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Sissy Erica Joins the Fold! [IVT ONLY]

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    I d received an e-mail from a Miss xxxxxxx!  She had confided in me that she had come home one day, to find her long term BF dressed in Frilly little Panties, matching Bra & Stockings.  To further add humiliation to the already heady mix, he had cuffed his one hand to the bed, so there was no way for him to squirm out of his predicament.

    Naturally I was sympathetic to the poor Girls plight & I offered a way to resolve.  It was agreed, we would take in Eric & turn her into Sissy Erica!  If She wanted to be a Panty-waist, then we would just have to Nurture her to be a Truly worthy Sissy! LOL

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    I have always loved the feel of satin against my skin.  So, when my girlfriend (now Mistress Layla)  moved away for a few months accidentally leaving behind one pair of her satin pajamas, it was only a matter of time until I couldn’t resist wearing them to bed. Fast forward… it was years later after we had moved in together, and her entire lingerie collection was at my disposal, that my budding fetish for satin & lace became more accessible; of course, I began trying on more of her lovely lingerie.  From the sweet smell of a freshly cleaned teddy to the dramatic elegance of a long satin gown gently rubbing against my body as I walked, it was the beginning of my addiction.  More and more, I would wear her delicates when she was gone and, soon, there were few things of hers I hadn’t tried on.  I’m taller than she, so some things were off limits, but most I could wiggle into.

    It was only a matter of time…  One day when she was out, I dressed myself up completely. Black satin panties, a black bra stuffed with panties, a black camisole and knicker set trimmed with lace, stockings and heels, and a short chiffon robe completely my outfit.  I soon found myself sitting in bed with one wrist hand-cuffed to the iron head board and one hand free to help my arousal. I closed my eyes and began living out my fantasy of her dressing me up, tying me up, and taking advantage of me.  Sure enough, she came home unexpectedly and I had nowhere to hide as I was helplessly cuffed to the bed.

    She took one incredulous look at me, turned around and said she was going to have a cigarette.  I quickly unlocked myself, undressed, and put on my own clothes.  When she got back, she wasn’t mad… just a little confused and a bit shocked.  A couple days later, she told me that it would all be okay.  In fact, she said she did some research, made a phone call, and that if I was on my best behavior, I was in for a surprise.  I asked if that was good or bad.  She only smirked and said, “You’ll find out soon enough.”  The next couple days passed and I doted on her endlessly.  From back rubs and foot rubs to doing household chores, I could hardly stand the anticipation of what was to come.

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    The days that followed were much the same. I continued to wait on her hand and foot doing everything I could think of to make her happy. She accepted this without ever acknowledging my new behavior, and never brought up the surprise she had in store for me, nor did she mention anything about walking in on me in full femme just a week prior.  Perhaps she’s just going to pretend it didn’t happen? A part of me wanted desperately to ask about the surprise, but I couldn’t gather the courage. In the mean time, however, the shame and embarrassment I felt when I got caught slowly waned. In its place grew a strong desire to feel satin and lace against my skin, so I began dressing in her dirty lingerie when she was out…


    So the day had arrived, Eric or Sissy Erica as she would be known was due to arrive.  I wore a ceremonial Sissy Dress, Virginal White & Pure & Frilly & had donned appropriate make-up.

    I would welcome this hapless Boi into the Fold, the one who s own Mistress had banished to be here. LOL


    [OOC] Yeah, you can send me updates on your assignments if that helps! [/OOC]

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    I get a text from my wife (soon to be Mistress Layla) to meet her at an address I don’t recognize. Her instructions were to shower, shave, & go to the location immediately.  I text back asking her what this is all about and she only replies: “You have one hour.” Being the obedient husband, I do as I’m told.  When I get to the address, I don’t see her car or anything, but I check the time and it’s been 58 minutes, so I knock on the door and nervously wait.


    Mistress Layla had  SMS d me to let me know her Useless Panty Husband/Slave was due to arrive & right on cue, there was a knock on the door.  I rise & smooth down my ruffles & answer…

    “Hello Sweetie, you must be Mr… Eric!” ~Smile  I had emphasised the Pronoun, so when he descended into permanent Sissy-ness it would be a more Assertive punch.

