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     slave stacey 

    “Hey! What’s this?”

    Not only have you shut the door to the stall, but I hear a bolt being pulled to, so I am trapped in the stall with barely room to turn to the door.

    “This can’t be where you keep the horses, Cowboy Joe. Let me out!”

     John Coxx 

    “Easy Nick, I’m just showing you how the stall works”

    I laugh.

    “Your not afraid of closed spaces are you?”

     slave stacey 

    “N-no, I’m not afraid, Cowboy Joe, but please let me out – I feel trapped.”

    I hear you laughing, it’s not a pleasant laugh, it sounds like a joke at my expense. I start to worry about being trapped in the stall, as I hear you start to walk to the other end of the barn and fetch something.

     John Coxx 

    “Don’t worry Nick, your perfectly safe”

    I get your gear out from where I kept it and set it down outside your stall.

    “This is all part of your training”

    I push a metal collar under the stall door with my foot.

    “Put this on, it will help you”

     slave stacey 

    “My training, Cowboy Joe? How is this part of my training to ride?”

    There is no answer, except that a a steel collar has been pushed under the stall door. Then, I am told to put it on. It seems tight and I cannot fit it without taking of the shirt I had been given before. The collar looks suspiciously like a slave-collar I have seen somewhere.

    “Are you sure I have to wear this?”


     John Coxx 

    “Who’s the trainer here? I thought you wanted to learn”

    My voice is more manly and authoritative then yours.

    “Is it on yet?”

     slave stacey 

    “Y-you are the trainer, Sir, and I do want to learn. Y-yes, Sir, the collar’s on.Why do I need to wear it, Sir?  I had to take off the shirt to make it fit. May I put it back on?”

    The tone of your voice makes me even more nervous and it was an involuntary reaction to stop saying Cowboy Joe and to say Sir instead. I realism nerves are making me babble again and I hear a key turning in a padlock.

     John Coxx 

    I laugh when you start calling me Sir and said you had to take of your shirt of your own accord.

    “I already said, it’s a tool to help you learn”

    I search for your next training tool from the bag of gear.

    “Leave it off for now, I don’t want it getting dirty”

    I kick a pair of thick hand cuffs under the door.

    I don’t tell you what to do with them.

     slave stacey 

    That laugh again when I said I had to take off my shirt. I am beginning to feel that an awful lot is happening that I don’t understand. Then, I see the handcuffs come under the stable door.

    “Are these part of my training, too, Sir? You want me to wear them? In front of me or behind, Sir?”

     John Coxx 

    “Yes there a tool for your training, just put them on and stop asking questions”

    I unbolt the door and open it to see if you’ve really done what I asked.

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     slave stacey 

    The tone of your voice is becoming more aggressive and dominating. There is little left of the friendly cowboy of this morning. You didn’t answer my question, so, fumbling I lock the handcuffs on my wrists behind my back.

    When you open the stall door, I fall to my knees instinctively. Why did I do that?

     John Coxx 

    I laugh as you fall to your knees in front of me.

    “Stand up, your ruining your lovely riding pants”

    You can see me holding a leash in my hand.

    “I like to see good posture, legs together, chin up and back straight”

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     slave stacey 

    That laugh again, how horrible it is sounding. I stand up as ordered and you take off the boots and jodhpurs you lent me, so I am naked again. Then I see the leash. 

    “Yes, Sir,”

    I stand to attention as you order and wonder where this will end. When will you take the handcuffs and collar off and tell me it’s all a joke?


     John Coxx 

    Your strip down in front of me, the handcuffs making it slow and difficult.

    “Much better”

    I pinch your nipple.

    “See how much easier things are when you don’t talk back”

    I attach the leash to your collar and tie it with no slack so you have to remain standing like that.

    I take your clothes out of the stall with me and shut the door behind me, bolting it shut.

     slave stacey 

    It is painful when you pinch my nipple and I wince.

    “Yes, Sir, thank you for showing me how easier it is to obey you.”

    I cannot move but have to stand naked and at attention as you tie the leash to the hook in the ceiling. In the corner of my eye, I see you take back your clothes and there is a sense of foreboding as you bolt the stall door.

    “Please come back, Sir, don’t leave me like this. Can you give me some clothes, Sir? It’s cold standing still like this.”

    But, I hear you walking away…

     John Coxx 

    I leave you like that for 1 hour before I come back and unbolt the door.

    “See that wasn’t so hard”

    I joke as I untie your leash.

    “Come along”

    I tug the leash and lead you out of your stall.

    “I want you to walk slowly lifting your leg and bending your knee”

     slave stacey 

    I don’t know how long I am left standing like this before you come back, but it seems like ages. But, I am so relieved when you return. I breathe a sigh of relief when you untie the leash.

    “Thank you, Master, that’s much easier.”

    Master? I called you “Master”? A slip of the tongue. Now, you have tugged me out of the stall and I have to follow you around the barn. I think of rebelling and demand to be let go, but one look and I know I have to obey you.

    “Will I get my clothes, money and documents back soon, Master? Remember, that’s what you promised to look for.”

    The sooner that happens, the sooner I can leave.

     John Coxx 

    “All that can wait until after your training”

    I dismiss your concerns.

    You can see that I’ve brought a bucket of water, a sponge and a brush.

    “Stand still while I clean you”

    I pick up a razor and begin to shave what little body hair you have.

