desk, clacking my heals as a I walk. A few others hear and watch me strut over, most likely sizing me up. As I reach the desk, the woman looks up at me. She seems excited to see a new sissy girl.

    “Hello, my name is Sofia Lust *maid curtsey*. I have been sent here by my previous mistress to better learn how to be a good sissy slut. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

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