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     Kathy lynn 

    I step into a nice hot bath as I wait on 227 my escort my sissy escort ~smile~

    Im  a long time removed from lacy, All by choice on my part after Mistress and the school I find my self  traveling the world…it feels good to be home we will see if 227 is as good as she looks…..


    I requested, OK told to head to an apartment, It seems a client is requesting the services of “Sissy 277” so I’m told to dress accordingly and head to her apartment.

    As I make my way there, getting several ‘strange’ looks and comments as I do so, I find the right door and knock






     Kathy lynn 

    I hear a knock on the door, YA that’s about right, as soon as I need to take a quite bath, a knock…. looking up I smile seeing  the cutest sissy Pressing a butthe app front unlocks a and the opens….

    I you Kathy have a t I’ll be out in a minute
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    I must be at the right apartment  as I hear a voice from the inside saying that she will be there in a minute….

    “Yes Miss Kathy Lynn”

    I replay and for some reason curtsy even  though there is nobody around ..

     Kathy lynn 

    I see that this little doll knows how to act… she is just the cutest thing Mmmm . I lean my head take a deep breath, her aroma is divine….

    Sissy come in and  have a set and tell Mistress Kathy all about you and I’ll tell you about me, and then we will have some fun, tell me are you a passionate ..

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    “Thank you Miss Kathy Lynn”

    I reply as I make my way inside, closing the door quietly behind me .. and once again curtsying

    Smoothing my skirt under my bottom I take a seat on the indicated place …

    ‘Well Miss Kathy Lynn, I’m Sissy 227, 5ft 6ins tall with blue eyes, weighing 105 lbs, with a bra size of 36C, waist 24 ins, hips 36 ins. I came here to the Lacey Place on vacation, but greed got the better of me and I played the ‘Set for Life game’ and lost so now I’m working to pay off my debt Miss.

    As a sissy escort I’ve been locked into the latest “Sissy-link’ design chastity belt which as you know is both secure and impossible to remove without the key, locking away my genitals securely, leaving a smooth, sleek and feminine look that not only prevents access but also gives me a camel toe, labia, vagina look. As an escort Miss Kathy Lynn, I’m here and available to please you in any way that you desire”

     Kathy lynn 

    After inviting the living doll in my bathing room I notice that I can’t keep my eyes off, OMG I am so horny uhmmm…. She goes on to explain  her position and and her chasity..

    ~smile~yes sissy I know all that all about you I always make sure I get my moneys worth so tell me sissy what are we going to do about that chasity? But first let me watch you take your close off and get in and Wash my body….


    “Yes Miss Kathy Lynn, well my chastity should not be a problem, as my mouth and sissy-pussy are available, and should you require I can always wear a strap-on; anything to make you happy”


    Slipping off my shoes I place them to one side, before reaching around and slowly unzipping my dress …

    Sliding the bodice down over my breasts and down my arms I let it slowly fall past my hips and knees before stepping out of it and folding it placing it to one side

    Turning to one side so my left leg faces you I point my toes and roll my stocking down my thigh, over my knee and down my calf as I get to my ankle I bend from the waist and slip the stocking off my foot then place it on my dress

    Turning to the other side I remove my right stocking the same way..

    I slip off my wristbands before facing you and reaching behind my back undo my bra I hold my breasts before sliding the straps first down one arm then the other until they are free, then bending forward I slips the cups off my breasts and slowly stand up, turning to place the bra on top of my clothes.

    With my back to you I look at you over my right shoulder and slip my hand under the waist band of my panties .. pulling the material away from my body I shimmy as I slide them over my hips and down my thighs bending from the waist as they slide down my long smooth legs until I’m able to step out of them and giving you a view of my body.

    Holding them in my left hand I slowly stand and place them with my bra.

    Now naked except for my chastity belt I turn my naked body slowly to face you before sitting on the edge of the tub and waiting for confirmation that it’s OK before lifting my legs over the side and into the water kneeling down looking at your sexy body ..

    Picking up a natural sponge wetting it and putting on some scented bath gel …

    ‘May I please wash your body Miss Kathy Lynn?”

    I ask not wanting to touch you before getting your permission

     Kathy lynn 

    One thing you will learn that I am a very horny Mistress I enjoy the Orel gettin and giving, I take great pleasure watching you cum, There is a lot of different Miss, I must be a Miss of orgasme sex pleasure too bad youe your licking stick…

    as you set on the tud I smile as I reach touching you admiring your beautiful slilk skin hummmmm  ..

    Yes sissyget in and wash my body every inch oh and be sure ash my sex with your tongue to bad about your blow job the chasity in all…

    Watch you start to slip in I can’t  stand  I slid my fingers over your breast and nipple and sensually   Kissing licking….


    “Yes Miss, but your pleasure is all that matters”


    I reply as I take your right heel in my left hand and raise your leg slightly before gently washing it with the sponge, staring with your toes and slowly making my way over your foot, ankle calf and thighs .. after kissing each toe gently I repeat the same on your left leg

     Kathy lynn 

    Oh my sweet hot lips is amazing the goose bumps are on top of goose bump, 

    My sex is flowing like a leaking faucet… this sissy is more then just a sissy she is a regular for me…

    She sweetly pulls her breast from my lips , Sliding down to my legs and feet, your lips softly dancing  up and down my leg  to my toes   Caressing each toe  driving me wild, I start to massage my bold sex and fondling my breat……

    careful honey you don’t want me to go wild do you or maybe you do?


    “careful honey you don’t want me to go wild do you or maybe you do?”

    “I just want to make you happy Miss Kathy Lynn”

    I reply as gently I take your left hand in my right and start to stroke your smooth firm flesh with the sponge!

    Cleaning first the back of your hand before moving slowly past your wrist forearm elbow and upper arm towards your shoulder then reversing to clean t he underside of your arm from your shoulder down towards your palm.

    At the end gently kissing each finger before placing your hand back down into the water and repeating the same process with your right hand.

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