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    Welcome to the Group!  What follows is a brief Synopsis of the Head Mistress & her First Sissy Slave…

    Miss Kathy Lynn: An Unconventional Mistress! Yes she s Dominant but not in the Atypical way! She can wield the Crop but she does not relish it. Manipulation, Sensual Contact & Worship are her Niche! In the Service of others is where we Truly find ourselves, so maybe Serving her you will too! She is an Affirmed Lesbian but has a Penchant for Sissies!


    Sissy Lydia: Miss Kathys PA & Main Collared Gurl! Subtle but manipulative! A Tease but a whole lot of Fun! Can you Resist my Womanly Wiles? I will mould you to Mistresses Will! You will become a Devoted Sissy, just like the Rest of us! Life in Pretty Panties is just the Start Sweet Sissy!

    “We can t wait to get you Plugged & in a little Clittie Cock Cage!” ~Giggle


    [OOC] For those who wish to Start their beginning here with Miss Kathy or I, please submit 1 post below. Outline your original idea, fantasies to include & general level of expectation. The more detailed & insightful the better.  Thankyou! [/OOC]


     Sissy Jessica 

    Hi there everyone!

    I used to be Jim, an assistant nurse to a female plastic surgeon before I left and made my way here. I hope to become Miss Jessica (or Jessie to my friends). I’m interested in learning how to be a proper sissy slave for Mistress Kathy, to be able to serve at her every whim. I would like to serve as one of her medical assistants, helping to transform others gurls.

    One of my fantasies is to be a latex doll for Mistress or another sissy. I love being dressed and made up, just to be used and played with. I do have some interests in ABDL as well. I am pretty open minded, and receptive to new ideas. I look forward to meeting everyone here!


    Sissy Jessica

     Sissy Sub Erica 

    Hello Miss Kathy Lynn & Lydia, it is an honor to be here. 🙂  I am a very submissive sissy with only a few limits and I long to serve.  Perhaps if I describe my two favorite ways to dress up, it will allow a glimpse into my Sissy Soul.

    It always starts with panties, and in this case, a satin thong… followed with a tight, gartered corset. Matching stockings of course, and 4 or 5 inch heels to make me feel a bit slutty.  Over these undergarments, I love to wear a long, satin, formal dress with a billowing skirt to hide the slut underneath.  I complete the look with earrings and a choker, and plenty of make up, done tastefully, and finally perfume -I just love wearing perfume.  Also, depending on my mood, I will sometimes tie a body harness over my undergarments, but under my dress.

    My next look has me in frilly pink panties that zip up, or down ;), in back for proper access. A garter belt, stockings and bra to match my panties, and then a frilly pink sissy maid’s dress (with any combination of satin, lace, and bows) that locks puts me in a deeply submissive place.  Locking 3-4 inch heels completes the look.  As with all my girly outfits, I add makeup and perfume.

    Sooo… Here I am… I’m yours if you want to use me for your pleasure.  …oh, and I crave a good strapon (though not a real penis -Women are superior; I have no desire for men).

    -Sissy Erica


    Nathan to Canelle  (‘Canelle’ to differentiate from the M&R character)

    Nathan is on sabbatical from his professorship at a college.  during his travels one of the hotels he was supposed to stay in, did not receive his reservation, and is occupied, resorting to an Airbnb, he finds himself in this very feminine place at the suggestion of [wife?  gf? assistant?  hotel clerk who has arrangement with Miss Kathy’s home].

    While he sleeps that first night, jhe listens to music (Head phones?  or just ambient music playing over a speaker?), installs triggers. ‘Trust me’ and ‘believe me.’  The first makes it impossible for her to refuse an instruction, the second makes it so she has to believe what she is told.

    For example, “Come here, show me your ass, trust me, when I slide this butt plug in place.”  He nervously obeys, “Believe me, you’ll love and feel so much arousal and excitement from your submission.” a moment later, “Do you feel it?”


    “Will you be my obedient girl?”

    overcome with arousal, “Yes.”

    Every night the music reinforces her behavior and ads a new feminine trait.  But as time goes by, she starts to associate femininity with dominance, and as she become more feminine… she may try to usurp the throne.  Maybe she’ll have some moderate success?  Maybe she’ll have to be put in her place?  Maybe a little of both?

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