    “Please do Come in, we ve been expecting you!”  I flutter my long long lashes at him.

    “Welcome to Miss Kathys Domain & your New Home!  Mistress Layla has booked you in for our Reconditioning Program & you ll be stsying here with us for a week.  Ofcourse should longer be needed we will simply review.”

    I place my left leg behind the other & bend at the knee Executing a well practiced Curtsey.

    “I m Lydia & I will be your Guide & Sister Mentor!  I m Miss Kathy s Personal PA & Concubine.  Now Please relax & take a seat on the Comfy Sofa.  Allow me to fix you up a drink, what would you like Honey?” ~Pout

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    I’m met by an adorable woman, Lydia, who is wearing a short, frilly white dress.  I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but, secretly, I can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to wear it myself.  Her pleasant greeting confuses me… Miss Kathy’s domain? My new home for a week? Reconditioning program?  

    “Um, yes, I’m Eric. It’s nice to meet you, Lydia,” I reply.

    Mistress Layla must be my wife and this is obviously the surprise she had mentioned, however, I have no idea what’s going on! With a million questions, I decide to be polite and a take her up on the offer for a drink.

    “I would love a beer, if you have one, but I’m not picky,” I tell her. “If not, you can just surprise me, thank you.”  


     “Ok Eric, is a Pilsner  alright, we only seem to have Pilsner Beer!” ~Pout

    I uncap & re-join him on the couch…

    Place his hand between my milky white thighs, underneath all my ruffles…

    “So are you more interested in the Gurl beneath these Clothes, or her clothes” ~Smirk

    “Your Mistress was quite revealing in her assessment of you!”

    I reach over & begin to unzip his flies/trouser & massage his growing cock…

    “So Erica, would you like to make Sweet Cummie s, Hhhmm?  Would you like to Spurt in my mouth, or in my Sweet little Pussy?” ~Giggle




     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Lydia returns with a beer and before I can take a drink her she puts my hand between her thighs.

    “Thank you, Lydia,” I reply…  not making it clear what, exactly, I’m thanking her for. However, my swelling cock is giving me away.

    A mixture of confusion and arousal follows.  I don’t really know what’s happening to me, yet, deep down, I know exactly what’s going on.  Still, when she asks if I’m more interested in her clothes or herself, I find myself speechless. I’d be lying if I told her I haven’t already fantasized about wearing a dress like the one she has on.  Yet, when she unzips my zipper and starts rubbing my cock, I’m suddenly completely under her spell…  “I will cum wherever you desire me to cum, Lydia. I will dress in whatever outfit you choose, I will do whatever you say.”


    ~Giggle “Oh, Good Boi!”

    I crouch down to kneel beneath his feet & begin to unfasten his shoes.  Pull down his trousers & briefs & discard to one side.

    Oh, you re quite hairless already aren t you Sweetie!  That’s good!” ~Wink

    Push his knee s apart & shuffle in closer so I had unbridled access to his stiff cock.  Begin to ring it in my well manicured curled hand…

    “MMmmm, that’s it Honey get nice & hard for me!  Good Sissie s get Treats so why don t you take off your top, because I want to see you completely naked!” 

    Angle his erection straight upwards & run my tongue over his ball sack & along the upright shaft.  Flick my tactile tongue over his engorged head & look up at him grinning.

    When was the last time you gave a Gurl Anal?” 

    Engulf his stiffness in my warm wet mouth & begin bobbing my head up & down sucking his excitement.

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Before I know it, Lydia has my pants off and I obediently take off my shirt.  As she begins to stroke me, I think of protesting since I have a wife, however, it was she that sent me here in the first place. Did she really have this in mind!?  All doubts wash away as Lydia’s tongue on my cock sends shivers through my entire body. I can’t help but let out a high-pitched moan.

