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Kathy finds her an apartment

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     Anal Lynn 

    Kathy suggests we go and see what Bridgette is doing, so I follow her, but call her a warning that we are coming, in case she´s doing something she shouldn’t



    (Appoligies on my lateness. *curtsy*)

    Bridgette had returned to the bedroom and was doing her diligent duties unpacking and putting items away, she turned as she heard her name called, dusting ehrself and giving a curtsy, “Yes Mistress Kathy? Mistress Lynn?” She asked politly.

     Kathy lynn 

    Looking at Bridgette she is so cute….

    Bridgette why is my room not ready what have you been doing, going through my private dvds again report to Mistress Anna for inspection, yes I know she’s right next to me I’m not blind


    Bridgette eeped, a bit worried but gave her curtsy and rushed to Anna, she dusted off her dress and quickly dropped to her knees and looking up at Anna.

    “As my Mistress wishes,” she said very simply.

     Anal Lynn 

    It feels strange looking down on my old classmate, but Kathy obviously wants that I inspect her. Looking down on her, I’m curious,

    “Bridgette, stand up and lift up your skirt high.”

    I’m curious whether Kathy keeps Bridgette kept in chastity or not. I could just ask, but inspecting is more fun.


    No time was waisted as Bridgette rocketed back up and hiked up her skirt to allow Anna to see all she wished.

     Anal Lynn 

    Looking down at Bridgette’s chastity, I ask,

    “Is that secure enough Kathy, it looks as if she could slip her little peeny out?”

    Examining the chastity closely, twisting it a little from side to side to see better, I comment,

    “I could get you one for Bridgette with built in spikes to discourage her getting excited Kathy?”

    Releasing the chastity, I pat Bridgette on the head.

    “Would you like that Bridgette?”

     Kathy lynn 

    Haha I’m don’t know Anna it you can put your finger down there Im sure that Bridgette can when I’m not looking! “OH” our Bridgette plays the good girl but we know better ….DONT WE Bridgette….

    Anna releases her chasity and to know if I want a spink chastity…..

    I’m not sure why don’t you ask Bridgette why we shouldn’t use a  spike  Chasitiylestvsee how she handles the  pressure….that is how you know who is or who isn’t….

     Anal Lynn 

    As I release the chastity, I notice something odd, checking again, I start laughing,

    “Oh! Hahahahahaha! Oh Bridgette! Bridgette! Why didn’t you say it was there just for old times sake?”

    Looking at Kathy,

    “Kathy, it’s just a mock prick, Bridgette has a pussy. She needs a chastity with built in dildo, and a remote for us to play with to give her good vibrations, not a male one with spikes”

    and grinning at Bridgette,

    “Good answer to Kathy`s question Bridgette.”


    OOC] Merry Christmas both of you.


    Bridgette gulps, “If it is as my Mistress wishes, it shall be done without hesitation or question,” she curtsied.

     Kathy lynn 
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    I am very nervous.  I have appointment with Mistress Kathy. A kind of job interview.  I apply to be escort at her agency. I wait outside Mistress Kathy’s apartment. I have nice short dress and make up.  I have open crotch panties in case I have to show. I wear punishment bra because I feel so naughty. What will this strict lady make me tell her?

    I take a deep breath and knock.

     Kathy lynn 

    I here a knock and answer the door and hurry to answer the door I’ve been expecting a dinner guest….

    Opening my door my smile quickly turns to a grin,

    this my privet apartment only ladies of the same quality are only allowed her it’s mot just for any sissies you must be iof the highest quality  and your arenot there yet now go to my home my apartment in my privet sanctuary… I don’t do job interviews besides you are not ready you have no training now go befor my guess arrives

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