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Another Sissy finds her Path! [IVT ONLY]

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    I lean down & softly plant a Butterfly kiss on her cheekbone!  As I withdraw I pause & softly whisper in her ear…

    “& what makes you think you re my younger sister?” ~Smirk

    “OK, brace yourself Chick, I m going to load the gun!  Simple silver Studs is what you ll have for now but when you get your first bursary from Mistress you can by your own lovely earrings!” ~Grin

    I position the gun, pinch her lobe & squeeze the trigger #PUNCH

    “See, wasn t so bad was it, only two more to go!”

    Reload & #PUNCH…….#PUNCH

    “There, well done Honey, welcome to the Big Gurls Club, you re all pierced up now!” ~Giggle “Have you noticed?  You ve chosen to have the exact same piercings as me?  I ve a single in each lobe & one in my helix too! I have got one other piercing though but can you guess where on my body it might be?  I ll give you a little Surprise prize or Treat if you get it right!” ~Grin

    I run my painted nails over various parts of my body suggestively…

    So next its time for your makeover!  Ordinarily when I m Femming Boi s I like to offer them a Choice but I think for you, as Mistress Kathies latest Sissy, we ll go for a Prissy Sissy Look! Lots of Pink & extra gloss!” ~Wink


     Sissy Jessica 

    Her butterfly kiss tickles a little making me giggle. I reply when she asks why I think I’m the younger sister: “Well I’m brand new to all this, making me the lesser experienced. I have a lot to learn from you, and who better to teach me than a slightly elder sister, hehe.”

    My body tenses, and my eyes squeeze shut, when I feel something cold and metallic touch my earlobe. I hear the Punch of the gun followed a sharp stabbing pain in my ear lobe. In all it was less painful than I anticipated. Lydia even says as much too. She quickly reloads the gun, and does the other ear lobe, followed by the helix on the right ear.

    She comes around, admiring her latest work. She says we are similar, having the same piercings in our ears. As she runs her expertly manicured nails over her body, she says she has a piercing elsewhere, and if I correctly guess where it’s at, she will give me a prize. I think about it for a minute. If it’s only one piercing, that would eliminate the nipples and would make for two logical places left. I give my guess: “Is it your bellybutton?”

    Lydia then informs me that despite her usual tendencies to give choices to newly femmed bois, she wasn’t going to offer me the same. Instead I will be dressed as a prissy sissy, with lots of pink and gloss. I smile at the news, loving the idea. Excitedly I reply: “That sounds wonderful Miss Lydia, I cannot wait!” My cock responds in kind, as it hardens with excitement.



    ~Giggle ” Yes, you are absolutely Right, I have my Navel done also!  Well done you, so you have a Lacy Favour Card up your Sleeve!” ~Grin

    Begin to lay out my brushes…

    “OK, so take note Sister, you will have to learn to do this at the start of each day!  We begin with Foundation.  Think of it as blanking the Canvess.  We can smooth away any imperfections & have a clean slate with which to work!  Choose a complimentary Skin tone & apply!”

    “A little Blush worked over the cheekbones & the temple will add roundness/definition to the Face!  If you want to look like a Whore go Heavy, or if you want a fresher more Bridal look seek light!”

    “So, I m always making bets with you, why don t you indulge me?  What say if I can make you a completely True Passable Woman, you ll do me a Special Favour?  Deal?” ~Grin

    “That is afterall what you Truly Want/Desire Right?”


     Sissy Jessica 

    I giggle with glee after getting the answer correct: “So what is a Lacy Favour Card, and how do I redeem it, hehe?”

    Lydia starts applying my makeup, and teaches me what I need to do for the future. I love the attention to my face. I pay attention to everything she says, wanting to be able to do it myself for her in the future. She starts with the foundation. I watch in the mirror next to me as she applies it, and smooths it out. My face looks so much smoother than it did 30 seconds ago. She then moves on to the blush. She paints my cheeks and temple with a pink tone, and goes a little heavy with it. I think she wants me to look a little slutty for her tonight, something I am totally okay with for her.

    She then asks me if I would be willing to make another bet with her. “So what is this Special Favour if you win? What do I get if I win?” Before she can even answer, I hold out my beautifully manicured hand with a large grin. “Regardless of what winner gets, we have a deal!”

    I hope she doesn’t leave me to wonder what that special favor of hers is.


    I flutter my lashes & remain still by way of response!  It was a Womans lot to keep her intrigue…

    “So, we ve made you into a blank canvass & now its time to devote a little further attention to those imploring eyes!  We ll need Mascara, eyeliner & eye shadow.  I tend to line the lids, complete with feline ticks at the creases then shadow & finally contend with the lashes!” ~Grin

    “So Mistress will be rejoining us Shortly, have you got any inclination how you might wish to contribute to this House?” ~Pout

    [OOC] I am Truly Sorry but I deleted your posts to another thread. I can only Surmise Miss Kathy invited you there but the Thread was never intended for such.  She has expressed anxiety over levels of PMs from New Gurls & I have repurposed or more accurately Clarified the Purpose of that thread!  We can continue with your Prospects in this thread in a few short posts when we have finished your transformation! [/OOC]


     Sissy Jessica 

    Miss Lydia’s silence said a lot about what she had planned for me. It was going to be something special. Lydia applies the eyeliner, followed by some pink eye shadow. She goes a bit heavier, just like she did with the blush. My eyelids feel some weight from the eye shadow. She really wants to make me look slutty for her and Mistress. She finishes my eyes with some mascara to make my eyelashes plump and full. I flutter them for her to gauge her reaction.

