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Michy's Journey in Locked In Lace

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    This will take a few posts. But i think it will do a lot to explain who i am.

    I first came to the Lacy Place on a business trip. But i was also sad and lonely as well. I met a receptionist named Amanda, who i grew fond of. Unfortunately, through a series of events, i lost at set for life, and Amanda became my captor. I was methodically transformed as i became more woman than man. My voice, breasts, hair extensions, makeup, clothes. I would never be taken for a man again. Only thing i still had was my cock. Which felt out of place as i was now a gurl….a shemale.

    I was mad, scared and felt very alone. What would happen to me now.? I had nowhere to turn to except my captor Amanda. But then she became a freind, showing me my apartment and inviting some freinds over to welcome me. I still panicked a few times, but i started to feel better. They were very friendly and inviting. Some of the girls included Fortuna, Jacqueline, and Mechelle.

    The next day they even took me shopping for clothes. Really nice clothes. A lot of sexy clothes that accentuated my new feminine features that i was still struggling with.

    So far everthing to this point my old life came to a crashing halt, and who i was died, and the new me rose and was making new freinds and meeting new people. This new life was not chosen, but it had a lot of promise and hope.

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.


    As time went, i started meeting a lot of girls. Most i liked. One went further. I fell for her. We joined the TBS together. We joined the Welcoming Committee together. She was great. I loved her. Courtney.

    She became a big part of my life. We did a lot of things together. We welcomed a lot of new girls. Went to parties. Did our own little adventures. She was awesome. I couldn’t wait for what we would do next.

    Unfortunately ‘Next’ came in the form of Mackenzie. We were playing around when her past caught up with us. Mall Security, caught us and turned us into sissy slaves to be used by theit own puposes. Worse, they used and ubused us badly.

    They took away my beautiful hair. But truth be told. The loss of my hair made me sad. Made me mad and it gave me resolve. Eventually becoming a source of confidence. I was unique. I stood out. I was striking to some. People came to me admiring and attracted to my look. I now keep it shaved or at a fuzz crew cut.

    Mall security then put us under Carla’s watchful eyey. While no one in mall security were people you wanted to mess with, she was physically imposing. Also nice. But she still asserted her dominance over us which resulted in me being #2 in Courtney depth chart, as she became our dom, mistress and Courtney loved that. I now had to go through our mistress Carla.
    My grip on Courtney was slipping away.
    This was hard on me but, it was due to circumstances.

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.


    As i was starting to lose my hold on Courtney she was loving her new role as a sissy slave to our new owner. Mistress Carla. While she was nice, and caring. She claimed Courtney as hers. And i needed her permission to touch her. This was a big blow to me. And that much harder as Courtney relished it. What else could go wrong.

    A party of all things. One where i made several discoveries before it really crashed. My girlfriend was involved in a case with the CGDA. She was working a case at the party, and i felt like a second fiddle. She used her enemy to give her a pussy through some nanotech. She had a relationship with someone. Through a series of events, she was drugged, lost her memories and must now follow her other girlfriends commands.

    It was bad. She forgot and worse did not trust me. I had lost her. I was devestated. I was hurt, and angry. I had no one to be close with. I lost her…..

    Soon after, the Lacy world came crumbling down. I had lost everything. I now had no home as well.

    Then i found a new home in ‘Discord’, and i found something new. I could be a slut and make lots of great friendships.

    I had several adventures. With different girls. I was used as a slut, but i was also something else. I became a dom or a top at times having other girls and sluts serving me. I found a new job working for Miss Phoenix. Serving her as best i could. Even better. I have been collared. I dont just work for her, i serve her…. any way she wants.

    And now i am back here at the Lacy Place.
    I am someone who can be used as a slut. But i am also a switch, and someone who can be a dominant as well. I continue my search for new adventures excited and ready, and maybe with a little attitude as well.

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

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