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    • You wake up in a room badly lit.

      In the middle of the room, you find a table with several objects. There is nothing else but several locked doors around the room and a screen.

      Suddenly the screen gets turned on and my face appears.
      “Hello. I want to play a game.

      On that table you’ll see several objects, each of them may guide you in your path for leaving this place…

      But it won’t be an easy path. It may be a travel of self-discovering which may change your life forever…

      Now go ahead and pick an object… and wear it”


      The screen gets turned off and a light gets turned on right over the table.

      You can see:

      • A teddy bear.
      • Some latex gloves.
      • A head band with some fake cat ears.
      • Some maid band.
      • Some glasses.
      • A collar.
      • A chastity cage.
      • A pink spray for the hair.


    I look at the choices before me perplexed. Most of these items seem strange so i decide to pick the glasses. After all what can a pair of glasses do?

    (I am a male for now but who knows what will happen?)


    As you put the glasses on, you find that they arent actually prescription, but just clear glass. Suddenly the voice comes back.

    “Interesting choice. They say people with glasses look smarter. Look closely at the screen and pay careful attention.”

    A swirling pattern draws your attention. You swear you hear something, but cant quite make it out. As you look, fixated at the screen you are oblivious to everything else in the room.

    For some reason, you find yourself pushing your knees together, arching your back slightly, and standing a little bit on your toes.

    Suddenly, the screen flashes and you can’t say for sure, but you swear you see a picture of a beautiful woman in a pink corset in heels with her ass out and legs tight together. Her vision stirs something up inside.

    As you come to, you are shocked to find you arent wearing anything but the glasses and your clothes are no where to be found.

    The voice returns, “apparently looks can be decieving. I dont know why you would dispose of all your clothes. Especially with how cold it is in there. Select one of the bags and get dressed. Every second you waste will get colder by one degree.” It begins to get cold in the room.


    There are three bags. One is pink and quite large, the other red and medium size, and the third blue and very small.


    • Occ: i’ll help get this going, hopefully. Anyone should be able to pitch in as jigsaw.

    “Wh… what’s happened to my clothes”

    I start to shiver as the room gets colder. I need to find something to wear. For some reason i have arched my back and seem to want to keep my knees together .

    The room is starting to get very cold, making my penis shrivel up a bit. A door opens and i quickly tip toe to the next room where 3 bags await.

    I feel inexplicably drawn to the pink bag, thinking of a woman all dressed in pink.

    “I hope theres something to wear inside”



    As you enter the new room, I close and lock the door behind you.

    I watch as you select the pink bag.

    “Perhaps you aren’t so dumb after all. Or perhaps you are just very easily conditioned. The temperature will continue to drop until you use all the items in the bag. And dear, there is a preferred order. Getting the order wrong will only prolong our little game.”

    You take out the items one-by-one and lay them on the table. You look them over.


    • a pink corset
    • a pair of pink panties

    • a pink collar
    • a fancy bottle that says”no rinse body wash with follicle release agent.”

    The two other bags remain in the room on the table within reach. The temperature continues to drop.


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    • This reply was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  Tania.
    • This reply was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  Tania.
    • This reply was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  Tania.

    Even more scared i look at the items before me.

    “Is this some kind of joke?” I say meekly but to no reply.

    The room is getting colder and colder and i know i must make a decision now but what order do they want?

    I start with the body wash knowing theres no way i could put it on last, then decide to put the panties on. I feel humiliated with my cock covered by a pretty little pink pouch.

    ‘At least its pink’ i say to myself remembering the image from the glasses. Next i struggle with the corset but manage to put it on. I already feel warmer but not by much.

    Last but not least i click the collar onto my neck but cant seem to find a key anywhere.

    I look around trying to work out whats next…



    As soon as the collar clicks, I begin to increase the temperature back to an acceptable level.

    “Well done sweet heart. You did it in the proper order and relatively fast. As such, you deserve a reward. In front of you are three doors, each with a reward awaiting you on the opposite side. The reward will reflect in some manner the door itself.”

    The first door is decorated with ornate carvings of flowers and lace.

    The second door is looks like a door from a castle dungeon. It’s large and made of steel or iron.

    The third door looks akin to a door for a hobbit. Large and round and made of wood.

    “Select a door, your prize awaits.”


    Despite being humiliated i am glad that the temperature has finally warmed up.

    Still at odds with my new pink outfit i look at the 3 doors in front of me anxious for a reward.

    The nice ornate flower door looks the most appealing and whatever reward inside must be just as nice and welcoming. I step through to receive my reward hoping its a change of clothes or a way out of this place.


    You walk through the door and find a well lit round room with the sweet fragrance of flowers. Surrounding the room are countless racks of clothes. However, as you inspect them, you find they are all women’s clothes. There is plenty of silk and lace. Bras, panties, corsets, stockings, garters, heels, blouses, dresses, and everything in between. Suddenly you hear the crack of the loudspeaker.

    “Hmm, you’ve made an interesting choice. Most guys arent drawn to that door, or the pink bag. Well, perhaps this isnt the reward you hoped for…or maybe it is. You may change your clothes as you wish, or you can go without clothes. The choice is yours. As an added bonus, I will provide you with an assistant.”

    Suddenly a door opens and a beautiful woman walks out.

    “Refer to her only as madam. She will help you with zippers and corsets and such. You are to treat her with the utmost respect or there will be consequences.”

    “Once you are dressed, stand in front of the mirror and provide your answer to this riddle,”I prevent entry and ships go through me.”

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