Haunted Mansion of Sinful Desire

Ghost buster Busted

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     Shasta Minx 

    There are so many stories told about this building, that owner did so many wicked things. That her guests walked in but never asked out. Yea stories told scare would robbers away. Sinful Desires indeed. There so many gullible  people that. Believe in your, vampires demons etc, well I do make a good living because of these tools.

    The Mansion had been abandoned  for 20 years. I here to prove that the place isn’t haunted.

    I have equipment moved in, going be here for a week, that should be enough to bust the legend.

    OOC the female spirit will possess and alter my body so she can live  again

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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 2 days ago by  Shasta Minx.
     Shasta Minx 

    I start to explore he Mansion., it is a very creep pace and I have read all the about the kinky things that happened here. I spot her portrait, yep that’s her, always into Dark  Side-especially the Occult. Changed her name to Malaria. Kind of fitting considering the things she was doing.

    I get goosebumps Turn OMg two Ladies, scary scary ladies \


    “Get OUT” I close my eyes , when I open them- the ladies are gone. Must be seeing and hearing things



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    • This reply was modified 1 week, 1 day ago by  Shasta Minx.
     Shasta Minx 

    need a drink my imagination is getting to me, no such things as ghosts- I hope. Feel  I am being watched. Never should have taken this job. Thinking about all the stories told about Malaria doesn’t help.  That she was a witch – she could alter her appearance and that for fun she transformed men into women. 


     Chloe X 

    Another ghost busters in my house, all those rumors that I spread about myself have worked out – for me that is. I will string this one along before transform him in something interesting.

     Chloe X 

    I have taken possession of his body., for short periods of time,  he has no memory of what I have been doing. More a less a test runs to how to see much resistance he would put up- so far it has been easy., After taking control I go to a transgender salon and ask them to make me into a hot looking drag queen. “I’m going the SCreaming Queen ” They understand and make me over and help me dress in a very sexy outfit.

    I have such a wicked and fun time at the club, hugging, kissing and playing the sissy tramp. I make sure lots of photos are taken of me in my sexy drag outfit.

    Near  Cinderella time I go back to the  Mansion- depart his body. Steve is for quite a shock when he gets a good look at himself in the morning. Messing with his mind is such fun.


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     Shasta Minx 

    What am do in this chair? The last thing I remember is being in bed. I look down at my chest- two mounds jut out-  I have tits.. I;m wearing a dress.  I get up and got over to the mirror.

    I look like a Drag Queen who did this to me? I go to he closet- all my clothes are gone- been replaced slinky dresses.

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