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Betty Lou moves in

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    Jacqueline made all the arrangements for me.  She leads me to my door and hands me the key card.  I swipe it and open the door.

    “Jacq, it looks amazing.”

    She takes me on a tour of the apartment.  It’s quite fancy.

    “Am I gonna be able to afford this and still make enough to pay off my debts, Jacq?  This looks expensive.”


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    We enter the apartment and take a tour of the place. Everything is in order and I can see Betty Lou is pleased with it.

    “The housing is provided free of charge to employees Betty Lou. So don’t fret about the cost. I’m very happy you like it.”

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    Thank you!  Should we have a drink?


    I smile and nod,

    “Yes, that sounds like a great idea Betty Lou. How about some champagne to celebrate the start of your new life? I’ve had some very special champagne stocked in your fridge. How does that sound?”


    That sounds great!  To Betty Lou!  Lol


    Smiling wide, I lift my glass to hers.

    “To Betty Lou. And friendship.”


    So what should we do now?  I guess at some point I need to look at making some money back, right?


    “Yes, jobs can be fun. As well as a source of cash.”

    I smile happily.

    “Also look at all the groups in the community. There are many different things to do here. They are great fun for those interested in what they offer. There is something for everyone.”


    “As far a jobs go, if you are interesting clothing, hair dressing, make up, and other beauty things, my friend Chloe is looking for help in her shop and salon. She’s very nice and very fun.”

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    I don’t know much about that stuff right now.  Maybe I can find a job as a bartender or waiter, uh, waitress or something


    “Yes, of course. Those jobs are the most popular here at the Lacy Place.”


    Awesome!  Maybe we can go find one for me?


    “Sure, let’s go to the Steel Horse Saloon, which I own. There is not much going on at the moment, and we have quite a few waitresses, and bartenders, but it seems to be the only bar in the Lacy Place at the moment.”

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