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From Donald to Irene

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     Shasta Minx 

    Susan found my cache of women’s lingerie “Well Donnie I always thought you were a pansy pantywaist-  from on you are going to be Sissy silky  Irene – my little TV doll.”

    She had me strip off my drab male cloth. “you are going to make a lovely sub sissy, you will do everything I demand of you or I’ll  every one at work  that you are a Tranny girl.”   I really don’t have a choice and strip- she puts a girl’s wig on my head.

    “This is just the start of your new life as Sissy Irene.”


     Chloe X 

    <p style=”padding-left: 80px;”>The last couple of months have been a nightmare-  trips to that clinic- to get those shots have altered my body so very much. I now have boobs and my male parts have shrunk- I look like a pre-pubescent down here now. My voice is so high pitch- I’m a soprano and sound like a bimbo. Corset training and dieting have given me a very feminine shape. Susan  loves teasing me, “There are so many men that love girls like you- the guys will be lining up to date you.”</p>

    My hair reaches down to my shoulders, so there’s no need of a wig.

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