Arrivals: Lacy Place Lobby!

A friend's recommendation

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    I check the address on my phone to ensure I’m in the right place. There aren’t a whole lot of other establishments nearby, which is the reason for my nerves. A hotel in this part of town? And what exactly is this part of town? It’s not rough, by any means. I can see expensive cars parked on the curb.

    I glance back at the flyer in my hand. The Lacy Place. Brian’s recommendation. We met in college over some…embarrassing circumstances. On a drunken dare, I’d agreed to suck his cock in front of an entire college party. He’s been my buddy ever since, and we loved to talk about our sexual exploits over a beer or two. Or his sexual exploits, more accurately. I knew my way around, but my sex life wasn’t as prolific as his. And compared to me, he was very…dominant? That’s not to say I wasn’t, but it was a mark of pride for him. Especially when he told me about the girls he met at the Lacy Place. He loved going on and on about the things he did there, and how the employees made him feel so powerful.

    After describing some subservient girl in great detail, he’d always sigh and tell me that this place would be perfect for me. But I didn’t really identify with all of that super dominant stuff. So why did he think I would belong here?

    I figured I’d give it a chance. If Brian could swing his dick around and have a good time, so could I. I was a man too, after all. And my 20’s are all about discovering new things about myself.

    I’d spent an embarrassingly long time figuring out what I should wear. I didn’t know the expectations at a place like this. I figured dark jeans, some new-ish shoes, and a polo shirt worked in the vast majority of environments, and this might not be an exception.

    I grip the handle of my little suitcase tighter. I could always change later.

    I take a breath and walk through the heavy front door.

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