    “Ohhhh, Lydia…   ooohhhh…  It’s been a really long time since I gave a girl anal…  are you suggesting–” I cant finish my sentence as she takes in my erection completely and starts to give me the best oral sex I’ve ever had. The sight of her in her frilly white dress servicing me is nearly too much for me to handle as I near the edge. My moans start to get louder as my penis leaks precum into Lydia’s mouth.


    He moans & calls out my name which was music to my Sissy Ears!  I plunge down deep on that Cock to Deepthroat it a few times.  I ~Gag & ~Splutter but men seemed to like to see me do that…

    I take his hand & rise, whilst swaying my hips I turn to look back over my shoulder…

    “Your Mistress, sorry your Wife said you ve become quite the Pantie Slave!  Now I ve no reason to disbelieve her but I want to see if the Remnants of what can be called a Man is still functioning/present!  Particularly as we re about to Erase him!” ~Smirk

    I Peel down my Frilly Knickers & kneel on all fours, before arching my back.  Drop a hand to gather & conceal my cage clittie to the front of me, so he didn`t feel conflicted or Gay! LOL

    “Tell me, do you like what you see?  A Gurl in Submission, my tight Bleached Fuckable Arse & my bow spread legs!  Oh Please Sir, Please Eric, kindly Fill me up!”

    “That’s not a Request Honey, its an Expectation!” ~Giggle

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Out of my mind, I begin to climax as Lydia teasingly pulls her mouth away. I let out a muffled whimper. Immediately, she takes my hands and puts them on her hips as she turns to present her ass to me.  Her frilly white skirt, stockings and garter frame her hole hidden beneath frilly white panties. I’m powerless to do anything but comply with her desire.

    Lost in my altered state are her comments about being a panty slave…  ? mistress wife… ? Erasing him…?   I hear the words, but I’m in no state to comprehend them.

    “Do I like what I see? Let me show you.” I reply to her.

    I see a zipper on her panties and pull it down exposing her hole and, fulfilling her expectation, I thrust myself deep into her.


    He Invades me promptly but oh so Deliciously!!!

    “HHHuuurrrrr! OH… Fuck Big Boi!  That’s it, Fuck my LIL Begging Puckered Rose!”

    I splay out my fingers & push myself back to except every inch of that throbbing Excited Cock!

    “MMMmm, I bet Mistress hasn t let you use that little Winkie for a longtime has she?” ~Giggle

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    I’m overcome with lust as Lydia presses into me receiving my rock-hard cock.

    “No, she hasn’t. I rarely get to have sex, let alone fuck like this.”

    I continue to push into her until my balls are pressed against her arse and hold my cock there to let her feel all of me for a moment.  I slowly pull back only to impale her again…  and again…  it takes all of my will power not to fill her with my hot cum after only 2 thrusts. This time I pull myself all the way out and tease the rim of her ass with the tip of my cock. My hands gripping her hips hard, I hold her exactly where I want her.

    “Tell me what you want, Lydia…  though you may need to beg me for it as I can see you’re as desperate for a good fuck as I am!  I want to hear you say it.”

    I slowly give her just an inch of my erection as motivation.




    “You want me to talk Nasty, Ok Honey!” ~Grin

    “Please, Fuck my Sissy Brains out!  Go Balls Deep & Use me like the little Bitch Fuck Whore we both know I am!  I ll let you do what your Wife never did, I ll be your little Cum Dump & Back Door Slut!  Fuck my tight Hole & Cum deep in my Arse!”

    I reach back & spread my cheeks…

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Lydia begs and spreads her cheeks for me. I absolutely can’t resist.

    “Yes, my little bitch, you will be my whore.” 

    I give her all of me and then some, and I can tell she’s loving every inch of it.  With my hands on her hips, I control her every movement as I start fucking her tight little ass. I alternate between rhythmic thrusts and holding my cock still deep inside her until she squirms and whimpers. I repeat this pattern as she gets more and more turned on and closer to orgasm.  As I torment her this way, making myself hornier in the process, I find myself imagining I am in her position (wearing a virginal white frilly outfit being taken advantage of), and the thought brings me to the edge of orgasm as well.  I then lean into her, and teasingly lick the back of her neck and say:

    “How does my slut want to take my orgasm? Deep in her ass? In the back of her throat? All over her face and neck?”  Go ahead and ask me, and if you use your manners, you just might get your wish!”