    “We can’t have you looking messy and dirty”

     slave stacey 

    The humiliation continues as you closely inspect my body and shave off any hair you find. I cannot move because the razor is the old-fashioned cut-throat type. I look at the bucket, sponge and brush warily. The brush seems very coarse.

    “No, Master, you want me to be nice and clean, of course.”

    I see you dip the sponge into the water. There is no soap and the water is freezing-cold as you squeeze the sponge over my head and start to rub my face with it. You are not being gentle, either, as you dip the sponge into the water again and start on my body.

     John Coxx 

    I clean you with cold water from the bucket.

    The sponge is used all over starting with you head, then your arms, torso and back.

    I rub between your ass cheeks, between your thighs and your crotch area.

    I stop to inspect your cock, pulling back your foreskin so I can clean it properly.

    I cup your sissy balls, feeling they are little full as I clean them.

    “When was the last time you drained your balls?”

     slave stacey 

    “A-a week ago, Master.”

    I wish you would leave my cock and balls alone, and finish sponging me down, but you are gently squeezing my balls and I feel myself becoming erect. I try changing the subject.

    “When you are finished washing me, Master, may I have a drink? I’ve had nothing to eat or drink since I arrived.”

    As you dip the sponge into the water again and go back to cleaning between my thighs and down my legs, the cold water cuts the erection short. I realise how thirsty I am, so much so that I would gladly drink the contents of the bucket.

     John Coxx 

    I take my time cleaning your balls.

    “You can eat after I’ve finished cleaning you”

    I let go of your balls and begin to clean your legs.

    Once I’m done I set down the sponge and begin to stroke your cock.

    “A week is far to long, I’m going to have to drain them for you”

    I begin to cup your balls as I jerk you off in a very mechanical fashion.

     slave stacey 

    There is nothing sexual in you pulling me off and with my wrists handcuffed behind my back, I can do nothing to stop you doing what you’re doing. I’m not comfortable with what has been happening, but your attention is making me hard and now I have cum, my sperm shooting into the bucket. The relief is as palpable as the humiliation.

    “Thank you, Master. That was something I needed, obviously. May I have a drink now?”

    I see you picking up the hard brush to dry me off. I see you put something else into the bucket, but I don’t know what it is. 

     John Coxx 

    I jerk you off and you cum in the bucket.

    I smile pleased as you thank me as I wipe my hand clean

    My smile quickly turns into a frown when you ask for a drink for a second time.

    “What did I just tell you?”

    I give your ass a hard spank.

    “If you need a drink so badly drink this”

    I point to the bucket.

     slave stacey 

    The shock runs through me as you give me six swats on my ass with your strong right hand, then six more with your left. As well as the pain from the spanking, I am even more humiliated. The friendly Cowboy John is a distant memory as this harsh replacement glares and the smiles as my ass cheeks turn red.

    “I-im sorry, Master, please forgive me. Thank you for letting me have a drink.”

    I look at the unappetising mess in the bucket, dirty water mixed with my cum and some other milky stuff you put in there. You are glaring still at me, waiting for me to drink from the bucket. I kneel down and take a couple of mouthful of this disgusting cocktail, then look up to see what your plan is next.

     John Coxx 

    Once you finish drinking I use the brush on you.

    Your grooming complete I take off your hand cuffs.

    “Stay still”

    I dress you up in a leather body harness, putting it over your head and fastening all the straps tightly.

    While doing that I tweak your nipples, you’ll fill it up better once you have tits.

    I also tuck your cock between your legs so you look flat down there.

    Satisfied I pick up the head gear and put it on you, tightening the strap under your chin to secure it in place.

    I finish by putting a bit in your mouth.

     slave stacey 

    Oh, what have you done to me? Whatever was it in that bucket, I feel odd. Now, you push my head into it again and order me to drink kore of this horrible concoction of dirty water, my cum and whatever else. I gulp some more and can’t stop giggling.

    You pull me upright and, thankfully, take off the handcuffs. Less thankfully, you put me into a body harness and tweak my nipples and push my cock between my thighs.

    ” What is this for, Master?”

    It is the last thing I can say, as you put some sort of helmet over my head and shove a horse’s bit into my mouth. I realise that I came here to learn to ride a pony, but I am leaning to be a pony. And, I can’t stop giggling at that thought. I feel sleepy, too.


     John Coxx 

    I put boots on your feet and your hand into an arm binder behind your back.

    Having finished dressing you I lead you back to your stall where I make you kneel on the floor before tying your leash and bolting the door shut.

    I leave you there overnight.

     slave stacey 

    The boots look like horse’s hooves and the handcuffs I had been wearing were replaced by a much more painful arm-binder.

    I can only muffle because of the bit-gag I am wearing as you lead me back to the stall and leash me to the wall.

    I hear the door being bolted and your footsteps walking away. How did I to being treated like this, like an animal? I have still had nothing to eat, unless you count my cum as food, and my belongings seem as far away as they were when I found them missing. Also, what else was in that water, it makes me feel strange somehow, as if my body were starting to change…

     John Coxx 

    Next morning you are woken up at 6am sharp as I unbolt the door.

    I put two buckets in your stall, one is of the remaining water from last night, the other looks like gruel.

    I untie your leash and remove your gag.

    “Eat up Nick, you have a big day ahead of you”

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