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     sissyfit boi 
    …been a very BAD girl/boi this year!

    Won’t Santie Claws be surprise when he CUMS down the chinnery and sees me. My Christmas stockings will be hung from my favorite lacy garter belt the one i wear when i wanna go “whoring-round” the Christmas tree.
    Decorated with bubble lights and pretty Barbie Doll decorations and with my Lionel Polar Express train circles the whole thing.
    i don’t think the proverbal coal in the stocking is enuff this year. He might need to put me across his lap and spank me with the whip he using for his raindeers. Oh, is that the “NORTH POLE” rising up between his legs?
    He must know that it’s my favorite HARD candy filled the delicious “creme-de-la- CUM” center.

    You should know Santa is just one dirty old man and he CUMS to my house for his yearly Christmas nOOKie!

    What Mrs Claus doesn’t know won’t HURT her!

     sissyfit boi 
    ”You can’t be serious!”
    As the lil’ elf girl lends over Santa’s shoulder.

    WELL!?! He thought he heard everything! Surprising as it is to hear a boy ask for a nice easy-bake oven, or a Barbie Doll makeup kit, or even a tightly wrapped, mistletoe, thong?.. this one takes the cake, so to speak!
    Santa strokes the white beard thoughtfully…
    ”That’s a strange request, most young boys his age would want a Sex Doll for Christmas, But he actually wanna becum ONE!?!”
    He just struts his shoulders and if that’s what he wants so be it.
    ”Nottin’ to worry ’bout… Sweetie!”
    One of the Santa’s girls giGGle as her perky nipples begin jiggling in musical accompaniment.
    ”Santa’s gonna take this one to His Rubber Doll Workshop to make the necessary alterations… and soon he’ll be just another someone’s lovely lil’ X-mas present under the tree!!”
    This naughty story will be called…
    ”Twas the NIGHTIE Before CHRISTMAS!”

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