    Whilst it was clear only short moments ago he struggled to find his way, now he was trying to assert himself.  I cheekily wiggle my Tush as he fondles & removes my Panties & Moan with Eagerness & Enthuse as he fills my Cum box.  Push back on him to meet his thrusts & flick & toss my hair for added drama…

    “Oh Babes, oooh, Fuck Yes Big Boi, drill me like that!  Oh… OH that’s it STUD Fuck my little Begging Pussy Cunt!”

    He begins to lick my neck which causes me to tremble more & quiver…

    “Oh Please, Cum deep in my Arse Eric!  I want to feel you explode deep inside me & have you dribbling back out over my thighs!  After you re done I ll show you what a Good Gurl I am & clean you up like a good Sissy Fuck Slut!” ~Grin

    “Don t you want to see me Leaking out of my Slutty Fuck Hole?” ~Giggle



     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Lydia pleads for me to orgasm in her ass, and when she tells me to then dribble my cum on her thighs, it’s just too much for me to take.  I can no longer hold back as I fuck her even deeper and harder in her virginal white sissy dress.

    “Oh, yes, Lydia, I want to cum inside of you and leave a mess all over your soft milky skin”, I pant. 

    I can hardly control myself as my cock begins to pulsate inside of her and I let out a hot load of cum. Attending to her desire, I continue by pulling out and squirting all over her ass, thighs, dress, and stockings. The sight of cum on her only makes me hornier in spite of just having had an orgasm.

    “Oh, Lydia, my Sissy Slut… mmmm…   tell me, are you a good Gurl?


    The familiar Sensation of Warm Fluid Erupting in my Arse has my bosom Swelling with Pride.  I ~Gasp & let out an Audible Moan…

    Oh… MMMmm… HHHHHuuurrr! Fuck Honey!”

    He had given my Derriere a good Glazing with his Spunk & whilst the Stocking Tops began to absorb his offering, I held my hips still so he could admire his efforts.  My Gaping Arse began to leak out its contents…

    “Oh I Am a Good Gurl Honey but also sometimes a little Naughty & Dirty!  Let me Show you!” ~Grin

    I release my hand that was covering my caged Clittie & like a decorative Bauble it dangles downward.  I knew the petticoats of my dress would obscure it still from view & I shuffle around to face him on my knees.

    Swirling my tongue over & around his still swollen head, I begin to lick & clean up his mess.  Next devote my attention to his ballsack, savouring the Salty taste.

    “MMMMMmm… There we go, all Nice & Clean Sir!  No one would ever know you were just Hilt Deep Fucking a Sissy!” ~Giggle

    I rise to stand before him & gather the hemline & ruffles of my dress, clutching them to the flat of my Tummy.  I sway my hips to add emphasis, as my Exposed caged Cocklette swung hopelessly from side to side.

    “So, was this your First time with a Sissy, Hhmmm?  I bet you ve Fantisied about it before though right?” ~Wink

    I flutter my long lashes again, to exude I was every bit as Feminine as he could possibly hope for!


     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Lydia turns and cleans the cum from my half erect cock.  Still in my dreamlike state, I close my eyes. She then licks my balls clean, making me twitch as a short moan escapes my lips.  I open my eyes and look at her in her sexy, frilly dress and a strange feeling of envy descends upon me.  I find myself wishing I was the one in the dress, but I suppress the thought.  My daydream is interrupted by her voice…

    “No, Lydia, it is the first time.  To be honest, I only fantasize about women, however, you make a very convincing woman and wearing that dress, I clearly can’t resist you.”

    I continue to admire Lydia in her outfit wondering what’s in store for me now…  ?


    ~Giggle “Well in some Circles I m know as a T-Gurl Sensation & others… well a Sissy Extraordinaire!”

