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     John Coxx 

    I return after a couple of hours with a bucket in one hand and the cattle prod in the other.

    I unbolt the door and wake you up.

    “Eat, you need to keep your strength up”

    I place the bucket of swill in front of you and undo your gag.

     slave stacey 

    I have no idea what time it is when you wake me up with another jolt from the cattle prod. Even if I had a watch on, I could not look at it while wearing this arm-binder.

    You place the bucket in front of me, take off the bit-gag and order me to eat.

    Thank you for feeding me, Master.

    I have to kneel to reach the bucket and the smell of its contents is revolting, but I am so hungry, I push my head into the bucket and eat the inedible swill it contains. I hear you laughing as I try to get every bit of the swill using only my mouth. Finally, I get my head out of the bucket, and look up to you. I am trying hard not to throw up.

     John Coxx 

    You eat up all the nasty tasting swill like a good pony.

    After your done the first thing I do is put the bit back in your mouth.

    I feel up your tit’s and pull on them.

    “There growing like weeds”

    I grin and slap them.

    “You’ll be a full D cup by next week”

    I run my hands over your smooth stomach and thighs which have also become more shapely.

    “Rest up, you have a big day ahead of you”

    I shut the stall door and bolt it leaving you like that for the night.

     slave stacey 

    So, it is obviously not next morning and, as you gag me again, the taste of the vile bucket of slops is still in my mouth. I realise that decent food is not for pony slaves like me and I am totally dependent on you for what I eat and drink.

    My humiliation continues as you play with my growing tits and tell me how big they will grow. It continues more as your hands run over my naked body. Then you leave and bolt the door again, leaving me to wonder how bad my third day on this dreadful ranch will be.

     John Coxx 

    The next morning I return to your stall having showered and had breakfast.

    I unbolt your stall and put down your daily bucket of dirty water.

    I remove out your gag.

    “Drink up” 

     slave stacey 

    I am awoken again with a jolt from that hated cattle prod when you unbolt the door to the stall and order me to drink the contents of the bucket you brought.

    The water looks muddy, like washing-up water and I suspect it has added hormones. You take off my gag and again I have to kneel to get at it.

    Thank you for the water, Master.

    The water tastes as bad as the food I had to eat last night, but it is obvious that this is all I will have to drink all day, so I get my head in as far as I can and drink the foul liquid. When I raise my head again, the bit gag goes back in my mouth. You are none too gentle about it.

     John Coxx 

    After you finish drinking I but the bit gag back in your mouth.

    I lead you out of the barn by your reins.

    Once outside I take you to the second barn where the carts are kept.

    I secure you to the cart by your waist and double check it.

    I get in the cart and pull on your reins.

    “Easy girl”

    I give your rump a swat and tug on the reins.


     slave stacey 

    If I had still hoped to escape today, it would not be while I am secured to the cart. I feel your weight as you climb into the seat, then the now familiar swat on my butt from the riding crop. I realise that is a signal for me to start to pull the cart and your command of “Slowly” is superfluous, because I cannot pull the car fast anyway. We set off and I remember to lift my thighs high as we go.

     John Coxx 

    You lead the cart out of the barn and onto the single path.

    I keep hold of the reins using them to guide you.

    I use the crop on your rump whenever I feel you slacking off.

    The path takes us by the woods you tried to escape into.


    I crop your ass until you trot.

     slave stacey 

    As I pull you in the cart, I am thinking of how badly things have gone for me in less than three days. When I arrived three days ago, I was treated as an equal, and now while you sleep in a bed and have three good meals a day and showers, I sleep naked in a stall, eat slops when you think to feed me and drink filthy waterwheel given any and I haven’t been clean for the past two days. Gagged, tied in an arm-binder and now made to pull your cart while you ride in the nice comfortable seat.

    You keep swiping me butt with your crop whenever I tire and then you order me to go faster, encouraging me with more swats from you crop. I look longingly at the woods that I tried to escape from yesterday but it’s useless to try again, tied as I am to the cart with you aboard it. When I look at the woods, I get another swipe. My rump is now so sore, but you have no mercy for me.

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