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     Chloe X 

    I  have always been so discrete about my cross-dressing,  getting dolled up at home on my weekends. Always the closet Queen, never going out I public and never giving any hint that I love wearing dresses and makeup.   Ordering my collection of lingerie and girls clothing online.  It’s only when I’m out of town that I’ll make an appointment at the TG Salon and get a femmy makeover -. Love getting my face painted and powered by a woman-, especially a Dom lady, being called a sissy while she applies my makeup.


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     Chloe X 

    GLTGQ night clubs with other girls is so exciting. Getting to do the things I always dreamed of . Being a sexy Tranny girl so exciting- get to flirt with the guys that love us girl.

    . My safety net being I can always go back to being that Clark Kent type of guy and hid my real feelings. I meet a lady, Alexis, that loves helping guys look and act like girls. She told me “Shasta, I do think  you are ready for the next level of femdom.”

    Really not sure what that means but I agree to be her student.

     Chloe X 

    When I got back to work Ms.”

    Ms. Davis called me into the office and gave me the news “Your fired James,  one fur more conservative client recognized in a  gay night club. He took a picture you and sent to the firm”


    She shows it to me.

    “The fact you are a Transgender doesn’t bother me but, but upper management wants you gone. For what’s worth, I do think you make a pretty girl”

    I clan out my desk and head home. How am I going to pay my rent and bills.?

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     Chloe X 

    Desperate for work I agree to be “Lollipop”  at   Pandora’s Box, I am just one of the girls that tempt the so-called macho gentlemen to play games.

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