    I stand up & slide to be sat on his lap, turning my knee s to one side as I reach my hand to go over the back of his neck & begin to run my fingers through his hair.  Lean my lips in close so he could smell the Cum on my breath.

    “Its OK Honey, you can thank me later!  Oh, it seems like I might have leaked a little on you!  Sorry Chick but I was going to ask you to take a Shower anyway!  We have one at the back in the corner of the room!  Why don’t you get nice & clean & then report back to me!” ~Grin

    “Your Mistress has assigned me to help you on your own Feminine Journey, so we can begin after that!”

    I lean in to plant my smeared Full Lips on his for a kiss…

    “Now hop to it Gurlie!” ~Smirk

    I rise from seated & go to fetch my panties…


    [OOC] The Shower is a Power Shower, with Jet Streams loaded with a Powerful Depilatory.  When you emerge ALL your body hair will be gone, which I guess is probably pretty minimal anyway, on account of your prior Mistress subjecting you to a Feminisng regime already! [/OOC]


     Sissy Sub Erica 
    This reply has been set as private.

    I Slide up my uber Frilly Pantie s & offer him a cheeky ~Wink

    “Ah but you will soon enough Chick, now go take that Cleansing Shower & then we ll talk some more!”

    I approach him & run a finger down the middle of his chest…

    “Come on Baby Boi, you don t have to be a Soiled Princess like me, so we can discuss your own Future Plans or rather your Wife s Future Plans for you!” ~Giggle

    “Now don t forget to hold out those arms & let the Streams reach every crease & pocket of your body.  We want you looking truly beautiful when you come out!”

    “You ll Feel like a changed Man!” ~Smirk

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    My future plans…  Cleansing shower…  and she keeps calling me “Chick”…  The reality of my situation is beginning to sink in and feelings of anticipation, fear, and excitement shroud my brain.

    The submissive side of me prevails, “Yes, Lydia. I’ll take extra care to wash my entire body properly.”

    I head to the back corner of the room to the cleansing shower and follow her instructions.  As I wash myself I watch all the hair on my legs, arms, groin… everywhere, run down my body and swirl down the drain.  There’s no turning back now, I think to myself.  I scrub all over to be sure I do the job appropriately.  The sight of my hair leaving my body leaving bare skin gives me an immediate feeling of femininity.  My manhood now washed away, I continue washing my body with soap just to touch my smooth, hairless skin.  The sensation is like nothing I’ve felt before, and my cock begins to rise. I touch myself for a moment, but resist the temptation to masturbate.  My thoughts drift to my wife’s lingerie that I sneak into when she’s gone and imagine the feel of satin on my bare skin.

    Minutes pass and I snap out of my daydream with a rock hard cock. Worried I’m taking to long and driven by my desire to please Lydia, I get out of the shower, pick up the only towel I see (a pink one), and dry myself off.  I then go to put my clothes back on and realize they’re not here. I look around again, but see nothing.

    “Miss Lydia,” I call out.  “I’m all cleaned up… but it seems my clothes are missing.  Can you bring them to me, please?”

    I quietly wait wondering if she can even hear me…


    “Oh Honey, one of the Maids came in & took them to Launder them!  Don t worry, we ll get you some better clothes!” ~Smirk

    “Now come take a seat at the Vanity, we ve a lot to get through!”

    I wait for him to be seated & stand behind resting my well painted nails on her shoulders.

    “So, it seems your Mistress has grown tired of Eric & wants her own Obedient Docile Sissy!  With that inmind I m going to start calling you Erica, alright?  Now the first thing we re going to lok at is Tits, or Forms more rather!”

    “They come in a range of Sizes to suit individual tastes or frame sizes!  So what cup would you like to be?  As a frame of reference I m a rather lithe B-Cup but I grew mine naturally with hormones, you could say I m hormonally induced!” ~Giggle

    Reach for the boxes & lay them out infront of her.