    I feel I have learned so much from her about how to properly apply make up. As she puts the mascara away, she asks me how I want to contribute to Mistress’s House. “Well I was hoping there would be an opening on Mistress’s medical staff. I’d like to serve as her nurse and aid in the transformation of other sissies. Additionally, I’d like to be able to take care of my Mistress as well as the staff with whatever ails them. What do you think, Lydia?”


    I take a moment to sit back & admire, my little hands clutch to my perky bosom…

    “Aw, Fuck Chick, we ve Really done it!  You are Tres Beautiful!” ~Grin

    “The Final Step is you lips, well almost Final!  We can add glitter or more gloss or whatever you might wish!  I m sorry but I have made you into a Slutty looking Sissy but I know Mistress & I will only ever Adore you more for it!” ~Giggle

    “OK, so pucker up Honey, pout those lips like you mean to Kiss me & we ll have you with an enviable & truly kissable & hopefully subservient set of Lips!” 


    “Honey, you are made!  I can not do better then I have only refine a little!  Mistress is going to be Uber Happy with her New Gurl/Sissy & I m happy you are joining her House!  Maybe at some point you ll let me taste those Lips some more or you can use them on me?” ~Wink

    I point to my own full pouty plump lips, then between my legs & finally behind to my Bleached Fuckable Rose, not that she would know I had bleached! LOL

    “I will request Mistresses Presence & please remember to Curtsey!” ~Grin

     Sissy Jessica 

    Lydia tells me it is time for my lipstick. I pout my lips for her, like I want to plant a kiss on her. She paints my lips a rosy pink to match the rest of my make up. I her warmth radiating from her body as she goes to work. Her warm breath gently tickles my face. I close my eyes for a moment to take this all in. I open them after a few seconds, just as she finishes, and stare into her brilliant eyes. When she is satisfied with her work, she directs me to look in the mirror.

    I look over, and I am nearly unrecognizable from when I started. My sissy clittie stiffens between my legs as I stare at the gorgeous woman staring back. “Lydia, you definitely won that last bet. What do I owe you?” I give her a wink in the mirror.

    Lydia then tells me that she is happy and thinks our Mistress will also be very happy with the results. She then remarks that she would like to taste my lips one day soon, and hopes to get some use of them. “Yes, please! Let’s get together soon. You promised to show me your toy collection! I’d love to spend some time playing with you hun!” I blush as she points at her lips, her clittie, and then her ass. Oh, I would love to pleasure her however she wanted, I owe her that much.

    She then rises, and tells me that she is going to fetch her mistress. Before she departs, she reminds me with a grin to curtsy when Mistress Kathy arrives. I stand up and walk around, getting use to the new my new sissy body. I keep my hands away from my face to keep the make up pristine, and away from my clittie. I don’t want to make a mess yet. I admire my new self in the mirror, thinking of all the new adventures I hope to have.

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     Kathy lynn 

    My main sissy and PA has reguested my preasents…

    I enter the room and go straight to miss Lydia and plant one on her…
    So my Sissy am I to believe this is the finish product? You sissy what’s your name….


    I ~Smile as Mistress Enters & I return her magnanimous kiss.  My Bosom swells & I bob her a respectful Curtsey, before sliding down to kneel beside her.  Reaching my arm up I cup & caress her lovely hips & stroke her thigh to placate & show my level of subservience…

    “This Mistress is Sissy Jessica!  She is recently Transitioned & ready for active Duty.  In the short time I have known her, I have found her to be very Willing & Pliable!  She has expressed a Sincere Desire to Serve you & your House!”


     Sissy Jessica 

    I hear the clicking of heels approach the room. A few seconds later, a beautiful, commanding woman enters and makes a path to Lydia. I watch as they share a kiss, and Lydia curtsies before kneeling before her Mistress. I follow Lydia’s example, and give a deep, respectful curtsy to my new Mistress. I maintain eye contact as I lower and rise. Lydia introduces me while I curtsy.

    After I rise, I speak with a subservient tone: “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Mistress Kathy. I hope to be of use to you, and bring honor to your house.” Without saying another word, I then get down on my knees, spreading them to show my hanging sissy clit. I keep my hands to my sides, showing off my new perky D-cups. My nipples harden in anticipation. I look down at my Mistress’s feet, in a showing of my submission to my new Mistress. I await her assessment of me.

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