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    My name is Eve. I am a romantic but very shy. I want to find true friends with whom I can let myself go. And do what she wants and what I want. I will be an escort to meet people and seek a loving, gentle punisher who will take care of my needs. In return, I will take care of hers. I will try to be dom when she wants. I know I can be sub, it is my nature. And being sub means I will be dom if my strong mistress demands it!

    I want to start, perhaps, by Mistress Lydia, or one of her servants, making me one of Mistress Kathy’s devoted sissy’s. I can resist or comply (or both), as you wish.

    Here is my profile.

    Results from bdsm test.(Full test available for interested Mistresses but all results below 75% excluded for brevity

    100% Bondage Sissy
    98% Switch
    98% Slave
    94% Masochist
    93% Degradee
    91% Submissive
    85% Voyeur
    81% Prey
    78% Exhibitionist
    75% Bondage Rigger

    [OOC} I like slow, thoughtful, descriptive (teasing even) build-up, so topic is not just “Wham, Bang, Thank You Ma’am” . I like fairly realistic plot.  I’m not good at illustrating my posts with pictures because I find just imagination often most arousing. The pen is mightier than the pic? Mind you, I like other peoples illustrations. I just rather concentrate on writing than wade through a lot of indifferent stuff to find the kind of gems some folks always seem to come up with. Sometimes I need a few days for other things. Don’t pester me; I won’t pester you. [/OOC]


    Eve I am going to put a  Temporary claim on you for now, let see what type of personal maid you’ll make.

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