    “I m guessing you do actually want your own breasts right, or would you like to be a RL sissy & have a flat chest?  We could always just inject your nipples so you have little bee stings!” ~Grin

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    I sit at the vanity with only the pink towel around my waist.  Lydia’s painted nails look so feminine on my shoulders. A flood of emotions rush through my head as she tells me my Mistress (wife) wants to turn me into an obedient sissy named Erica. While I’ve fantasized about this, I never dreamed I’d ever be in this situation.  When she said she had a surprise for me, I thought maybe she meant a lingerie set or a new sex toy, but certainly not this…  in a strange place looking at breast forms to try on.  While my mind screams, no, you don’t want tits, my heart beats faster with excitement and the blood flows between my legs creating a slight bump in my towel.

    “Yes, Lydia, you may call me Erica.” I study the breast forms contemplating my choice. “I think I’d like the c-cup.  I love the curves of a woman and with my svelte figure, I think they would help create that for me. Thank you.”  


    “Good Choice, it will be complimentary on your frame!  Now just hold your arms out at forty five degree angles, yes that’s it!”

    I fetch the Girlie-Glue which was the special adhesive we used to make the forms bond.

    “Now these are Hi-Tech manufactured by M&R!  They actually bond with your nervous system so don t be alarmed if you can actually feel sensations!  If you don t believe me try playing with your nipple shortly.”

    “I can t wait to have you looking like a Fully Fledged Sissy, or to show your Mistress how you Look!  She might even plug you & put you in Chastity like me!” ~Giggle

    Lift up the front of my sissy dress & flash him my clittie cage…

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    I hold my arms out for Lydia to give me my first breast forms.   Thoughts of resisting are completely gone as I’m overcome with excitement.  She applies glue that will hold my breasts in place and the thought of being unable to remove them, at least for a time, only increases my desire to feel feminine.  I’m doubtful when she tells me that I will actually have sensation, but the idea makes me wonder if I’ll ever want to take them off!

    Lydia carefully presses the breasts to my chest and adjusts them so they are perfectly placed.  My towel is now concealing a full-fledged erection, and I hope Lydia is too focused on my breasts to notice.

    “Thank you, Lydia. Wow!  … I’ve always stuffed panties in my bra, but this… this makes me feel so much more feminine.  And now I really do need to wear a bra, not just for fun like before.  Do you really think you can turn me into a complete sissy?”  

    I can hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth, but just having breasts attached to me makes me feel so much more docile and submissive.

    “If so, I’m ready to do whatever it takes to please you and my Mistress”

    I can hardly take the anticipation building inside of me.  What will she make me wear? How will she do my make-up?  Will I be a frilly sissy? A classy sissy? A slutty sissy?  It’s clear Lydia knows what she’s doing, so I trust she’ll do what’s best for me.

    “Also,” I sheepishly ask, “may I touch my breasts?”


    “Ofcourse you ll be a Complete Sissy, we only make %100 Pedigree Sissie s here at Miss Kathy s Domain!  Just look at me, I bet you couldn t even distinguish me from a Natural born Women when you first laid eyes on me!” ~Wink

    “Please DO Play with your Tittie s Honey, I did say you should didn t I?  So, next is a subtle yet drastic change!  We re going to Augment your Voice!  What you say but How?  Well with another M&R Product.  Femme Voice Synth Formula A.  Now open your mouth Wide.”

    “When I first starting living 24/7 as a F/T Sissy I used this.  first daily then every other day.  soon I only needed to apply every month then after three & then I realised, OMG I didn t even need to use it anymore, I have a permanently Feminine Voice!” ~Gasp

    I reach for the bottle & hold infront of her mouth…

    “Now on the count of three, I d like you to take a really big inhalation, then hold for twenty seconds before exhaling completely!  One… Two…Three…”

    I squeeze the trigger, filling his mouth with the mist…

    “Ok, look at me, that’s it!  Now I want you to say: I m a Sissy Panty-Waist & I ll Suck any Cock my Mistress Commands me too!” ~Giggle


    [OOC] The Spray works by tightening your vocal Chords giving you a range on the female atypical Norm.  Prolonged use will make the effect irreversible! [/OOC]

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